Monday, August 1, 2011

The 'outraged' holiday could condition the Israeli Parliament

The Israeli parliament, will study this week to suspend the recess of the summer session by the massive protests that took to the streets yesterday to 150,000, a record in the country. The opposition leader and former foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, has asked the House speaker, Reuven Rivlin, prolonging the session in this time of crisis for Parliament to debate legislation that meets the demands of population, the daily Haaretz reported.

Syria arrests an important opposition leader

The Syrian forces have arrested the leader of the tribe Baqqara, a major source of opposition to President Bashar Al Assad. Nawaf al-Bashir, who rules over more than a million baqaruíes, most residents in the province of Deir Al Zor, was arrested this afternoon in the village of Ein qirsh in Damascus, said the opposition itself.

Hours before his arrest, Bashir told the media their intention to cease armed response to the attacks of al-Assad and convincing the residents of Deir Al Zor they resort to peaceful methods of protest. The attack was part, says the NGO Union of Coordination of the Revolution Syria, the beginning of a full-scale assault on the town.

The Iranian woman blinded with acid saves his assailant

Tehran. .- Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who was disfigured and blind when a man threw acid in the face seven years ago, forgave the perpetrator of the attack today, minutes before you apply the sentence for which he was condemned to remain without also seen with acid, local media reported. The sentence, according to the Law of Ghesas (law of retaliation) collected in Iran's Islamic law, was to manage in today's Forensic Hospital in Tehran when, minutes before, Ameneh forgave the man, Mohavedi Majid, 29, told Fars news agency.

Syria: Bloody in Hama

On Monday begins the holy month of Ramadan: the expected clashes between the army and the opposition are thus additionally receive a religious sharpness 31st July 2011. Almost thirty years after the bloody massacre of the Syrian army of some 20,000 people gets mittelsyrische the city of Hama in the headlines again.

According to opponents of the regime of Bashar al Assad's troops are there at the weekend have lived brutally, as in the town of Deir al Zor in the east of the country, which is largely populated by Kurds. This Monday begins the holy month of Ramadan, it almost looks as if that would get right to expect in the next four weeks, the decision in Syria.

Ten died in the crash of a boat on the river Moskva Russian

A dozen people have died this morning when it hit the boat they were traveling in a boat on the Moskva River, which crosses the Russian capital, said the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations. The accident occurred in the area of the Vorobyov Hills (former Lenin Hills), where the river runs past the Lenin Stadium, the largest sports facility in the country.

"According to the latest data on board the boat were 17 people, including the captain," said a spokesman for Emergency quoted by Interfax news agency. He said that seven people survived the accident with life and so far rescuers have recovered the bodies of seven people killed, and the continuing search for three people still missing.

Breivik demands the resignation of the government

He confessed to the twin bombings of Norway, Anders Breivik Behring, has demanded the resignation of the government of Jens Stoltenberg in exchange for a full statement about your attacks, reported the Norwegian television NRK. It also asks the abdication of the King of Norway Harald V of Norway Breivik asked while being named chief.

The right-wing fundamentalist Christian, in which twin bombings of July 22 killed 77 people, said last Friday to the police for ten hours, police sources said yesterday. It is expected that next week is examined by two forensic psychiatrists, who must issue an opinion on his mental state until November.