Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Islamic burial at sea Bin Laden

The U.S. government quickly resolved the dilemma of what to do with the corpse of Osama Bin Laden and opted to throw to the sea, they said on Monday, White House sources. The action aimed at the same time respect the Muslim tradition, which seeks to bury the dead in a short period of time, and prevent Bin Laden's grave became a pilgrimage site of international jihadism.

"To find a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist have been difficult," said one U.S. government official quoted by the media of this country. "Therefore, the U.S. has decided to bury him at sea." As said a senior U.S. defense official told AFP, a funeral ceremony was held for Bin Laden on the deck of the aircraft carrier Carl-Vinson in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman, in accordance with Muslim traditions before his body was thrown into the sea.

Given the stateless nature of Bin Laden, born in Yemen, but grew up in Saudi Arabia before denying this country to move to Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, not easy to decide which country to send his remains for burial. According to sources in the Obama administration, Washington offered the body of the leader of Al Qaeda to the Saudi government, but he refused to bury him in their territory.

The fear that his tomb would become a jihadist sanctuary is probably exaggerated, since according to the Wahhabi Islamic school to which bin Laden belongs, is prohibited veneration of the dead to prevent them from turning in false idols. In fact, even in the tombs of the kings of Saudi Arabia is not engraved his name.

In a teleconference with reporters on Sunday night, a senior U.S. military refused to explain what would be done with the corpse of Bin Laden, but said he had followed all the rituals established by the Muslim religion. That is, his body was washed and purified, and after pronouncing the sentence mandatory, wrapped in a shroud.

The White House has made clear even held a religious ceremony on the deck of the aircraft, before burial, where a Saudi native made the appropriate prayers. According to experts, the practice of burying a person at sea is not common in Islam, which advises people buried without a coffin, in direct contact with the earth and the head facing Mecca.

However, the Muslim religion if you allow the burial at sea to a deceased in certain circumstances, for example, during a long journey in order to prevent decomposition, or when there is a danger that the enemies of the dead can unearth or maul the corpse. Neither of these two conditions are met in this case, according to many Islamic clerics.

"They can say they have buried at sea, but has been in accordance with Islamic rites," said Mohammed al-Qubaisi, the great 'mufti' in Dubai. "If the family does not want [his body] is very simple in Islam: dig a grave anywhere, even a remote island, utter prayers, and that's it." One that has been expressed more striking is the Lebanese Omar Bakri Mohammed, known for his radical positions.

"Americans want to humiliate Muslims through this funeral," said Mohammed. Probably the speed with which the U.S. government has disposed of the corpse of Bin Laden will cause a lot of rumors about the real identity of the deceased. In fact, just hours after the announcement, circulated a false picture of the remnants of al Qaeda.

For now, Washington was not necessary to show any photographs of the corpse to compare their claims and claims not to be in no doubt Bin Laden have eliminated based on DNA tests from samples taken from the corpse.

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