Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sarkozy's assailant was sentenced to six months but not set foot in jail

The man who on Thursday attacked Nicolas Sarkozy after a visit to Brax has been sentenced to six months, but may avoid going to jail for not having a history .. Gothic style dress, Hermann Fuster, 32, has been filed with the court in Agen, where he attended after being accused of "violence against a person holding public authority." The events took place last Thursday at noon, Brax, when the French head of state was waving to the crowd of people crowded behind a safety barrier.

Hugo Chavez will continue in charge of Venezuela from Cuba

 Venezuela's government said today that President Hugo Chávez, cancer patient, will continue to lead the country from Cuba without delegating functions and showed new footage of him chatting with his colleagues with great spirit in Havana. "The'm seeing ... The'm feeling, beautiful people, Pueblo Grande ...

Now lunch with Nicolas (Maduro, Venezuelan Foreign Minister) and my daughters! What Hurricane of Love! Pa Lante" the president said today in his account Twitter @ chavezcandanga. Those were the first words of Chavez since he announced on Thursday night in a message broadcast to the nation's chain that was removed a tumor and is receiving cancer treatment in Cuba, where he remained for three weeks.

Bin Laden was planning a spy network to detect intruders in Al Qaeda

The documents collected from the compound where bin Laden was found last May shows that the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda was worried about the financial situation of the network and attacks by unmanned U.S. aircraft, today unveiled the 'Washington Post' . The newspaper, citing officials involved in the research team created to analyze the documents seized on 2 May last year Bin Laden sent emails in setting out its concerns.

The Greek authorities prevent the Spanish ship sailing to Gaza

The craft "Guernica", with 40 Spanish on board and bound for Gaza, was now blocked by the Greek port authorities Kolimpari port on the island of Crete, Efe reported the crew members. "We are here with a frigate of the Greek authorities on one side and another on the other," he said by telephone, Tapial Manuel, a member of the crew.

"We have cut the light and we are 50 people on board, give us an explanation some on the prohibition of sailing ", attacked the Hellenic authorities Tapial. These ordered yesterday a ban on departing ships from its ports in the second Freedom Flotilla, which are intended to break the naval embargo imposed by Israel to dock in the Gaza Strip.

Eleven of the same family killed by a mine explosion in southern Afghanistan

At least 11 civilians, including several women and children, were killed by the explosion of a mine when the vehicle in which they were traveling in the province of Zabul, in the troubled southern Afghanistan, an official said. Apparently, they are all members of a family of refugees returning to Afghanistan from neighboring Pakistan.

The incident occurred early in the morning in the area of Zanza Shamalzai district on the border with Pakistan, according to a statement released by the provincial governor's office. According to this version, all the occupants, four women, five men and two minors, were killed in the incident.