Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in the Golan Heights and in Gaza left at least ten dead dead

Ramallah. .- At least fifteen people were killed and over 170 were injured in the protests that took place in the region to mark Nakba Day, which commemorates Palestinian exile and the loss of their homes and land that was the foundation the State of Israel, 14 May 1948. The main fighting took place in the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel from Syria in the Six Day War of 1967.

Several hundreds of Palestinians from refugee camps in southern Syria crossed the line to manifest in the Druze town of Majdal Shams in the Golan occupied by Israel. "Several thousand came to the border, and some of them managed to reach Majdal Shams," confirmed the Israeli army spokesman, General Yoav Mordechai.

Netanyahu: We are ready to defend our sovereignty and borders

In its first reaction to the violent events in the Syrian-Lebanese border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has made a brief television appearance: "In the Syrian border, some have managed to overcome the border fence today and enter Israeli territory . Similar attempts have been made at our borders with Gaza and Lebanon.

He ordered the army to act with maximum restraint but to avoid any infiltration of our borders. I hope that calm will return quickly but are willing to defend our sovereignty and borders. " For his part, Palestinian President Abu Mazen, said Sunday in a speech also broadcast to mark the Nakba Day "The blood shed by the freedom of the Palestinians will not be in vain." "The will of the people is stronger than the power of oppressive forces," he said in a speech on Palestinian television, referring to at least 15 people killed Sunday in the protests the day that commemorates the exile and loss land by the creation in 1948 of the State of Israel.

Jerzy Stuhr, actor Polish - Quiet

"Some wonder how I could play in a movie villain and offensive to the Pope. I do not understand this criticism, I am proud to have participated in this production. "He plays the role of spokesman for the Vatican in the latest film by Nanni Moretti, Habemus Papam. (Polskie Radio, Warsaw)

At least 45 Palestinians wounded in Gaza on the day of the Nakba

Barcelona (Editorial and agencies) .- At least 45 Palestinians were wounded this morning by Israeli army gunfire in the northern Gaza Strip where thousands were demonstrating to commemorate the Nakba (Catastrophe) in the Palestinians remember the exile and dispossession his people with the creation of the State of Israel, in 1948.

Most of the victims are children, wounded by shrapnel from Israeli tank fire against the Palestinian town of Beit Lahia, told reporters Selmeya Abu Adham, a spokesman for the emergency services in Gaza. Medical sources indicated that five of the injured are in serious condition. Thousands of people marched this morning in the northern territory to the border with Israel, witnesses told Efe, adding that Israeli tanks stationed in the area fired at least four rockets into the area where the demonstration took place.

At least 15 killed dozens of Palestinians crossing into Israel from Syria and Lebanon

The 'Nakba' (the day Palestinians remember the exile of his people following the creation of Israel in 1948) has become Israel's borders with Lebanon, Syria and Gaza Strip in a war front, while continuing various manifestations in the West Bank and riots. The result of these clashes has been the death of at least 15 people.

In addition, another 170 were injured in the protests. In the border between Israel and Syria, tens of Palestinian demonstrators concentrated on the occasion of the 'Nakba' (literally 'catastrophe') near the Golan Heights (occupied by Israel in the war of 67) have crossed the border from Syria starting a firefight with Israeli soldiers.

Eric Chevallier, France's ambassador to Syria - against the current

"Syria now need real friends for support." On April 13 in Damascus, before the heads of major French companies, he called for strengthening ties between the two countries. According to him, "the media have amplified the events." Since March 15, more than 200 people were killed in anti-government protests.

Stir in the French political class over the arrest of Strauss-Kahn

Paris. .- The arrest and prosecution of sexual offenses by President and CEO of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, now stars in an intense political debate in France about its effects before the next presidential election and before the country's image. The economist, who was arrested on Saturday in New York and will have to face charges in attempted rape, criminal sexual act and false imprisonment, was considered the favorite socialist candidate ahead of elections in 2012.

The police thwarted the march in Rabat green prison

Have not been able to take one step. The youth of February 20 and the Coordination of former Islamist prisoners staged a peaceful march on Sunday to alleged illegal secret detention center is located in securing the borders between Rabat and Temara nearby, hidden in a wooded area, surrounded by tight security and protected by some insurmountable walls.

The starting point was a shopping center outside the Moroccan capital, in just over a mile from the center, around have dubbed 'green jail' for being in the forest, this newspaper has a Temara young neighbor. Around 300 people of the opposition movement in the system of February 20, Salafists and members of nongovernmental organizations such as the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (ASVDH) have gathered in the mall, but have not succeeded in organizing the march to be dispersed by force by law enforcement.

PHOTOJOURNALISM - A tribute to Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros

One dead, 15 injured after being hit by a bus in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem .- A person has died and fifteen others were injured when several vehicles hit by a bus in Tel Aviv in an incident police are investigating to determine if it is a terrorist attack. "The truck driver, originally from (the Israeli Arab town of) Kafr Qasem was arrested and is being investigated.

We are not yet clear which is the background. We are looking at all possibilities, including that in the case of an attack terrorist, "said Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld. The spokesman confirmed that the victims were this morning when the truck traveling on the street Barlev, south of Tel Aviv, and "ran over a series of vehicles, including a public bus, motorcycle, and also several pedestrians .

Zurich supports suicide tourism

Terminally ill foreigners who wish to end his life in Switzerland will continue to find assistance to do so. Thus, it has decided 80% of the inhabitants of the canton of Zurich in a vote prompted by two Christian right-wing parties, which also sought to prohibit the death with dignity to any resident of another county.

Also, a second popular initiative, calling a total ban on assisted suicide in Switzerland everything has been rejected even more strongly: 85% of citizens have been spoken against. The truth is that the proposals of the Federal Democratic Union Party and the Evangelist, two formations minority had neither government support nor with any of the other political parties.

LIBYA - Impressions of a War "lazy and primitive"

Vassil Donev is the only Bulgarian journalist to work in Libya since the airstrikes began. Photographer for the European Press Agency (EPA), is based in Benghazi, the headquarters of the opposition, which radiates on different fronts. He delivers an original vision of a war "lazy". "In recent days, there were no major military operations.

Anyway this war is strange, somewhat indolent, specific to the South: Here, you fight a little day to rest at night. The casualties among the insurgents are not only the fact of forces loyal to Gaddafi but also many incidents from ignorance of the military equipment they handle. stray bullets, explosions of ammunition ...

Thousands of Syrians have fled Lebanon for the strong repression in El Asad

Barcelona (Editorial and agencies) .- Thousands of Syrians have fled to neighboring Lebanon due to the harsh repression of the government of Bashar al-Assad, which has claimed so far the lives of 800 civilians, according to figures from human rights organizations. At the junction between countries a person has died and five were wounded by gunfire Syrians in Lebanon, Lebanese officials have said quoted by Sky News.

The IMF managing director, arrested in New York for sexual assault

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Khan, was arrested Saturday at the John F. New York airport Kennedy after being accused of sexual assault by a waitress at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan where he stayed the last few days. According to Paul Browne, a Police Department spokesman in New York, plainclothes officers boarded the Air France plane at 16.45 pm on Saturday when Strauss-Khan was in the first class cabin of an Air France plane , to take off for Paris.

SWEDEN - Nuclear Waste Friendly

In June 2009, Stockholm has appointed its permanent disposal site for highly radioactive waste. Fokus magazine visited in early 2009 in the selected city, Östhammar to understand why its people welcome the project with open arms.

Strauss-Kahn on Sunday appear in court after being accused of attempted rape

New York .- New York prosecutors have formally complained to the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a criminal sexual act, attempted rape and unlawful confinement, as reported by the police in this U.S. city in which he was arrested early this morning as he prepared to fly back to France.

It is expected that Strauss-Kahn, who was considered the favorite candidate of the Socialists for the French presidential elections of May 2012, to appear on Sunday it before a judge in upstate New York. The defense attorney for Strauss-Kahn, Benjamin Brafman, has said that his client will plead "not guilty" innocent of all charges.

Polling stations opened on the first day of Italian municipal elections

Polling stations opened in Italy on Sunday at 08.00 am (0600 GMT), on the first day of partial municipal and provincial elections to renew 11 provinces and 1,315 municipalities, including Milan, Naples, Bologna and Turin. The 13,000 polling stations will remain open until 22.00 (20.00 GMT) and will reopen on Monday at 07.00 am (05.00 GMT) to close down at 15.00 (13.00 GMT).

Begin immediately after the counting of votes. These elections are called nearly 13 million Italians and is considered a test for the government of Silvio Berlusconi, who faces four court cases and a stagnant economy. All eyes are on Milan, where the conservative government for 20 years and some polls predict that they may lose, and Naples, where for 15 years ruled the center left and the Conservatives hope to capture it.

MALAYSIA - We do not want your e-mail!

Over 40,000 users have already joined a group created two days earlier on Facebook to reject the latest initiative of the Prime Minister: the creation of a new service of e-mails. The goal is to serve the political unit of government entitled "1Malaysia. Every Malaysian should have the opportunity to get a free address and communication with the administration would be facilitated.

But the protesters shouted at the mess and see a new abuse of power, reports the webzine Asia Sentinel. The contract of 50 million ringgit [11.5 million] has indeed been granted Tricubes Bhd, a company close to the government and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Israel is put on high alert in the day's celebration of the Palestinian Nakba

Jerusalem .- The police, army and other security forces of Israel, on Sunday raised the alert level of the conclusion by the Palestinians in the Nakba (Catastrophe), which commemorates the expulsion and dispossession of Palestinians with the creation in 1948 the State of Israel. Expected marches, conferences and other events both in Israel and the Palestinian territories (where the security forces are also on alert), and in neighboring countries like Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.

Detain two suspected members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Tunisia

Two men suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has been arrested with a "bomb belt" in Tekrif in Tataouine region, about 130 kilometers from the Libyan border. The two men were in place "several bombs," according to the Tunisian state television. Is unknown nationality of those involved and the circumstances of his arrest.

The Strauss-Kahn's lawyer says his client will plead not guilty on all charges

New York .- The defense attorney for the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has said that his client will plead not guilty to all charges. Strauss-Kahn has been arrested at JFK International Airport after it reported for allegedly assaulting a hotel worker who was staying in the U.S.

city, located in Times Square. The Police Department of New York is anticipated that Strauss-Kahn, is accused of sexual abuse, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. "We anticipate it will be formally arrested and charged within an hour," said department spokesman Paul Browne on at 11.15 hours (15.4 hours in mainland Spain).

One dead and 16 injured when hit by a Palestinian driver in Tel Aviv

While 10,000 police and Israeli soldiers are deployed in East Jerusalem and West Bank crossing points, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, fearing violent protests on the occasion of the commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, an Arab driver, 22 years has overwhelmed many pedestrians and cars in south Tel Aviv killing one citizen and wounding 16 more.

According to one police estimate, leaked to local media, it would be an attack but officially prefer to display caution and not confirmed until the end of the investigation. The Israeli Arik Levy, who managed to stop him, said: "He left the truck and tried to hit people. I caught and resisted shouting 'Allah Akbar' and 'Death to the Jews." Clearly it is an attack.

LIBYA - Two Western photographers died Misrata

The British war photographer Tim Hetherington, on assignment for Vanity Fair, was the victim of a mortar attack April 20 in Misrata, the magazine announced on its website. Chris Hondros, a photographer for the U.S. agency Getty Images, was also killed. Besieged and cut off from the rest of the country by the pro-Gaddafi Misrata is sustained clashes for nearly two months.

Photojournalists had reached the city by boat, from Benghazi. Two other photographers, one American and one Briton, were injured in these attacks.

U.S. controlled flooding choose to avoid a catastrophe in southern

Washington - To avoid even greater problems for the flood of the Mississippi River, U.S. military specialists Saturday opened the first gate channel and flooded intentionally Morganza large agricultural areas and hundreds of homes. The aim is to reduce the pressure on levees on the Mississippi River to protect Baton Rouge, Louisiana's capital, and further south to the city of New Orleans, another flood.

Spain - Real Madrid bounced, not the King's Cup

New clashes between Muslims and Christians left seven injured in Cairo

Cairo Coptic .- At least seven were wounded in another confrontation between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, according to several national media. According to these sources, a Muslim youth after an argument with a group of Coptic demonstrators at the gates of the building of state television, warned a group of friends who arrived and opened fire on Christians concentrated there.

One hundred injured following an attack on Copts in Cairo

One hundred people were injured and two of them remain in critical condition after unknown assailants attacked a group of Copts protesting against sectarian violence at the gates of the headquarters of public broadcasting, as reported by the state newspaper ' Al Ahram. " The incident occurred when more than 250 people came to the vicinity of the headquarters of state broadcaster.

Since the fighting between Muslims and Copts who on Sunday claimed the lives of 15 neighbors of Imbaba, hundreds of people gather daily at the site to demand greater protection for the Christian minority, which accounts for 10% of the Egyptian population . The event started with an argument between a participant in the protest in charge of controlling traffic and the driver of a minibus, according to state television.

SYRIA - Call for Friday show

The calls intensified on Facebook to organize a demonstration on April 22, Good Friday for the Christian community, reports the pan-Arab daily, while "the rallies and protest marches are continuing in the Syrian cities, especially in Homs, Aleppo and Deraa ". Despite the announcement of the lifting of emergency rule, the opponent Mahmoud Issa were arrested April 20 at his home in Homs, after granting an interview to television channel Al-Jazeera.

New York detained the IMF managing director accused of sexual offense

Minutes before his plane departed from JFK in New York to Paris, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, director general of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was arrested for an alleged crime of sexual assault. It happened yesterday afternoon and, in principle, the indictment issued hours before a cleaning of the Times Square hotel where he stayed.

According to The New York Times moved in its online edition, Strauss Kahn, a possible candidate for president of France, was arrested before he can take an Air France flight. They took him back to Manhattan to make the necessary inquiries. The arrest was conducted by plainclothes officers, about 16.45 hours, they boarded the plane and on the track and took the head of the IMF.

JAPAN - 20 km Exclusion Zone around the plant in Fukushima

Prime Minister Naoto Kan will soon fall into the prohibited zone 20 km around the plant in Fukushima, the newspaper ad. By this decision, Mr. Kan is expected to announce during his visit in Fukushima Prefecture on 21 April, the government temporarily prevent people from returning to this area without permission.

In case of infringement fines are planned, the newspaper said. More than 60 families still live within 20 kilometers of the plant.

War and notebooks between the Libyan population globalize the irresistible temptation to photograph heinous

Menu ... click ... Multimedia ... click ... camera ... click ... capture ... click ... saving the file ... "Keeping what? A beautiful sunset? A succulent dish of rice? "The smile of a child? ... No. Keeping in Nokia Photo decapitated body of a pilot Gaddafi. The click is tremendous, no time to reflect before a decapitated body.

When the mid-nineteenth imagine disfigured face of Charles the Bold in 1477, painters Augustin Feyen-Perrin and Charles Houry had a canvas and all the time. How the skull shape of the Grand Duke of the West, sunk to the teeth by a halberd in the battle of Nancy, with her cheek devoured by wolves? ...

The citizens of Zurich decide today whether to put an end to suicide tourism

Travelling to Switzerland for assistance in suicide in case of terminal illness might not be possible on Sunday. A proposal by the country's religious right, the inhabitants of the canton of Zurich voted two popular initiatives about assisted suicide. Early projections point to the rejection of the two initiatives.

The first consultation, which sought a total ban on assisted suicide at the federal level, got only 15% of voter support, according to projections released by the Television Suisse Romande (TSR). The second, under the slogan "No to death tourism in the canton of Zurich" was intended to prevent the Swiss from other cantons, foreign arrivals to resort to the services of the associations established in Zurich to die, was also rejected but it would have earned 20% support.

TURKEY - Heavy pressure following the eviction of Kurdish candidates for legislative

Foreclosure announced by the High Electoral Board (YSK), April 18, Kurdish candidates in the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 12 has triggered violence in the south-east of the country that left one person dead and several wounded. Hundreds of people demonstrated in the province of Diyarbakir, where a 26 year old man was fatally wounded during the clashes.

At least four of the unsuccessful candidates, whose activist Leyla Zana, who spent ten years in prison for colluding with Kurdish rebels, have appealed the decision of the High Electoral Council.

At least six killed in a bomb explosion in Pakistan

Madrid. .- At least six people have died and several were injured when a bomb left in a passenger bus in the town of Gujrat, Punjab province (northern Pakistan), police said on Geo television network. The second superintendent of police, Mian Sultan, said the bus was traveling from cities to Kotlas Jarian when the bomb he was carrying exploded when the vehicle passed near the police station in Chak Kamala.

At least 35 people are injured in riots in the Yemeni city of Taiz

At least 35 people were injured on Saturday in the Yemeni city of Taiz, three of them in critical condition, a clash between police and opposition activists, as reported by medical sources. The sources said three of the victims were shot in the head and there is little hope that they can survive. The riots occurred when police tried to clear barricades set up by several opposition activists in this city, 257 kilometers southwest of the capital of Yemen, Sana'a.