Saturday, March 19, 2011

LIBYA - The rebels fled before the army of Gaddafi

"Qaddafi continued his massacre," as the Algerian daily. The insurgents lack the strength and experience necessary to resist the offensive against the army-Gaddafi, who progresses through shelling and air raids to Benghazi, the seat of the Transitional National Council and epicenter of the revolution.

She has already picked up this weekend the city of Ras Lanuf and Brega. Meanwhile, "the international community remains divided on how to act and protect the civilian population," notes the newspaper.

Declared state of emergency in Yemen

Sana'a / Washington .- The president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, imposed a state of emergency throughout the country, coinciding with a massacre in the vicinity of the University of Sana'a which caused 33 dead and over hundred injured. In a press conference, Saleh lamented the death of these demonstrators of the opposition, which he described as "martyrs of democracy" and denied that police forces have been involved in the shooting.

Dilma welcomes Obama's first South American tour

Barack Obama at last knows what set foot in South America. The U.S. president landed at 07.30 am in Brazil, first stop of a five-day tour will also take him to Chile and El Salvador, and three hours later he was received by Dilma Rousseff in the Planalto Palace. The meeting should mark the return of warmth in bilateral relations after a period of disagreement between the White House and the 'Lullism'.

Stop food products originating from the area near the nuclear power

 - The Japanese Health Ministry has ordered a halt the sale of foods from Fukushima Prefecture. This was announced by the IAEA in Vienna, after the detection of radioactivity in milk and spinach produced in the area of nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, as has happened in the capital, "small amounts of radioactive material" have been found in drinking water Gunma, Fukushima prefecture bordering, as reported by Jiji.

UNITED STATES - The spokesman for Hillary Clinton to resign

Philip J. Crowley resigned March 13, three days after he publicly denounced the detention conditions of Bradley Manning. The young soldier is imprisoned in solitary confinement, accused of passing confidential documents to the Wikileaks website. On 10 March, in small groups, the spokesman for the State Department had tried this treatment "ridiculous, cons-productive and stupid." In his resignation letter, he does not withdraw the remarks, which earned him the admonitions of Barack Obama.

France urged to be "cautious" before the Libyan announcement of an immediate ceasefire

Paris. .- France urged today to be "cautious" before elanuncio immediate ceasefire declared by the Libyan regime in accordance with the resolution adopted last night by the Security Council of the UN. "Before this resolution was a first, the 1970, which was not respected. Now there is another and (the Libyan regime) begins to be afraid and to modify his speech, but on the ground, the threat to his people has not changed," said French Ministry spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero.

The Syrians continue to protest after the death of at least four protesters

Thousands of people protested on Saturday against the Syrian authorities during the funeral of two protesters were killed Friday in clashes against security forces. The participants in the merger, which took place in the southern city of Derra, called for "freedom" and accused the government of "treason." The security forces on Friday killed at least four demonstrators and injuring hundreds of people in several Syrian cities, where they organized unprecedented protests against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, in power since 2000.

JAPAN - Concern about nuclear archipelago

"Explosion in reactor No. 3": under this title that the daily Fukushima, owned by the Yomiuri Shimbun, opens its special edition devoted to the consequences of the earthquake of 11 March on the local nuclear power plant, located 250 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. The newspaper reports that this latest incident took place on 14 March at around 11:00 local time, injuring several people.

However, he explained that the reactor would not be affected and the risk of radioactive leaks were minor. The foreign aid workers continue to arrive on the islands, where 100,000 soldiers have been mobilized to assist victims. According to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the country faces its worst crisis "since the Second World War."

Ban Ki-moon urges Libya to cease hostilities immediately

Madrid. .- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on the Libyan authorities "to immediately cease hostilities" and implement all terms of the resolution adopted by the Security Council and has asked the international community keep talking "unanimously." "It's a difficult situation in which thousands of lives remain at risk," said Ban in a press conference in Madrid after holding a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Gaddafi's defiant message to West: The Libyans will die for me

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday warned Western leaders to mourn all foreign interference in the internal affairs of Libya. "If our country intervenís regret it," said the spokesman, citing Qaddafi. Gaddafi has sent this urgent message to U.S. and French presidents, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon.

YEMEN - Face to the demonstrators, the regime at bay

"President Saleh will he impose a state of emergency?" Or give in to pressure from protesters? The daily wonders of Sanaa, after a weekend of bloody repression experienced by Yemen. On 12 March, seven demonstrators were killed across the country and hundreds of injured, toxic gases are used to disperse demonstrators in the capital.

And March 13, a protester was shot dead in Aden (south). The violence was condemned by the European Union, the United States and the UN.

The Japanese government submitted a 'jumbo' to evacuate Spanish

Madrid. .- The Government has decided to send in the next few hours an aircraft jumbocon about 450 seats available for Sunday return to Spain from the Spanish Tokyo found in Japan and want to leave the country. This was announced today the First Deputy Prime Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, at the press conference following the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Rubalcaba has highlighted the work that has been made by the Executive to meet the needs of almost two thousand Spanish that is currently in China and to facilitate return to Spain, who they want. Given the difficulty of getting space on commercial flights, the minister announced that in the coming hours will leave for Japan a plane back to Spain on Sunday.

Continued influx of refugees on Lampedusa

Continued influx of immigrants to the shores of Lampedusa. On Friday night 378 refugees from North Africa reached the Italian island, which are already over 3,000 of 'paperless' that are crowded into the shelter of the Sicilian town. The situation in Lampedusa has become increasingly tense after several angry citizens tried to prevent the arrival of immigrants rescued at sea.

The esctructuras refugee camp on the island are designed to accommodate only about 850 people. The recent illegal arrivals in Lampedusa are still in port, since there are no other available structures that house them. On Friday were moved the first 200 undocumented asylum seeking the so-called 'Village of solidarity', in the Sicilian town of Mineo, in the province of Catania, a former military complex that the Italian Government has turned into a place of welcome for immigrants.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Brutal deteriorating situation in Abobo

Defence Forces and Security (FDS), loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, launched on March 12 a major offensive, supported by tanks and helicopters against the Abobo neighborhood in Abidjan. The shelling with heavy weapons positions of pro-Ouattara insurgents killed at least eight people, reports the newspaper, that other parts of the capital have been affected.

Camp Alassane Ouattara described the operation as "indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians" and "offensive of desperation."

Japanese Prime Minister ensures that all information given Fukushima

Tokyo (Reuters) Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, said Friday that his government is releasing all the information available about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear Fukushima-1 by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Friday. "We've been saying frankly that the situation concerning nuclear plant accident is still very serious," he said on television.

On the other hand, the deputy director general of the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety, Hideohiko Nishiyama, said that the Japanese engineers can not say yet whether the damaged reactor under control. "With water spraying operations, we are fighting a fire that can not see," he explained.

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired 50 mortar shells at Israel

Palestinian militants launched this morning and in less than 20 minutes between about fifty mortars at Israeli territory, causing minor injuries to two people in the West. The Israeli authorities have called on the inhabitants of the towns bordering the Gaza Strip do not go outdoors and stay in shelters.

The attack is one of the most intense launched from Gaza since the end of the massive Israeli offensive in late January 2009. In what appears to signal a new escalation, the armed wing of Hamas (the Islamist group that controls Gaza) has claimed many of the projectiles. The Israeli reaction was immediate and has attacked various targets in the area closest to the border, causing no casualties.

SUDAN - The South suspended dialogue with the North

On 12 March the leaders of Southern Sudan announced they were suspending the dialogue with the government of President Omar El northerner-Bashir, accusing it of plotting to bring down the government before the independence of the province, scheduled for July 9th, relates the Kinshasa daily. Since the beginning of March, the ongoing fighting between army and rebels from southern North would have more than one hundred victims, threatening to destabilize the South.

Carles Domingo: "There are difficulties for cooling, but that does not involve a nuclear explosion"

Carles Domingo is the head of the Department of Atomic Physics, Nuclear and Molecular UAB. Today has been with us in the writing of La Vanguardia. is to resolve the doubts that have arisen readers about nuclear energy as a result of radiation leaks from nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan. The expert has sought to distinguish primarily two effects of radioactive material, radiation and pollution.

Yemen, on alert after more than 52 dead in protest

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh has declared a state of emergency. "The National Defense Council declares state of emergency in the country", has announced Saleh, who also chairs this instance. At the same hearing, expected after the riots that took place this morning and have killed 46 people (as reported by the Al Arabiyya) and wounded another hundred, the leader has expressed his sadness at the shooting which occurred during Friday prayers.

OMAN - Sultan agrees to constitutional reform

Sultan Qaboos, by royal decree, granted March 13 legislative powers to the Council of Oman, a body hitherto purely advisory. In power since 1970, the monarch was from February 27 to face demonstrations in favor of constitutional reform. In the capital, Muscat, opponents plan to stay mobilized. They continue to demand higher wages, better education system and the trial of corrupt ministers, they said local English daily.

Libya said to cease its offensive against the rebels while Gaddafi threatens to "hell"

Tripoli (Writing and agencies) .- The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said he will unleash a "hell" on those who attack in a television interview with Lusa in which he warned that a conflict like that would destroy the security in the Mediterranean. "If the world acts like a fool, we'll do the same. We will respond.

We will also make your life hell. You will never have peace," said the Libyan leader. "The Mediterranean area would be damaged, destroyed, there would be no safe passage or sea or air there," said the colonel asked about the possibility of an international operation against his regime, particularly with the participation of France.

TEPCO accelerates its efforts to cool the reactor

Tepco Japanese company responsible for nuclear plants affected, has accelerated its efforts to restore electricity that powers the cooling system of Fukushima Daiichi plant while continuing to release water to the reactor 3. TEPCO hopes to feed electricity to pump the cooling water system to two reactors, but the start-up will not be immediate, as the teams need to be reviewed earlier, the company said.

MOROCCO - A demonstration brutally repressed in Casablanca

"The Moroccan riot police brutally repressed, according to witnesses, the first peaceful demonstration in which the Islamists and the Left parties had called on March 12th in Casablanca," reports the Spanish daily. The clashes have been about twenty wounded, Mohamed Sassi, founder of the Socialist Unity Party (PSU), a small band left to the legal existence.

This show of force comes four days after King announced a constitutional reform.

What is a no-fly zone?

An air exclusion zone seems a concept that is defined for itself: an area for which it is forbidden to fly. Very easy. But if we think a little further, there are some interesting questions. This area involves absolutely no artifacts that can fly over an area. Make a decision like military and political implications, diplomatic.

To implement this you need to attack, they need to intervene militarily in the area, this may mean victims. Should be advised to commercial aircraft to divert their aircraft. Basically the idea is to disable the Libyan air defenses. Speaking of Libya has decided to apply it to defend against rebel forces Gaddafi.

Gaddafi: The UN resolution is blatant colonialism

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has said that the decision of the United Nations to endorse military action in Libya "not justified" and called it "blatant colonialism." Gaddafi made the remarks, obtained by Al Jazeera, on the night of Friday to Saturday, after his Government's official reaction, in the voice of his foreign minister, Musa Kusa.

"It is blatant colonialism. It has no justification. And have serious consequences in the Mediterranean and Europe," said the Libyan leader. "We must create a security zone air or sea, as appropriate. In 2011 we are colonized, we are slaughtering, we impose a no-fly zone after a military attack after another.

HAITI - Five presidential candidates align themselves with Michael Joseph Martelly

"We ask all our supporters and sympathizers in every nook and cranny of the country, get out and vote en masse for Joseph Michel Martelly become our 56th president." March 13, five candidates defeated in the first round of presidential elections on November 28, decided to support Martelly. On 20 March, it faces Mirlande Manigat for the second round.

The five former suitors had yet, in a first time for the annulment of the Nov. 28 vote, which they challenged the result.

At least 30 killed by gunfire against demonstrators in Yemen

Sana'a. .- At least 30 people were killed in the Yemeni capital and 200 others injured by shots fired by security forces against opposition protesters near the University of Sana'a, medical sources said. The shots were fired allegedly from the rooftops near the entrance of the university, which has been the scene of continuing public protests since last month in calling for the end of Ali Abdullah Saleh regime.

A cease-fire in which nobody believes

The Libyan regime declared an immediate ceasefire, according to the resolution adopted by the Security Council of the UN, the rest of those involved in the crisis in doubt. The United States led the doubts in the words of its ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, who said the ceasefire "has been violated." The cessation of violence was announced Friday by Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, who said that "after having seen the decision and considering that Libya is a full member of the UN, is obliged to accept the decision of the Security Council ".

JAPAN - An earthquake that has not stopped shaking the country

The big earthquake everyone was afraid to hit the archipelago at a level beyond comprehension. The massive earthquake that occurred March 11 in north-east of the country leaves behind hundreds of dead and missing. With a magnitude 8.8 on the Richter scale, the earthquake is the strongest ever recorded in this country yet accustomed to earthquakes.

Many buildings have collapsed in the prefectures of Fukushima and Miyagi of Iwae located near the epicenter and the Pacific Coast was hit by a massive tsunami. Part of the nuclear facilities have been put on high alert and transportation around Tokyo have been paralyzed. Above all we must do everything possible to help the affected areas, providing essential support to the evacuees, taking care of the wounded and searching for the missing.

Radioactivity was detected from the central California Fukushima

A radiation detection station located in Sacramento (California) has found a small amount of radioactive material from the stricken nuclear plant in Fukushima (Japan), as reported by CNN. The channel quoted the executive secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization (CTBTO), Tibor Tóth, who did not specify the exact amounts of radiation but ruled they could be considered harmful to human health.

There are now nearly 7,000 dead in the earthquake in Japan

Tokyo. .- The authorities of Japan rose to 6,911 dead and 10,319 missing in the earthquake and subsequent tsunamidel day 11 in the northeast of the country, according to the latest official count provided today by the police. It is feared that the final number of victims may increase even in some municipalities of the provinces most affected, such as Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, because they do not cease to increase with the passing hours.

Iodine 131, cesium 137, plutonium and other substances from the hell of Fukushima

Iodine-131 is just an evil substance that escape, at present, nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daichi 250 kilometers from Tokyo. There is also the very Cesium-137 cancer that attacks muscles and internal organs and remains radioactive for 600 years. O follows the plutonium reactor at the plant using the blended fuel known as MOX.

Named after the Greek god of the underworld, Pluto, its discoverer Glen Seaborg called it "the most dangerous substance on earth." Iodine-131 but will be remembered more than the rest in Ukraine and Belarus and caused 8,358 reported cases of thyroid cancer, most of them children, after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Obama canceled his speech outdoors in Rio de Janeiro and moved to the Teatro Municipal

The thousands of Cariocas who expected to hear and see on Sunday near the U.S. president, Barack Obama, will have to settle it through screens. The U.S. delegation canceled by surprise speech that he planned to be outdoors to the president, who now only be directed to the Brazilian people from the interior of the Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, with capacity for only a few hundred people.

JAPAN - An explosion at a nuclear plant after the earthquake (VIDEO)

The Pentagon sent experts to nine nuclear Japan

Washington. .- The Department of Defense announced today the United States sent a team of nine specialists on biological and nuclear threats to advise the Japanese authorities. The Pentagon spokesman David Lapan, also reported that Defense Secretary Robert Gates has approved a round of initial $ 35 million for humanitarian aid.

The nine military will work with the Japanese Government to consider the consequences of a radioactive leak from nuclear plant in Fukushima, northeast of the country, caused by the earthquake and tsunami of last Friday, has caused at least 14,000 dead or missing. Its mission will also advise U.S.

Japan raised the alert level at Fukushima nuclear

The Government of Japan has raised a point level nuclear alert in the central 4 to 5, one point less than the IAEA has placed it at level 6. In grade 5, in any case, Fukushima equates to Three Mile Island (1979), the second worst nuclear incident in history after the Ukraine's Chernobyl plant in 1986, which is the only case so far in the world top-level major accident.

Seven fire trucks have begun to shoot 50 tonnes of water onto the pool which houses the fuel rods from the reactor 3, after Thursday Air Force helicopters poured up to 64 tons of water to try to control the reactor temperature most concern to the authorities. This is an unprecedented mission, according to the spokesman of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, to cool the reactor, while trying to revive the power to external cables to help the cooling system.