Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Egyptian Army forcibly evicted the protesters from the Tahrir square

The Egyptian army and police today forcibly evicted the last protesters camped in Cairo Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the revolution of January 25, sources told Efe security. Members of the security forces stormed the square to open access to the same traffic and dismantling the tents set up there for three weeks.

The eviction sparked riots that caused minor injuries to several people, according to sources, who did not require the number of injured. The police, backed by tanks and armored vehicles pulled out the barbed wire and iron barriers blocking the entrances to the plaza. Before the start of clashes between security forces and protesters, several groups took refuge in the nearby Mosque of Omar Makram, sources said.

The EU expands sanctions on Syria after recent attacks on Hama

The European Union (EU) plans to pass along today a new round of sanctions against the Syrian regime in response to the attacks in Hama (center) and other cities such as Homs and Deir el-Zur (east) . According to spokesman said today Community Affairs, Michael Mann, the decision is "imminent" and will be stamped by the twenty-seven in the coming hours.

This will be the fourth set of sanctions against Syria in the EU in recent months and will affect five new people involved in the violent suppression of protests citizens, who have their assets frozen and be barred from traveling to Europe, according to community sources. The list of Syrian leaders included the Twenty-sanctioned so far around thirty names, including the leader Bashar al-Asad.

The Norwegian Parliament commemorates the victims of Breivik

The Norwegian Parliament recalled Monday in an act of State, to the 77 victims of the twin bombings of last July 22 attack, which according to ongoing research could have been even more devastating. The ceremony culminated in the legislature and the many spontaneous demonstrations institutional acts of citizenship in sorrow and rejection by the attacks.

The last public event to which were invited all Norwegians in memory of the victims will be August 21, as stated by the newspaper Aftenposten. The event, attended by the staff of the Norwegian policy and the Royal House, spoke Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. "My biggest thanks go to the people of Norway, which has demonstrated its responsibility when needed, keeping their dignity and choosing democracy," the premier said in Parliament, adding that "the generation of July 22 is the heroes and hope.

Israeli troops kill two Palestinian in the West Bank

The Israeli army raid in search of militants suspected in Kalandia refugee camp (Ramallah) has completed early in the morning with the deaths of two Palestinians.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that "there was a clear Kalandia intent to harm the soldiers have the obligation and right to defend itself" while Palestinian spokesman, Nabil Abu Ruideina, accuses Israel of "wanting to cause a escalation. " After the arrival of members of the military unit in Kalandia Kfir in what he calls "routine raid," dozens of Palestinians took to the streets to throw stones and Molotov cocktails.

The heroines who saved forty young Utoya

Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen, a couple of lesbians, have become the great heroines of the slaughter of Utoya. The couple, a picnic was held around the island when they began to hear shots and screams coming from the small Norwegian island. The women took their boat and headed to where the slaughter was going on and picked up dozens of teenagers who were in the water and hidden among the rocks of the coast while Behring Anders Breivik, the extremist disturbed author of the slaughter, the shoot -some bullets hit the jackpot.

23 people die in two road accidents in India

At least 23 people were killed Wednesday in two accidents in the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India when vehicles traveling in fell into two rivers in the region, police said. The most serious accidents occurred in Raisen district, when a bus en route from Bhopal, the state capital to Jabalpur Barna fell into the river, 45 kilometers east of Bhopal, which killed at least 16 its 60 passengers.