Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The hangover from the great feast of Blessed Pope

Still there, in the center of the facade of San Pedro. Mira smiling at his 'Papa boys', who continue celebrating the first Mass of thanksgiving for his elevation to the altars. Smiling, from the huge tapestry, Blessed John Paul II inspired confidence in his and, with his gesture, they whisper again who are not afraid and, as it says the large sign on the left of the Plaza, "open wide the doors to Christ.

" There is no saint without eighth, as the Spanish proverb, and fans of Pope Wojtyla extend the aftermath of the great party yesterday. And they are many. Obviously not as many as a million and a half hours, according to authorities in Rome, but the place is again full. Especially Poles, who celebrate the pride of "their" pope.

Mass eighth big, chaired by the number two and Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. And as Rome speaks in symbols, not lacking today. After presiding over the carpet, the relic in the form of intertwined olive branches and the vial containing the blood of John Paul II.

And to enter the ceremony, the eternal Polish pope's personal secretary, now cardinal of Krakow, Stanislaw Dziwisz. His right hand for decades, which some called the "vicepapa" and served as such, especially in recent years the Wojtyla pontificate, was radiant and proud. For him, Poland and the Church itself, which has given us "too great a gift." And very grateful to Benedict XVI, who rose to the altar to the "apostle of the truth," the pope that "30 years ago shed his blood in this square." Thanking you, above all, he has made an exception in the rules of the Church of the saints, guided by an infallible rule: the "sensus fidelium." For in the Catholic Church, the people's voice is the voice of God.

For his part, Cardinal Bertone, right hand man of absolute confidence and the current Pope, Benedict XVI, he used his homily to deliver a few key global event yesterday. Or better said, to make a claim in any rule of Pope Wojtyla and his pontificate. Bertone said the great virtues of the Great Pope.

Especially spiritual. We defined primarily as a man who lived "a life illuminated by the Gospel" and, in light of the Gospel, "read the history of mankind." Of living the Gospel sprang their faith, the faith of a man who "lived for God", as well as their ability to intimate union with God through prayer.

A sentence "open to the world." Of faith and prayer drew strength Blessed Pope "for his defense of human beings" and "world peace and the peaceful coexistence of nations." The Pope of human rights and, above all, the pope of peace. A Pope "in love with their mission." A Pope "witness credible and transparent." And a Pope and had to have, to force an extraordinary pontificate.

A reign in which, according to Bertone, taught Catholics to follow Christ "without complexes or fear," with courage and consistency ", trying to bring" the blessings of daily life. " A Pope human and spiritual leader. In its first aspect, Bertone acknowledged that "the Church was able to give a global currency and moral authority." As a man of God, gave "a spiritual vision" and threw it into the "new evangelization, interreligious dialogue and connect with youth.

In short, to a pope and, before "a man so real and so consistent," the Church leaps for joy and sing to the Lord "by which this great Pope, leader of the Church of two millennia" and "man of faith, who lived for God. " And in San Pedro, the church bells of glory on the day of Blessed Pope planetarium and, therefore, already made holy.

And once again sounded the thunderous bursts of applause and cheers for the Pope who, six years after his death, achieved the miracle of returning to lead a "rush" of self-esteem among Catholics around the world.

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