Saturday, April 30, 2011

London police arrested at least 43 people in the path of the bride and groom

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The London police have arrested 43 people Friday along the route that William and Catherine have been made from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, the chain reported Skynews. The alleged crimes committed by those arrested range from breaking the public order and manifest drunkenness, theft attendees to gun ownership.

Among those arrested is a 38-year-old accused of sexually assaulting a girl of 14 years. The security operation for the real link has cost 22.5 million euros. 5,000 police have been involved in ensuring the proper functioning of the day. ExpulsadosEntre anarchist prisoners are a group of 21 'anarchists' who allegedly tried to interfere with the outcome of the ceremony and that weeks before had threatened to "interrupt the actual link."

Two dead in southern Yemen

Two men were killed at dawn on Friday in clashes with security forces in southern Yemen, official sources have said. A gunman has killed and another was wounded in Aden by the military when he tried to throw a grenade at the hotel in the southern city, said an official of the security services. In another incident, five soldiers were wounded by a grenade thrown at several soldiers who were guarding the city's central bank.

ECUADOR - Quito to the Washington makes his own coin

The United States has decided April 7 to expel the ambassador of Ecuador, in response to a similar measure taken against the U.S. representative in Quito, after the publication of a note by Wikileaks embarrassing for Washington. "It is normal diplomatic procedures," responded the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, hoping for an early resumption of dialogue.

The paper wonders what political and economic repercussions could be the attitude of the Ecuadorian government.

NATO says Gaddafi's forces had mined the harbor Misrata

Brussels. Naval Units .- Libyan regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi today have undermined the besieged port city Libyan Misrata, although NATO ships have begun the process of demining, said a military official of the Alliance. "Some ships, which we assume were pro-Gaddafi laid mines indiscriminately," said Brigadier Rob Weighill, head of NATO operations in Libya, in a press conference.

The operation was performed this morning by several boats, which were intercepted by NATO naval units after they had placed some mines being cleared, he added. Weighill said he had no further details about the incident, as it is very recent. However, he said it is "another attempt by the Gaddafi regime totally ignore international law to prevent humanitarian aid reaches the people of Misrata." The allied military official said the air strikes the next few days will be concentrated around the cities of Misrata, Zinta (west) and Yebra (near the Tunisian border).

Morocco does not preclude the author of Al Qaeda

The Moroccan Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, has ensured that they are following all leads, including Al Qaeda in the attack this past Thursday in the tourist heart of Marrakech. "The investigation continues to determine the responsibilities, but for now I warn you to take an accusing finger," added the minister.

In fact, Minister of Economy and Finance, Saladin Mezouar, wanted to emphasize that there are still, data that directly to Al Qaeda. "So far and so far, we have no certain about the origin of the act and those responsible," he said. The incident took place at the famous Café Argana, located in the Jemaa el Fna Square, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2001.

SYRIA - The Syrian nationality granted to Kurds

President Bashar Assad issued a decree on April 7 giving citizenship to Syrian Kurds Hasaka region in north-east, pan-Arab daily reported. This measure relates to 100,000 Kurds registered as foreigners since the 1962 census. According to an opposing party Yakiti, the Kurdish Democratic Party, the Kurds continue to assert their civil, political and cultural.

He remains in the country nearly 200,000 Kurds denied Syrian nationality.

Spain to Morocco sends experts to assist in the investigation of the attack

Madrid. .- The Spanish government on Friday sent some police experts to Morocco to cooperate with the authorities of this country in the investigation of the attack yesterday against a cafe in Marrakech, briefed the executive vice president and interior minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. At a press conference following the Council of Ministers, Rubalcaba has indicated that the agents went to Morocco this morning and they basically belong to the forensic and explosives expert body.

UN brutal practices of repression in Syria

The Syrian regime is using brutal practices of repression against the protests in the country, including the siege of whole cities or the interruption of food supply and electricity, today reported a high head of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The special session coincides with the Syrian opposition llamamiemto the market to take another day of protests, dubbed "Friday of Wrath", organized by various government organizations on the Internet.

UNITED STATES - Budget Vote: Obama in trouble

"Another day of intense negotiations failed to agree on the budget," the newspaper recounts. Despite the progress announced by President Obama on April 7, Republicans and Democrats have still not agreed on the end of fiscal 2011. The administration, more than 800,000 federal employees could be blocked from midnight on April 8 if no agreement is reached by then.

Obama canceled a trip this Friday to participate in the latest negotiations in Washington.

Pasqua French ex-minister acquitted of charges of arms trafficking to Angola

Paris .- The French former Minister of Interior Charles Pasqua was acquitted today in the case of arms sales to Angola in the 90's, known as "Angolagate", which at first instance had been sentenced to one year in jail. The Paris Court of Appeal reduced all the sentences imposed by the Corrections in October 2009, including the two main defendants, businessmen Pierre Falcone and Arcadi Gaydamak.

Fighting resumes between Thailand and Cambodia

The armies of Thailand and Cambodia broke the ceasefire and new battles fought today on the common border, then make way for new talks to end eight days of fighting. A Thai army spokesman reported that "the situation has calmed, but remains tense." Since hostilities began on 22 April, 16 people were killed, all soldiers on both sides Thai least one civilian, and tens of thousands have fled their homes for fear of violence, officials said.

COLUMBIA - Students protest against a proposed reform of the universities

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on April 7 in major cities across the country against a proposed education reform. Students and teachers have denounced all measures, which should change its method of financing. The newspaper notes that trade unions have also taken advantage of this mobilization to hear other claims.

This is the largest demonstrations against the policies of President Juan Manual Santos since he took office in August 2010.

France sends police to arrest perpetrators of the attack

Paris .- France today sent a team of French police to Marrakesh to take part in the judicial investigation opened on the attack yesterday which killed 15 people and wounded at least twenty. The Foreign Ministry said today that at least two agents have moved to this research, commissioned by the prosecution yesterday in Paris at the Central Directorate of Interior Information and Anti-Terrorist Branch (SDAT).

Libya Eastern food has only just ...

With two miles of private beach and a small amusement park, the Villa Family Garyounis Benghazi used to be one of the most renowned holiday destinations of the second city of Libya. As it did each summer, the resort is now full of children that play the ball on the courts. They are the offspring of strains that have settled here looking for the holiday but to escape the fighting raging in the desert region east of Ajdabiya, 200 km from Benghazi.

KOSOVO - Atifete Jahjaga is elected president

Morocco will continue with reforms, despite the attack

Madrid .- The Moroccan government said Friday that the kingdom will not take a "step back" in the reform process to advance democracy as a result of Thursday's bombing in the heart of Marrakech. This was confirmed by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Salaheddine Mezouar, during a breakfast briefing on Friday in Madrid where he has advanced that constitutional reform is embroiled in Morocco "will surprise more than one." The economy minister has stated that the reform seeks to strengthen the Parliament and there is a real separation of powers with justice "totally independent."

At least 10 in a suicide attack in Iraq

A suicide bomber killed ten people at a Shiite mosque in Iraq, which also injured 14 others, official sources said on Friday. The attack took place on Thursday night when the terrorist detonated the explosives belt he was carrying with him in the town of Balad Rus, north of Baghdad, Muthana al-Tamimi said, members of the provincial administration.

Shortly after the attack was reported nine fatalities. The Iraqi prime minister Nouri Maliki said this week that keeps the timetable for the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops deployed in Iraq. The soldiers leave the country in late 2011.

BRAZIL - Twelve students killed by gunfire in a school

On 7 April, a young gunman opened fire in his old school in the western zone of Rio, killing 12 students and injuring 11 others before killing himself. Aged 24, Wellington de Oliveira Menezes broke into the facility at the opening of classes by pretending he was summoned to a conference with students.

Wounded by a police officer, the shooter then committed suicide. The police found his clothes in a confused letter containing religious messages.

Bradley Manning out of isolation in prison in Kansas

Washington .- The soldier Bradley Manning, accused of funneling thousands of confidential documents from the U.S. to WikiLeaks, out of the total isolation he had been subjected in the military prison at Quantico (Virginia) since it was moved last week to Fort Leavenworth ( Kansas), local media reported today.

The Army today hosted a visit to the military prison in Kansas, which Manning came after the Pentagon decided to move on the grounds that the facilities at Fort Leavenworth were more suitable for continued detention after nine months in Quantico and receive criticism solitary confinement and suicide prevention to be applied.

Superman renounces U.S. citizenship

As Obama shows off his birth certificate in Hawaii, Superman decides to 'give up' to U.S. citizenship for a good reason: "I am tired of using me as a political tool." Although we all know that Superman was born on planet Krypton (which makes him a real 'immigrant alien'), the fact is that since it was created in 1932 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster has become one of the most representative icon in order the United States.

JAPAN - A powerful rejoinder in the northeast of the archipelago

"Four million homes without power," announced the front page the day after the very strong economic aftershock occurred in the region already struck March 11 by a giant earthquake and tsunami killer. With a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale, the quake, which occurred shortly after 23 h 30 local time, killed 3 people dead and 132 injured, the newspaper reported.

It caused a small incident at the Onagawa plant, located near the epicenter. A swimming pool containing water overflowed slightly radioactive.

U.S. Viagra gives Gaddafi says his troops to rape women

New York .- The U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said Thursday before the Security Council that troops loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, ever more committed sexual assault through the consumption of Viagra, as reported diplomatic sources. However, failed to provide any evidence to support this information.

The ambassador added that senior officers provide sexual stimulant Viagra-a-soldiers to rape women. Specifically, he cited reports that Libyan forces accused of firing at mosques and reaching children, and "deliver Viagra among its soldiers, thereby leaving and violence," said a diplomat present at the meeting.

The border between Gaza and Egypt will open soon

Egypt to permanently reopen the border with Gaza in order to ease the blockade imposed by Israel on this land. This was announced by Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabil Arabi, the broadcaster 'Al Jazeera'. Egypt "is going to take significant steps to ease the blockade in the coming days," he said. He also wanted to clarify that his country would not accept that the Rafah border crossing set to remain locked in anymore.

SPAIN - The ECB makes it difficult for financially troubled countries

The European Central Bank (ECB) increased interest rates, the risk of "complicating the recovery of peripheral European countries," the announcement in a newspaper. Stable since 2008, rates rose from 1% to 1.25% and the ECB is likely to be followed by other central banks. This increase would make it more difficult to repay debts that states in difficulty, such as Portugal, have contracted, the newspaper said.

Morocco follows the trail of Al Qaeda in the attack in Marrakech

Washington/Marrakech/Barcelona.- The track of radical terrorism of Al Qaeda is one of the possible scenarios you work with the police and the Moroccan secret services to find the culprits who bombed yesterday in the Marrakesh Café Argana, whose explosion killed 15 people, mostly tourists and most of them French nationals.

As reported by Moroccan and French media sources in Rabat and Marrakech, the trail of Al Qaeda is one of the priority "because the terrorist attack aimed at tourist sites to gain international echo." The Moroccan Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, has said this morning in Rabat who are following all leads, including Al Qaeda in the attack this past Thursday in the tourist heart of Marrakech.

Begin acts of beatification of Wojtyla

Acts of the beatification of John Paul II tear on Friday. The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, explained that they move the coffin of the late Pope at the tomb of St. Peter, located in the Vatican grottoes, and later put on the altar of the Confession of St. Peter's Basilica the morning of May 1 for beatification.

The Safety Prefect of Rome, Giuseppe Pecoraro, said that the city council hopes that "at least" a million pilgrims attend the celebrations for the beatification of John Paul II, beginning April 30 and end on May 2. On Saturday 30 April, the diocese of Rome has organized a prayer vigil at the Circus Maximus will begin at 20 am and end at 22 at night.

EUROPE - Open conflict between Paris and Rome on immigration

"Immigrants: Paris-Rome war," as the Rome daily. On 7 April, the Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni has announced that Rome would grant temporary residence permits valid in the Schengen area for migrants arrived en masse in Italy since January, mainly from Tunisia. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has signed in the wake of the decree establishing these permits.

France "rejects" migrants, the newspaper said, while Paris has indicated it would refuse to undergo a wave of immigration from Italy. The Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, threatened to "bring back" on the Italian territory migrants who do not meet the conditions for entry into the French territory.

The displaced Cambodians have health problems due to lack drinking water

Samrong (Cambodia) .- Tens of thousands of Cambodians displaced by the conflict with Thailand on the border begin to suffer health problems from lack of hygiene and clean water, health officials warned today. In the Cambodian village of Samrong, 30 kilometers from the border temple of Ta Moan and Ta Krabei About 36,000 people take shelter in makeshift settlements in pagodas and schools since the fighting began a week ago.

Marrakesh attack trying to solve mysteries

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has strongly condemned the terrorist attack "cowardly" against a tourist café Jemaah el Fna square in Marrakesh, Morocco, that killed 16 people. The U.S. Embassy staff is working with the Moroccan authorities for additional information on the attack. "The United States offers its full assistance to the Moroccan government as they investigate this attack and bring those responsible to justice," he added.

European institutions - in the jungle lobbies

The recent scandal involving MEPs who were bribed by journalists posing as lobbyists has lifted the veil on the often strife between the representatives of interest groups and European institutions, the daily România Bucharest liberă .

Debut and green in the land skid car

The change of Baden-Württemberg, the state farm-German model that shook the last elections, due to the effect Fukushima, 60 years of conservative rule, is slow, quiet and will chaired by social consensus. This was announced by the coalition agreement between the Greens and Social Democrats (SPD) released Wednesday.

For the first time are the Greens, not the SPD, the leaders of marriage, with an environmental president, Winfried Kretschmann, who will be sworn in on May 12. Kretschmann, a teacher of 62 years, is a conservative confidence: ex-Maoist in 68, a practicing Catholic now, neoliberal economics and member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

U.S. reports that Gaddafi gives his soldiers viagra

The regime of Muammar viagra Gadafidi distributed among his soldiers to encourage violations of Libyan women, as has denounced the United States through its Ambassador Susan Rice at a meeting of the Security Council of the UN. Rice did not disclose the sources from which comes this statement, but another diplomat present at the meeting explained that the U.S.

representative intended to illustrate the fact that the international coalition "faces an unusual adversary who commit reprehensible acts." This has been the country's response to U.S. claims of Russia and other Council members who believe that France, UK, U.S. and other allies present in the Libyan air strike are exceeding the decision of the UN establishing an air exclusion zone in the country and "all necessary measures to protect civilians." "We are concerned by the escalation of violence in the Libyan military conflict which causes more and more civilian casualties," said Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitali Tchourkine.

Hundreds of Syrians flee Lebanon for the violence of the regime

Beirut. .- Some 700 Syrians, mostly women, children and elderly, have arrived in Lebanon late on fleeing the violence in Syria for the police crackdown on the protests, said Tuesday Lebanese media. The influx of refugees from Syria began a slow night, but intensified this morning after 08.00 local time (05.00 GMT) through unofficial border crossings.

The radio station "Voice of Free Lebanon," said that most Syrians entered Lebanon have come from Deraa, in southern Syria, and Duma, on the outskirts of Damascus. A municipal official, Ali Said, mayor of the town of Mukayble, located in the border region of Wadi Khaled, confirmed that most people who come are women and children.

Alabama Tornadoes sweep: At least 300 dead

The death toll from storms and tornadoes that struck on Wednesday night and Thursday morning the southern United States increased to 306, of which about 204 were killed only in the state of Alabama, reported local media. President Barack Obama called the loss of lives of "heartbreaking" and damage to homes and businesses as "nothing short of catastrophic." He promised a strong federal aid for reconstruction and Friday to visit affected areas of Alabama.