Friday, August 12, 2011

David Cameron in parliament "Ready to block social networking"

"The rescue began. We are here to protect you and pay you compensation. We are on your side. " Prime Minister David Cameron intervenes in parliament and is addressed to the nation. Shows a plan put into place to cope with the disorder, and announces drastic measures possible. As the restriction of the use of social networks, the main means of communication between young people who have inspired the revolt in the past four days: "We are investigating with the police chiefs the opportunity to block these communications - he explained -.

The Statue of Liberty will close for one year for renovations

The Home Secretary, Ken Salarzar, announced that the Statue of Liberty Hill, again, one year for renovations, as reported in its online edition The New York Times. The newspaper notes that the New York closing will occur after being closed for renovations for three years after the attack of 11-S to make security improvements claimed by the National Park Service.

The main symbol of the "American Dream" and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the U.S. requires an investment of 27.25 million dollars for the new security improvements before and after the investment to reform escape routes worth $ 6.7 million. However, unnamed officials as saying further explained that the reforms may not begin as no projects have been completed or determined finance works.

Two Indian states prohibit a Bollywood film for fear of a revolt

Two Indian states have banned the screening of a new Bollywood movie on the controversial quota system in education in the country for fear of violent riots erupt. As he explained on Thursday the state government of Uttar Pradesh in the north, several dialogues of the film 'Aarakshan' (reserve) are provocative and could incite unrest in certain groups.

Also the government of the northwestern state of Punjab joined that opinion. 'Aarakshan', starring superstar Amitabh Bachchan, is slated for release on Friday across the country, after state censors CBFC authorities give green light for projection. The film focuses on the regulation of fees for college.

Protest camp in Tel Aviv: This is the time of the tents

Driven by concern over the fragile peace with Egypt, Israel had pursued in the local popular uprising with suspicion. In the skepticism but soon mingled admiration for the so vehemently on the street supported the Egyptian democracy efforts. This tendency is even more compressed, the stronger the Netanyahu government - similar to the Mubarak regime - to discredit the Egyptian protesters as a dangerous mob of Islamists tried.

Sarkozy and Merkel will meet on 16 to discuss the governance of the euro area

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, will receive next Tuesday to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to discuss a possible reform of the governance of the euro area, which the two leaders pledged last month make proposals. The French presidency said in a statement today that as announced following the European meeting on 21 July, these proposals are aimed at increasing "the reflection conducted by (the European Council President) Herman Van Rompuy." The Elysee said in its statement that Sarkozy and Merkel will meet next on 16 at 14:00 GMT on and then offer a joint press conference at 16:30 GMT, after which he will hold a working dinner.

Erdogan and Obama advocate a democratic transition in Syria

The President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan discussed today the need for a democratic transition in Syria. In a telephone conversation, according to the White House, both leaders "stressed the urgency of the situation" and "reiterated their deep concern about the use of violence by the Syrian government against civilians.