Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Process in Ukraine: Timoshenko remains in custody

Over the trial of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev, the court rejected a repeal of the detention. Give the step requested by the defense, there is no reason to judge ruled Rodion Kireyev. The media reported in Kiev on Monday from the courtroom.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Monday thousands of people protested against the arrest of Tymoshenko. The demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse and blocked the main route from Kiev. Remains in custody: the figurehead of the Orange Revolution of 2004 Kireyev judge had ordered the detention on Friday after repeated attempts by the opposition leader disorder.

The Syrian Navy shoots a Lebanese fishing boat

.- The Syrian Beirut Marina shot today against a Lebanese fishing boat sailing in regional waters, said the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA). The two fishermen who were aboard the boat were able to return to the village of Al Arida border safely, said the ANN. The land and maritime borders of Lebanon with Syria, which controlled militarily this small state in the Mediterranean for nearly three decades, are not well defined and it is rare that such incidents occur.

More than 100 arrested in the second night of riots in several parts of London

London is experiencing a second night of violence. The riots on Saturday night took place in the neighborhood of Tottenham on Monday have spread, although with less intensity in the north and south of the city, where hundreds of people have gathered in the streets and shops and premises have been looted.

The police had to act in Enfield, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest, north of the British capital and in Brixton, south, all suburbs. Scotland Yard has reported that there are more than 100 prisoners for acts that have spread to several suburbs of the capital. In addition, there are 35 officers injured, three of them were hit by a car while trying to make an arrest.

Fatah and Hamas agree to release political prisoners

The Palestinian nationalist Fatah movement and Hamas agreed in Cairo to resolve the issue of releasing political prisoners from both sides in Gaza and the West Bank before the end of the month of Ramadan. According to the Egyptian official news agency Mena, the two movements took this decision, which did not provide further details during a meeting held this morning.

This meeting aimed to advance the reconciliation pact signed last May 4 in Cairo the two major Palestinian factions. The agency Mena said the meeting was held in a "positive atmosphere" that shows the insistence of both parties to overcome all obstacles to national reconciliation. The two main Palestinian movements also pledged to give "confidence steps" leading to reconciliation.

Yulia Timoshenko, Ukraine's former first lady, will continue its political struggle

The opposition and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko has promised on Monday before the first hearing of his trial after spending the weekend in prison, will continue their struggle to "make Ukraine a truly European state." "Jail is jail, I will not complain. It is a test, but also the sense of my life trying to get Ukraine to become a true European state," he told reporters in the courtroom before the hearing .

Violence in Mogadishu after the announcement of the rebels to leave the capital

The fighting has re-emerged on Sunday in Mogadishu between government troops and insurgents of al-Shabab, a day after they say they left the capital and declared that the Somali government already controlled most of the city. A spokesman for the peacekeeping force (AMISOM) African Union (AU), the captain Ndayiragije Come, soldiers reported that they had attacked Al Shabab in a district of the capital.

The Serbs of northern Kosovo accept the agreement of Belgrade and Pristina

The Serbs of northern Kosovo have accepted the tentative agreement to end the crisis in the tense border between Serbia and Kosovo, although so far they have not withdrawn their barricades, the press reported on Monday in Belgrade. Radenko Nedeljkovic, representative of Kosovo Serbs, told reporters after a meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic in Belgrade last night, who want to "preserve peace together, unity and stability" in northern Kosovo.

After downgrading, massive losses on Wall Street

In response to the credit of the United States, the tiered rates on the U.S. stock markets have crashed again on Monday. The decline accelerated until the close of trading, so that ultimately the Dow Jones Industrial lost more than 600 points at day's low was significantly below 11 000 points from the market.

London is burning, riots in Notting Hill

They extend also in Manchester and Bristol riots broke out last Saturday in London. While the riots in London in the night have moved increasingly toward the center of the city and as far as the neighborhood of Notting Hill, one of the most fashionable and wealthy, located in the central-west of the capital.

Meanwhile, the urban warfare that broke out three days in London and other cities has forced British Prime Minister David Cameron to break holidays in Tuscany and return to the capital. Violence and looting continued into the night between Monday and Tuesday in the London districts of Croydon, Peckham and Lewisham.