Thursday, March 10, 2011

MALAYSIA - By-elections that empower

March 6, winning two by-elections in the states of Pahang and Malacca, the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional's confirms its reconquest of the Malay electorate, which could induce him to call early general elections scheduled for 2013 theoretically, analysis of the webzine The Malaysian Insider. In 2008, this coalition

Gaddafi sent planes and troops to make Ras Lanuf

Cairo .- gadafistas troops today launched an air and ground attack on the Ras Lanuf oil enclave, some 350 km west of Benghazi, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. According to a correspondent of the channel, aviation loyal to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi has bombed rebel positions in the oil terminal, with facilities, he said, contain dangerous deposits, so that its explosion could cause a disaster of difficult to calculate.

Fourteen dead and 135 injured by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in southwest China

An earthquake of 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale caused 14 dead and 135 injured in China's Yunnan province, southwest of the Asian giant, reported the official Xinhua news agency. The earthquake, whose epicenter was 10 kilometers deep, shook the town of Shiming, Yingjiang district, near the border with Burma, at 12.58 local time (4.58 GMT).

The quake collapsed several homes, part of a supermarket and a hotel, and left people trapped in the rubble, according to witnesses cited by Xinhua. Three aftershocks of 4.7 magnitude occurred in the ten minutes after the first tremor. The quake also cut the electricity supply, Xinhua said, noting that soldiers have been sent to the area to help in rescue efforts.

INDONESIA - In 2014, a president androgynous?

"The Indonesian citizens need a leader who meet androgynous traits masculine and feminine," said Minister for the Status of Women and Child Protection, including the daily Kompas reported the statement. Linda Amalia Sari was speaking at a discussion on the theme: "Presidential 2014: a man or a woman?" Feminine sweetness and patience combined with the strong male, these are the qualities needed to govern Indonesia tomorrow, said the minister.

The riots between Christians and Muslims cause death in Cairo

Cairo .- Ten people died and 110 were injured in clashes between Christians and Muslims in the neighborhood last night Moqqatam of Cairo and its environs, Egyptian authorities said Monday. The riots occurred after Christian groups cut off a highway during a new round of protests by the burning of a church on Saturday in the province of Helwan, south of Cairo.

According to the official news agency MENA, quoting the head of the Ministry of Health Emergency, Sharif Zamel, the number of dead and injured was collected in several hospitals where victims were treated in such incidents between Christians and Muslims. The fighting spread to parts of the capital near Moqqatam, as the neighborhood of the Citadel and Sayeda Aisha.

Muslims and solidarity

Carry its banner and Muslim solidarity. Donors are the two main Islamic humanitarian organizations in the world, who have traveled from various parts of the world to assist refugees fleeing Libya by the Ras Ajdir Tunisian border. Muslim Hands (Manos Muslim) and Islamic Relief (Islamic Relief) are coordinating with UNHCR, IOM and the Tunisian Red Crescent to help refugees.

"We will not duplicate the work they are doing. The food and water are not a problem, sanitation was during the first week, but now is solved," said Arslan Nusrat, project coordinator for Muslim Hands. "We deal more psychological support and asked the UNHCR to leave us some ground to make a football field and to start doing some activities that people are not sitting all day doing nothing.

BAHRAIN - Place de la Perle on the spot

Mischkowsky Philippe, the correspondent of International Mail for the Gulf countries, was recently in Bahrain. Place de la Perle in Manama, which are held demonstrations demanding political reform, he photographed a "wall of caricatures" covered with designs evoking the events that shook the kingdom since February 14.

Some very directly attacking the person of the king, isolated and unable to engage in dialogue. Several of these drawings - real cartoons - are visible on the blog of Philip Mischkowsky. It has unfortunately not been possible to trace the perpetrators, but we love that designs news from around the world, we greet sympathetically.

An Israeli public company wants to expel a non-Jewish Christian

Jerusalem .- The public company in charge of managing the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem is to expel one of its residents for being a Christian and not Jewish, reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz today. The Company for Development and Reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter, under the Israeli Housing Ministry has urged the owner of one of the apartments in that area (inside the occupied Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem), to eject his tenant, a evangelical Christian who works to improve relations between Christian organizations and the Israeli extreme right.

Prudence makes a line of European Union actions on Libya

The European Union will continue in the coming days the wisdom of possible actions in Libya without a clear political support from Arab countries, according to diplomatic sources reported. EU Foreign Ministers on Libya, which will prepare the Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government on Friday which will discuss the wave of protests and riots in countries from North Africa and Middle East.

UNITED KINGDOM - The Duke of York, became a special ambassador Junk

More and more people demand that Prince Andrew, Duke of York and second son of the queen, abandons his duties as Special Ambassador of the United Kingdom for trade negotiations. The press has pinned to his links with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, and his contacts with a son of Muammar Gaddafi's son Ben Ali.

The protocol does not allow to demand his resignation, the government said it "does not [pay] no tears" if Andrew resigned.

40 killed in a suicide bombing at a funeral in Pakistan

Islamabad - At least 40 people were killed and 60 wounded in a suicide bombing today in Pakistan during a funeral near the town of Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan, said a government official to news agency DPA. The bomber detonated the explosive charge he was carrying when some 150 people were attending the funeral of the wife of a pro-government tribal leader in the town of Adezai, about 20 kilometers southeast of Peshawar, the capital of the province of Khyber-Pajtunjwa.

The successor to the Dalai Lama, "a spy or Obama Lama?

Called Ogyen Trinley Dorje. Is 26 and many will point out as the successor to the Dalai Lama. Despite his youth, history, mystery surrounded the Tibetan mind that carries on his back eight centuries of experience in his 17 incarnations. However, beyond the Tibetan tradition places him as the seventeenth Karmapa, the third most important spiritual figure in Tibetan religion, "there is an aura of mystery surrounding his figure and that many have been commissioned to promote.

UNITED STATES - Washington could help the Libyan rebels

"The Republican leaders in Congress have said March 6 that the U.S. would do well to consider providing weapons, information and training for Libyan forces fighting to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi. Such a decision would mark a rapid escalation of Washington's involvement in the conflict, "reports the U.S.

daily. Senator McCain, Obama's defeated rival for the presidency in 2008, has called for logistical support is provided to the insurgents, who, on the ground, face resistance from troops under Gaddafi. According to The Independent (London), the Obama administration would repeatedly asked Saudi Arabia to supply weapons to the rebels, so far without success.

The police killed four demonstrators at protests in Ivory Coast

Abidjan (Editorial / Agencies) - Thousands of women marched on Tuesday in the capital of Ivory Coast calling for the resignation of President Laurent Gbagbo, but witnesses said security forces shot dead four people near a protest and another was dispersed by armed youths. Shootings occurred in several other places where protests took place during the afternoon and at least four deaths occurred in the peaceful demonstration of women.

Medvedev prohibits arms supplies to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, has decreed a ban on arms supplies to the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Thursday the Kremlin. The Russian president's decree states that prohibited the "sale, supply and transfer" of weapons to Libya, either directly from Russia or outside its territory.

NEW ZEALAND - After the quake, 10,000 houses due for demolition

The Colombian army crawls the country to liberate the worker kidnapped by the FARC

Bogotá .- The army has intensified the search for Luis Gallon, the only employee of the company Estoration South American (SAE), subcontracted by the Canadian oil company Talisman, which is still held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), after that the military rescued their 22 comrades.

Military commanders have said they will not rest until they give the whereabouts of the surveyor. To do this, have strengthened the deployment Cumaribo, located in the department of Vichada (east), where the kidnapping occurred, as reported by the Secretary of the Government in this municipality, Julio Cesar Torres.

Moroccan youth in social networks discussed their continuing struggle

"We cry victory, but we continue the fight, his words serve to keep young people motivated in their manifestations." Is the reaction of an Internet message sent to Morocco on Wednesday the Alawite ruler Mohamed VI in a speech to the nation in which he announced a reform of the Constitution. Give more prominence to his prime minister as "president of an executive cash" and expanded the functions of Parliament, "giving new powers, enabling it to exercise its functions of representation, legislation and control." With these reforms, Mohamed VI seems to have wanted to respond to the youth of the Movement February 20, battling in the Alawite kingdom to achieve higher levels of democracy and the separation of executive, legislature and judiciary, whose main sponsor is the monarch Mohamed VI, who is credited in the Constitution also considering commander of the faithful as a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

ESTONIA - The ruling coalition won the legislative

After counting nearly all the votes, the Reform Party (liberal) Prime Minister Andrus Ansip wins 33 of 101 seats in the new Parliament in parliamentary elections of 6 March. It retains the majority by maintaining its alliance with Union Pro Patria and Res Publica (right), which won 23 seats. The opposition gets 45 seats: 26 for the Centre Party and 19 for the Social Democrats.

Ansip, a former Communist turned into a cautious conservative, has led the government since April 2005.

Israel recognizes that it is prepared to deal with a Palestinian revolt

Jerusalem .- The Central Command and the Judea and Samaria Division of caution that Israeli forces would not be able to contain a popular revolt in the West Bank similar to that occurred in other countries in the region. The army is closely monitoring these revolutions and adjust its strategy against the threat of contagion.

About a year ago this division drew up a comprehensive plan of response to mass demonstrations in the West Bank, but the current revolutions have taken to adjust the contingency plan. One official believes that in the event of violent demonstrations break out, different organizations try to attack the Jewish forces.

The deck of the British justice hangs over Alexander Lukashenko

If Belarus is drawn on the mental map of Gaddafi as an oasis in the desert (the experts do not rule out an eventual exile of the dictator in the former Soviet republic), it is because of the similarities autocratic North African country to join the scheme Alexander Lukashenko. A dictatorial similarities were revealed after the elections of Dec.

19 when police arrested in Minsk Belarus almost seven political protesters, and now back to collect relief, after a group of British lawyers will today anucniara to institute proceedings against Lukashenko. Behind the complaint is the pressure group 'Now Free Belarus ", formed by relatives of political opponents and journalists arrested during the raid police post-election, in which several candidates were beaten.

COTE D'IVOIRE - The city of Toulépleu fell to the men Ouattara

March 6, the former Ivorian rebel New Forces, which supports the elected president Alassane Ouattara, has taken the town of Toulepleu forces incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo, after heavy fighting with heavy weapons. Located west of Côte d'Ivoire, Toulépleu, a large town near the border with Liberia, had remained loyal to Laurent Gbagbo during the failed putsch of 2002, after which "the New Forces had taken north of the country, "the paper reports from Abidjan.

Gaddafi accuses U.S., France and Britain of trying to control oil and the wealth of Libya

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, has directly accused the United States, France and Britain, among other Western countries of trying to control the oil and the wealth of Libya. As stated in a new comments broadcast this morning on state television and picked up by Al Jazeera. Colonel Gaddafi says that during a raid on Tuesday its troops intercepted foreign fighters from the rebel ranks.

Some of these individuals come from Afghanistan, Egypt and Algeria. "Today the security forces raided a mosque, where they found weapons and alcohol," he explained. Also, because of new terrorist group al Qaeda and other foreign forces to brainwash the youth of his country to rebel against authority.

Portugal welcomes Gaddafi's envoys on behalf of the EU

An emissary of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi has been received today by the Foreign Minister of Portugal, Luis Amado. The envoy, who traveled to Lisbon after a brief stopover in Malta, where he met with members of the Government of La Valetta, met with Amado after it received the approval and support of the chief diplomat of the European Union Catherine Ashton.

Although initially there was confusion about the interest of the Libyan envoy to meet with political luso, then it was suggested that the representative of Gaddafi had gone to Lisbon for talks with Portugal on the basis of the country's position as chairman of the Sanctions Committee UN to North African country.

BENIN - The presidential election postponed at the last minute

The first round of presidential elections scheduled for March 6, was postponed until March 3 by Members. They adopted at the last minute legislation that grants a period of five days to all those excluded from electoral lists to regularize their registration. Hundreds of thousands of Beninese are concerned.

The election scheduled for March 13. "Nothing is played for the country out of the impasse," the daily Cotonou, who believes enough on time.

Clinton: no-fly zone should be an international decision, not U.S.

Washington. . - Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Monday that to establish an air exclusion zone in Libya, as required by the North African country's opposition, the decision must be made by the international community, not the U.S., according to statements issued on Tuesday. Clinton, in an interview with a British broadcaster, said that the idea of \u200b\u200bestablishing an exclusion zone comes from the Libyan population, not a foreign power.

Intercepted a shipment of Iranian weapons to the Afghan Taliban

British special forces in early February intercepted a shipment of Iranian weapons had been addressed to the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to Wednesday the Foreign Ministry. Official sources quoted by British media reported that it is 48 missiles with a range much higher than the weapons of this type currently held by the Taliban, who were sent by "elements of the Tehran regime." Afghan troops and members of the British Army special forces were involved in the operation, which took place on 5 February in Nimruz province, which borders Iran.

LEBANON - Review of "Sunday in all the claims"

"The challenge of numbers was won," wrote the daily. March 6, 8000 people demonstrated in Beirut for the second consecutive Sunday to demand the end of the denominational system. In force since 1943, it divides the positions as head of state based on confessions. Meanwhile, thousands of women relatives of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority marched to support the work of the special tribunal appointed to investigate the murder of former Prime Minister Hariri in 2005.

U.S. officials met with Libyan opposition

Washington. .- The U.S. ambassador. UU. in Libya, Gene Cretz, and other U.S. officials met in recent days with members of the National Transition Council headed by the Libyan opposition, the Department of State. The meetings, which took place in Cairo (Egypt) and Rome (Italy), are the first to occur since the United States constituted the national opposition, aiming to overthrow the leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Investigate the dissemination of data from a bank account Berlusconi

The Guarantor of Privacy of Italy has decided to open an investigation into a newspaper dissemination of information relating to an alleged bank account of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. In a press release issued today, the body which monitors respect for the right to information privacy that has also decided to investigate the publication by another journal of the contents of emails from some Italian magistrates.

JAPAN - The departure of the Minister of Foreign Affairs weakens the government

Seiji Maehara was forced to resign March 6, due to a case of illegal funding. Between 2005 and 2010, the Minister of Foreign Affairs had accepted a number of grants totaling 250,000 yen (2,200 euros) from a Korean based in Kyoto, while the political financing by foreigners is prohibited Japan. It is a blow to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the lowest in the polls.

Yukio Edano, secretary general of the government, should replace Maehara.

"The crime of accusing Assange exists only in Sweden"

How is Mr. Assange? I talked to him last night. Is excited about working in the events in Libya and Wikileaks: soon see how. Have not published any longer? Has released just three percent of the documents in his possession. Are you worried about the charges? They are taken very seriously. In addition it is hard to forget, because it is forced to wear a ankle bracelet that allows the police to have him always controlled.

Not without my bottle!

"Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum!" Said the famous pirate. But in this case is a bottle of wine, and who clings to it with such passion is a dead man! Before he died, at age 75, Petra Dumitru, Romania, decided to decorate his tombstone with a picture in which it appears, with his wife, drinking a bottle of the bottle of wine, your favorite beverage.

While its neighbors have not shown underground complaints, it is known, have done so the church authorities who control the cemetery, even considering removing that image because it is "unworthy." His brother Stefan Takes Austrian Times newspaper said that in his deathbed Petra so called: "He told us he wanted people to remember him by his two great loves: good wine and his wife," he explains.

YEMEN - Despite pressure, President Saleh does not resign

Ali Abdullah Saleh dismissed on March 5 a compromise proposal presented by the opposition and who was organizing his removal from power in later this year. Based in thirty-two years, the president intends to remain in place until the end of his term in 2013. Since February 20, the events are held to demand his departure.

The daily reports from Sanaa that many members, sheikhs and businessmen have left the ruling party to denounce the violence of the repression.

Obama and Cameron mention the option of a no-fly zone in Libya

Washington. .- The President of USA. UU., Barack Obama and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, today mentioned the option of a no-fly zone from the range of possibilities to pressure to leave the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Cameron and Obama spoke by phone Tuesday to tackle international coordination against the repression that the Libyan regime carried out against the rebels demanded the departure of Gaddafi, the White House said in a statement.