Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Schwarzenegger and his wife split up

Schwarzenegger and Shriver at the swearing in of the actor as governor of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver announced the decision to separate, "while continuing to work on the future of their relationship." The couple, married since 1986, did not specify if divorced but said it still continue to deal with all four children.

A note says that after "giving this much thought, reflected, debated and prayed," the two decided to live apart while working on the future of their relationship. They both admitted to be undergoing a "period of great personal and professional transition." Schwarzenegger ended his second term as governor in January.

COLOMBIA - Football clubs payers will be punished

Late payment is a widespread evil in Colombian football. Of the 18 clubs that make up the first division, eight are threatened with sanctions for this reason that the current championship leader Once Caldas, reported the newspaper El Espectador. One of them, Deportes Quindio, has even been suspended by the Colombian Institute of Sports (Coldeportes), for 30 days.

"If a club has no money to pay the salaries of its players, it really has no reason to be there," said Vice-President of Colombia. Several clubs have delays in payment, up to eleven months. This week the government launched a procedure to find the deadbeat Colombian football. A match causes this awareness: April 10, the Deportes Quindio was largely defeated by the team Millionarios of Bogota (5 goals to 0).

Ecuador votes for the ban on bullfighting

This Saturday is held new elections in Ecuador. The Government proposed ten questions (five amending the Constitution and five on various topics) for the public to give its approval or not the government's proposals. The heart of the matter lay in giving or not the government led by Rafael Correa the power to lead a process of profound renewal of the judiciary, public sector perhaps the most retarded, most accused of corruption and less trust from the public.

Pakistan denies any complicity with Al Qaeda, but an investigation

Pakistani Prime Minister announced on Monday that China's authorities opened an investigation to determine how Osama bin Laden could have lived for years near Islamabad in total impunity. Yusuf Raza Gilani addressed the Parliament, where he denied any complicity of his Government to the late founder of Al Qaeda, who died last week after the intervention of an American command in the town of Abbottabad.

UNITED STATES - Obama returns to the progressive topics

The man America elected president is back. For months, Obama knew that we had originally disappeared behind a compromise doubtful and vague principles. But Wednesday, April 13, he used his budget speech to distance vis-à-vis the Republicans, who claim generous tax breaks for the rich while neglecting the poor, the elderly and the unemployed.

He gave a very different vision of America, that of a country that holds promises for the weak and the powerful demands sacrifice. The deficit reduction plan he presented is certainly not always live up to this vision and he should focus less on reducing costs at the expense of higher taxes.

France denies that its aircraft carrier to aid shipwrecked Africans denied

Paris. .- France today flatly denied that its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle refused aid by the end of March in the Mediterranean to a damaged ship wreck in which 61 died inmigrantesindocumentados from Libya. The "Charles de Gaulle" was not in the zone of the Mediterranean where the wreck took place, told Efe the spokesman of the Army, Thierry Burkhard.

Burkhard Colonel flatly denied the claim of the British newspaper "The Guardian" that the carrier was seen at sea for survivors and not succor them was the French "Charles de Gaulle." It is a "false", the aircraft carrier "was never in that area, never found migrants in distress," stressed the spokesman.

Pakistan restricts the presence of international media in their territory

The Government of Pakistan has begun to restrict the presence of international media in their territory, especially in Abbottabad, a city where Bin Laden was hiding until his death. The television regulator ordered that country this weekend to nine international channels including BBC, CNN and Fox, which broadcasts cease their "illegal" from Abbottabad, reports British newspaper The Guardian.

The cost of Palestinian independence

Following a meeting in Brussels of the Coordination Committee of international aid to Palestine on April 13, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayyad, said getting the "birth certificate" of a Palestinian state, after validation by a group of donors to UN reports, the IMF and World Bank.

"The plan proposed in Brussels outlines the development stages of an independent Palestinian state and sets the amount of foreign aid needed to see the day," said the British daily Financial Times. The Palestinian Authority estimated that amount to nearly $ 5 billion for the three years.

Cuba will allow its citizens overseas tour

La Habana. -. The Cuban government will allow, for the first time in more than 50 years, tourism travel abroad for Cubans, according to a reform plan released Monday by the authorities. The government will "take into consideration the provisions that allow residents in Cuba to travel abroad as tourists," says one of the 313 economic reform measures adopted in April by a historic Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Berlusconi calls for a commission of inquiry to the Italian judiciary

Silvio Berlusconi has accustomed us to its fierce attacks against judges. But Italian Prime Minister today took another step in the war for more than 15 years maintained against the judiciary, this morning announced that his party would soon request the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate whether any of the judges " there is a conspiracy.

" In short: if judges are gangsters who are unjustly persecuting 'Il Cavaliere' knowing that he is innocent and purely political. Berlusconi has been off the hook with the news just the day in Italy is reminiscent of the judges victims of terrorism and political mafia. And not only that: it has been released from the judges during a break from 'process Mills', in which the Italian prime minister is accused of having bribed with $ 600,000 to British lawyer David Mills in exchange for false testimony in his favor in a couple of processes that ended up being acquitted.

UNUSUAL - The great love fancy version

With its oval sapphire eighteen carat set with fourteen diamonds engagement ring for Kate Middleton drool your sweetheart. Do not stingy: split up a replica of the royal jewels. The bauble the British princess is estimated at 28,000 pounds (32,000 euros)? His copy will cost you $ 3 (just over 2 euros) [on chinamingwang.

cn]. Okay, you'll zirconium instead of sapphire and paste as a diamond, but at that price we will not be choosy. In fact, ensures the China Daily, the small model has a wild success. Its manufacturer, the jeweler Mingwang Chinese Zhou, awash in orders. Prudent, entrepreneur has introduced "tiny changes" in the crimping, said the Xinmin Wanbao: no question of being accused of infringement.

Saleh returns to kill teachers in Taiz protests

Cairo / Taiz. - Security forces killed today in southern Yemen three people, including two teachers, during a protest outside a building of the Ministry of Education, a witness said. The police opened fire on protesters in the densely populated city of Taiz, also leaving 45 injured, one critically, said a hospital source told dpa.

The officers used live ammunition and tear gas against its citizens, according to the witness, who asked that his name not be cited. On Sunday two teachers were killed by security forces in Taiz in a similar event in which participants demanded full payment of their salaries. The salaries they were cut for participating in protests.

Ahmadinejad accused the West of taking advantage of the poorest countries

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Istanbul on Monday accused the governments of Western countries to "encourage ethnic strife" and build the world's poorest states. Speaking at the plenary of the fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries, which opened on Monday, Ahmadinejad blamed "colonial" West of poverty in these nations.

"The largest credits are granted at low interest to the major capitalist countries and the poorest states have to wait several years before being granted several million dollars in exchange for political concessions," said Ahmadinejad. Therefore opted to create international monitoring bodies "independent of the capitalist countries." "The poorest countries should not be treated as vagabonds, is colonialism that has prevented them develop."

Hisham Matar - Libya of my father

The first novel by Hisham Matar, In the Country of Men [Denoël, 2007], painted a sensitive portrait of a boy raised in Libya in the 1970s in the shadow of "guide". The father of heroes, opposing, disappears in the cells of Gaddafi, like the author, who grew up in Tripoli and Cairo and now lives in London.

The loss of the father, and suddenly felt so ambivalent, is also at the heart of the second novel by Hisham Matar, Anatomy of a Disappearance * [Anatomy of a loss]. The family of Nouri al-Alfli fled an unnamed country fell under the thumb of a dictator and he has taken refuge in Cairo. The hero remembers his childhood love for Mona, a woman Anglo-Egyptian, that he and his father had met at Alexandria and was later to become his stepmother.

Pakistan calls "absurd" allegations of U.S. about its complicity with Al Qaeda

Islamabad. .- Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, said Monday before the Parliament that allegations of complicity or imcompentecia of Pakistan regarding the recently deceased leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, are "absurd" and warned that unilateral actions like this can lead to "serious consequences." Gilani, announced today that it will investigate the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan yesterday after the U.S.

US-Pakistan was informed 15 minutes before the operation against Bin Laden

Pakistani Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, was informed of the U.S. operation killed Osama bin Laden "a quarter of an hour before the beginning", as he himself told the al-Arabiya. "I was briefed on the operation 15 minutes before its start, but they were absolutely discarded to achieve the goal," he said in an interview with the station in Jeddah.

It is expected that Pakistan's Prime Minister in Parliament to clarify the U.S. operation, while Washington and the Pakistani opposition accused authorities of both incompetence and complicity by the presence of al Qaeda in the country, who might have been there seven years. "I was informed first of the fall of an unmanned aircraft" involved in the operation, added the minister, who has emphasized that there are "ongoing cooperation in security matters" between the U.S.

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires is not a lender

"Recently our country has been honored with Dilma Rousseff, the new president of Brazil [which took office on January 1, 2011], for his first trip abroad," said Clarín, immediately before s 'question about "the nuclear deal signed between the two countries on this occasion." This provides the common implementation of the engineering of two research reactors and radioisotope production, the Opal reactor model, the Argentine company INVAP, national leader of aerospace and nuclear development, sold with success abroad.

A magnet Indonesian radical calls for bin Laden's 'holy warrior'

The Indonesian radical imam and spiritual leader of terrorist group Yemma Islamiyah, Abu Bakar Bashir, has called Osama Bin Laden today's "holy warrior." This influential imam, considered the radical Islamist movement's spokesman in Indonesia, has carried out this statement during his appearance before a Jakarta court to try him for supporting the creation of a terrorist group in the province of Aceh, hit on 26 December 2004 by a powerful tsunami in the far north of the island of Sumatra.

A summit in reverse

It is the door that looks out to the Middle West. Now is also a vocation as a bridge between destinations in the north and south. Istanbul these days hosting a summit on the contrary, it aims to put in the front row to the last of the Earth: African--33 48 countries that do not leave without a voice on the news but when misfortune embodied in war or natural disaster.

Because it sells or hunger. The new Turkey that has stalled the regional power suit has backed it also became his spokesman. And hold up on Friday the Fourth UN Conference for LDCs. Translated: 1,000 million people who receive 1% of global income. The majority gets by with just over a dollar a day, walk for hours to get a glass of water and often has nothing to jump into the stomach.

Irony - The Colonel inexhaustible subject of cartoons

Gaddafi is a rat, a monkey and even a snake horn hooks bloodied. He was thrown into a dustbin labeled "History". It was stuffed into an old army boots. He was dressed as Superman with the $ symbol in place of S. It was larded with bayonets by a mob of angry matrons. That's six weeks qu'Akram Mohammed, a trader of 30 years who has been drawing since the age of 6 years, put their heart's content against Gaddafi, signing his works named Kimo.

Berlusconi calls for a commission of inquiry to the Italian judiciary

Rome - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, said Monday it has decided to request the establishment of a commission to investigate whether the Italian judiciary has "criminal association." After arriving at the Court of Milan in an official car and without comment, the president addressed reporters in the corridors of the Palais de Justice, where he went on Monday for the first time Mills trial, which is charged for alleged judicial corruption.

Austria authorizes extradition of former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader

The Court of Salzburg has approved Monday the extradition to Croatia of former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, suspected of embezzlement in the country and detained since last December 10 in Austria. Thus, Sanader will face in their own 'home' to corruption charges. "The extradition can take place," confirmed Hans Rathgeb, president of the Regional Court of Salzburg.

Sanader was arrested late last year in the Central European country, based on an international arrest warrant issued by the Croatian Justice against the former 'Premier' from diversion of funds and corruption. The Conservative leader, who has been leading the Croatian government from 2003 to 2009, is accused of several cases of corruption that a total of six million euros.

YEMEN - Mr. President, please, go away!

Seeing the young man walking barefoot in the cold night of Sanaa, I felt a mixture of admiration and pity. I approached him to say he might get sick. This made him laugh. He looks at her from head to toe, then told me that my fear was that of someone who has been spoiled by the city. He said that a terse tone that impressed me.

The next day he was still there and he told his comrades to our exchange, which had a great time to me. A similar story happened to a nearby neighborhood. He said he had stopped trying to engage them in conversation. "It is useless." The urban district, become a minority, will include a hint.

Iran says that Bin Laden died of disease

Tehran .- Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi, doubt the U.S. operation that killed the leader of the international terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, arguing that his country has "reliable information" that "died a long time ago a disease. " In a statement released Monday by state media, the controversial head of the Iranian secret services also rebuked the United States to show the corpse of Bin Laden, which the White House has been thrown into the sea to prevent his tomb became place of worship.

The Syrian army besieged a neighborhood of Damascus

Light in the Syrian capital on Monday to the sound of the bullets of the army. The Muadhamiya district, southwest of Damascus, has been surrounded by soldiers, reports the BBC, which states that he was suffering intense gunfire. Witnesses said the army opted for precision shooters on the roofs of several houses in the locality.

Human rights activists have confirmed this information, stating that a great black cloud covered the area, which has electricity and phone lines cut. Along with the attack on this part of the capital, President Bashar Assad sent more tanks this morning to the third-largest city, Homs, according to Reuters, recalling that and are seven weeks since I started the "Arab spring 'in the country.

MALAYSIA - Sarawak, the sling comes in waves

From an apartment overlooking a restaurant in Covent Garden, Clare, investigative journalist and a Dayak [native Borneo] aka Papa Orang Utan and covered with tattoos, getting ready, like every day, to broadcast their revolutionary radio program to the heart of the jungles of Borneo. Both form an unlikely couple: she white, English, middle-aged and her proud grand-son of a Dayak headhunter.

Their goal is no less interesting: to reveal the corruption of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the head of government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo island, to 10 400 miles from London, and to end thirty years of his reign. "This is Radio Free Sarawak [Sarawak Radio Free]" Orang-Utan Dad launches before putting his helmet and interview a village chief driven from his land who speaks from the edge of the forest through a mobile phone.

Hamaoka nuclear plant suspended its operations

Tokyo .- The operator of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant (southwest of Tokyo) today accepted the request of the Japanese Government to suspend the operations of the reactors at that plant by the seismic risk in the area where you are located, according to Kyodo. The operating company, Chubu Electric Power, was postponed this weekend its decision on the formal complaint made on Friday by Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

Fewer tanks and more troops on the Day of Victory over Nazism

Moscow has held this Monday on the Day of Victory over Nazism with a deployment of 20,000 troops, tanks T-90, S-400 missile systems and imposing Topol-M intercontinental missiles that shook the cobblestones of Red Square. However, combat aircraft, the truck of veterans and other years the sun retreated this time and did an appearance in the big parade.

In the 66 th anniversary of the Nazi capitulation, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated veterans octogenarians who populated the stands in Red Square, many accompanied by their grandchildren and great grandchildren, one day he called "the festival's most sacred Russia ". If during the last decade the Russian President (Vladimir Putin a position he held from 2000 to 2008) used to take the address of the Victory Day to launch the odd 'misilazo' verbal to the Bush administration on Monday Medvedev stressed "preserve peace achieved as a result of victory "and congratulated the coalition allies of Hitler, told a year ago with foot soldiers marching through Red Square.

PERU - Humala in the role of Lula

Everyone remembers the once successful metamorphosis by Luiz Inacio da Silva. Bearded Frog scaring voters and shouting slogans against the market economy, Lula had turned into a champion of popularity to the point of being elected twice as president [in 2002 and 2006]. So, the recipe of "Lulinha paz e amor" ["Little Lula Peace and Love" campaign slogan, 2002], abandoning the radical ideology, is now emulated abroad.

NATO is investigating whether any of their ships left to die immigrants

Brussels (Editorial / Agencies) .- NATO has denied the news published today by the British newspaper The Guardian in ensuring that a contingent of NATO maritime left 61 immigrants die in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The French ship that allegedly left 61 immigrants die adrift between Tripoli and Lampedusa was not under NATO command, as confirmed by the NATO spokesman, Carmen Romero.

Between 29 and 30 March when, according to British newspaper The Guardian, a NATO aircraft carrier identified as Charles De Gaulle neglected the call of Africa was only one aircraft under allied command, Italy 'Garibaldi', sailing on the high seas away from the area where the small boat sank, according to Romero.

The process resumed in Milan Mills with the presence of Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, appeared on Monday personally, for the first time in court during the trial that followed the alleged payment of bribes to his former lawyer David Mills. Berlusconi, 74, is accused of having paid in the late 90's to Mills an amount equivalent to 600,000 euros (423,000 euros) for false testimony in two corruption trials.

In 2009, a Milan court had sentenced British lawyer to four years in prison. However, the appeals court in Rome in February 2010 ruled that the penalty as prescribed. Both Berlusconi and Mills have always rejected any responsibility. The prime minister has almost nothing to fear, as the Chamber of Deputies in mid-April approved a bill to cut the statute of limitations.

POINT OF VIEW - The European Union has a policy of immigration aberrant

The EU pursues a security policy and considers the sea as his ally. Frontex protect its borders by means of radars and satellites, helicopters and boats that discharge the boats of refugees. This policy is seen as a success if no migrant (or almost) reaches Europe. Aside from charities, no one wondered about the means used to get there.

The EU protects refugees as if they were terrorists and treat them as such. Whoever reached Lampedusa is not "merit pay" but returned as an enemy of our prosperity, which "can not accommodate all the misery of the world". Europe is "an area of freedom, security and justice", certainly, but only for those already living there.

The protest against violence in Mexico Javier Sicilia poet comes to the capital

Mexico .- The peace march led by the Mexican poet Javier Sicilia arrived in the Ciudad Universitaria (CU) of the Mexican capital tomorrow morning and will leave the Zocalo, the largest public square in the country, to give a message. More than a thousand people out on foot on Thursday in the nearby city of Cuernavaca, about 80 kilometers, where the poet lived, whose son Juan Francisco, 24, was killed along with several friends, by organized crime.

Condemn to death the former mayor of a city in China for taking bribes

Xu Zongheng, former mayor of Shenzhen, the first special economic zone of China, has been sentenced to death with a two-year suspension for taking bribes. The Zhengzhou Intermediate People's Court in the northern province of Henan, has also condemned the former ruler, 56, the loss of political rights and confiscation of personal assets.

According to the sentence, between 2001 and June 2009, Xu took 33.18 million yuan (3.54 billion euros) in bribes from companies building materials and low-level officials seeking promotion. In those years, the offender occupied important positions within the city of Shenzhen. Among them, the mayor (2005-2009), when it was discovered the web of corruption and was dismissed for "serious disciplinary violations." Xu helped some companies to change the development plans of the city and win contracts for construction projects.

GERMANY - The Greens climbing, climbing ...

March 28, 1983, a colorful parade through the city of Bonn. Amid a din of drums and maracas, a huge globe grew beards in the streets while others were lying dead wood, a symbol of the impact of industrial civilization on nature. Amazed onlookers watched the procession through the quiet streets of what was then the German capital.

The Greens were entering the Bundestag in the manner of aliens landing in the sacrosanct policy of German post-war. Twenty-eight years later, observing Winfried Kretschmann - called to be the premier environmentalist president of Germany [Baden-Württemberg] - is striking, however, its normality.