Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The end of a symbol of terror

No hiding in a dark and miserable cave in a remote valley of the most inaccessible mountains in the foothills of the Himalayas, surviving on soup and yogurt. The most wanted terrorist in history finally met his fate on a luxury residential area, between posh houses in a town whose name, Abottabad, has responded to repeated questions over the last decade.

The end of Osama Bin Laden, they died out, is good news. It would have been preferable for the mastermind of the attacks of 11-S had responded to that and justice for all crimes, horrible memory, for which he has pursued in recent years, but surely that's a pretty close idea political utopia to the reality of the world we live.

What is important today, with his death, he has ended the symbolic leader of the international jihadist terrorism, the head of Al Qaeda, the head reference of the most dangerous terrorist organization and bloody in the world. We must be cautious because the disappearance of the leader, icon, "particularly in an organization on the characteristics of Al-Qaeda, not the end of their activity or live much safer today than yesterday.

Continuing need extreme high guard and international cooperation in combating terrorism, with which Spain is committed to the maximum, but in any case, it is undeniable that the news is very positive in many ways. Firstly, because justice has been done. Justice for the thousands of deaths and injuries of 11-S, and also for Spanish victims of the 11-M, those in London, Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan, to name a few.

Second, because it ends the impunity mythical one of the biggest criminals of our time and therefore, shows that jihadist terrorism is vulnerable and will be pursued at whatever cost to their total disappearance. And it's so good very good news for the Arab and Muslim world, which is on the whole, more victims had become a cause of Islamist terrorism, and is now immersed in a wave of unprecedented change.

Hopefully the news serve as an impetus to such movements in many countries fighting for democracy and freedom, a far cry from what bin Laden posed to them. Finally, the end of the father and leader of Al Qaeda is also the end of a long obsession for the U.S. and a great success for Obama, under fire over its mandate in the country's radical right, who has questioned their ability to ensure the protection of the American people.

Today, that people have finally been able to celebrate with jubilation in the streets to his most hated enemy.

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