Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An entire family died crossing a river

Tragedy has struck a family visiting this weekend Patalpani town in central India. Iban picnic and had to cross a river. Most people in the group that had happened to the other shore safely. But suddenly, the water level started to grow. The five family members were stuck in the middle of river. His companions were distressed look.

They can not do anything for them. The water just washed them. Three of them have been found dead and two are missing, but there is little hope of finding them alive. At the moment, has not transcended nationality.

A German priest admits molesting three children over the years

A Catholic priest in the city of Salzgitter Germanic has admitted sexually abusing three minors for years, said today the Prosecutor of Braunschweig in the state of Lower Saxony (north), which is now investigating if more victims . In late June, the mother of one child, at the beginning of the abuse in 2004 was 10, reported the priest, arrested last Saturday shortly before leaving for a few colonies.

Cameron: Scotland Yard's situation is different from the British Government

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, refused on Monday that his government is in a similar situation to that of Scotland Yard, after the chief commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Met), Paul Stephenson, and his deputy John Yates, resign over the scandal of the listeners 'News of the World'. Both resigned from his post for his relationship with Neil Wallis, the former deputy director of the newspaper by Rupert Murdoch who also worked as a consultant for the Met.

An airplane pilot crashes into the house of his mother

Still not sure what led to Konrad Schmidt, 47, to crash his plane into the house of his mother. The police is investigating whether it is intentional or simply the pilot wanted to see near home and ended up catching up. It could even be a fatal accident.

In any case, Konrad Schmidt died as a result of the impact. His mother, Rosemary Schmidt, 69, was miraculously saved, as he was on the opposite side of the house. The clash not only destroyed the house, but-well-off a fire and, to top it off, firefighters had to tear down several walls during the rescue.

Obama receives various multimillionaires who promise to help the economy

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, will be presented today at the White House several billionaires who have committed to contribute to society and the economy, according to government sources. The White House said that Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve and Jean Case, Mark Zuckerberg and George Lucas, among others signed a "pledge" will come on Monday at the State Banquet Hall to meet with the president.

Interceptions, Murdoch to bid farewell

- Rupert Murdoch, the founder of News Corp, planned to leave the reins of his team for over a year. The Wall Street Journal reports on Tuesday, explaining that "even before the scandal emerged in recent weeks, Mr. Murdoch planned to resign from his post as CEO in favor of Chase Carey, chief operating officer of the group." "Under this scenario, Murdoch would remain as president," reports the business newspaper, citing sources familiar with the matter.