Friday, June 10, 2011

Tarek Aziz wants to die

"My father can not move or talk and has serious difficulty in feeding." Are the words of Ziad, son of former foreign minister and deputy prime minister of Saddam Hussein, Tarek Aziz, imprisoned since 2003, reports French daily Le Figaro. The family of former minister is outraged by the silence maintained by the Iraqi authorities on this case: "Two weeks ago, my mother and my sister came to Baghdad to visit, without success.

The level of radioactive raises in Fukushima

The level of radioactive strontium in the land of municipalities of Fukushima province has increased to 26 times since mid-March, but not to pose a risk, according to the Japanese Ministry of Science collected by NHK. A total of 11 soil samples taken from late March until mid-May in 10 towns in this province, where the nuclear plant hit by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, containing strontium-90.

Russia will oppose any UN resolution against Syria

Moscow .- The Russian government warned on Thursday that it will oppose any Security Council resolution against Syria UN because the situation in this country is not a threat "to global security." "The Russian president, Dimitri Medvedev," has insisted that Russia opposes any Security Council resolution on Syria UN, "said the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Lukashevich.

Gunmen murder at a wedding nine people in Afghanistan

Kabul .- A group of armed men burst into the early hours of Thursday at a wedding in eastern Afghanistan and killed nine people attended the event and wounding five, an official source. The incident occurred at 1.00 local time, when unknown gunmen opened fire during the celebration, in Dur Baba district in eastern Nangarhar province, said district spokesman for the governor, Abdul Ahmad Zia.

Accession 2013: Croatia expects EU yes

Croatia trusts on Friday to receive a positive decision on the conclusion of the last six years of accession negotiations with the European Union. It is expected that the EU Commission will present a draft to the outstanding four chapters, the EU Council on 23 to accept June.

The entry date is the 1st July 2013 provided. Pending the outcome of the ratification process in all 27 member countries but Croatia is a monitoring process to be subjected. A proposal was submitted by agreement with Germany of France. Zagreb had a choice to submit to the unpopular monitoring, or to accept a continuation of the negotiations for an indefinite period into account.

A video shows a teenager tortured and killed in Syria

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The repression of Syrian President Bashar Assad is not only directed at opponents adults but also adolescents. The situation in Syria is deteriorating over time and the violation of human rights is beginning to uncover every day with images that the Syrians are getting to reaching the international community.

One recent example is the video, which has had access channel Al Jazeera, which sees the lifeless body of a young Syrian, whose mortal wounds show he was tortured to death, as reported by El Mundo. is. The young man, Thamer Sahri, only 15, was arrested last April for participating in demonstrations against the regime of Bashar Assad.

IMF - The nomination of Christine Lagarde backed by the United Kingdom

"Lagarde is leading the race for the presidency of the IMF," as the British daily. "On the basis of merit, I think the candidacy of Christine is well above the lot", said George Osborne, the British Minister of Finance, May 21 French Finance Minister is also supported by his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble.

Europeans, eager to keep the general direction of the IMF after the resignation of Strauss-Kahn, want to unite on a single candidate.

Japanese Prime Minister wants to stay until August

 The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, today expressed his hope to stay until August despite growing pressure to resign immediately, while increasing rumors about candidates to succeed him. NHK public television said, Khan made the remarks before a committee of the House, where last week passed a motion of censure tabled by the opposition supports obtained through at the last minute.

The ICC is investigating the use of rape in Libya as a weapon against opponents

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luis Moreno Ocampo, has certainly Wednesday it is investigating allegations about the use of rape by the Libyan army as a weapon in the conflict against the rebels. Moreno Ocampo said he was informed that the regime of Muammar Gaddafi "bought containers of drugs such as Viagra" to encourage his soldiers to sexual violence.

"We're trying to see who is involved in that," said the ICC's chief prosecutor at a press conference at UN headquarters in New York. He also noted that initially it was unclear what level of government came the instruction on the rape of civilians, but then received evidence that Gaddafi himself decided to impose sexual violence as punishment for alleged opponents of the regime.

Saudi Arabia spends billions to avoid catching the Arab riots

The absolute monarchy that rules Saudi Arabia has invested over 89,000 million euros to increase wages, build houses and fund religious organizations and other expenses to neutralize most of the opposition, according to the American newspaper The New York Times '. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has spent in the end, 41,000 million euros more than the 48,000 promised in February.

These payments began after the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. The president paid an extra salary equivalent to two months to all staff and spent 48,000 million euros in 500,000 units in homes for the poor. A strict Muslim organizations, including the religious police, spent 137 million euros.