Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The jihadists promise to avenge the death of Bin Laden

Barcelona .- An ideologue of Al Qaeda has vowed revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of U.S. forces. According to the Associated Press, is the first jihadist acknowledges the death of Saudi Arabia. Under the name 'Al-Assad Jihad2', this course ideologue of the terrorist network has been published in various Islamic extremist Web sites a eulogy of Bin Laden at the same time has vowed to "avenge the death of Sheikh of Islam." He has also made clear that those who give by finished Jihad "will have to wait a bit." This type of extremist websites often publish extensive interviews of 'Al-Assad Jihad2' harangue in which Muslims to give their lives for the holy war against infidels.

On the other hand, the Pakistani Taliban have threatened to attack Pakistan and the United States after the U.S. military operation that has claimed the life of the leader of the terrorist network, as reported by a spokesman for the extremist movement.

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