Saturday, July 16, 2011

NATO will continue bombing Libya in August during Ramadan

NATO will continue its military operations in Libya also during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which takes place in August, although some countries had asked for a truce. "We decided to continue military pressure in August because, according to several Arab countries, there is no contradiction between religious rules during the month of Ramadan and our military intervention," said French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in Istanbul where it meets the Contact Group on Libya.

Syria lives another 'Friday blood' with dozens of dead

London .- At least 16 people have died in the various demonstrations that Friday in Syria, four of them in Damascus, according to local sources of Human Rights. The state news agency, SANA, reported that a member of the security forces have killed and eight wounded in Homs. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets Friday to celebrate the 'Friday the Prisoners of Freedom' and demand an end to the regime of Bashar al Assad.

U.S. government debt: Obama represents Ultimatum

President Barack Obama on Friday called for an agreement ultimately in the dispute over the debt limit. While the president reiterated at a press conference at the White House to demand that the negotiators of both parties would reach an agreement within 36 hours, the groups came together on Capitol Hill separate meetings behind closed doors.

Two thousand evacuated after Indonesian volcano eruption Lokon

The Indonesian volcano Lokon erupted tossing rocks, lava and ash caused no victims four days after authorities had declared a red alert in the area, official sources reported on Friday. The eruption began around midnight and caused the brush fire in the surroundings without compromising your neighbors.

The Lokon, north of Celebes, plumes released last weekend that led volcanologists to declare the highest alert in a radius of 3.5 kilometers around the volcano. About 2,000 people were evacuated from the danger zone since Monday and relocated to a sports hall and several schools. The head of the control center of volcanoes, Farid Bina Rustanda said, "we anticipated the eruption, we are well prepared." About 30,000 people live in the vicinity of Lokon, a volcano of 1,580 meters, located 20 kilometers from the regional capital, Manado.

Several injured, including journalists, in new protests in Amman

Madrid. .- Several people were injured Friday in Amman during a demonstration to demand reforms in Jordan that has been harshly repressed by the Jordanian security forces, as reported by various local and international media. As reported by the spokesman for the Department of Public Safety Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib was quoted by the state agency Petra, seven policemen were injured, two of them stabbed while trying to stop the clashes between protesters and supporters of the regime Amman.