Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wojtyla, save and except

Already in the altars. After Sunday's apotheosis (the expression of a million and half people in the beatification), the cardinal celebrated Mass today a thanksgiving, a hangover of Bl. The Church has pledged his word and says that Pope John Paul II is in heaven. It is blessed and therefore, you may worship.

The Pope Wojtyla is saved and safe from any suspicion or any liability for past, present or future. Came to the altar (in the first step, but soon get the ultimate goal of the canonization) too "sudden". And haunted by timing marks on his record of Papa the Great, with a pontificate full of lights and shadows, as befits any human endeavor.

We seek above all the long shadows of Marcinkus, Marcial Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ, Cardinal Groer and pedophilia, the Liberation theologians condemned, marginalized women in the institution, Monsignor Romero delayed, the involution Church and of the arrogance of the new movements of his hand, took a clean sweep to power in the Church, Vatican II turned off and drowned any attempt to pluralism.

Too many pending issues, for some of which is paying his successor. Errors that may no longer be accountable. Holiness puts over human time. It is more than a Pope, responsible for his actions in the courts of men. It is a bigot, which responds only to God. One of the most profound consequences of the beatification is shielding the Pope Wojtyla and clean it of any suspicion.

And forever. He puts in another galaxy, in another dimension. Be safe from any possible prosecution, but for that same, save it, you can place the institution on the target. If you discover new and incriminating evidence, if they jump to light new or old stains, someone will have to answer for them.

And does not meet the Pope blessed, will have to respond, directly or indirectly by the institution. In any case, the balance of debits and credits, the Church wins extensively with the "activo2 of Pope Wojtyla. A Great Pope in everything, especially outside. Prestige to the institution, placed it as one of the highest levels of moral authority in the world, in addition to make it visible and cover of the media.

Both of live or dead. With it, many Catholics are proud to be rediscovered and believers confess to the world. His charisma, his gestures, phrases, His words will never die. Scored a season. He was without doubt a unique and unrepeatable Pope: Pope traveler, the Pope's forgiveness, the Pope worker, the Pope of human rights, Pope of solidarity, the Pope who put the person above the capital.

Towards the interior of the Church, the accounts came not so clear. True to his personality and thinking, prompted a reaffirmation church doctrinal model, with strong underscores the moral and absolute closure to the issues contested. Tasks for his successor or the successor's successor as optional celibacy, sexual morality or the access of women to the priesthood.

Or the effective stewardship of the laity in the Church, God's people. The Pope Wojtyla began, with arms and baggage, in the hands of neoconservative movement, relegated to the traditional religious orders, and strengthened civil service kind of clergy, sacramental, spiritual and folded away in the preferential option for the poor Samaritan Church Council.

It took the pendulum of the Church so right that it can only turn to the center. And maybe, now, from heaven blessed Karol Wojtyla also lend a hand to promote the new "spring" of the Church.

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