Saturday, August 13, 2011

Syria: Hillary Clinton calls for further sanctions

Hillary Clinton has called for a wider front against the regime in Syria and its brutal crackdown on demonstrators. This was especially true in case of sanctions against the oil and gas industry, Clinton said on Thursday evening in an interview with CBS.

Especially India and China have invested heavily in the Syrian energy sector. "And we want to see that Russia stops selling weapons to the Assad regime." Clinton also stressed the need for an organized opposition in Syria. "These are available but not currently," said U.S. Secretary of State.

Police have arrested 1,051 people in London by the riots

Madrid .- The Metropolitan Police have arrested 1,051 people in London since the start of the violence on Saturday, according to a new balance rises to 591 accused persons, mostly for public disorder and looting. Scotland Yard has reported that among those arrested were a 19-year-old was arrested in the London Borough of Haringey for theft and public disorder.

The arrested would be released on social networking 'Twitter' a photograph that appeared with items stolen during the riots. The agents have also arrested in the town of Lewisham in London, a girl aged 16 for theft, attempted theft, possession of a weapon, threats of violence and assault to the police.

United States: a competitor for Obama

How good - or muddy - the outlook of President Obama to be re-elected next year, mainly depends on two factors: the state of the economy and the caliber of his challenger. Obama is preparing a major headache for the economy and threatens once again slipping into recession.

The situation on the labor market is unpleasant. In terms of rival candidate, the incumbent may still be left at the moment is relative: The Republicans, who have been presented as a would-be president, he will not steal the night to sleep. That could change, however, when a man named Rick Perry officially declared his ambition.

Breivik says he called the police ten times before killing

The far-right Anders Breivik Behring called the police several times to surrender, and getting no answer went on the killing of a youth camp in the Norwegian island of Utøya, reports on Friday the newspaper 'Aftenposten'. "Long before he was captured, called the police. He says he called ten times and they answered two.

He introduced himself as commander and gave his full name," he told Norwegian newspaper lawyer, Geir Lippestad. According to Breivik's own statements during questioning on Tuesday and Wednesday, had shown a willingness to surrender and asked for confirmation that he had accepted his proposal.