Monday, May 9, 2011

Egyptian Prime Minister meets the Government Emergency

London. .- The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, has called an emergency meeting of his government following clashes between Muslims and Christians that took place on Saturday in Cairo that killed at least eleven dead and 140 wounded. As reported by state media, Sharaf has suspended a visit to the Persian Gulf for the occasion.

The clashes began after five hundred Salafi Muslims concentrate on a Coptic Christian church Imbaba district in the capital. Salafis had gathered around the church of St. Mary and St. Mina in order to be a woman who allegedly had converted to Islam and that they claimed had been held in this church against his will.

Somoza was an enemy of everyone who had nothing material to bring them

A professor at the University of Huelva, María Dolores Ferrero, made an exhaustive study of the 43-year Somoza family dictatorship in Nicaragua, beginning with the government of Anastasio Somoza Garcia, who, after being killed in a bombing in 1956 , replaced his son, Luis Somoza Debayle (1956-1963). Complete the dynasty's brother Luis Somoza, Anastasio Somoza Debayle until the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in 1979.

Kate is class, but which one?

Some fear that the monarchy is no longer considered "relevant". Well! those that turn on the television: they will see that the British (or their journalists, anyway) look more passionately than ever to queens and princes. Two things are obvious. One is the elasticity of the term "middle class", which belongs to this class, according to most observers, Kate Middleton.

The young woman is certainly not an aristocrat. She counts among her ancestors workers, and parents have worked in aviation (his mother as a stewardess, her father as coordinator of flights). But they have become millionaires after running Party Pieces, a company specialized in organizing parties for children.

The woman who reported Gaddafi's troops for rape escapes Tunisia

New York. .- Iman al Obaidi, one of the most recognizable faces of the Libyan revolution, the country has managed to escape with the help of military deserters and is in Tunisia. The woman, who last March broke into a hotel for foreign journalists to report he had been beaten and raped by 15 militiamen of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi managed to cross the border last Thursday using a refugee document, according to CNN.

At least 18 killed in a mutiny by members of Al Qaeda in a Baghdad jail

A leader of Al Qaeda who was detained in a prison in Baghdad has killed eight policemen in prison before he died in police firing, sources with the Ministry of Interior. In the riot that also killed nine terrorists were released by the leader of the command. Al Batawi is the main accused of the attack on October 31 against a Syrian-Catholic church in Baghdad that left 58 dead.

The sources explained that the terrorist ringleader, identified as Abu Hazifa to Batawi, stole a gun from the police while being interrogated, killed him, took several hostages and freed nine other suspected terrorists detained. These were made with guns and grenades. Five of the suspects tried to flee but were killed by special forces and the rest will be dug in the prison, where he also died by gunfire.

DIRECTIONS - Do not mess with the label

So that the wedding ceremony takes place in accordance with the rules of propriety, a 22-page guide was distributed to 1900 guests, tells the Daily Mirror. The instructions refer to punctuality, dress codes and how to stand at the table. • Guests are asked to arrive twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony and switch off mobile phones.

• Women should not "overdo" or wear white or cream color reserved for the bride. • Men will be in costume and top hat (the hat should not be worn inside the church). The military will be of uniform. • Guests will mark the entry and exit of the Queen in Westminster Abbey with a bow. • At dinner, glass of champagne (which will be flowing, the newspaper) must be held by the foot.

A leader of Al Qaeda arrested kills six policemen in a Baghdad jail

Baghdad .- A leader of Al Qaeda who was detained in a prison in Baghdad on Sunday killed six policemen in prison before dying shot with ten others arrested, Iraqi officials said. The management spokesman in Baghdad, Qasem Atta, said in a press conference that the terrorist ringleader, identified as Abu Hazifa to Batawi, and two paths stolen weapons terrorists detained several officers and opened fire on police.

The Syrian army with tanks burst into a town near Deraa

Syrian forces entered the southern city of Tafas near the town of Dera Hauran the plain, according to the testimony of some residents. At least eight tanks stormed the city, about 30,000 people, around 6.00 am (5.00 Spanish time) on Sunday. Residents said they heard gunshots and that the armed and security forces broke into houses to arrest the youth.

Thousands of citizens of the area had gathered to chant in Tafas cries against the regime of Bashar Assad, to the tight control of the Syrian Army around the nearby Deraa. On the other hand, the Syrian army also came during the early hours of Sunday in protest zones in the industrial city of Homs in central Syria, and continues its operations in Banias, on the Mediterranean coast, according to human rights activists.

New Push Correa election, though weaker than expected

Quito .- Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, was with his victory in the referendum this Sunday the tools to reform the justice and influence the press, while reaffirming its political hegemony in the country, although the electoral momentum was much weaker than expected. Ten days ago the polls predicted a victory with 20 points ahead in the referendum, ten questions, but the preliminary official results have left between 2 and 8 points, depending on the issue.

Nantes's murderer wrote a letter to his mother: Do not worry too

Xavier Dupont, the alleged 'murderer of Nantes', who killed his wife and four children, it is believed that on 4 April, but were discovered on 21, he wrote a few days before the horrific murder on 8 April, a letter his mother asking him not to worry about him or his family, as published by the French newspaper 'Liberation'.

Addressed to "my dear little mother." "Do not worry too much, everything will go well and time passes quickly, you take care of yourself," begins Xavier Dupont Ligon, missing since 15 April. "Until we meet again, try to fix the situation with Vero (one of his sisters). You are suffering with this and someone has to take the first step," he continues.

The monarchy, this friendly absurdity

Better not think about it. Better to ignore and bury himself in his chair to enjoy the beautiful staging, dress tastefully chosen and the moving spectacle of the happiness of William and Kate. The English engaged with panache to their national rituals. They love it. Otherwise, they begin to wonder why the job the most class of any country - after the monarch - should absolutely go back to the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest daughter of a guy who had inherited the position because his big brother had not married the woman he wanted.

The conflict stranded in Libya Tobruk and Jalu fattening

Benghazi .- The troops of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi on Sunday continued their offensive on all fronts in the war in Libya, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera, while NATO bombed several targets in different areas country. The regime's forces on Saturday launched an attack against the city of Yalu, in the desert south of Libya, whose control is disputed for several days the rebels and troops of Gaddafi, said the source.

Iranian clerical caste close siege to Ahmadinejad

Something is moving in the upper echelons of the Iranian regime. The new arrests of close associates of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has aggravated the political crisis and worsened the pulse that the president has with the supreme leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The arrests have spurred rumors about the possibility that Ahmadinejad may be forced to resign, as happened to the former president lay, Abul Hasan Bani Sadr, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution.

JAPAN - Resign, Mr. Naoto Kan!

Local elections on April 10 ended in a debacle of the Democratic Party (PD), power, and a rise in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), the main opposition force. Clearly, the electorate expressed its loss of confidence in the government of Naoto Kan, who since the earthquake of 11 March, failed to exercise sufficient authority to overcome the crisis.

The Prime Minister's responsibility is enormous and flagrant. Now it is clear that the people took away his confidence, he must resign. The Democratic Party was defeated in all three polls for the gubernatorial where the majority and the opposition were in contention: Tokyo, Hokkaido and in Mie Prefecture.

A video game recreates the Navy SEAL operation against bin Laden

Barcelona .- The U.S. military operation. States that culminated in the death of Osama bin Laden already has a videogame version, released this weekend by the company Kuma Games, and promises precise digital recreations of the house of the leader of Al Qaeda. Developed in just one week, KUMAWAR II: "The death of Osama bin Laden" is the last episode of the video game series that has as its theme the struggle against terrorism.

Sharaf convened an urgent meeting by violence between Muslims and Christians

The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, has convened a crisis meeting of his cabinet. The aim is to try to curb the violent clashes between Muslims and Christians. The latest outbreak of sectarian violence have left for some serious enfrentameintos in Cairo at least 10 dead and 186 injured, some seriously.

Due to these clashes, Sharaf has postponed a visit to United Arab Emirates, according to official media announced. The wave of inter-religious violence soared in the country following the bloody attack against a crowded church on New Years Eve in Alexandria, which claimed the lives of more than twenty people.

PORTUGAL - Exclusive club of the rich, so what?

With financial support from international bodies, the country, that each of us should think about living differently. As in Greece and Ireland, the Portuguese will not be able to live according to European standards. Yep, our survival is at stake: we must stop behaving like Europeans. In fact, we will be excluded from the "rich club".

We'll have to bring ourselves to join the Third World. We are primarily responsible for the current situation. But Europe has also failed in its duty of solidarity vis-à-vis the lowest it has let us down. Europe has imposed rules more stringent, which we have often bent. This goes back a bit to go from picking fruit to a simple logistics necessary for the smooth running of a restaurant.

A group of insurgents remains entrenched in a building in Kandahar

Kabul .- The Government of Afghanistan reported Sunday that some Taliban fighters now remain holed up in a hotel in Kandahar, from which they launch sporadic bursts of fire against the main government building in this southern Afghan city. At a news conference in Kabul, Afghan Interior spokesman, Zemarai Bashari, said an undetermined number of insurgents in a hotel, from which they are attacking the governor's office in the province of Kandahar.

Bin Laden, or the vanity of evil

In addition to valuable information on the operation of Al Qaeda and plans for future terrorist attacks, the material seized at the residence of Bin Laden is a curious testimony on the psychology of the leader of Al Qaeda, the terrorist most legendary of decades. The video made public by the Pentagon on Saturday offered an image of bin Laden as an old man obsessed with his public image, a portrait very different to the young charismatic leader who launched defiant messages to the West with a Kalashnikov rifle at his side in the recordings a decade ago.

REFLECTION - Would it be the Simón Bolívar of Africa?

Looking at the images displayed here and there that showed a Laurent Gbagbo "Helpless" infantilized by those who came to him out of his residence, it could only be moved. Any human degradation is pathetic. It is never good in defeat. These images are startling truth behind the scenes of the Ivorian crisis.

The "language of the eyes" between Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone is what keeps the outset. Simone Gbagbo seems to insist that the husband remains strong, rigid in their positions despite their captivity. In contrast, the husband seems to want his wife to have indirectly led to this point of no return.

Radiation levels drop in the reactor 1 of Fukushima

Tokyo .- The radiation levels in the reactor a nuclear plant in Fukushima-1 have decreased after installing a fan that filters the radioactive substances, as reported by Japanese news agency Kyodo. Workers may re-enter the plant to work on the stabilization of the reactor, as reported by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

The company said it expects that the levels of radioactivity in the plant is stabilized within six to nine months. Moreover, the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 has reached 14,877, while 9960 other people remain missing, as reported by the Japanese National Police.

At least five killed in a clash between Christians and Muslims in Cairo

At least 10 people have died in Cairo and 186 wounded in an armed clash between Christians and Muslims in the Sea Mina Coptic church, the neighborhood of Imbaba, according to security services. The Salafis, belonging to one of the most rigorous current of Islam and gaining ground in Egypt, launched the attack on the church to believe that the Copts had locked away to a Christian who had become Muslim to marry a girl of the latter religion.

MOOD - His crime? Refusing to kneel

The argument most often advanced to justify hatred against Laurent Gbagbo is that it behaves in electoral recidivist thug. A crime has become almost commonplace in Africa, however, that these same members of the international community who are now falling Gbagbo still support dictators who made the election heist.

I begin to have an initial response regarding the real reason for this hatred against Gbagbo: his insubordination against imperialism. Here the act which has signed the death warrant of Laurent Gbagbo: his refusal to meet twice on the phone to Barack Obama, the president of the most powerful nation in the world.

A boat with 300 migrants stranded way to Lampedusa

ROME, May 8 .- The 500 immigrants traveling by boat from Libya that ran aground this morning at a reef near the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa have been rescued, said sources with the Port Authority. After the boat ran aground, according to some sources, many of its occupants were thrown into the sea to try to swim to reach the coast of Lampedusa and, in principle, they all managed to be rescued by local actors who are looking for if it had disappeared.

Unionists win elections in Northern Ireland, followed by Sinn Fein

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) won the elections of Northern Ireland to achieve 38 seats, followed by Sinn Fein with 29, a result which strengthens them as the main representatives of the Protestant and Catholic, respectively. The final results of the elections held on Thursday confirmed the stalemate in which were once primal forces of the province, considered politically moderate Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) and the nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), the SLDP, political training that began with peaceful marches in the late 60's last fight for the rights of Catholics, won 14 seats, while the UUP was left with 16.

Vic Van Aelst, Flemish separatist - Exclusive

"The French will not stop their fight when the cod that swim off the coast of Ostend speak French." According to the politician, the Flemings should stop learning French at school and take classes instead of English as a second language. "The French language has become meaningless," he says.

Twelve dead in clashes between Copts and Muslims in Cairo

Barcelona / Cairo (Writing and agencies) .- The Minister of Justice of Egypt, Abdel Aziz al-Gindi, warned that the government will respond with an "iron fist" against those who pose a threat to national security after clashes sectarian produced from this Saturday left 12 dead and 230 wounded. The minister added that the authorities immediately implement laws that criminalize attacks on places where exercising freedom of worship.

U.S. says Bin Laden's house was the home base for Al Qaeda

While the U.S. president, Barack Obama, announced that the White House did not publish pictures of Osama Bin Laden dead, did not say he would not Al Qaeda leader alive. Thus, the Department of Defense has shown five videos of the terrorist who died in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad in the hands of U.S.

troops in which you can see pictures of their daily life, propaganda of a terrorist group and how he went over the recordings. The videos were seized by the SEALS who killed Bin Laden and they can see how Bin Laden was living in Pakistan. It adds this information, the image that give the leader of Al Qaeda is someone obsessed with his image and that was represented in the world.

Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize in Literature - Horrified

"It's having to choose between cancer and AIDS", sees the writer faces the prospect of a second round of Peruvian presidential opponent "extreme left" to "extreme right", namely the nationalist Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori.

Quebec looks at Catalunya

Catalan nationalism has often looked in the mirror of French-speaking province of Quebec. Quebec cleared the road. With language laws. Or the desire for a referendum autoderminación. Not anymore. Quebec nationalism, that in the referendum of 1995 was less than 60,000 votes for independence, is depressed.

There is no prospect of another referendum on independence while not govern in the province. Electoral support is uncertain. "If you looked at Catalunya before Quebec, Quebec is now looking to Catalonia," said a week ago, on the sunny terrace of a cafe in the neighborhood anglophone Westmount, Montreal, Prof.

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb says that is not behind the attack in Marrakesh

The extremists of Al Qaeda have denied any connection with the recent bombing in Marrakesh in a statement released by the Nouakchott Information Agency (ANI). The terrorist attack took place at Café Argana of Jemaa El Fna nine days ago and took the lives of 17 people, including 14 tourists from different nationalities, mostly French.

"We have followed the blasts of Argana, and accusations of Moroccan Interior Ministry and other authorities, who have pointed to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) as author of the attack." "We deny our relationship with the explosion," the armed group in a note whose authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

Wu Song, mayor of Baoshan (China) - Concrete

Before becoming mayor, he was rector of a university. What is the main difference between the two occupations? "When you're president of the university, others may say you're wrong, because the truth is relative. As mayor, you can be wrong and others may say you're right, because power is absolute. "Shanghaiist, Shanghai

Martyr and executioner of his people

Look at him. It is the first portrait of Apache Geronimo, who posed for Frank Randall in 1884, when it should and about 60 years. It was also the first time in seclusion finally accepted a reservation and give up their ancestral way of life. A freedom to hunt, fight, steal, trade (including slaves) or raid in Arizona and New Mexico.

In that first capitulation followed by several small leaks in front of items held in check the armies of EE. UU. and Mexico, unable to find her hiding in Sierra Madre, and that made him a legend. Their raids left a trail of corpses. Came to be buried in the sand of the desert to throw off his pursuers and poisoned wells so they could not obtain supplies of water who wanted to hunt.

Obama decorates the command to kill Bin Laden on a job well done

The U.S. president, Barack Obama on Friday welcomed the entire command killed on Sunday when world's most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, and said it was "a job well done." Obama talked like that in a speech to soldiers returning from Afghanistan at the military base of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where before his speech congratulated the command camera that hit the leader of Al Qaeda.

As he told an enthusiastic crowd of soldiers, it was "one of the best operations of the intelligence services of history", but acknowledged that giving the nod to the mission was "the hardest decision of my life." "We're making progress in our goal in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the defeat and dismantling of Al Qaeda," the president estadoundiense, who said that even before the elimination of bin Laden, "we applied more pressure than ever on leadership terrorist network.