Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Electric Strike

BERLIN - The Electric Strike. So far only one, the powerful consortium RWE, has a lawsuit against the German government's decision to close temporarily its Biblis nuclear power plant near Frankfurt. Biblis is one of seven older plants in the country closed for three months, theoretically until the security check again, but politically the issue is settled and the lawsuit seems a tantrum without a future.

Syria Can open Pandora's box in the area?

Syrian President Bashar Assad has a better chance of surviving in power deposed authorities in Egypt and Tunisia, where the repression will soon pass the reforms. Asad has hitherto followed the script that has been applied without success in several Arab countries. His security forces have suppressed pro-democracy protests in Syria, which began two weeks ago, and has promoted the exit to the street of counter-demonstrators who have declared their loyalty.

LIBYA - "Fight misinformation orchestrated by Gaddafi"

I left Libya shortly before the introduction of the no-fly zone [March 19, 2011], after being blocked in Tripoli. In Benghazi, all lines are cut, the Internet also. In Tripoli, all shops are closed on days when the guns fall silent, he reigns in the capital a terrible silence. We have strong suspicions about the leak of Gadhafi in Sebha [in the south].

It is said that one of his son would be injured. Anyway, do not they can escape. With the cash that Gaddafi holds, there will be very dangerous for Libya and the countries involved in the international coalition. We call on all countries bordering Libya, including the Algerian government not to leak Gaddafi and his family.

Kissinger policy

Says Jean Daniel, in early 70's, Raymond Aron and he often saw in Paris to Henry Kissinger, then at the height of his power as national security adviser and later secretary of state for President Nixon. Aron admired the superb skill with which Kissinger set out the details of geopolitics and its influence on the evolution of nations.

During a dinner at Pierre Salinger, former press adviser to President Kennedy, there was a lively exchange of views between Aron and Kissinger. Aron was expressed in these terms: "Henry, I had not been able to order the bombing of Cambodia and then go to sleep so peaceful." To which Kissinger, imposing, impassive, replied through clenched teeth: "Dear Raymond, nobody would have thought you entrust such a mission." The answer is brilliant and shows the sharpness and the ability to seduce the character, but raises another more fundamental question: why did Henry Kissinger could go to sleep at night after ordering the bombing of Cambodia? Exists in the work of artists-writers, musicians, painters ...

Who says a Westerwelle?

The victim, in these cases is always the last to know. The German Foreign minsitro and number two in the Merkel government, Guido Westerwelle, has ceased to have the support of his party, which cries out for resignation. But the Liberal leader continues with her chores, traveling in China today, insisting that the solution to the Libyan problem is not military but political, as his liderzago is dissected at home in your absence.

The government says the Spanish in Ivory Coast are well

Madrid .- The Spanish government Friday expressed its "utmost concern" about the current situation in Ivory Coast, and especially in Abidjan, following violent clashes between supporters of President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, and the outgoing Laurent Gbagbo. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, hopes that the conflict "is resolved with the least possible impact on the civilian population of that country." According to information available to the Embassy of Spain in Abidjan, the Spanish colony in the African country is "doing well", adds the note.

Berlusconi: The solution to repatriate immigrants from Lampedusa is

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has said that the "principal solution" to the thousands of Tunisian immigrants who have arrived in Lampedusa and south of the peninsula since the beginning of last year to repatriate. At the same time, has appealed to European solidarity to alleviate this "human tsunami" that can acquire "significant dimensions." 'Il Cavaliere' has also announced the opening of shelters around the specific borders for immigrants, some of which could be obtained, according to Berlusconi, the "residence permit allowing them to move freely in Europe." "It would be temporary licenses for those who want to start a family.

IRAN - Freedom is our fundamental right, not nuclear

In the event that an earthquake would occur in Iran and affect one or more of our nuclear power plants, known or hidden from the authorities, yt there a chance of avoiding the worst? What means do we have to control the risks facing such a scenario? The game of nuclear power in Iran is a power game. We have the example of Japan before our eyes, a country that has acquired the necessary experience in dealing with the consequences of seismic events, a strong country from a technological standpoint and also an exemplary discipline.

The deposed president of Ivory Coast says "fight until the end"

Paris .- The representative for Europe of the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo has vowed Friday that Gbagbo will fight "until the end" and assured that the president will address the nation within hours or days. "For his ideals, he will go to the end," said Toussaint Alain told Reuters from Paris when asked if he was willing to die Gbagbo in Ivory Coast.

Alain has held that Gbagbo is willing to negotiate with the opposition, but declined to specify what kind of dialogue could refer. The European delegate said he had spoken with Gbagbo, who would be in a "safe place" in charge of counterinsurgency operations. However, would not confirm if Gbagbo in Abidjan is the largest city, now contested by forces loyal to Gbagbo and rebels allied to the president-elect, Alassane Ouattara.

International justice will not judge the case of ethnic cleansing in Georgia

The International Court of Justice had no jurisdiction to deal with the demand that Georgia brought against Russia in August 2008, accusing it of having carried out ethnic cleansing in the Georgian breakaway territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia since the 90s. The ICJ made its decision by 10 votes in favor and six against.

The reason was that the parties did not maintain appropriate negotiations provided for in Article 22 of the Convention against Racial Discrimination of 1965, which bases its claim Georgia. However, judges recognize that there is a dispute between the two countries, indeed, it is racial discrimination.

ZIMBABWE - New Beijing ready to Mugabe regime

"Blacklisted by the West, Mugabe is looking for help elsewhere," the news site. It shows that the new loan of $ 700 million (490 million) granted March 21 by China to Zimbabwe. This credit will be used to purchase equipment and machinery, but 100 million will go into the pockets of the government, said the Chinese vice minister Wang Qishan, who is in Harare.

Beijing, for its part, seeks to secure its imports of minerals.

Security forces kill three protesters in Damascus

Damascus .- The security forces on Friday killed three protesters in the suburb of Duma, in southern Damascus, as reported by several witnesses, while the manifestations happen in other cities. The Syrian state news agency Sana has been recognized for the first time that the Muslim faithful of the city of Dera and Latakia, the scene of protests and clashes with victims last week, have rallied on Friday after Friday prayers to call for an acceleration political reforms.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rejects any foreign interference

"I do not want anyone to interfere in what happens in Syria. The Syrian people have the capacity to resolve their issues by itself, does not want foreign interference." Riad Shiqfi, secretary general of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in exile since 1980, is emphatic on this point. Shiqfi, which normally lives in Yemen, on Friday visited Istanbul with Taifur Faruq Mohamed, another member of the Islamist organization banned in Syria since 1963 and pursued since the slaughter of Hama in 1982.

SYRIA - The protest movement is spreading

"Thousands of people continue to take to the street demonstrations against the regime of Assad multiply" as the newspaper in Tel Aviv. The Israeli press is closely following events in neighboring Syria, where, for the fourth straight day, the opposition expressed to Deera March 21 (south). While the army reinforced its presence, the protests have spread to other cities, so far without reaching the capital, Damascus, or big cities, says the newspaper.

More than 174,000 Japanese are staying in evacuation centers after the earthquake

Tokyo .- More than 174,000 Japanese are housed in approximately 2,000 evacuation centers after the earthquake and tsunami recorded on 11 March, as reported Friday in a statement Red Cross, which has detailed more than 2,000 nurses are providing psychological assistance to victims. The NGO explained that the lack of fuel is hampering the work of humanitarian aid distribution and that about 2,400 nurses from the Japanese Red Cross are providing psychological support to more than 174,000 people in evacuation centers set up in Most public buildings.

The Greek islands are suffering an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2, according to Greek seismography services, has felt the force on the islands of Rhodes and Crete on Friday, but no major damage reported. The Observatory's Geodynamic Institute of Athens and Thessaloniki has estimated the magnitude at 6.2 and has placed the earthquake at 16.29 local time at sea.

Specifically, according to the Greek Institute, the epicenter of the quake was located 20 km west of the island of Karpathos, located 360 km southeast of Athens. The police services of Karpathos, Crete and Rhodes have reported no casualties or damage, at least half an hour after the earthquake occur.

YEMEN - President Saleh is fighting for its survival

The newspaper dedicates its Dubai to defection, announced March 21, several leaders of the Yemeni army. In power for thirty-two years, Ali Abdullah Saleh was particularly let down by a parent, General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, commander of the powerful army 1st division and regarded as the second highest ranking behind the Yemeni president.

Military, political, religious and tribal leaders join in the mass ranks of the opposition to demand the immediate departure of Saleh, at a pace that has accelerated considerably since the violent repression of demonstrations on 18 March. Opponents, meeting place of the University in Sanaa, were that day shot at with live ammunition.

Kills eight UN workers in Afghanistan

Mazar-i-Sharif .- Two of the eight foreign workers of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) killed during an uprising in Mazar-i-Sharif have been beheaded, as reported by the Afghan police. A demonstration against the threat of burning of a Quran by a radical pastor in Florida resulted in violence and the burning of the headquarters of the UNAMA in the region.

"Eight foreigners have been killed and two were beheaded," said a police spokesman in the province of Balkh, which is capital Mazar-i-Sharif, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai. The demonstration, attended by hundreds of people, was called to protest the threat of burning of a Quran by Terry Jones, pastor of some 30 people in an evangelical church in Gainesville, Florida.

Kazakhstan elected president this weekend

More than a thousand observers around the world, including twenty Spanish, go to the presidential elections Kazakhstan celebrates this Sunday, April 3, and in which the current head of state, Nursultan Nazarbayev, appears as the clear favorite to defend its mandate . Of the 16.4 million people in Kazakhstan, more than eight million eligible to participate in Sunday's election and, according to a survey just released this Friday in Spain Embassy in that country, 80 percent of these voters would go to the polls.

JAPAN - Bounce Tokyo Stock Exchange

In its evening edition dated March 22, the business daily welcomed the strong recovery in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which allowed the Nikkei to flirt with 9500 points. After the sharp drop last week, following the massive earthquake that struck the north-east, confidence seems recovered. Moreover, the newspaper said the resumption of rail traffic, especially on the high speed line in the affected region, and the restarting of the hospitals.

"The illegal destruction of foreign capital should be a crime"

In 1999 the EU established the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the independent body based in Brussels responsible for combating corruption and other adverse financial interests of the Community. The German Wolfgang Hetzer, since 2002 director of Intelligence and Analysis of the organization, has just published an interesting book entitled Finanzmafia in which he asks, "how is it that criminals and bankers with impunity." The book is a genuine product of the "angry German." The country has a considerable number of professionals, including some in positions of corporate responsibility, which, regardless of their political and idiosyncrasies, does not comply with the shows and abuses that the financial crisis has revealed.

The outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, missing

The bay of Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, has fled his home in the city of Abidjan is unknown at this time their whereabouts, as has assured the French public radio France's ambassador in the DR Congo, Jean-Marc Simon. The diplomat said that Gbagbo is neither at his residence or at the presidential palace.

On Friday, fighters loyal to President-elect, Alassane Ouattara Gbagbo attacked the residence in Abidjan. According to the French magazine "Jeune Afrique", Ouattara forces took control of the presidential palace where he found that Gbagbo, his wife and friends had left the scene. Alassane Ouattara was long a president without power.

France unaccounted for Laurent Gbagbo

Abidjan .- The president cornered Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, has fled his home in the city of Abidjan is unknown at this time their whereabouts, as has assured the French public radio France's ambassador to the African country Jean-Marc Simon. The diplomat said that Gbagbo is neither at his residence or at the presidential palace.

On Friday, fighters loyal to President-elect, Alassane Ouattara Gbagbo attacked the residence in Abidjan. According to the French magazine "Jeune Afrique", Ouattara forces took control of the presidential palace where he found that Gbagbo, his wife and friends had left the scene. Alassane Ouattara was long a president without power.

Enter into force the laws Vatican fraud

The Press Office of the Holy See reported that Friday come into force four rules against "illegal activities in the financial fronts," which also formally established the Financial Reporting Authority. This structure is designed to "prevent and contrast the phenomenon of money laundering" and control the financial activities of the citizens of the Vatican.

With the entry into force of these measures, which were announced on 30 December, the State of Vatican City unifies its economic laws to European standards and anti-money laundering fraud. It also implements the 'Monetary Convention' signed by the European Union Commission and the State of Vatican City on 17 December 2009.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Newspaper Strike

Between camps Ouattara and Gbagbo, the battle is played on any terrain. Including in the press. On 18 March, the National Press Council (pro-Gbagbo) suspended for a month the publication of the daily Le Jour Plus and The Mandate, an illegal according to Le Nouveau Reveil. The daily pro-Ouattara decided in solidarity with six other newspapers, does not appear for three days starting March 24.

Libyan rebels willing to negotiate a cease-fire

Tripoli Libya .- The rebel leadership was now ready to observe a ceasefire as long as the lifting of the site that are under some cities by forces loyal to Muammar al-Gaddafi, among other conditions. The direction of the Libyan rebels was now ready to observe a ceasefire as long as the lifting of the site that are under some cities by forces loyal to Muammar al-Gaddafi, among other conditions.

LAOS - The number one system piles up again for five years

"The Ninth Party Congress ended March 21 on the announcement of the composition of the Politburo, Secretariat and Inspection Committee, as well as the adoption of a resolution marking the successful conclusion of the session "reported the daily Vientiane, under the Ministry of Information and Culture of Laos.

Serving for five years, the military Choummaly Sayasone was elected Secretary General of People's Revolutionary Party, the Communist training who runs the country since 1975.

The study rebels who control the oil export

Benghazi (Libya) (Reuters) .- The head of Finanazas and Libyan National Economic Council, Ali Tarhouni, revealed on Friday that are already working with "friends" international initiative to include an exception to the embargo Libya to allow the export of oil. Most Libyan oil production comes from the east, now controlled by rebels who rose up against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, but the export is suspended due to fighting and sanctions imposed by the UN.

The biggest obstacle women face is the prejudice of the leaders

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first woman in Africa to become head of state of Liberia, after winning with 53% of the vote the elections held in this country in 2005. However, they are still very few women are taken into account in the process of rebuilding post-conflict state. On the contrary, there are many verses loose yet to write poems.

This week, FRIDE has organized a seminar to discuss the role of women in post conflict situations and THE WORLD. it has been able to speak with one of its participants: Clare Castillejo, anthropologist, researcher at the think tank and an expert on gender issues. Question: Can post-conflict situations be an opportunity for women to participate in the process of reconstitution of the State or, unfortunately, this is not what usually happens and women are excluded? Answer: There is no doubt that post-conflict situations provide a unique opportunity to rebuild the state in a manner that recognizes the rights of women.

GUATEMALA - Divorce and presidential political calculations

Guatemalan justice confirmed March 21 that the presidential couple had launched steps to divorce by mutual consent. It is primarily a political decision, notes the newspaper in Guatemala City. Sandra Torres filed her petition for separation on March 11, three days after announcing she intended to attend the next presidential election in late 2011, to succeed her husband, Alvaro Colom.

But the Constitution prohibits relatives of the incumbent president to run.

International Court of Justice: Georgia fails in action against Russia

 Georgia has failed before the International Court in The Hague with a lawsuit against Russia for the war in 2008. Tbilisi accused Moscow of ethnic cleansing in the fight against the breakaway Georgian provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and called on the Anti-Racism Convention of 1965.

The country also won a first success, when the Hague judges sentenced soon after the start of the conflict, any discrimination on racial grounds in the Caucasus conflict. The Court urged all sides to exercise restraint, but a failed one-sided condemnation of Russia. In that urgent decision saw a slight majority of judges in the two countries, ratified by anti-racism agreements provide a sufficient basis for jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.

A Swedish UN partner died in the rioting in Abidjan

Berlin .- A Swedish partner of the United Nations has died in the rioting that was recorded in Ivory Coast, was announced today by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. The Swedish foreign minister said in parliament that the UN employee was hit accidentally presumably by a bullet during a shootout in the city of Abidjan.

Apparently the woman, aged 30, was at home when he was fatally hit by the shot fired in the fighting in Ivory Coast have reached civil war. In Abidjan face the forces behind the elected president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, with supporters of Laurent Gbagbo, who for four months refused to leave the presidency.

TEPCO offers new data center misconceptions about

The company TEPCO, which operates the Fukushima nuclear plant, has provided incorrect data on radioactivity in the area for the second time in a week, amid criticism of the Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan. Japan agency for nuclear safety said the data on pollution of groundwater in Fukushima, which according to TEPCO radioactive iodine levels were 10,000 times above the legal limit are not reliable.