Friday, May 6, 2011

Pippa and hot photos: scandal after so real

Exactly one week from the wedding and perhaps in the absence of gossip about William and Kate , the British media (and not only) are all focused on Pippa Middleton. The sister of the bride has almost stolen the show from the actors who are accomplices to an undoubted good looks and a dress gloves that praised physical forms.

Nuclear - Fukushima: any serious subjective

The decision to classify the accident in Fukushima 7 of gravity, like the Chernobyl disaster, is it significant? To some extent, no: this upward revision reflects a reassessment of data already collected on environmental radioactivity rather than worsening the situation. No new event justifies the passage from level 5 to level 7.

In the nuclear industry, it naturally seeks to mute such comparisons with Chernobyl accident, the only level 7 registered before Fukushima. Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Japan Nuclear Safety, said that the two accidents were still "very different" and that the amount of radiation emitted in Fukushima did not exceed 10% of that recorded at Chernobyl.

Obama: "When we say we do not forget, we mean"

New York. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama said today that "when we say we do not forget, we mean it", visiting one of the fire stations that responded to the 11-S in New York. Obama visits the Big Apple four days after the death of the leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in an operation carried out by American commandos in the house he lived in Abbotabbad (Pakistan).

The Indian army accused Pakistani troops have fired

The Army of India has accused Pakistan on Thursday to have fired on positions of the Indian security forces in the disputed northern region of Kashmir. The alleged attack happened Thursday in the Poonch district, according to military sources quoted by the IANS and PTI Indian agencies. According to this version, Pakistani troops opened fire and threw grenades at several checkpoints in India across the border, although no casualties were reported.

LIBYA - Sarkozy the American, European and Obama

In calling for military intervention in Libya, Nicolas Sarkozy has "awakened the American" who slept with him and eclipsed Obama, The New York Times analysis. The newspaper is amused by this reversal of roles between the tenant of the White House and the French president.

More than a thousand refugees arrive in Benghazi Misrata

The ferry was attacked by troops of killing Qaddafi an African woman and two children Benghazi. .- More than a thousand refugees from the city of Misrata, surrounded by troops of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, arrived today in Benghazi, a stronghold of the rebel opposition in the east. The ferry "Red Star One" chartered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) docked this morning at the port of Benghazi, the British broadcaster BBC reported.

Moscow announces the death of the leader of the Russian Islamic terrorism

Russia announced on Wednesday in Chechnya elimination of al Qaeda in the country after the death of his predecessor in April. Moscow welcomes the success in the war against international terrorist organization, accusing it of promoting rebellion in the North Caucasus. According to a statement from the National Counterterrorism Committee (NAK), quoted by the agencies, the fighter had the nom de guerre Abdullah Kurd, but held a Turkish passport under the name of Doger Sevdet.

ALGERIA - The social concessions to avoid political openness

Social movements have been more compelling than the political initiatives, such CNDC (National Coordination for Change and Democracy, founded after the riots in early January 2011), to make their demands during the month of March. Contract teachers, whose demands for integration as full members in the body of education goes back more than ten years, are poised to succeed.

The presidential palace has instructed the Minister of Education to address the grievances of the protesters who have occupied for over a week instead of El Mouradia, near the presidential office. The communal guards have also imposed their will. They, also during the month of March, a real show of force outside the headquarters of the National People's Congress (NPC).

The FBI alert alleged virus hidden in images of Bin Laden death

Barcelona (Editorial / Agencies) .- The FBI warning to Internet users that any number of viruses are circulating the net under the lure of offering pictures and videos of alleged death of Osama Bin Laden. The virus would have reached far wider dissemination would be a malicious program hidden in an email that promises the user images of the terrorist's death.

According to the Complaint Center Internet Crime (IC3) of the FBI, the "content may be a virus that could damage your computer, it contains malicious software - 'malware', which can enter the terminal through contact lists, can be extended to friends and family systems, and infect their computers.

Another earthquake of magnitude 6.1 was recorded on the east coast of Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 has hit the coast of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. The institute's seismographs detected the quake at 16.58 on Thursday, with a depth of 24 kilometers. It is unknown if there is damage. The epicenter was located 276 kilometers east of Seiden, and 471 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

Japan is still recovering from the earthquake on March 11, magnitude 9.0, which killed 26,000 people. Since then there have been numerous aftershocks. The tragedy also caused a serious nuclear crisis in Fukushima plant, where workers continue to work day and night to try to cool the reactor core and contain the radioactivity.

CINEMA - Stop the nostalgia of the Ceausescu era

History has recorded the communist regime as illegitimate and illegal. Now, in your movie, we are reminded that the Queen of England as Richard Nixon and Charles de Gaulle, shook the hand of dictator. ANDREI UJICA According to the official history in the West, the communist regime came to power illegitimately.

But we all know that Europe was divided in February 1945 in Yalta, and then the West has protested that in form against the falsified elections held later in the Soviet sphere of influence. Politics is a pragmatic exercise for which the corporation is a rhetorical register. On the other hand, we tend to forget that when the communist regime was imposed on Romania by a foreign power, there was no tradition here of the movement, its members being only a few hundred.

Pakistan warns U.S. that never again violate its sovereignty

Islamabad. .- The Pakistani army chief, Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, warned that if U.S.. UU. launched another operation on its soil as that deOsama killed Bin Laden, Pakistan review its "cooperation" military and intelligence with Washington. In its first official statement on Monday after the death of al Qaeda, the Pakistani army admitted failure to obtain data on the presence of Bin Laden in this country, and made clear that the American secret services (CIA) did not share information with Pakistanis (ISI) for the operation.

Tepco operators first enter into a reactor in Fukushima

Tepco operator workers have entered Thursday in the reactor building a nuclear plant in Fukushima (northeastern Japan), for the first time since the tsunami of March 11, which crippled the cooling systems of the plant. Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has explained that to install an air purification device to absorb radioactive particles, which now makes the work to cool the reactor.

Dressed in masks, protective suits and heavy oxygen tanks, twelve Tepco operators have the task of connecting a ventilation system installed in the adjacent turbine unit, with eight pipelines. As reported by NHK Television, working in batches in groups of three and each will remain about ten minutes inside the reactor building to avoid excessive exposure to radiation.

ARAB WORLD - One God is enough!

We are in Brussels, April 3, and the "European capital" is hosting a conference on "Arab revolution". I am one of the guests and, wandering through the corridors of the hotel, I came across another speaker, trade unionist Fethy Egyptian Tamer, who took an active part in the revolution in his country.

"How is Egypt since Mubarak drove it from power?" I asked, almost candidly, in my Egyptian friend. "Oh," exclaimed Fethy Tamer, Egypt has no god, she has no god and you know what? She did not need a god! " Tamer was joking, of course! He was holding a cigarette in his hand and he did not want to take the lead.

The drama of the hormone that caused 119 deaths in France goes unpunished

Paris. .- The drama of growth hormone, a medical scandal of the 90 that caused death in France of 119 children treated for his small stature, ended with no punishment for the accused, acquitted today by the Court of Appeal of Paris. It is the second time that convictions beyond those responsible for having put on the market a product obtained from glands of illegally obtained bodies in morgues French and Eastern European countries and that contaminated the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to dozens of patients .

Rabat no mention of the suspects in Marrakesh to Paris situated in Al Qaeda

Morocco has failed to comment on the investigation into the attack last Thursday in Marrakech and has stated that information will do so only with clear and definite, according to the Moroccan Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, said Thursday. Government spokesman was responding to the announcement by France in which he claimed to have information that would have been identified in Morocco to two possible suspects in the bombing, which killed 16 people, eight of them French.

ASIA - From business to good deeds

During the day they exercise the most prestigious professions in Hong Kong they are bankers, accountants, lawyers or executives in telecoms. They receive astronomical salaries and look at the Victoria Harbour from the top of skyscrapers the most impressive of the city. But after work, they have a very different mission: they are preparing to become intelligence officers who put their skills, their contacts, their resources and intelligence to the fight against trafficking in human beings, including million people are victims in Asia.

Fidel Castro as a "abhorrent deed" the "murder" of Bin Laden

La Habana. .- The president of Cuba Fidel Castro denounced today the U.S. methods to kill Bin Laden, whose death took up a "murder" and said that burial at sea shows "fear and insecurity." "Whatever the acts attributed to Bin Laden, the killing of a human being disarmed and surrounded by family is an abhorrent deed.

Apparently that is what made the Government of the most powerful nation that ever existed," wrote Fidel Castro, 84 years in the last of his "Reflections" published today. The Cuban Revolution leader also believes that the United States shows "fear and insecurity" to run "without law or trial" to Bin Laden and then send his body "to the depths of the sea", while cautioning that such a proceeding "as become a much more dangerous.

Libyan rebels, ready to hold elections soon

The Libyan National Transition Council is ready to begin "immediately" preparations for municipal elections in its territory, as was stated on Thursday Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Franco Frattini. The CNT "has expressed its willingness to proceed immediately to prepare for local elections in its territory with the help of the UN.

This is a decision that shows his willingness to move forward" in the country's democratic process, said Frattini. In an appearance at the end of the second meeting of the Contact Group on Libya in Rome, the Italian minister, who held the host, explained that there is also the intention of creating a national assembly "reconstruction of Libya" to launch a democratic constitutional process in the country.

BELARUS - First arrests after the attack in Minsk

This April 13th was declared National Mourning Day in Belarus, after the violent attack in the subway in Minsk. The authorities made the first arrests in the investigation, without giving details. They also released the composite sketch of a young man suspected of perpetrating this attack. Vadim Zaitsev, head of intelligence, raised three possible ways: an "attempt to destabilize the country," a "revenge of the anarchists" or "the act of a madman."

The aircraft carrier that launched the body of Bin Laden calls dock in Hong Kong

Beijing .- The U.S. aircraft carrier from which the sea threw the corpse of Osama Bin Laden has sought permission to anchor in the port of China Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong in late May, reported the Beijing government. "We received the request and the relevant authorities take the case under the procedure," the spokesman on duty at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Jiang Yu, told a news conference.

UK citizens decide whether to change its voting system

UK citizens today choose the new composition of regional parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also participated in partial local elections in England and a referendum on a new voting system for the whole country. This is known as Alternative Vote, which would replace the traditional simple majority and that allows voters to vote for several candidates in order of preference.

This will remove the candidates least voted and would share the second preferences of those who voted among the rest until one of them wins an absolute majority. The referendum on the new voting system, which is considered more representative than the current, was the condition put the Liberal Democrats to enter a coalition government with the conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

LIBYA - Libya's future being debated in Qatar

"The major powers in Doha to resolve the Libyan", as the newspaper in Dubai. Representatives from twenty countries and international organizations are expected in the Qatari capital on 13 April. The National Transitional Council (CNT), the political arm of the rebellion Jamahiriya, will attend this meeting.

Musa Kusa, former Foreign Minister of Gaddafi, will also be present in Doha, but should not join the official discussions.

Hillary Clinton: "It was the most intense 38 minutes of my life"

Rome (Writing / AP) .- The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told how he lived in Rome today the assault of the U.S. elite troops against Osama Bin Laden, who remained in the White House with President Barack Obama other senior management. "I have no idea what I was seeing at the time the picture was taken (in which he looked with his hand in his face and expression of fear), it might be a fit of coughing caused by my allergy spring, "Clinton reported.

The end Republican Forces with Gbagbo militias and mercenaries

Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (Frei) on Wednesday killed an undetermined number of militants and mercenaries loyal to former President Laurent Gbagbo who refused to lay down their arms and kept the resistance in the neighborhood of Yopougon following the arrest of former president found in the northern city of Korhogo.

"We defeated the mercenaries and militants who were holed up in the Naval Base Locodjro (Southern District). We found the place dead bodies and abandoned weapons, including trucks equipped with machine guns," said the commander Cherif Ousmane of Frei, in a statement to ONUCI FM radio station.

BRAZIL - Agreement with Beijing halftone

"China will invest in Brazil, but remains vague about its assistance in obtaining a permanent seat on the Security Council of the United Nations," notes the newspaper of Rio de Janeiro. Official visit to China, Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, has concluded investment agreements in the digital sector, including assembly plants in Brazil iPad from November 2011 to build a "city digital ".

United States intends to remove the other leaders of Al Qaeda

The location of the hiding place of the assault and death of terrorist leader, in this case Osama bin Laden, is part of a complete change of strategy in the fight against global terrorism community developed by the intelligence services of the United States to request expresses its president, Barack Obama.

This plan does not limit or end with the death of the founder of Al Qaeda, but extends to eight or ten members of the dome and other extremist leaders of autonomous groups and related to the network founded by bin Laden. For months the leaders of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) are among the objectives of this new strategy against terror born in Washington, it appears that in late 2010, according to La Vanguardia has learned from intelligence sources which necessarily have to remain anonymous.

Clinton believes that we must increase the political and military pressure against Gaddafi

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has said that pressure must be increased military, political and economic information on the Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi to end violent attacks against civilians. These comments came hours before the Contact Group meeting on Libya that have taken place in Rome and whose aim is to reaffirm the commitment to achieve a solution to the conflict in Libya.

"Right now we need to increase military pressure and economic policy on Gaddafi to end violence against civilians and begin a democratic transition to a better future," Clinton said at a press conference in Rome before hold the meeting of the Contact Group on Libya. "We respect the UN resolutions relating to the protection of civilians must cease attacks Gaddafi brutal and leave power, Clinton demanded.

IRAN - The EU sanctions 32 Iranian officials

"Europeans impose new sanctions against the Republic," reports the Iranian-American webzine. The European Union decided Tuesday, April 12, to freeze assets and ban visas for 32 Iranian officials for their involvement in the violation of human rights in their country. The United States took similar action in September 2010 to protest against the severe repression faced by Iranian dissidents.

Allied countries financed Libyan rebels

ROME .- The Contact Group on Libya today established a special fund called "Temporary Financial Mechanism" to provide financial support "stronger" at the National Transitional Council (CNT) Libyan. This was announced today the Foreign Minister of Italy, Franco Frattini, during his keynote address at the second meeting of the Contact Group on Libya, held in Rome after the April 13 summit in Doha.

Bin Laden and his long history sentimental

More than eleven years ago, a teenager was taken from her village in southern Yemen and moved first to Pakistan and then to Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. His name was Amal Al Sadah, wife of Bin Laden shortly before the terrible terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York became the fifth wife of the world's most wanted terrorist, as reported by the 'CNN'.

She was 18 and he 43. A leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen known as Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Ismail arranged the marriage between them. Ismail (whose brother spent time in Guantanamo) said in a local newspaper in Yemen that he was "responsible" for the link between Bin Laden and Al Sadah, and that she was "one of his students." "Even at his young age, was religious and spiritual enough and had the same belief that bin Laden a very religious and pious man," said Ismail.

GREECE - The EU urges Athens to continue reforms

The European Council president, Herman Van Rompuy, met April 12 in Athens, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, a year after launching the rescue plan for Greece, during the horror of the debt crisis. He urged the country to continue "the necessary reforms and its privatization plan courageous." The newspaper said Van Rompuy also listed "a series of measures that the government must take urgent," especially against corruption and tax evasion.

France recovers the body of the fund first Atlantic flight to Paris River

Rescue teams have brought to the surface the first of the bodies that remain within the Air France plane crash in 2009 at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean en route to Rio de Janeiro-Paris, which killed 228 passengers, as reported by French news agency AFP. As has been able to confirm the editor of La Vanguardia.

sources is investigating the cause of the accident (BEA, its acronym in French) in Paris, the rescue of the remains of bodies that remain inside the crashed Airbus flight AF447 will continue in the coming days to to be drawn to the surface all the human remains, according to government sources have confirmed French.

Found the first body of Rio-Paris plane crashed with 228 passengers

The first body of an occupant of the aircraft company Airbus Air France covering the line between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, which crashed in June 2009, was found today, confirmed to the French Gendarmerie, in charge of your search. He said that the body was hoisted to the surface and which is still fastened to his seat and in a state of decomposition, after nearly two years at a depth of 3,900 meters.

JAPAN - Economic growth in mast

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised downwards the growth forecast for the Japanese economy, the daily listing. In its report on the outlook for the global economy 11 April, the IMF believes that "the macroeconomic impact of the tsunami and earthquake on the Japanese economy should be limited," even if "uncertainty remains high." However, due to difficulties in key sectors of the Japanese economy (exports and industrial production), the expected growth this year will reach only 1.4% against 3.9% in 2010.

The Syrian army announced its withdrawal from Deraa but maintains repression

Deraa .- The Syrian army, which since last April 25 the Syrian city besieged Deraa (south of the country), will start to retire Thursday, according to the general Riad Haddad, director of political department of the Syrian army. "It will be gradual and normal life resumes in the city," he added. Moreover, the repression of the country's security forces controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad against protesters demanding political changes the government of President Bashar Assad is maintained and in the past two months has caused over 200 deaths, according to humanitarian sources displaced to different cities.

Obama will not release photos of Bin Laden, but he fears leaks

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has decided not to publish photos of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden, who took over the operation Geronimo, as confirmed by the White House spokesman, Jay Carney. Obama, however, has made clear that "no doubt that Osama Bin Laden killed" but that "there fore we will bring these things as trophies." Carney has said that the Government fears that "the image becomes a propaganda tool." So far, the White House was debating what was best "to U.S.