Monday, July 25, 2011

Chronology: What happened on the island Utøya

As the blond man in police uniform began shooting, many of the youngsters on the Norwegian island Utøya initially would not believe that what they saw was real. But then when they realized that really the blood from gunshot wounds of the first victims ran, they ran for their lives. An overview of the events from the perspective of survivors.

At least 143 wounded in clashes in Cairo

At least 143 people were injured in the district of Abbasseya Cairo in clashes between protesters seeking the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces - to govern the country on an interim basis since the fall of Hosni Mubarak - to accelerate reforms implemented in the country and opponents, as reported by the Health Ministry's Central Security forces and the army have cordoned off protesters in Abbasseya, where residents have attacked them with stones and Molotov cocktails.

A nurse accused of killing five patients

A nurse for 27 years, Rebecca Leighton, is on trial for having manipulated blood transfusions, injecting a solution of table salt instead of insulin, causing the deaths of five patients at the hospital in Stockport, near Manchester. The nurse has been accused of having endangered the lives of six people and theft of drugs, without any known reason for their actions.

The events became known a week ago and police were deployed at the site. The woman was arrested Wednesday and questioned for several days.

Chavez returned to Venezuela after the first phase of his fight against cancer

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, said today that the analysis was conducted in Cuba found no malignant cells in body, but said he should continue the treatment because the risk still exists.

Norway remembers victims

Hundreds of people have attended Mass in the Oslo Cathedral in memory of those killed in the twin bombings on Friday in Oslo and a youth camp in the neighboring island of Utoya. The death toll has risen to 93, according to the Norwegian newspaper "VG." On the eve of the Oslo Cathedral, Victoria and Alexandra Stokka Sanderod waiting with tearful eyes to a blanket of flowers that the Norwegian people have spread spontaneously to remember the victims of the double attack against Norway occurred last Friday.

Germany paid 100 million euros to the Libyan rebels

The German Government to Libyan Transitional Council, composed of the rebel faction of the country, 100 million to address humanitarian and civil matters, as reported on Sunday the Foreign Minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle.

Afghanistan, killed an Italian soldier

Another Italian victim in Afghanistan. A military mission from the beginning of the 41st, was killed in an attack northwest of Bala Murghab, in the western part of the country. Two other soldiers were injured: one was in serious condition, emntre the other would not be life threatening.

During a joint operation between Italian soldiers and Afghan forces in the area northwest of the valley of Bala Murghab the unit which was also attended by the Italian military was attacked. During the shooting an Italian soldier was killed, while two others are wounded.