Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The political arrogance leads to civil war in Ivory Coast

Bouake / Abidjan (Reuters) .- Supporters of the president-elect of the Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, say they have gained control of the town of Toulepleu, while forces loyal to interim president, Laurent Gbagbo, said he still there is nothing definite, as the fighting continues. "Toulepleu is under the control of the New Forces (supporters of Ouattara).

We've managed to get some weapons," said Mara Lassin, rebel military spokesman in western Iraq, in a telephone conversation with news agency Reuters. However, pro-Gbagbo forces have denied this version, ensuring that the fighting in the city continue, so it is unclear who finally get this square.

Supporters of the hardline Iranian regime are finished with Rafsanjani

Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has lost his post as chairman of the Assembly of Experts, the body that selects the supreme leader of Iran. Rafsanjani was elected on September 4, 2007 and has been forced to leave his important post after receiving widespread criticism from supporters of the 'hard line' of the Iranian regime for being too close to that of the reformist opposition.

ECONOMY - The Libyan crisis fatal to African firms?

Gaddafi: "In Libya we are fighting Al Qaeda"

Tripoli / Barcelona .- The Libyan dictator Gaddafi Muanmar this morning granted an exclusive interview to French television channel France 24. In this speech, the colonel has warned the West that Libya is now an ally in combating Islamic terrorism of Al Qaeda "and has never again" that the foreign media provide a distorted information and unreal as really happening in Libya and that fighting only happen in small towns, "he assured Gaddafi.

The Elysee and the Foreign Ministry were also target of cyberattack

The large-scale cyber attack against the French Ministry of Economy, and especially officials of the French presidency of the G20, also affected the foreign ministry and at the same Elysee, Libération reported. According to French newspaper, an Interior Ministry source said the intruders had conducted a sweep of information on the presidency of the G-20 fracesa and international economic issues that affected only the Treasury but also to the Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and certain European institutions, while Paris-Match points out that in these cases there were no consequences.

GERMANY - Happy New Year for Audi

2010 has been a record year for the automaker from Ingolstadt. "All staff work hard for the success of Audi, said the chairman of the central works council, Peter Mosch, March 3, 2011. They therefore receive their deserved share of the profits. "To be clear: the company will pay the approximately 42 500 employees in Germany a bonus of 6,513 euros on average and their colleagues in Hungary and Belgium will also receive a share of profits.

Rebels suffer from lack of control, but are fighting to take Sirte Gaddafi

Ras Lanuf (Libya) (editorial / Agencies) .- The young militants fighting the fight for professional military dictator Gaddafi Muanmar starting to suffer from disorganization and lack of responsibility to guide them in their offensive to seize control of cities of Sirte and Ras Lanuf. Without military commanders, no training and the only motivation to fight for freedom and democracy that gives them a better future, the rebels trying to weapons like machine guns and howitzers combat ready force of troops loyal to Qadhafi.

The oil shortage, a threat to the Libyan revolution

The Eastern part of Libya, which is controlled by the rebels, he faces the risk of oil desabastecimienro after the decline in activity that has occurred in its refineries. The places to refuel have declined in Benghazi after the uprising, according to provisional government in Benghazi, and the reserves could be depleted within a week, according to Gulf News has reported.

A rebel spokesman, Tarek Bu Zaqiya, said that there is a real risk of oil supply cuts soon. While that oil is still flowing in Libya's eastern regional refineries have deleted the process, according to this same source. Against this background, opponents would be studying the possibility of sending oil to Europe, possibly Italian refinery for refining returned to them.

UKRAINE - Saving the kurgans!

There are currently on Ukrainian territory about 100 000 tumuli dating from different eras: they are the tombs of ordinary people as noble tribal people from and of civilizations, which over time have settled on both banks Dnieper. In the only oblast [department] Donetsk, there are approximately 5000 kurgans Scythian and 8000 others have been identified Kholodny Yar Cherkasy Oblast (this is still the largest archaeological site ever discovered Scythian) .

One million people will need help in Libya, according to the UN

New York (editorial / Agencies) .- The United Nations today called for $ 160 million for three months to meet the humanitarian needs of the 400,000 people estimated to leave Libya for the crisis in the country, and another 600,000 in it, EFE reported. "The appeal is based on a scenario that up to 400,000 people expected to leave Libya, including 200,000 who have already left for Tunisia, Egypt and Niger, and that another 600,000 people within the country also needed humanitarian assistance to varying degrees," said Valerie Amos, Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs.

The plan opens way to create a no-fly zone in Libya

While aircraft continue to bomb Gaddafi of Libya rebel positions, the UK and France are planning to propose a UN resolution to establish an air exclusion zone over the country. Other surrounding countries had supported this idea will be discussed also in NATO on Thursday at a meeting of defense ministers of the alliance.

However, the international community is divided on the feasibility of this proposal, reports the BBC. The current debate gets when forces loyal to Gaddafi have relaunched counterattacks to regain control before the steady advance of the Libyan revolutionary. In addition, on Monday the White House has acknowledged that studies provide arms to rebels advance Libyan developments and conflict settlement in Libya.

SENEGAL - The Army released the heavy artillery in Casamance

"The army is determined to hunt down the rebel Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) and finish them off," recounts the lives of Dakar. While the conflict, thirty years old, has intensified since January this separatist region of southern Iraq, "it leads to intense military operations punctuated by joint patrols with the Gambian soldiers, cutting off roads fallback Gambia to the guerrillas.

Large-scale cyber attack against the French presidency of the G20

Paris (EFE) .- A large-scale computer attack for weeks has affected the French Ministry of Economy, and more particularly to officials of the French presidency of the G20, according to revelations made today by the press and confirmed by official sources. The attack, which began in December and lasted until last weekend, affecting more than 150 computers in the Ministry, in particular the direction of the Treasury, and documents focused on preparations for the G20 and other international affairs, said Paris Match on your website.

The revolution in Egypt told in 140 characters

The prominent role of social networks in the riots in the Arab world will be a literary version in a collection of tweets. An American publisher will publish selected messages from the network of microblogging during the revolution that got rid of Mubarak's power in Egypt. The edition is 160 pages and is entitled 'Tweets from Tahrir', the square of Cairo became the symbol and center of the protests will be released on April 21 by the OR editorial Books.

INDIA - Forced resignation of the chief anti-corruption

"On March 3, in a severe blow to the government, the Supreme Court has annulled the appointment of PJ Thomas to lead the fight against corruption," chronicles the lives of New Delhi. Suspected himself for acts of corruption dating back to 1992 when he was a mere official, the firm was forced to resign.

The Court held that, contrary to what the government argued, he could not claim any immunity. He was appointed in 2010, supported by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Saudi Arabia controls social networks to avoid riots

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) (Reuters) Saudi Arabia pro-democracy activists say the government is monitoring social networks to curb any event inspired by the riots that have swept the Arab world and ousted the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia. Activists have Facebook pages open protests calling for 11 and 20 March, with over 17,000 fans in total, but the police managed to foil protests in the city of Jeddah, along the Red Sea, highlighting the difficulties such mobilization in the conservative kingdom.

Chile managed to stand up and regain economic dynamism despite earthquake

In 2010 Sebastian Piñera learned a lesson: "In life there is no time to waste." The Chilean president was learned after an intense year in the Palacio de la Moneda. "We will never forget 2010, began with an election that marked a change of government after 20 years, followed the earthquake of 27 February, coincided with the celebration of our first 200 years of independence, and ended with the accident, Search, find and rescue the miners.

UNITED KINGDOM - Rupert Murdoch in the heart of a double controversy

The Australian-American media magnate great, made the news for two reasons. On the one hand, the British government, after months of hesitation, has authorized the repurchase BSkyB satellite package, to the chagrin of the opposition and media competitors, who are crying monopoly. On the other hand, a wiretapping scandal in the press has rebounded: Journalists' News of the World would no longer alone involved, others the Times would be prevented.

China will boost the economy and awareness of their culture in the world

Beijing .- China's foreign policy in 2011 will give priority to "summit diplomacy" to achieve success in international events and regional top level, said today the Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi. "They are all very important and prepare well for China to help promote international and regional cooperation", said the press the head of China's diplomacy in the framework of the annual full session of the National People's Congress (ANP) meeting in Beijing.

Stolen sex tapes of Arab royal families during an assault on Egypt

Three weeks after the defeat of President Hosni Mubarak, the spontaneous assault services headquarters of State Security political police of the regime in Cairo has had the unintended consequence of compromising the reputation of well known figures in the Arab world. As revealed by witnesses of the assault, in the barracks the protesters found a room full of celebrity sex videos senior Egyptian and Arab politicians.

BANGLADESH - The fate of Yunus in the hands of justice

The Dhaka High Court should give its verdict March 6. Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer of microcredit, has seized on March 3. The Nobel Peace denies his ouster from the leadership of the Grameen Bank he founded, and denounces political manipulation. It has launched a petition to defend his cause, supported by daily of Dhaka: "Regardless of the government's negative concept of microcredit, it remains the unique contribution of Bangladesh to the world, thanks to Yunus.

The Ballad of the three Hernández

His name sounds like Valkyrie. A Isolde, who was born in Switzerland green, love for a man drove to the west, where he runs the restaurant Jacumba, in the town of Jacumba, pure California desert in the shadow of the wall that separates U.S. from Mexico. "Every weekend there are about 5,000 people," says a guy sitting on the terrace, toothless smile and cowboy look just run over by a stampede of cattle.

Do not follow progress, stay here, we must protect the oil

The rebel advance towards the city of Sirte (center) seems to have stalled today in the oil enclave of Ras Lanuf (Eastern), which have left dozens of families bound for Benghazi, Libya's second city and main rebel stronghold of the opposition. "Do not follow progress, stay here, we must protect the oil," he repeated today the speakers of a car at the checkpoint of the militia at the gates of Ras Lanuf, where the faithful aircraft bombed Gadhafi several times to scare the militants.

ALGERIA - The spark Libyan threat "powder keg Tuareg"

According to the Malian security services, 800 Tuareg of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Algeria have been recruited by Muammar Gaddafi to quell the insurgency Jamahiriya. The Algerian daily newspaper, who went to survey the Tuareg community in the south, the mentions of a "powder keg touareg": "Accused of providing mercenaries, faced with mass exodus of young people to Libya and hampered by a possible foreign intervention , Algerian Tuareg are concerned about the situation in Libya.

Catalan NGO gets a small ablation eradicate a vast territory of Senegal

'Prou ablacions' (Enough ablations), the campaign promoted by a small NGO Quirze del Vallès Sant, Acció Solidària, has achieved remarkable results that have failed or governments, or major social institutions, with a vast consolidation territory of Senegal, a country where laws prohibit female genital mutilation.

Legislation that does not respect the ethnic majority settled in rural areas as the region of Blouf in the low-Casamance, where Enric Alloza, Acció Solidarity spokesman confirmed that "further ablation is performed on all girls to five years. " How a small NGO which manages large government institutions fail? "With the ripple effect of logical reasoning," said a spokesman for Acció Solidària.

U.S. considering arming rebels against Gaddafi Libyans

Libyan arming rebels fighting the Gaddafi regime is one of the options being considered by the U.S. government to solve the problem in this country, according to a White House spokesman, Jay Carney. However, shortly after Washington acknowledged that this option would violate the law. Carney stressed that the Obama was moving quickly to assess the options, but the U.S.

does not want to anticipate events. "The option of providing military aid to the rebels is on the table because no possibility has been ruled out," said Carney. The White House says it is in communication "with the various opposition groups." But the specific issue of arms supplies, Carney also said that "it would be premature to send a large amount of weapons to a city in eastern Libya." "Do not put the cart before the horse," he added.

GERMANY - Probable setback for anti-terrorism agencies

"The attack against U.S. soldiers at the airport in Frankfurt, which resulted in 2 dead, is clearly the act of an isolated radical Islamist," recounts a daily, two days after the deadly attack. According to a police official was quoted as saying, "If early indications are confirmed, this would be the first time in Germany that a terrorist attack could be thwarted." A 21-year-old Kosovar fired on March 2 U.S.

UK confirms release of detained diplomatic mission in Libya

London. .- A British mission to the east of Libya detained by rebels opposed to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi was released and has left the North African country, as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom. The head of the Foreign Office, William Hague, confirmed in a statement that a "unit" of the British Government, which included six soldiers of the Special Air Service and was in Libya on a secret mission, left the country.

Clashes between police and municipal guards at the Algerian parliament

Some clashes erupted today between police and thousands of village guards who are protesting for several hours at the headquarters of the National Assembly (Lower House) in downtown Algiers, against a plan that provides for the reorganization of that body . The police arrested at least three representatives of municipal and guards tried to push the concentrates with their shields, after they threw bottles and wooden blocks on the riot.

Car bomb in Pakistan: 32 victims

Keep up the death toll of the attack launched on Tuesday morning in Faisalabad in Punjab province, central Pakistan. According to local Dawn TV channel, a car bomb exploded near a gas distribution station has killed at least 32 dead and 125 wounded. THE CLAIM - The attack, according to Xinhua news agency, was claimed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Taliban group active in the country.

BENIN - Uncertainty to the threshold of the voting booth

"Postponement or maintenance of the March 6 election: the Court between the hammer and the anvil," as the newspaper of Cotonou. Three days before the presidential election, the suspense is at its acme. Outgoing President Boni Yayi, do not want a postponement of the poll, but more and more voices to relent: the opposition, which claims more than 1 million voters have been register, the Electoral Commission, the National Assembly, the African Union, UN, ECOWAS, ...

The rebels reject talks with the British mission

Benghazi (Libya), Libya .- The rebel leadership on Tuesday rejected any dialogue with a British mission arrived in the area under its control and has already left Libya, considering that it had entered "illegally." "We welcome any British delegation, but has to be officially" Abdelhafiz Ghoga, in a press conference he gave in the city of Benghazi in the east.

The rebel leadership announced today that it was holding eight British citizens who were detained near Tobruk (east), where they arrived on a helicopter. From London it was said that this mission, which was part of a diplomat, trying to contact the Libyan National Council created to represent the districts of Libya has fallen into rebel hands.

More than 1,300 immigrants landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa

More than 1,300 immigrants reached the night of Sunday, a total of fourteen landings, the coasts of the Italian island of Lampedusa in the last month has received a steady stream of illegal immigrants from North Africa, mostly from Tunisia . Italian Coast Guard had to perform several times throughout the night to assist and accompany the various barges carrying the immigrants, whose landings continued throughout the morning and afternoon on Monday.

TURKEY - New police raids against journalists

"The searches in sixteen houses in Ankara and Istanbul, properties of journalists and a former intelligence officer, were perceived by their colleagues, lawyers and the opposition as an attempt 'illegal' to silence critical voices ", tells the English-language daily. March 3, eleven arrest warrants were issued against opposition figures and journalists in connection with the Ergenekon case, an alleged plot against the government involving both the military.

U.S. use its reserves if oil continues to rise

Washington .- The United States is "considering" use their strategic oil reserves to the escalation of oil prices driven by the wave of protests in the Middle East, said Bill Daley, chief of staff of the White House. "We're looking at all options. The issue of reserves is one that we considered. All options are on the table," Daley said in an interview on NBC.

The Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner said on Thursday that the U.S. has "significant reservations" oil companies to manage a possible "disruption" in supply after a barrel of oil exceeded the $ 100 barrier this week. United States has some oil stocks 1777.6 million barrels, of which 727 million are included strategic reserves.

NATO prepares for possible military action against Gaddafi

The NATO Military Committee have asked the allies to begin military planning to prepare the "necessary" and "prudent" to deal with "any eventuality" in Libya, but the secretary general partner, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has made clear a possible involvement of the Alliance will require a Security Council mandate of the UN and by the time the Euro-Atlantic security organization has "no intention of intervening in Libya." "I can not imagine that the international community and United Nations stand idle if Mr Gaddafi and his regime continue to attack his people consistently," he assured however Rasmussen told a news conference.

300 deaths reported: New fighting in Ivory Coast

Laurent Gbagbo's demonstration against police officers who allegedly shot six women in Abidjan. In the Ivory Coast continue the fighting. Supporters of the elected president Alassane Ouattara took over on Monday the control of the city Toulépleu in the west of the country.

The situation runs the risk of civil war and a refugee disaster with serious consequences for the entire region, warned Westerwelle. He also invited the former President Laurent Gbagbo to resign forthwith.

Cuba concluded the trial will define the relationship between Raul Castro and Obama

Détente, reversals and stagnation, forward or backward step in relations with Washington. These are the possible political outcome of the verdict and the implementation of the sentence that a Havana court must issue from tomorrow in case Alan Gross, the U.S. contractor arrested on 61 December 3, 2009 on charges of spying be distributed via satellite telecommunications equipment between dissent.

The images were not of 11-S

When only a few months to age 10 attack on the twin towers, the Cryptome web site has posted new images of that tragic moment. The video was taken by a police helicopter in New York from the time when the two planes crashed into the twin towers fall and until the two skyscrapers. It can see the two towers from various quarters as practically all the Big Apple is in the dust that caused the first collapse of a tower and then the second.