Monday, June 6, 2011

A party that got out of hand

About 1,600 strangers gathered in the evening on Saturday in Hamburg before the house of a girl who had invited his friends to her birthday via Facebook without having marked the event as private, concentration which resulted in six men, reported German police. Although the party had been called off at the many confirmations of attendance, a 15,000-young went to the address on the network where they remained until well into the night.

Previously and fearing that the situation could spin out of Thessa family, serving 16 years, hired a private security service and alerted police. Despite security measures, about 80 police officers were in service until 02.00 am, "not all young people wanting to party behaved peacefully.

"They threw stones, bottles and firecrackers. The 'party guests' gardens, trampled fences destroyed," said Mirko Streiber, police spokesman, adding that some were even installed on the roofs of the garages. Around the house was chaos and six people have been arrested for causing injuries and damage property, although they have been released.

"When little is known about the workings of Facebook, it is better to first study of the conditions of use and then call an event" he said. However, you can not blame Thessa, also chose not to celebrate his birthday at home, the size that took his carelessness, he said Streiber. According to the spokesman, Internet has its own dynamics in which the individual is no longer capable of exercising control.

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