Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Suspected radioactive leak at another nuclear plant in Japan

Tokyo, May 2 .- leaks of radioactive material may be occurring at the Tsuruga nuclear plant (central Japan), so that those responsible will carry out the manual shutdown of a reactor, reported local agency Kyodo today. The authorities of the Japanese province of Fukui, Tsuruga where they suspect of leaks from nuclear fuel rods from the reactor 2 of the plant, which in 1981 and suffered a leak of radioactive water.

We encountered an increase in the density of toxic substances in the coolant and it is feared that a leak of radioactive material. That is why the company operating the plant, Japan Atomic Power, has decided to perform a manual shutdown of the reactor 2 and analyze the coolant, according to Kyodo.

On March 8, 1981, the plant suffered a leak of radioactive water, which was not disclosed until six weeks later, at which 300 people were exposed. Suspicions about the leaks in Tsuruga disclosed it has not been solved yet the situation of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (northeastern Japan), whose cooling system was damaged by the tsunami on 11 March.

The operator Tokyo Electric Power has placed in three months the time needed to restore stable cooling damaged the three reactors of the plant, and six to nine months off the time needed for nuclear fuel. This would mean that, in summer, the dose of radiation emitted by the plant would have been reduced steadily and that by the end of the year, would be finally controlled its radiation leaks.

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