Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mohamed VI announced parliamentary elections

 The King of Morocco Mohammed VI on Saturday announced his intention to call parliamentary elections as an early measures to guarantee the implementation of constitutional reform, openness and pro-democratic character, approved last July 1 by overwhelming majority. "It's important to start with the election of the new House of Representatives to proceed on the basis of the results of their vote, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution," Alawi said the monarch in a speech to the nation gathered for the official news agency MAP .

Night fighting in the south of Yemen caused 21 deaths

ADEN. (Reuters / EP) .- At least 13 people have died in the vicinity of the Yemeni Zinjibar city in southern Yemen, because of fighting kept overnight between soldiers and militants, while eight others have died error after the Army artillery. Five soldiers, a colonel and seven militants have been killed after the army tried to regain control of areas of the province of Abyam taken by Islamists, as explained by a local authority.

British police investigations against expands 'News of the World'

London. - British police announced the expansion of investigations against the British newspaper News of the Word to track the daily evidence that not only spied clicking phones, but also hacked into computers using Trojan mails, a spokesman for Scotland Yard. A special unit will investigate the computer of a former secret agent, as he said.

The media scandal for wiretapping, bribing the police and other illegal methods of investigation allegedly used by the newspaper "News of the Word," Rupert Murdoch, shocked the UK in recent weeks. Some 4,000 phones public and private personojes were punctured by the newspaper, including widows of soldiers and families of murder victims.

Syria, tanks in the streets of Hama

The Syrian army back to fire on civilians. In Syria, the tanks were bombed and attacked at dawn the city of Hama, the theater in recent weeks of some of the most massive demonstrations against the regime, killing at least 24 civilians. The sources said that army tanks have invested the city and its surroundings with a shower of grenades at a rate of at least four minutes.

Water and electricity to the main districts of Hama were cut, a tactic usually used by the military operations of repression.  A doctor who has chosen to hide their identity has counted at least 19 dead and dozens of other people wounded in the hospital Badr Al-Horani while in the hospital there are at least three bodies and two other all'Hikmeh.