Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nineteen injured by car bomb in southern Thailand

At least 19 people were injured by a car bomb in front of a massage parlor in the town of Narathiwat, about 750 kilometers south of Bangkok, police said. The explosion took place Saturday night. A group of strangers had shot before firing against a karaoke bar near the lounge. The explosives detonated when several soldiers and other curious people came to see what happened.

Authorities suspect Muslim separatists operating for decades in the region behind the attack. "These attacks seek to intimidate local residents and discourage them from cooperating with the Thai authorities," said the spokesman of the office for internal security in southern Thailand, Colonel Banphut Phonpian.

Olaf Scholz: The long road to the top

Happy before the end of election day: Olaf Scholz on Sunday in Hamburg Very early political in his life Olaf Scholz represented the Young Socialists in the SPD in the Coordination Committee of the peace movement, which concerns the organization of mass demonstrations in Bonn and was a matter which of the many members occur as a speaker and say what they should.

With wonder and amazement he perceived as his colleagues, the inquisitive media people - and those of the accursed bourgeois press - with information and opinions supplied. Olaf Scholz took the right not to do that. He would not. He worked internally He urged not to the fore, which had to do with the fact that he was not one of the gifted rhetoricians of this circle.

U.S. prevents UN condemns Israeli settlements

United Nations. .- The United States today blocked a controversial veto the Security Council the UN adopt a resolution against the Jewish settlements, with which it sought to condemn Israel's refusal to stop work on settlements in occupied territory. The U.S. veto, the first since the arrival of Barack Obama to the White House, also served to reaffirm the readiness of Washington to protect the international body to its main ally in the Middle East, even in a field in which they disagree.

The EU sent a special mission to Lampedusa before the arrival of immigrants

The European Union (EU) on Sunday sent a mission control agency European borders (Frontex) to assist Italian authorities at the arrival of illegal immigrants from North Africa, especially Tunisian island of Lampedusa. Spain will contribute resources to the mission, with the participation of ten states with the dispatch of experts and media in the next few hours, according to EU sources.

"We will send experts from the participating member states, along with naval and air assets to assist Italian authorities. The human and technical resources may be increased depending on future needs," said European Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom. As agreed with Rome, which made an appeal for financial support of EUR 100 million with the help of Frontex, the experts will be dedicated to inform and question immigrants and pay special attention to identify those that might need international protection.

Afghanistan: Americans talk with Taliban

His will is ongoing: Richard Holbrooke in an interview with Hamid Karzai in April 2010 The last December deceased American special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has worked until recently vigorously for the resumption of direct talks between American officials and the Taliban.

At first encounters between American diplomats and senior representatives of the Taliban, it has now come, reports the weekly newspaper "The New Yorker in its issue appearing this Monday. The newspaper has learned from conversations with several government officials, the meetings have been preparatory in nature and have not yet entered the stage of peace negotiations.

German Defense Minister copied to your thesis

Since Wednesday were disclosed in the press evidence of plagiarism in the doctoral thesis of German Defence Minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, the spiraling scandal. Fifteen authors found hostages, two of them have filed complaint and a website created for the occasion says find plagiarism, or appointments not clearly recognized in more than one hundred of the 475 pages of the thesis.

The minister announced yesterday that waiver "temporarily" to the title of doctor, acknowledged "mistakes" and is committed to actively clarify the matter, which initially called "absurd", but says: "My thesis is not plagiarism." The thesis of Guttenberg, a millionaire aristocrat in the last year was the subject of an intense promotional campaign in the media as "most popular politician" and possible Conservative leader to the right of Angela Merkel, was introduced in 2007 in University of Bayreuth.

Protesters take the place of the Pearl of Bahrain to the cry of nonviolence

The square of the Pearl is once again the symbol of liberation. Following the severe repression of recent days, opponents of the regime have achieved a small victory and have managed to smuggle out the police and military to display their banners and their illusions. Some have already begun installing tents with the intention of staying.

One man summed up the feelings of the square with his words: "Today we released a little of Bahrain but will liberate the whole country." The return comes shortly after the army which was deployed last 17 in the central plaza and in various parts of the capital, returned to the barracks by order of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

Anatomy of a Revolution

If you want to give free internet society, "said Wael Ganim, the most popular of Egyptian protests that started on Facebook. El Baradei identifies young people in social networks as actors of the revolution. The reality is more complicated. And understanding this complexity is essential to characterize the first great revolution of the century, carries the seeds of change while displaying the perennial roots of the riots: exploitation, humiliation and violence.

The citizens of Dresden plant and prevent a return to neo-Nazi march

Twice in the last week have attempted to demonstrate several neo-Nazi groups in Dresden (Germany) and both have had to abort the start. The protest on Saturday estasba permitted, but are citizens of the state capital of Saxony who have stood up to the far right. The powerful German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB) amounted to some 21,000 people joined the protests to drive from Dresden to the neo-Nazis, whose figure was lower than the 4,000 that were initially expected, according to data collected by Efe.

Americans on the coast

The first Americans to set foot in the Arab world were not diplomats. The U.S. presence in the Middle East is long, just two years after Napoleon saw the pyramids, and began by trade, which basically was, as Michael Oren, the exchange of Caribbean rum for Turkish opium (Power, faith, and fantasy, 2006).

Americans risked being captured by pirates off the coast from Morocco to Libya and the answer was the blockade of Tripoli in 1801. The marines hymn begins: "Since the domains of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli." Barack Obama's ancestors used, like Europeans, various formulas to solve the problem of the relationship with the Muslim Arabs.

Log in force in Tunisia general amnesty for political prisoners

The general amnesty for political prisoners in Tunisia has come into force upon signature by the Tunisian president Acting Foued Mebazaa, the decree law as announced by the official news agency TAP. Under this provision, which was decided on Friday, all those tried or prosecuted before February 14, 2011 will benefit from this amnesty.

According to the lawyer Samir Ben Amor, the winners would be between 300 and 500 political prisoners, although some human rights organizations, as recorded by Reuters suggest the number could climb to a thousand. Last week the National Assembly (Congress) and House of Councillors (Senate) approved grant full powers to the president to rule by decree, thereby avoiding the need to pass laws in Parliament, from the old regime.

Riots in Dresden: At least 82 policemen injured

With paving stones throw left-and right-wing extremists are on the policemen at the massive riots on the outskirts of Dresden's neo-Nazi demonstration on Saturday injured at least 82 policemen, some of them seriously. The Dresden police chief Dieter Hanitsch was shocked by the brutality on Sunday, attacking the right and left extremes of the police.

The police had initially spoken of 50 injured forces. Saxony Innenstaatssekretät Michael Wilhelm called consequences. With hours of violent protests and blockades had some on Saturday thousands of people in Dresden again prevented an approved gathering of right-wing extremists. Instead of the expected 4000 neo-Nazis, only a fraction had come.

Widely deployed in Algiers to abort the protest planned for Saturday

Thirty thousand police officers, at least, are in Algiers for the purpose of aborting the demonstration planned for Saturday. The agents control access to the capital and have set up checkpoints in the center. Last Saturday the opposition only managed to gather two thousand people. It will not be easy to overcome this figure.

The state of emergency bans demonstrations and more in Algiers. The opposition also split and young people walking the neighborhoods, which themselves have faced police forces in recent weeks, seem disconnected from the political protest. They want jobs, housing and wages, while the National Coordinator for Change and Democracy, the umbrella for several parties and independent trade unions, the emphasis on political reform.

31 vessels and 700 people remain kidnapped by Somali pirates

Somali pirates have kidnapped in Indian Ocean waters to 694 people from 31 different ships. This emerges from the report published by the military operation of the European Union, Atalanta, fighting piracy in these waters. These people are two Spanish, master and boatswain, who are part of the crew of 24 sailors of the Mozambican flag vessel Vega 5.

Remains on top in time the merchant Iceberg 1 Panamanian flag, which has kidnapped since March 29, 2010 with a crew of 24 people on board. Most kidnappings are concentrated on the coasts of the Gulf of Oman and the southern part of Kenya and Tanzania. The Vega 5 is the ship that was assaulted further south, off the coast of Mozambique.

Mexico, under the scrutiny of the United States

In recent days, several members of the U.S. government have expressed openly and plainly, without shame, desires and intentions and expansionist power from Mexico. The vast majority of Mexicans are convinced that is the beginning of a strategy of the United States intended to justify in the eyes of the world the beginning of an onslaught of interference and intervention in Mexico.

First were the statements of undersecretary of the U.S. Army, Joseph Westphal, who said that Mexico had "a form of insurgency led by the drug cartels that could potentially take the Government, which would imply a U.S. military response." Westphal also said the United States is concerned particularly Latin America and Mexico on the same level of a strategic flank similar to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Berlusconi: Naomi, can I have your phone?

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi asked for the phone to British model Naomi Campbell at a dinner for world leaders and personalities, which was held in London for a summit. This was revealed by Sarah Brown, wife of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, that the March 3 issue 'Behind The Black Door "(After the black door).

The reports of the three years they lived at number 10 Downing Street. The book was previously offered in installments in the newspaper 'The Daily Mail, which published an interview with Sarah, which reveals some details and curiosities of the book. On Berlusconi, who is undergoing trial for allegedly inciting child prostitution and extortion (abuse of power) by the event called Ruby, Brown says he was stunned when she saw him ask the phone to Campbell.

Thousands of opponents calling elections in Albania in protest against the Government

Tirana. .- Several thousand opposition demonstrators today protested socialist Tirana to demand the resignation of Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha conservative, who they accuse of corruption and electoral fraud, and request the convening of elections. The participants, coming from across the country, marched on the main avenue and Kombit Deshmoret and concentrated at the seat of government, where the Jan.

Killed 12 people in a tourist boat

Twelve people, including 10 foreigners, were killed Thursday when the boat they were traveling in plunged into the picturesque Halong Bay, one of the worst accidents involving tourists in Vietnam. Authorities were investigating what had caused the 'Truong Hai 06' sank before dawn with 27 people on board when it was anchored in the bay, one of the main attractions in the country.

"The water entered the ship at about five o'clock, when the tourists were sleeping," said Le Nhu Thieu, deputy director of the office of the provincial people's committee of Quang Ninh. The police investigators and embassy staff were interviewing the 15 survivors, shaken and wrapped in blankets, were brought ashore in boats.

Tensions in the heart of Tehran, Rafsanjani's daughter arrested

Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was arrested by police in central Tehran, as he took part in an opposition rally, according to Xinhua news agency IRNA. The day was marked by great tension in the Iranian capital.

The police fired tear gas at demonstrators who were protesting. The demonstrations were held in at least four separate places in the capital, including outside the headquarters of state television, which is considered one of the main organs of the regime's propaganda. The center of the protests was Vali Asr Square where, according to the opposition had gathered thousands of people.

A crocodile in Australia grabbed a 14 year old boy

A crocodile in Australia grabbed a 14 year old boy and dragged him away as a prey. The boy was swimming with his brothers in a river at Milingimbi in the far north of the country, when the animal attacked the group. The research immediately matches, but so far there is no trace of the victim.
Milingimbi island is about 500 meters from de Arnhem Land, on land, populated mostly by Aborigines. At about 440 km from Darwin, belongs to the group of Islands of the crocodile, so renamed in the seventeenth century by Dutch explorers because of the extensive presence of these animals.

Iranian ships in the Mediterranean?

It 's a thriller on the two Iranian ships which could be directly transited the Suez Canal in the Mediterranean. Israel has already warned two days predispondendo also patrols, while the Egyptian authorities explain that the transit has not happened. The two Iranian warships, the frigate Alvand, Kharg and the support ship, are not only transited through the Suez Canal, but are not even arrive in the waiting area where all the ships waiting in line to receive the order go told Egyptian state television the director of the traffic channel, Engineer Mohamed el Manakhly.

The crown prince of Bahrain declares that the "time of dialogue"

Madrid. .- The crown prince of Bahrain, Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, said Friday that "it's time to talk, not fight" and has called for calm following recent violent incidents in the capital, Manama, where there are protests. Thousands of people, mostly Shiites, are manifested in Bahrain from February 14, called Day of Rage.

The crown prince has made it clear that "dialogue is always open and reforms are continuing," while he warned that "all honest people should say 'enough'." "This land belongs to all citizens of Bahrain," he added, in a speech picked up by Reuters. "We call on all parties, the armed forces, security forces and citizens," stated the prince, deputy commander of the Armed Forces.

Women of the 33 miners are the heroines of history Veradero

"Where are they, where are they?" Pursued by this question, Emma Sepulveda moved to Camp Hope shortly after hearing the news of the mine collapse in San Jose and stayed there, becoming a silent gap between fear and solidarity of women patients. There he remained for two months until the day that the 33 miners trapped 700 meters deep got at last out of the bowels of the earth.

Now, published a book entitled "70 Days of Night" (Editorial Platform) to reconstruct that experience, armed with dozens of letters from women awaiting the return and the same number of men seeking the light. Question: Why did you decide to move to the San José mine? Answer: Some years ago I wrote a book with the testimonies of women of the disappeared in Chile during the military government.

Tunisia grants a general amnesty for political prisoners

Tunisia. Transition .- The Tunisian Government decided today to grant a general amnesty for political prisoners in the country and adopt an executive order to that effect "in the coming days," said government spokesman, Taieb Bacuch. Following the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Bacuch told reporters that the general amnesty "has been adopted" by the Government and that legislation was adopted "in the coming days", but did not specify the details of this law, which probably decree the country's interim president, Fuad Mebaza.

Sell an unpublished photo of Himmler moments after his suicide

An unpublished photo of Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler moments after his suicide will be offered to the highest bidder on 29 March in Bristol (England), reported the auction house Dreweatt. The photo was taken by the Cape Guy Adderley, the British intelligence service in May 1945 shows Hitler's deputy died after ingesting cyanide capsules which he had hidden in his mouth.

Himmler, who is pictured with his eyes closed after his famous glasses, was arrested by British officers on a bridge with other members of the SS and was being questioned the next day on the war crimes Nazis. After his death he published several photos of his corpse lying on a makeshift bed, but kept the photograph Adderley had made.

Egypt will allow Iranian military vessels crossing the Suez Canal

Cairo. .- The Ministry of Defence of Egypt has accepted a request from Iran to allow the crossing of two Iranian warships through the Suez Canal. The two vessels, which do not carry nuclear or chemical material, are now in international waters of the Red Sea. Yesterday, a senior Iranian naval commander, quoted unidentified by the website of Iranian state television in English PressTV, stressed that the two frigates which are directed to the Mediterranean Sea, were to cross the Suez Canal, as the authorities Egyptians do not put impediments.

Bahrain, Yemen and Libya to crack down their protests

The popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes have continued to spread Friday, a day of prayer "in Yemen, Libya and Bahrain, just if one week of the fall of the 'rais' of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. In all three countries have been severely repressed and have claimed many deaths. The protests were inspired by those who have finished with the regimes of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt, giving birth in the Arab world hoping that popular pressure to convey democratization.

Killing three people in two demonstrations against the government in Yemen

Sana'a. .- At least three people were killed in two demonstrations in southern Yemen where thousands of people calling for political reform and the fall of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, medical sources said. The sources said one person was killed and thirty others injured by the explosion of a homemade bomb thrown by an unknown from a speeding car into a crowd of protesters in the southern city of Taiz.

Protests against Gaddafi has left more than 80 deaths in Libya

The death toll in protests against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, is growing. According to the latest statement from Human Rights Watch (HRW), 84 people have died since the revolt began on Tuesday in the country, some thirty in Benghazi (the second largest city), 17 in Al Bayda and seven in Derna, all them in the east, where protests have been concentrated.

However, last Friday night, the turmoil has reached the capital, witnesses quoted by dpa. Also Janzur City, west of Tripoli, Gaddafi's many opponents took to the streets. The authorities have not provided an official death toll in the protests. AFP speaks about fifty deaths in the protests and, according to Amnesty International, 46 people have died in the last 72 hours.

Barack Obama: For the third year

You do not always pick on the right after taking office (easily done) the promises of President Obama, the detention facility would be closed within a year. It was not known. Meanwhile, however, Obama is in the third year in office, and an end to Guantánamo is still not in sight - not least because the Congress defends itself against a transfer of the remaining prisoners in the United States.

Bahrain's army opened fire on protesters

Manama. .- Bahraini army soldiers fired today against five hundred protesters headed to the plaza Lulu, blocked by the army since yesterday, as was noted Efe. At least eight people were wounded by army gunfire, which until now had not intervened. Yesterday, police forcibly evicted them from the central square in Manama, where for two nights thousands of demonstrators gathered to demand political and economic reforms.

Egypt held in Tahrir Square your first week without Mubarak

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians retook the Tahrir Square (Liberation in Arabic) to celebrate the 'victory Friday', a festive day on which honored the martyrs of the Revolution and called for the formation of a new Government figures clean regime of Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted last Friday. The traditional Muslim prayers on Fridays Tahrir was directed by the renowned theologian Yusuf al Qaradawi, exiled since 1981, and returned yesterday to Cairo thirty years after delivering his last sermon in the Arab country, following the assassination of then president Anwar Sadat, who was succeeded by Mubarak.

Thousands show support Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Manama. .- Thousands of Bahrainis today showed their support to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in a peaceful demonstration in Manama after the conclusion of Friday noon prayer. The participants, who showed their support to the Government and the entire royal family, carried photos of the monarch and country flags, as was noted Efe.

Also, some posters could read "we are the true voice of Bahrain", referring to protests by the opposition that began on Feb. 14 to demand political reforms and economic improvements. Bahraini public television, which showed images that you could see hundreds of participants, stated that the turnout exceeded 100,000 people.

Berlusconi wants to relaunch the global gag rule and immunity

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, wants to revive the controversial 'gag rule' that limits the use and dissemination of tapping in criminal investigations and stalled in parliament last June, and the immunity of MPs, reported Italian media on Friday. Both issues were addressed at the Cabinet meeting held today in Rome, during which adopted a first draft of the reform of justice, one of the workhorses of the Executive and which provides, inter alia, separation careers of judges and prosecutors and the granting of more powers to the Minister of Justice.

Thousands of Bahrainis show their support for the king

Manama. .- Thousands of Bahrainis today showed their support to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in a peaceful demonstration in Manama after the conclusion of Friday noon prayer. The participants, who showed their support to the Government and the entire royal family, carried photos of the monarch and country flags, as was noted Efe.

Also, some posters could read "we are the true voice of Bahrain", referring to protests by the opposition that began on Feb. 14 to demand political reforms and economic improvements. Bahraini public television, which showed images that you could see hundreds of participants, stated that the turnout exceeded 100,000 people.

German Defense Minister to temporarily waive their PhD

German Defense Minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, announced Friday that resignation, temporarily, to his title of 'doctor'. The star of the Executive Minister Angela Merkel has made these statements after being accused of plagiarism. In any case, Zu Guttenberg has reaffirmed its absolute originality of his thesis.

"My dissertation is a plagiarism," he said in a public statement the German Defense owner, who denied any intention of plagiarism or falsification in the drafting of this work that earned him a grade of 'suma cum laude, but acknowledged that the text contains Dating errors and omissions footer.