Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Armed Groups blood tarnished the riots in Libya

Tripoli (Writing / AP) .- The live-fire clashes between the regime, opposition and armed groups of people who support the dictator Muammar Gaddafi blood are tarnishing the peaceful uprisings in Libya. It has been shown in the last five days the popular revolts in demand for democracy and greater freedoms in the rich North African country, which accumulates extraordinary reserves of oil and gas, there seems to be developed in a peaceful manner as has occurred generally in Tunisia and Egypt.

At least 30 killed in a stampede at a stadium in the capital of Mali

At least 30 people, mostly women, were killed tonight and over 70 injured in a stampede at a stadium in Bamako after hearing the preaching of a magnet of Mali. Of the 30 dead, 27 are women, according to the source, who said the avalanche occurred in the crowded stadium Modibo Keita of the capital when a large mass of people wanted to touch the magnet, Usman Madani, the end of his blessing reason for the Muslim festival of Mouloud, which commemorates the birth of the prophet Muhammad.

CHINA - The jasmine flowers do not thrive

Since February 17, 2011, a message calling on Chinese to follow the example of Tunisia and Egypt has been released on Boxun, an information site located in the United States. Customers were asked to gather on February 20 in thirteen cities chanting messages such as "We want to eat, we want work, we want housing" or "We want justice".

The appeal, of unknown origin, has circulated on the Internet through social networks and microblogging like Twitter, Sina and QQ. Many Chinese activists, as Mo Zhixue have seen as an opportunity to make a "performance art" rather than a real call for revolution. The daily Taiwanese Wang Bao, rallies have not had much success.

Morocco, coyly adds to the wave of Arab protests

It was a revolution to Tunisia or Egypt. But, for Morocco, the day of protests which took place yesterday against corruption and for greater democratic freedoms, can be an important turning point. Up to 50,000 Moroccans marched in dozens of locations in Morocco for the deepening of democracy, the end of a corrupt oligarchy, and in some cases, limits on the excessive power of King Mohamed the Sixth.

Abramovich's fortune: a Golf Brezhnev's mansion

Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich has nine houses and seven apartments in four countries, but seems to have rather modest tastes in regard to automobiles. This is what emerges from the statement of assets that the millionaire has just released. Of course, many goods are missing. Abramovich also provides evidence of the 22 bank accounts it holds in Russia.

Has admitted 3,380 billion rubles (about 85 million euros) last year we reported 3.5 million euros. "This shows the interest income on bank deposits. They are not comprehensive income," the billionaire in Moscow spokesman, John Mann, told The Guardian. The fourth richest man in Russia also has 16 homes, two mansions in Moscow (one of them, the former residence of President Leonid Brezhnev, renovated to your taste), two in Chukotka (northeast), one in the French Riviera (Chateau de la CROE, which was the residence of the Duke of Windsor after his abdication), two in San Bartolomé (the French island located in the Caribbean), two in the U.S.

Jobs for a walk after treatment

Steve Jobs, Apple's number one, is very thin and walks with uncertain steps. It's what is seen in an exclusive video placed online by the site Radaronline. In the images, Jobs comes out of a bar with a blonde lady, and goes, with some difficulty, into a car parked nearby.

According to Radar, images, lasting a few seconds, were shot on 8 February and the blonde lady, then that will guide the car, is the wife of Jobs, Laurenin. On that day, the Apple number one had gone to Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto in Northern California for a checkup or treatment.

Saif al Islam al Gaddafi: Difficult family circumstances

Without notes: Saif Gaddafi suddenly appeared Saif al Islam al Gaddafi again. The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who last struck by his silence, turned in the night to Monday on state television to his countrymen. The dictator's son is often heralded as a reformer. His appearance recalled the lengthy speeches of his father's flickering.

Saif al Islam told the same beginning, he would be in dialect rather than classical Arabic - talk to the Libyans - just as a Libyan. He had prepared no speech manuscript. Casually leaning back in front of a green-white-colored world map, Saif instructed the Libyan people of the options.

China, playing in front of the pc for 72 hourthen falls into a coma and dies

A 30 year old Chinese died after spending the last 72 hours of his life in front of a computer screen playing in an internet cafe. It happened in the Chaoyang district, near Beijing for three consecutive days the young in practice he never ate, drank or slept. He felt ill while he was in the room. Comatose, was rushed to hospital, as reported the Beijing Times, but doctors were unable to revive him.

Somali pirates kill American sailors

Four U.S. citizens kidnapped by Somali pirates off Somalia have been killed. This was announced by CNN, which quoted Pentagon sources. The four sailors aboard the yacht "Quest" were followed by a couple of days after a U.S. Navy ship, according to a first reconstruction, occurred after he heard the shots on board.

CNN reported that the intervention as well as some of the kidnappers were killed, and that 15 attackers were arrested. VICTIMS - The victims are the owners of the ship, married Jean and Adam Scott, who had started a world tour in December 2004, and two friends invited aboard for the crossing, Phyllys Mackay and Rob Riggle.

LIBYA - A people hostage family Gaddafi

Attention Seif Al-Islam, or say rather Seif Al-I'dam [pun: Seif Al-Islam is an Arabic name which means sword of Islam. Seif Al-I'dam mean the sword of execution], "Your speech, it is only empty words and threats. Neither you nor your fathers have to govern as Libya, or contact the Libyans. Who is it your father? Who art thou? Before the robbery of the people on your father in 1969, he lived freely in dignity and in unity under the reign of the king.

The weight of civil war remains bellows to a change in Algeria

Sitting on a garden square in Bab el Oued, the popular district of Algiers, Omar Guebli fiddling with hashish. 42, sweeper works when you have no choice, and the future does not arise. At his side are the usual ones, Hotman, and Saïd Amragh, waiting to drop a china. The elders play dominoes and watching indifferently.

Guebli and his friends, all in their twenties, represent the failure of Algeria, while hardly take root here explain why the revolutionary spirit sweeping the Arab world. People like them, marginalized by the social and economic structures of the regime, took to the streets of Tunis and Cairo, demanding jobs, housing and social benefits.

The government of Venezuela said that Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has not left

The Government has insisted that Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli and accused of being irresponsible comments made on Monday the British foreign secretary, William Hague, about an alleged Libyan leader's visit to Venezuela. The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Libyan foreign minister, Mousa Kousa, talks with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and told him "the leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, exercising the powers granted to the State ".

BAHRAIN - The opposition remains on guard

The king of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, gave carte blanche to Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, to resolve the situation in the country. I know he will take this huge responsibility very seriously and will do everything possible to calm the situation that deserves this divided country.

To do this, however, the prince must demonstrate a profound and honest intentions to succeed. The people had enough of promises and the monarchy has exhausted his patience, especially after the massacre instead of the Pearl. The leaders of various political organizations must also remain true to their motto and demonstrate their leadership in these troubled times.

Berlusconi has called Gaddafi "Do Not Disturb"

Silvio Berlusconi, already at odds when he made comments very appreciative of Hosni Mubarak in full revolt in Cairo, has returned to make shocking statements about Muammar Gaddafi. The Italian prime minister said Saturday that he had not called his friend Libyan these days not to disturb him. His words provoked an indignant rejection Italian opposition.

"We are concerned about what is happening there in the whole area," said Berlusconi told reporters. No, I have not spoken with him (Gaddafi). The situation is fluid and therefore I dare not disturb anyone. " Several Democratic leaders deplored the explanation of Berlusconi, in full bloody suppression of protests in Libya.

Moroccan King Mohamed VI announced structural reforms

King Mohamed VI of Morocco has said it is "committed to structural reforms" in a speech on the occasion of the appointment of Economic and Social Council of the country, as reported by the official news agency MAP. The monarch, who did not refer expressly to the protests on Sunday demanded a "democratic constitution" in Morocco, he cited the creation of this body as an example of "dynamic reformer" of Morocco, and expressed his willingness to "take forward the realization of the Moroccan model of reaffirming its irreversibility.

MADAGASCAR - Ravalomanana scares

"The High Authority Transition (NDT) is afraid of returning home of former President [Marc Ravalomanana, in exile in South Africa since March 2009]. For proof, the regime has done everything to prevent it," notes Midi Madagasikara. The daily comments on the failure of Antananarivo back, February 19, Ravalomanana.

At the Johannesburg airport, several airlines have refused boarding of the former president who, at the request of the Malagasy government, had been a note prohibiting Malagasy Civil Aviation due security. A crowd of supporters of Ravalomanana waited in vain for his arrival. The HAT and its president Rajoelina had warned he would be arrested, especially because of his conviction to penal servitude for life imposed by the Malagasy justice in the case of the massacre of February 7, 2009 outside the presidential palace.

Gadhafi's son says he will not let chaos be installed in Libya and warned of the risk of civil war

Tripoli. .- Seif el Islam, son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on state television that the country is "in a very serious situation" and in danger of "civil war", but warned it "will not allow chaos" and that the army "remains and will remain faithful" to his father and the regime. Seif el Islam, considered by far the most likely successor to Qaddafi, announced "new laws and a national debate on a new constitution that can be opened from tomorrow if we agree." "We are in a dangerous turn in the history of our country, before everyone take up arms and have a civil war and a split in Libya, we need a national debate, with Gaddafi agrees to move to a second republic, "he said.

Continuing unrest in the north of Morocco and Fez violence arises

After starting on Sunday of the demonstrations for democracy promoted by the Movement February 20, in some cities and small towns in Morocco today continued protests and rallies. In some cases, as in some northern areas of the country and Fez still occur at this time of fierce clashes between security forces and protesters.

"In Fez, so we have known, groups of people have taken to the streets and there were violent scenes," said a ELMUNDO. is Khadija Riadi, president of the Moroccan Human Rights Association (AMDH). Riadi, which did not clarify the nature of the protests, said however that "even some citizens have not returned to work after lunch break because they feared some harm given the situation in the city." Although Alhucemas has dawned calm after the serious incidents of this Sunday (the Ministry of Interior has confirmed five deaths in this city), where disturbances are occurring in some of its nearby towns like Beni Buayach, reports the AMDH, and Imzurem.

MEXICO - Justice under pressure in Case Break

According to the weekly Proceso, the Mexican justice system has come under severe political pressure in the case of Florence Break. And the secretary of President Felipe Calderón, Roberto Gil Zuarth, met the President of the Supreme Court and three judges of the Seventh Court of Mexico on February 10, just hours before the court issues its verdict on the appeal in cassation filed by the French .

Public Security Minister joins demonstrators in Benghazi, according to Al Jazeera

Madrid. .- The Minister of Public Security, Abdel Fatah deputy Younis Obeidi, has joined the protests in Benghazi, as reported by a resident of the city in a telephone statement to the pan-Arab network Al Jazeera.

Egypt asks Mubarak to freeze the funds of foreign

Egypt's attorney general on Friday asked the freezing of funds of the defeated President Hosni Mubarak held abroad. Through a formal request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, the prosecutor has called 'freeze' the assets of former president and his family outside the country, the gesture is the first indication that the military government of the country could intend to process the Egyptian.

FRANCE - Error casting diplomatic Tunis

Maybe he paid the price "errors of appreciation" of French diplomacy for events that changed the course of history in Tunisia, but Peter Ménat, the last ambassador of France [recalled Jan. 26] was a true diplomat. We met several times at his home in La Marsa or head of the embassy Avenue Bourguiba, we have sometimes asked him awkward questions.

He was doing with diplomacy, the smile as a bonus. In hindsight, we regret his departure. We would have liked prolongeât his stay among us. Would he have done, we would have had a demonstration under the streets of Tunis [thousands of people marched on February 19 to request the recall of Boris Boillon] and a thorn in less in diplomatic relations that the Franco-Tunisian go through a crisis these days, following an eventful stay in Tunisia of the Foreign Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, MAM for short.

One protester died and another was wounded in clashes with police in Yemen

Sana'a. .- A protester was killed and another wounded when police fired on hundreds of people protesting against the Yemeni regime in the port city of Aden in southern Yemen, said a medical source. The fatality is a 17-year-old was shot in the head, told Efe a hospital source in the neighborhood of Sheikh Othman in Aden.

Witnesses to the incident said hundreds of protesters burned tires and erected barricades in the streets of the neighborhood before being dispersed by police who opened fire and threw tear gas. Also in the Yemeni capital, thousands of opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh today gathered around the University of Sana'a.

Resigns Libyan Justice Minister to protest the use of excessive force

Libyan Justice Minister, Mustafa Abdeljalil, has resigned from his post "to protest against the excessive use of force" against demonstrators in Libya, reported Monday a Libyan newspaper in its online edition. "Minister Mustafa Abdeljalil, in a telephone call to the newspaper Quryna [next to Saif Islam, son of Muammar Gaddafi] has indicated that he had submitted his resignation to protest the bloody situation and the excessive use of force against protesters disarmed by security forces, "stated the newspaper.

Libya: The regime is fighting

In Tripoli, government opponents have brought the Hall of the People's Congress, and numerous buildings of the security forces under their control. Foreign news channels also reported fires and looting. According to unconfirmed information from the afternoon were killed on Monday alone in the Libyan capital of more than 60 persons life.

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch said on Monday by at least 230 deaths across Libya. In the evening, the station Al Jazeera reported, citing witnesses, warplanes had bombed at least a demonstration in Tripoli. Two officers of the air force fled in two fighter aircraft to Malta.

RUSSIA - Tourists targeted in the North Caucasus

Winter tourist season, the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is located in the Northern Caucasus in southern Russia, introduced, 20 February 2011, the regime of counterterrorism operations (KTO) on part of its territory. A decision that followed a series of attacks during the weekend. Two days ago, a minibus carrying five tourists from Moscow had been strafed by masked leaving three dead and two wounded in the area of Mount Elbrus, the Novye Izvestia reported.

The opposition Social Democratic Party won the elections in Hamburg

The annus horribilis election of Angela Merkel has started in Hamburg. His party, the CDU, the government has lost more than half of its electorate in the city state. It was the first in a series of seven regional consultations that Germany will meet this year, many with poor prognosis for the CDU. The big winner was the SPD that the government does with it is up 16 points, hovering around 50% of the votes and an absolute majority.

The opponents of the Gaddafi regime burn government offices

The headquarters of the Libyan Government and the building that houses the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli have been burned, said the Libyan journalist Ahmed Nezar Al Jazeera television, while medical sources said they now have at least 61 people killed in clashes the capital. Witnesses also reported that the demonstrators assaulted and occupied the state television.

Ahmed, connected directly from the Libyan capital, has also ensured that the security forces have withdrawn much the city and several police stations and other public buildings have been looted or burned by protesters demanding the downfall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi . "There is practically no law enforcement.

DJIBOUTI - The protest wins

Several thousand people gathered February 18, 2011 and subsequent days in Djibouti to protest against President Ismael Omar Guelleh. The latter, in power since 1999 has amended the Constitution to be eligible for a third term in the presidential election to be held next April. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of the president.

They were dispersed by police. The Burkinabe newspaper The Nation believes that this could be the starting point of a protest movement in general throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Museums and Egyptian temples reopened its doors to visitors

Cairo. .- The museums and archaeological sites of Egypt reopened its doors to visitors, after three weeks closed as a result of the revolution that began Jan. 25 and led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak. In a statement, the Ministry of State for Antiquities said that groups of between twenty and fifty tourists today visited the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the temple of Karnak in Luxor.

David Cameron arrives in Cairo

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has come to Cairo and has become the first international personality who has traveled to Egypt after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February. The official MENA news agency reported that Cameron was greeted at the Cairo airport by Minister of Trade and Industry, Samiha Fawzi, who, according to local press, will leave the portfolio in the government reshuffle to be announced in the coming hours.

COLOMBIA - The narcos are diving

For 17 years, Colombian authorities have discovered and destroyed 61 submarines built in the traditional way by drug traffickers to transport drugs. But the latter, discovered on the Colombian Pacific coast, has surprised the authorities. Sophisticated, it is the first "real narco submarine, is Semana.

This device would indeed be the first to be fully submersible, the others being the only half. With a length of 32 meters, it can hold 7 tons of drugs and may reach the Mexican coast or the southern United States from Buenaventura on the Pacific coast of Colombia staying underwater.

Three Algerian parents on fire in protest at their working situation

Algiers. .- Three men, aged between 35 and 43 years and parents today their bodies doused with petrol and set on fire in Algeria to protest against their working situation, reported the online edition of daily El Watan. The incident occurred in the town of Isseers, in the province of Boumerdes in Algeria's Kabylie in front of the office management of a company dedicated to the manufacture of cotton and they had worked the three bombers, who were dismissed 2006.

Five dead and more than a hundred injured in the protests in Morocco

Five charred bodies were found in a bank branch in the city of Al Hoceima, following a protest Sunday, "Day of Dignity", developed in an area of 57 wilaya (province), most of the country, according to official figures made released today at a press conference by the Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherkaoui, showing "the freedom of expression" in the Alawite kingdom.

The demonstrations at the request of higher levels of democracy resulted in 128 injured, of which 115 belong to the Moroccan security forces during the day yesterday, arrested 120 demonstrators who were brought to justice. The data put forward by the interior minister quantified in which 37,000 people demonstrated in an area equivalent to 53 wilayas (provinces), which, in his opinion, shows "freedom of expression in the country and the democratic way of life politics.

ARM - Sales are doing well

The 100 largest arms manufacturers worldwide, excluding China, were sold for 401 billion dollars [293 billion] of material in 2009. This figure comes from a report released Feb. 21 by the International Institute for Peace Research (SIPRI). "Sales of the largest manufacturers of weapons have increased significantly [+ 8% compared to 2008] in a context of economic recession," writes the British daily The Guardian.

Berlusconi criticized in Italy justice is a political counterweight

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, said today that the Italian justice has become "a political counterweight goes beyond the constitutional principles and is less and less to public service." Berlusconi made the remarks in a message to the developers of the Freedom Association, next to his People of Freedom party (PDL), which also described as "senseless and unforgivable" legal efforts against them carried out by Milan magistrates, who prosecuted for abuse of power and incitement to prostitution of minors by the Ruby case.

Internet, one of the first victims of the recent riots in the world

From Tunisia to China, passing through Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Iran, the Network has been the control and suppression of regimes fearful that the free flow of information threatens its survival. Since early January there were reports of attempts by the Government of Tunisia to block and censor dissident websites and services like Flickr, a popular site for posting pictures 'online'.

This repression led the Red Anonymous response, the now famous group of 'cyber', who responded with "Operation Tunisia: A series of DDoS attacks against the pages of the prime minister his" corrupt government "market values and the primary DNS provider in the country. In Egypt, the authorities managed to stop the Web service to try to counter demonstrations against Hosni Mubarak.

Citizenship choice: Hamburg SPD can govern alone

Radiant election winner: the SPD's leading candidate Olaf Scholz, the SPD in Hamburg replaced after ten years, the CDU government and moves with an absolute majority in the City Hall. According to the Sunday night announced the provisional official part of income attributable to the Social Democrats under her leadership candidate Olaf Scholz, 48.3 percent of the vote (2008: 34.1 percent).

The CDU, with its top candidate Christoph Ahlhaus lost drastically to vote and reached only 21.9 percent from 42.6 percent in 2008. The Greens are, according to state election director to 11.2 percent (2008: 9.6 percent), the left to 6.4 percent (2008: 6.4 percent). The FDP, which had not done in 2008 with 4.8 percent in the Hamburg Parliament succeeds, with 6.6 percent of the re-entry into the state parliament.