Monday, June 27, 2011

A group of hackers leaks Blair's personal data

A group of hackers has leaked personal data of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among which are names, addresses and phone numbers of contacts, via Twitter, as reported Saturday by the British newspaper The Telegraph. The document also included several members contact and Booths Blairs and the maiden name of Blair's wife, Cherie.

Next to the document, which had all these data, there was a note stating that "the information in this article was obtained in December 2010. We still have access to the webmail server. The phone numbers may have changed but all information is 100% legal. " has reported that a member of the hacker group known as Poison Team Trick Twitter had informed that "Tony Blair's private information was being filtered (Friday night), also on the resume of his personal advisors, deputies British and lords, who supported the war in Iraq.

Michelle Obama defends her husband in Botswana for its neglect of Africa

Michelle Obama on Friday had to give up for her husband's visit to Botswana has just begun, after passing through South Africa. "Why does your husband ever come to Africa?" He asked reporters. The First Lady had to make two times the reason that the first black president in the history of the United States, grandparents Kenyans, and a myth for most of the African population, has only done during his presidency a short visit 24 hours to Ghana.

Berlusconi wants to end the 18-month term of his government

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said that the Government still has 18 months of the legislature before it, it is clear he does not think resigning. "I've told our opponents, we pursue together the reforms the country needs" and encouraged them to think "if our offer is not worth it." Berlusconi, who went on Sunday in a message to his followers, the developers of Liberty, called on the opposition to cooperate because "our government will continue until the end of the legislature and address the necessary reforms for the good of our country." "The dialogue with the opposition is my hope, at least on the most important reforms and I invited a strong constructive spirit," he said.

Israel soldier Gilad Shalit recalls on the fifth anniversary of his captivity

Gilad Shalit returns to the memory and force the Israelis claim the fifth anniversary of his captivity in the hands of the Islamist group Hamas. Various events and demonstrations seeking to pressure the soldier for 24 years no longer a sad symbol and return to his home in Mitzpe Hila, in the north.

The protest of the Shalit family arrived this afternoon at its peak when he entered the compound of the official residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and have been shackled with handcuffs and chains. "We are a family that has spent five years in captivity.

The mayor of Naples accused the Camorra of causing the chaos of trash

The Mayor of Naples, Luigi Di Magistris, has accused the clan of the Camorra by the chaos of the garbage that dominates the city, which has been another night of burning trash in the streets. For De Magistris, a member of the center-left party Italy of Values, is a strategy of the Camorra (local mafia) following an investigation open for three days.

The burning of rubbish-assures, is carried out by organized groups paid by the mafia, said the newspaper "la Repubblica". According to the mayor, one of the advantages for the mafia is to destabilize civic institutions, because if the Camorra operates in the street were asked about institutional responsibility, as the epidemic investigation by negligent act or omission of counsel.

Six climbers are dead in the French Alps

A hiker has found this morning the lifeless body of six climbers at 2,700 meters at the peak of Neige Cordier, located in southeastern France, said sources with the emergency services quoted by local media. According to France Info radio, there was a search of the six people whose bodies were found by chance on a very steep corridor in Glacier "Plate des Agneaux" within the Ecrins massif, a mountain range in the Dauphiné Alps.

Saleh appear before the media in the next 48 hours

The President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh is scheduled to appear before the media in the next 48 hours, said Sunday his cabinet. Saleh in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment as a result of wounds sustained during the bombing of June 3 against the presidential palace complex in Sana'a.

The Venezuelan government: Hugo Chavez is fighting a great battle for his health

Venezuela Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, admitted in an interview for the Venezolana de Television that President Hugo Chavez is in good health: "The battle is giving President Chavez for his health must be the battle of all, the battle for life, for the immediate future of our country. " "This is what we pass on to our compatriots," he said.

President Chavez in Havana, Cuba, since June 10 was emergency surgery for a pelvic abscess, according to official information. Maduro called on the Venezuelan people to accompany "the president in this great battle for their health and make it a great final battle and a great victory for our people." The Chancellor thanked the expressions of affection from rulers of different latitudes.