Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bosnia-Herzegovina - As country as football ...

FIFA and UEFA announced on April 1, the suspension of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is not a joke, but an attempt by the international authorities to end the anarchy that has reigned for fifteen years in the Bosnian football. "The suspension of the Bosnian Federation was logical and expected, but it is tragic that the national team has become hostage to political interests of individuals working for years to ruin football in Bosnia-Herzegovina, "indignant Sinan Sinanovic, a journalist from Sarajevo after the Bosnian national team since its inception in the early 1990s.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is almost impossible to agree on any thing. Political representation remains complex [Dayton in 1995 imposed a tripartite presidency and institutions of the three peoples that make up the country: Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs] and relationships between these entities are often strained.

However, it seemed that football was hopeful. The national team, coached by Safet Susic, former Yugoslav international star and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), recently beat Romania (2-1) and increased its chances of qualifying for the European Championship. After the decision of UEFA and FIFA, the euphoria gave way to consternation this suspension may deprive Bosnia-Herzegovina qualifying for Euro 2012.

"This crisis is a consequence of football in the political situation in the country. Dysfunction of the state has infected the football," said Sinanovic yet. The management of the National Federation reproduces that of the Bosnian state, is headed by a tripartite presidency: Sulejman Colakovic, Bogdan Ceko and Iljo Dominkovic, representing the three national communities.

Three presidents, accompanied by four translators, went to every meeting and international forums. In addition to being incompetent and wet in corruption cases, these officials do indeed know no other language than their own. The situation was absurd. FIFA and UEFA have repeatedly asked Bosnians to appoint a single president - to no avail.

Paradoxically, this suspension could make a difference. It could facilitate the departure of incompetent leadership structures. Edin Dzeko the player, national team, shared this viewpoint: "Everywhere else, it is natural that the Federation supports the national team. But not here. Why? With the current leadership, the national team simply can not work.

"There are also the wretched conditions in which the matches of the first division." The national football team was the only one to represent us with dignity in the world and give us the illusion of belonging to a State "continues Sinanovic." Perhaps she will never have the unanimous support of football fans in Mostar [in the Croatian] or Banja Luka [ in the Serb entity], but at least it embodied something positive that people could identify.

"What will the outcome of this imbroglio? Many people hope that the international football bodies have a plan to rectify the situation. "In fifteen years of existence of the Federation, none of its officers has resigned. The resignation is a moral act, but here, this concept does not exist.

This is the reason I believe that UEFA put on a standards committee who will take power within the Federation, while eliminating the current leadership. In short, this will eliminate them from the circuit and give a chance to continue the national team qualified for Euro 2012, "concludes Sinanovic.

UEFA has, indeed, appointed Rudi Zavrl Slovenian, one expert the regional situation, the head of the Standards Committee. It's mission is to bring order in the bodies of football in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ivica Osim, a former Yugoslav international and national team coach of Japan, is a list of favorites to regain the Federation.

In the list of those who will clean up the Bosnian football, as we advance the names of Savo Milosevic, former Serbian international was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Sergej Barbarez, the former captain of the national team of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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