Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Moroccan opposition considered "insufficient" Mohamed VI reforms

 February 20 Movement has expressed its disappointment at the constitutional reform announced last night in a speech by King Mohamed VI. "The proposal, as the king raised yesterday, does not satisfy our demand for a true separation of powers," said a spokesman for the Movement February 20.

Juan Carlos congratulated Mohamed VI for the constitutional reforms

The King of Spainvcongratulated by phone Moroccan monarch, Mohammed VI, for a speech Friday in which the North African leader revealed the outlines of the proposed new constitution for their country.

Iran says it will launch a capsule into outer space with an ape inside

Iran announced plans to send three new rockets into space in the coming months, one of which could travel an ape, to advance its purpose of sending a man into space by 2020. The announcement by the head of Iran's space program comes days after the country put its second satellite into orbit "domestically produced", named Rashad.

"Following the successful launch of Rashad, the next goal is to send into space Kavoshgar 5 that will carry animals, told the Irna agency.

United Airlines flights operate again after stopping for a computer failure

A computer failure has caused the suspension of all scheduled flights of United Airlines, reported the online editions of U.S. media. However, as announced by the company through your twitter account, the system has been revived and has begun the process to resume flight operations. The company said its customers affected by the suspension of all operations that can make new reservations, "without penalty".

Morocco will have a prime minister and the king is no longer sacred

The Alawite ruler Mohamed VI has led his people tonight in a speech that started at nine pm local time to present its reform of the Constitution. Morocco held a referendum on her next July 1. With this reform, the monarch has said in his speech a little over 20 minutes waiting qualify as a worthy citizen and an egalitarian social justice.

London 2012: 1000 Olympic tickets to Libya

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), which intends to act in political matters generally neutral, but must position themselves now against the Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi and his eldest son Mohammed. Reason: Mohammed al-Gaddafi, in his capacity as President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Libya has bought 1000 tickets for the Olympic Games next year in London.