Thursday, March 17, 2011

RUSSIA - Putin proposes the abolition of visas Biden

"Biden lukewarm welcomes Putin's proposals on visas," as the English-language newspaper in Moscow. On 10 March the Prime Minister received Russian in Moscow on U.S. Vice President. He advanced the idea of \u200b\u200babolishing visas for travel between the two countries, presenting it as a "historic step" in US-Russian relations.

To believe the newspaper, Joe Biden has chosen to turn a deaf ear and insist on the importance of fighting against corruption to increase investment.

Libya frees journalist from 'The Guardian' arrested two weeks ago

London. .- The British journalist for The Guardian detained for fifteen days by the Libyan authorities have been released, said today the newspaper in their own digital version. The reporter said, Gaith Abdul-Ahad and his colleague Andrei Netto correspondent Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo, were caught in the coastal city of Sabratha on 2 March and later transferred to a prison located on the outskirts of Tripoli .

What does a Catholic in a mosque and a Muslim at Caritas?

One fight against Islamophobia, the other against anti-Semitism. Now the two have joined forces to combat the growing intolerance that runs through every corner of society. '2011 Hours against hatred. " That's the name of the campaign that launched the U.S. government to promote pluralism and respect for different cultures, races and religions.

The initiative was presented this morning at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid by Anwar Farah Pandith, U.S. special representative for the Muslim communities and Hannah Rosenthal, special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism. His message is straightforward: no matter who the "enemy" (Muslim or Jewish), the speech used against them is the same.

Bahrain: Six dead in clearing the square of the Pearl

Bahraini security forces on Wednesday, pearls place, the center of protests in the capital Manama, evicted by force. The protesters had earlier increased the barricades. They could not stop the advancing soldiers. Then the soldiers reopened the roads leading to the financial center that was previously blocked.

Libya: ready to strike if attacked foreign ships and aircraft in the Mediterranean

It continues the advance of the military forces of Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli against the insurgents who hopes to beat the time that any outside military intervention, however, should be authorized by a UN resolution. Military aircraft of the forces pro-Gaddafi bombed the airport in Benin, 10 km south of Benghazi.

UNITED STATES - In the tumult, the elected Wisconsin reduce the rights of staff

"The policy of Wisconsin, reason took his leave. She took civility in his luggage." The daily Milwaukee regrets the circumstances in which the Republicans have passed, March 10, a controversial law that limits trade union rights for civil servants in the State of Wisconsin, ostensibly for budgetary savings.

The Democrats, who have to file an appeal, complain of having been prevented from entering parliament to make their voices heard.

Libyan rebels continue the fight even if it wins the war Gaddafi

Algiers. .- Ahmed Jabril, spokesman for the president of the National Transitional Council (CNT) Libyan Abdelyalil Mustafa, Efe said the Libyan rebels continue their fight for a regime change in Libya Muammar Gaddafi even "win the war", what they considered "very unlikely" at this time. "The struggle to extricate ourselves from the tyrannical clutches of the dictator will continue whatever the circumstances," said Jibril, who hoped that the Security Council approves UN today the establishment of a no-fly zone.

Part of the nuclear: 23 injured, two missing, more than 20 contaminated

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that 23 people were injured in the Fukushima nuclear plant, two are missing and more than 20 radiological contamination was found in varying degrees. The UN agency acknowledged in a statement that, "given the uncertainty" about the situation at the plant, severely damaged by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March in Japan, the figures "are subject to change." The Japanese authorities confirmed the body that among the wounded, almost all employees of the operator, TEPCO, or subcontracting companies include "one person hospitalized in unknown", and two others that "suddenly ill." There are also seven employees and four employees of the Japanese Civil Defense "wounded by the explosion in the reactor 3 on March 14, according to the agency, which does not report the severity of those injuries.

JAPAN - Prime Minister Kan overtaken by scandals

For now, Naoto Kan excludes resign. The Prime Minister, leader of the Democratic Party, admitted having received political contributions from a stranger, which is contrary to law. To believe the daily Tokyo, he received between 2006 and 2009 a total of 1.04 million yen (about 12,000 euros) paid by a South Korean based in Japan.

Falling in the polls, Kan is in perilous shape. Its foreign minister had to resign on March 6 for a similar case.

Fukushima heroes: the future of the plant in the hands of 50 workers

Tokyo / Berlin .- Fukushima are heroes, and perhaps the first victims. About 50 people fighting against the clock in the damaged nuclear power plant against a nuclear disaster with unforeseeable consequences. Everything seems to point more and more that this is a mission that does not have a happy ending.

The Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, appeared in overalls (mono) Blue and tired expression praising the workers who fight against hell of Fukushima. "They have to be determined to solve it," he was quoted by Kyodo news agency. Fifty people continue to fight the dreaded catastrophe. Suicide intervention workers in the plant have been ordered at the highest levels.

The honorary consul of Spain justify repression because it is a total anarchy

"What has been has been a little overwhelming army intervention to end mostly with the lawlessness that was taking place" in Bahrain, as the honorary consul of Spain in this Arab country that considers the reality that the media have communication "has a very different view from ours, we are living here." Baba Javier Quiros, attending live demonstrations of the assault on the plaza of La Perla, in Manama, considers the situation in the capital "will be reassuring" and stresses that "the rest of the country is normal," after which has declared a curfew from four in the afternoon there and four in the morning in the plaza of La Perla and 400-meter radius.

NIGER - A soon opponent for the presidency?

The election campaign ended on March 10 evening. Tomorrow March 12, Nigerians will go to the polls for the second round of presidential elections, which should allow the civil authorities to regain control, one year after the military coup that ousted Tandja. "The 'Lion of Tahoua is on a boulevard," as the daily Burkina Faso: the opponent Mahamadou Issoufou, Zaki said "(the lion), originating in the Tahoua region (south), looks set to win against the former Prime Minister Seini Oumarou.

The reactors at the Fukushima still out of control

Tokyo / Brussels / Vienna. (Writing and Agencies) .- The situation in Fukushima dyes making ever more dramatic with each passing minute. The head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. UU., Gregory Jaczko, said he has exhausted the water in the fuel tank of the reactor 4 of the nuclear plant, saying that radiation levels are "extremely high." Jackzo has warned that workers in emergency teams Fukushima nuclear power plant could be exposed to "lethal dose" of radiation if it is near the reactors.

Shoot to pigs immigrants

TIBET - The Dalai Lama holds his estate

At 76, he had repeatedly announced his intention to abdicate politically, to preserve its role as spiritual leader. March 10, the day of the 52nd anniversary of the uprising of the Tibetan people, the Dalai Lama has set the timetable: from 14 March, he will ask the Tibetan parliament in exile, met in Dharamsala (India), to let him leave his political .

And a new prime minister, with real authority, could be elected on 20 March by 150,000 Tibetans in exile.

So rang Japan earthquake

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The sound produced by the magnitude 9 earthquake that hit Japan last March 11 has been recorded by the network of undersea observatories of the Japan Science and Technology Sea and Land, located in the epicenter of the earthquake , near the town of Hatsushima. This agency Japan, working with the Laboratory of Applied Bio-Acoustics (LAB) of the Technical University of Catalonia, has posted the recording of the earthquake in the web project 'Listening to The Deep Ocean Environment' (LIDO).

YEMEN - The opposition rejects the offer of President Saleh

Target of protests since February 21, Ali Abdullah Saleh has finally decided to release a bit of ballast. On 10 March he proposed to submit to referendum a new constitution before the end of the year to organize the transfer to Parliament of the prerogative of the executive. In power for thirty-two years he has not addressed the issue of withdrawal, to the annoyance of the opposition.

It ruled that the proposed Saleh, incomplete, arrived too late.

Ishinomaki as missing to 10,000 of its neighbors

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- The number of missing in the earthquake and tsunami continues to rise day by day, in the province of Miyagi. In Japanese town of Ishinomaki could have 10,000 disappeared, its mayor said Wednesday, quoted by Kyodo news agency. The town, located northeast of Japan, had 16,000 inhabitants before the disaster.

Miyagi, where he is also the city of Sendai, is the province hardest hit by the strongest earthquake in history on Japan's territory.

The Security Council UN continues without reaching an agreement on Libya

The fifteen members of the Security Council of the UN have concluded without agreement the meeting held to establish a no-fly zone over Libya, but on Thursday decided to continue negotiations with the intention to vote on the initiative. According to diplomatic sources, France called for the vote on Thursday without further delay the draft resolution submitted by Lebanon, establishing an air exclusion zone and strengthen the sanctions against Muammar Gaddafi regime.

LIBYA - Paris takes up the cause of the insurgents

The views of Nicolas Sarkozy on 11 March are one of the several foreign newspapers. "Paris calls for targeted strikes on Libya," as the Financial Times (United Kingdom). "Sarkozy wants to bomb Libya," added the Berliner Zeitung (Germany). "France is the first country to recognize the Libyan opposition," announces L'Orient-Le Jour (Lebanon).

The daily Gulf News (UAE) as to greet him "a diplomatic victory for the Libyan revolutionary." March 10, Paris was the first capital to recognize the Transitional National Council of Benghazi as the only "legitimate representative" of the Libyan people. And on 11 March in Brussels, Nicolas Sarkozy would propose to its European partners to carry out "targeted air strikes" to limit the capacity for action of Gaddafi's troops, who seem to gain ground on the insurgency.

The situation of the reactors at the Fukushima plant

Barcelona (Editorial) .- Fukushima nuclear plant concentrates all the concerns in Japan and also in the rest of the world. Of developments in reactors, which suffered severe damage following the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, depends the future of the region. For now, the reactor of more concern is the number 3.

Closed after the earthquake, refrigeration systems fail and fears a partial core melt. Yesterday registratron high levels of radiation in the building, seriously injured after a hydrogen explosion. As for units 1 and 2, which also closed automatically after the earthquake, its evolution is not disappointing.

Gaddafi: If we used the power control the whole country in one day

The Libyan people must "crush" the plot has been mounted against him. This is the version of the events of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro says that in the event that you decide to use force, something that he says do not think- one day would be enough to control the entire country.

"There is a conspiracy against the Libyan people, whether imperialist, coming from Al Qaeda or inside," said Gaddafi. It also ensures about 'capital' of the rebels, Benghazi, which aims to "liberate the people from the armed gangs" and warns that "very likely" that these forces kill civilians and charged with those deaths the Army.

JAPAN - A strong earthquake followed by tsunami (VIDEO)

A powerful earthquake - a magnitude 8.9 on the Richter scale - struck on March 11 the north-eastern Japan, a major triggering a tsunami several yards on the Pacific coast which is currently four dead and ten missing. According to The Japan Times, ten-meter waves swept the coasts of the prefecture of Sendai.

It was followed several strong aftershocks.

A bombing in Baghdad killed a woman and her one year old daughter

Baghdad (Reuters) .- A woman has died and 35 others injured in a suicide car bombing in Kirkuk in northern Iraq, as reported by the Police General Abdul-Rahman Tohr. Several people were injured in three explosions reported in Baghdad. In the New Baghdad district in eastern Baghdad, two people, one police officer have been wounded by a bomb, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Three people have been injured by another attack, this time in the Karrada neighborhood in downtown, according to Interior, which also reports of two more injured by a exlposión in the east of the capital.

20 suspects arrested in the attempted assassination of Kurdish singer Tatlises

Turkish police have detained 20 suspects in connection with the attempted murder of popular Kurdish singer Ibrahim Tatlises on Sunday, as reported by the Turkish press on Thursday. Among those detained is Uçmak Abdullah, an alleged gangster who was wounded by a Tatlises family 13 years ago and since then has tried, apparently, to attack and extort the singer several times.

Tatlises, who is famous both in Turkey and the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans, was shot with a Kalashnikov rifle while riding in his car with his assistant, who was also injured, after recording a variety show in studies Turkish channel in Istanbul. Doctors reported the case to the Turkish media that the health status of the singer has experienced a "relative improvement" but his life still in danger.

CZECH REPUBLIC - The book victim of the pension reform

Funding for this last must be provided by a VAT increase to 20%, which would result in higher prices for books and the press. "The three-party coalition government are still discussing the pension reform and VAT," said the daily. One proposed alternative would be to impose a single rate VAT at 17%. But its effect would be paradoxical, because "the price of food, media and drugs would increase while those of cars, tobacco, alcohol and electronics go down." "Pension reform is a farce," complained his side Hospodářské noviny.

Thousands of Japanese need gas and food

Tokyo .- The Japanese Government today called for restraint in making food and fuel gathering in places safe from the earthquake to ensure there is enough in the devastated areas. "The fuel supply is worse in the areas most affected by the earthquake, so we put all our efforts to ensure the supply in these places," said government spokesman, Yukio Edan, at a press conference.

Therefore, he urged citizens to avoid "panic" in their fuel purchases, since the priority is the provision in the areas of the country where the earthquake caused major damage and the subsequent tsunami. Japan's Defense Minister, Toshimi Kitazawa, said his department has provided fuel to the Self Defense Forces were stored in their bases around the country.

Two dozen killed in a U.S. attack on a Taliban stronghold Pakistani

At least 22 suspected insurgents were killed Thursday in a missile attack on a U.S. spy plane in the Pakistani Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan, as reported by the TV channel 'Express'. The attack took place in Datta Khel area, one of Pakistan's tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. The missiles fired by drones (a resource widely used by U.S.

troops to combat terrorism in the region) crashed into a house and killed, 22 suspected insurgents. The attack today is the deadliest of its kind since the start of the year and comes a day after he was released Raymond Davis, the contractor for the CIA who killed two Pakistanis in late January in the eastern city of Lahore.

POLAND - A comic about Chopin escapes pestle

The case caused an uproar in the Polish press, particularly in the daily Polityka. Dissatisfied - for some considered vulgar expressions - the comic Chopin performed by a variety of designers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which commissioned the work, was initially announced the destruction of the album, which was designed to to promote Poland to the German youth.

Frederic Chopin is an icon of mass culture, responded designers, authors of variations inspired by the great composer. Krzysztof Ostrowski, one of the writers - and incidentally leader of the rock group Cool Kids of Death - says that "Chopin was to be an excuse to tell a story. Me, I'm inspired by Chopin Year ...

Sarkozy sited on the G20 to discuss energy options after the nuclear crisis in Japan

Barcelona. (Writing and Agencies) .- Nicolas Sarkozy plans to host a special ministerial meeting of G-20 to address energy issues and nuclear safety after the nuclear crisis erupted in Japan, local media reported. The meeting would take place in France because the French chair this year's G-20 and G-8 next April.

Participate in the meeting the Ministers of Economy and Energy of the countries in the group of 20 leading developed and emerging economies. The news was confirmed by leaders of eight French environmental groups yesterday met with French President, who announced their initiative, supported by Germany.

A year in a tent

U.S. Lt. Mark Radvanczy by heart keeps track of how many days does not shower. "More than three weeks," he said. The U.S. military living in the same conditions as Afghan soldiers in the small military camp Hafasiab in Wardak province, west of Kabul. Therefore, if the Afghans do not have a shower, the Americans either.

And especially low temperatures which made up just days ago, neither wanted to wash out in the open like a cat, with a bucket of cold water. U.S. troops are in charge of training Afghan soldiers in Wardak. Patrol with them and conduct joint operations. Lieutenant Radvanczy believes that to get into the skin and the level of the Afghan people must start from the same conditions as these, even if it means living in precarious conditions.

CONTROVERSY - When the shale gas releases its poison

Ana Pastor, Twitter heroin after meeting Ahmadinejad

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- The interview was conducted Ana Pastor Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has caused a tremendous impact on Twitter where the name of the journalist has become Topic Trending world. After numerous comments praising the value that has made the interview Pastor, has created the label # anapastorfacts in which, as has happened in the past, has created a comic chain of tweets.

Japan fails to cool the reactor

The latest information in Fukushima indicated that four of the six reactors are played, some of them very serious. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 are part of the core exposed. This means that nuclear fuel is exposed and therefore lacked the proper cooling to prevent the merger process forward. If this happens, the reaction can be completely uncontrollable and could melt the reactor core.

Explosions, partial melting of the core, fires, removal of radioactive particles into the atmosphere ... The six reactors that form the central Japan, with serious problems from the earthquake on Friday, following its path to nuclear catastrophe. And what many tried to control it gets out of hand.

Nuclear disaster in Japan: A Race Against Time

Destroyed: Reactor Number 3. After fighting the earthquake and tsunami on Japan desperately against the ever threatening becoming nuclear disaster. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the experts had to be removed on Wednesday temporarily because it was too large due to excessive radiation health risk.

Five days after the devastating natural disaster, the Japanese Emperor Akihito turned to his people. In the first pure television address his rule expressed the 77-year-old monarch of the victims his condolences. The situation in the nuclear power plants he described as unpredictable.


As elsewhere, the Japanese world of the sacred is the most complex. Japan is no exception. During its history, different religions have grown, rooted, interlaced, forming an almost inextricable fabric. With its many ramifications, with 77,738 temples [as the Agency for Cultural Affairs (CAA) in 2008] that demonstrate its doctrinal diversity, Japanese Buddhism is plural.

Pastor's veil falls to Ahmadinejad

In an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the journalist Ana Pastor de RTVE has fallen out wearing the veil in her hair and covered her head. This anecdote that may be precisely in this story, making its relevance in a country where the hijab is a must for women. The effect of gravity or intentional accident cover can be considered a lack of respect for the Islamists.

At one point during the conversation with Ahmadinejad for breakfast Spanish TV, the Iranian president noted the head making reference to the bare head of his interlocutor. The Iranian president's upset by some of the questions Pastor may have been seasoned by the awkward situation of seeing a woman without a veil.

Released on U.S. contractor accused of murder in Pakistan

The American contractor who allegedly works for the CIA and was accused of murdering two people in Pakistan, Raymond Davis, was released on Wednesday, according to a legal source. Families of victims have received a "compensation" (or 'diya' in the Islamic legal tradition) of 200 million rupees (2.34 million) and declared to the court that the individual pardon, according to Mohammed Nisar Safdar, lawyer of the Lahore High Court.