Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Berlusconi appears in court again

Rome. - The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, accused of corruption and tax evasion, appeared in court today for the third time in a month, now for the case Mediatrade. The billionaire leader and 74 years attended a hearing of the case, which analyzes the alleged tax evasion in connection with the purchase of film rights by Mediatrade, a subsidiary of Berlusconi's Mediaset.

In a previous hearing, Berlusconi said the charges against him were "ridiculous." Unlike the other three trials in which they are involved, that of Mediatrade has not yet been officially launched. It is also investigated in the case his son Piersilvio. On Monday the prime minister will have to comparacer in another trial, which is about the alleged bribe to British lawyer David Mills.

The political advantage of his appearances to present himself as a victim of left-wing judges and prosecutors. Its aim is to score points ahead of provincial and municipal elections held this month in Italy. The most spectacular process against Berlusconi is that involving the young Moroccan "Ruby" and alleged sex parties the prime minister.

The trial, child prostitution and abuse of power, began in April after five minutes it was decided to continue at the end of May. The conservative majority with which Berlusconi has in Parliament is currently striving to protect the prime minister of possible sentences with the approval of a law that cuts the time of instruction.

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