Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Islamic burial at sea Bin Laden

The U.S. government quickly resolved the dilemma of what to do with the corpse of Osama Bin Laden and opted to throw to the sea, they said on Monday, White House sources. The action aimed at the same time respect the Muslim tradition, which seeks to bury the dead in a short period of time, and prevent Bin Laden's grave became a pilgrimage site of international jihadism.

"To find a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist have been difficult," said one U.S. government official quoted by the media of this country. "Therefore, the U.S. has decided to bury him at sea." As said a senior U.S. defense official told AFP, a funeral ceremony was held for Bin Laden on the deck of the aircraft carrier Carl-Vinson in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman, in accordance with Muslim traditions before his body was thrown into the sea.

FRANCE - Burqa, Islam: The debate continues

Ban the Burqa, a miscalculation When Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor, attacked the power of the Catholic Church in Germany recently unified in the 1870s, the confrontation was baptized Kukturkampf - the fight for culture. Based on the idea that a good German could not be loyal to a foreign religious authority based in Rome since he was introduced as the desire to liberate believers rather than oppress them.

DNA samples show that Bin Laden is dead but the U.S. not provide images

New York. .- The U.S. government has no plans to release pictures of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden not to encourage his followers to iconography of the leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, whose death has yet been practically confirmed through DNA analysis and testing facial recognition, according to the U.S.

network CBS. Genetic analysis in the body of Bin Laden confirmed in a "fairly reliable" the identity of the deceased, according to a source told Reuters the U.S. government official on condition of anonymity. Thus, Washington would prefer not to disclose images of Bin Laden knowing the negative reaction it would provoke some "skeptics," the CBS.

The end of a symbol of terror

No hiding in a dark and miserable cave in a remote valley of the most inaccessible mountains in the foothills of the Himalayas, surviving on soup and yogurt. The most wanted terrorist in history finally met his fate on a luxury residential area, between posh houses in a town whose name, Abottabad, has responded to repeated questions over the last decade.

The end of Osama Bin Laden, they died out, is good news. It would have been preferable for the mastermind of the attacks of 11-S had responded to that and justice for all crimes, horrible memory, for which he has pursued in recent years, but surely that's a pretty close idea political utopia to the reality of the world we live.

CHINA - Tuck snipers in range

What difference is there between the arrest of the artist Ai Weiwei and sentenced to eleven years in prison writer Liu Xiaobo? Ai Weiwei risk there to bail a penalty as severe as that Liu Xiaobo bleed? [A week after his arrest, authorities said he was suspected of economic crimes, but his family always knew where he was detained.] At first glance, the two men have much in common: both are critical Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and no concessions to the Beijing authorities, they have both been arrested for crimes of opinion.

The FBI 'blemish' to Bin Laden on its list of most wanted

New York. The FBI said the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, "dead" in its list of most wanted people in the world, has now moved to head Yahiye Adam Gadahn, a member of Al Qaeda, followed by a U.S. citizen which is precisely the number three is expected to be Bin Laden's successor at the head of his terrorist network, Ayman al Zawahiri.

Bin Laden, on weighing a reward of $ 25 million, was wanted for the murder of U.S. nationals outside the United States, conspiracy to kill Americans abroad and attack on a federal facility resulting in death. In particular he was wanted for the August 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 200 people.

Al Qaeda without bin Laden

"Despite nearly ten years of war, Al Qaeda is stronger today than when they committed the attacks of 11-S," writes Leah Farrall, a leading specialist in jihadi terrorism in the journal Foreign Affairs March- April. "Because, since he left Afghanistan for Pakistan's tribal areas, has established regional groups in the Arabian Peninsula and franchises in Iraq and the Maghreb, has many more members have a greater geographic reach and has gained influence and ideological maturity that it lacked a decade ago.

GEORGIA - Georgia, independence difficult

These two decades were difficult for Georgia. In twenty years, not one has been quiet. From 1987-1988, we saw this coming the end of the Soviet Union and the independence of the republics. Even if the USSR still existed, the Georgians were able to create their National Front [and other organizations peaceful struggle for independence].

Yet, and this was our first mistake, we neglected something essential: while seeing that independence was certain we had failed to reflect the fact that we fell from the sky. Nobody wondered if this too easily gained independence was not an ambush. In 1988, a poll showed that 70% of residents of the capital, Tbilisi, wanted to remain within the USSR.

U.S. is considered certain that Al Qaeda will try to avenge the death of Bin Laden

Washington. .- The death of Bin Laden is certainly a decisive step towards the end of Al Qaeda, however, does not mean an end. The terrorist network could avenge the death of their leader, so the international community has called for extreme caution and safety measures. Security forces and intelligence services of the United States have intensified their vigilance against possible terrorist retaliation to the death of Osama Bin Laden, said today the CIA director, Leon Panetta.

Osama bin Laden is dead

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has announced the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. Next to Bin Laden killed three others, according to a source from the U.S. government. Washington believes that one of the dead was a son of bin Laden, according to a senior official of the Executive.

According to U.S. sources, the death of Bin Laden Al-Qaeda offers a path of decline that will be difficult to reverse. U.S. officials have explained that the terrorist was hiding in a residential complex of "high security" about 56 kilometers from Islamabad. In the operation carried out "first thing" on Sunday for a "small U.S.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Gbagbo in the hands of the pro-Ouattara (VIDEO)

Outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone were arrested by the Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FRCI) learns the news site AllAfrica. Assisted by French forces from Operation Licorne troops and UN Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI), the FRCI apprehended the former head of state who was in his presidential residence.

There was subtracted from the arrival of the pro-Ouattara in the economic capital. After conducting repeated attacks against the homes in recent days, they had so far failed to reduce this last pocket of resistance. According to the Ambassador of Ivory Coast in France, Ali Coulibaly, Laurent Gbagbo and his wife "going well".

The Pakistani Taliban promised revenge attacks

Islamabad (Writing / AP) .- The Taliban have warned that there will be consequences after U.S. says it has killed the leader of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden has stated its goals: Pakistani political leaders, including President Asif Ali Zardari The Pakistan army and U.S. facilities in Asian countries.

"Now the rulers of Pakistan, President Zardari and the army will be our first target. America will be our second objective," he assured Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the Taliban Movement of Pakistan, told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location, reports Europa Press. In fact, hours after the assassination of bin Laden, a bomb has exploded near a mosque in northern Pakistan, killing one woman and three children.

Wojtyla, save and except

Already in the altars. After Sunday's apotheosis (the expression of a million and half people in the beatification), the cardinal celebrated Mass today a thanksgiving, a hangover of Bl. The Church has pledged his word and says that Pope John Paul II is in heaven. It is blessed and therefore, you may worship.

The Pope Wojtyla is saved and safe from any suspicion or any liability for past, present or future. Came to the altar (in the first step, but soon get the ultimate goal of the canonization) too "sudden". And haunted by timing marks on his record of Papa the Great, with a pontificate full of lights and shadows, as befits any human endeavor.

Bosnia-Herzegovina - As country as football ...

FIFA and UEFA announced on April 1, the suspension of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is not a joke, but an attempt by the international authorities to end the anarchy that has reigned for fifteen years in the Bosnian football. "The suspension of the Bosnian Federation was logical and expected, but it is tragic that the national team has become hostage to political interests of individuals working for years to ruin football in Bosnia-Herzegovina, "indignant Sinan Sinanovic, a journalist from Sarajevo after the Bosnian national team since its inception in the early 1990s.

Berlusconi appears in court again

Rome. - The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, accused of corruption and tax evasion, appeared in court today for the third time in a month, now for the case Mediatrade. The billionaire leader and 74 years attended a hearing of the case, which analyzes the alleged tax evasion in connection with the purchase of film rights by Mediatrade, a subsidiary of Berlusconi's Mediaset.

In a previous hearing, Berlusconi said the charges against him were "ridiculous." Unlike the other three trials in which they are involved, that of Mediatrade has not yet been officially launched. It is also investigated in the case his son Piersilvio. On Monday the prime minister will have to comparacer in another trial, which is about the alleged bribe to British lawyer David Mills.

NATO forces attacked Libyan Government

NATO troops have launched this morning a strong air attack on army positions near the city Libyan rebel Zinta. The attack has destroyed at least 10 tanks and vehicles, according to a rebel spokesman. "NATO bombed last night in an area east of the city. We have counted at least 12 rockets and dozens of tanks and vehicles have been destroyed," said the spokesman, called Abdulrahman, by telephone to Reuters.

LEBANON - A long wait in Lebanon

Monday, April 11, relatives of detainees and missing Lebanese in Syria (the abductions took place during the Syrian military presence in Lebanon between 1976 and 2005) begin their seventh year of sit-ins, observed since 2005 in the garden Gebran Khalil Gebran , located in central Beirut. "The record has been recognized by the Lebanese state in 2005.

We demand the formation of a national commission. Unfortunately, all parties to be able to steal, "said Ghazi Aad, spokesman for Solid (Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile). "We invite them to face this truth as soon as possible," he says. Crime exists. Remain silent about it is a crime in itself.

Former French Prime Minister De Villepin stated by the Clearstream case

Paris .- Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin arrived today the first day of trial on appeal of the Clearstream affair, which threatens to derail his political career to a year in the Presidential, which is scheduled to perform. Upon arrival at the Palace of Justice, the former head of government avoided ruling on the case and confined itself to the dozens of journalists waiting for him to show his appreciation for the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The UN leaves Tripoli

The UN international staff in Tripoli has been temporarily moved to Tunisia due to "unsafe" in the Libyan capital, as confirmed by a spokeswoman for the agency. The 12 UN international staff in Tripoli late on crossed the border with Tunisia, where "continue to monitor" the situation in Libya, said a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Stephanie Bunker.

CHINA - Petitions in support of Ai Weiwei

The Conservatives of several major museums in the United States, Europe and Asia have launched a petition for the release of the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who was arrested April 3 in Beijing. The origin of this initiative, which has so far received nearly 14,000 signatures, the directors of the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Tate Modern in London, says the U.S.

The daughter of bin Laden mourns the death of the leader of Al Qaeda

Zana Bin Laden, the terrorist number one daughter, told the Vanguard, hours after the announcement in the U.S. operation "are not easy times for the whole family living in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia." The brothers and cousins of Osama bin Laden broke with him after the attacks on U.S. 11-S. A little over a month, in an interview to La Vanguardia, the son Omar Bin Laden 30 years, stated that his father abandoned months before the 11 S, after his men trained together for several years.

The Pakistani Taliban promised revenge

Requests for revenge for the death of Osama Bin Laden has not been long in coming. The Taliban have warned that there will be consequences and pointed out its objectives: Pakistani political leaders, including President Asif Ali Zardari, the Pakistan army and U.S. facilities in Asian countries. "Now the rulers of Pakistan, President Zardari and the army will be our first target.

America will be our second objective," he assured Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the Taliban Movement of Pakistan, told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location. In fact, hours after the assassination of bin Laden, a bomb has exploded near a mosque in northern Pakistan, killing one woman and three children.

CHINA - repression continues

A week after the arrest of the artist Ai Weiwei, April 3 at the airport in Beijing, Chinese authorities continue to expand their repression. Security forces have arrested the cousin of the artist and conducted a search of his new studio in the suburbs of Beijing on April 8, reports the Hong Kong daily Ming Pao.

Police have released no information to his family about his arrest, but the official news agency Xinhua announced on April 9 Ai Weiwei is under investigation for "economic crimes". Since February, nearly 200 people were expelled, arrested or placed under house arrest without having necessarily a link with the calls for "jasmine revolution," reports the site Weiquan Wang, an offshoot of the China Human Rights organization Defenders.

Hamas calls the death of Bin Laden's "murder" of an "Arab holy warrior"

The hangover from the great feast of Blessed Pope

Still there, in the center of the facade of San Pedro. Mira smiling at his 'Papa boys', who continue celebrating the first Mass of thanksgiving for his elevation to the altars. Smiling, from the huge tapestry, Blessed John Paul II inspired confidence in his and, with his gesture, they whisper again who are not afraid and, as it says the large sign on the left of the Plaza, "open wide the doors to Christ.

LIBYA - Qadhafi writer

We knew his Green Book, a collection of socio-political theories presented as the ideological base of his regime. But the colonel is also the author of sixteen new edifying appeared in the 1990s. The Lebanese daily L'Orient-Le Jour has unearthed.

The jihadists promise to avenge the death of Bin Laden

Barcelona .- An ideologue of Al Qaeda has vowed revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of U.S. forces. According to the Associated Press, is the first jihadist acknowledges the death of Saudi Arabia. Under the name 'Al-Assad Jihad2', this course ideologue of the terrorist network has been published in various Islamic extremist Web sites a eulogy of Bin Laden at the same time has vowed to "avenge the death of Sheikh of Islam." He has also made clear that those who give by finished Jihad "will have to wait a bit." This type of extremist websites often publish extensive interviews of 'Al-Assad Jihad2' harangue in which Muslims to give their lives for the holy war against infidels.

Gathering the Fragments of the Holocaust

When, only in the last year, 13,000 die survivors of the Nazi horror in Israel, time becomes an enemy non-negotiable. The Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem (Yad Vashem) knows it and so desperately struggling against the threat of oblivion. 13,000 records lost by the death of his players but that were or could be recorded in the collective memory thanks to their testimonies and their fragments.

Israel, where 208,000 survivors, commemorates the Day of the Holocaust (Shoah) trying to find anything that perpetuates the memory. Bowels of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. While many visitors travel pictures, pictures, videos and backgrounds of the Shoah, Haim Gertner and his small group of experts navigate between documents and objects from the five continents.

Kyrgyzstan - A year after the revolution, a delicate balance

Here the diagnosis of Andrei Grozine, director of Central Asia to the Russian Institute of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States: "I do not support the idea [widespread] that Kyrgyzstan should cease to exist as a state in itself. It is true that there are many problems between North and South [where the protest movement left in 2010].

It is also true that the south is plagued with separatist tendencies. However, this does not mean that this aspiration will prevail, and for one simple reason: the South lives on subsidies from the North [more rich and industrialized]. Suffice to say that the very structure of the economy Kyrgyz prevents the country from disintegrating.

Suspected radioactive leak at another nuclear plant in Japan

Tokyo, May 2 .- leaks of radioactive material may be occurring at the Tsuruga nuclear plant (central Japan), so that those responsible will carry out the manual shutdown of a reactor, reported local agency Kyodo today. The authorities of the Japanese province of Fukui, Tsuruga where they suspect of leaks from nuclear fuel rods from the reactor 2 of the plant, which in 1981 and suffered a leak of radioactive water.

Osama's corpse

Osama Bin Laden died of a gunshot that destroyed his head inflicted by an officer of the Navy special force, known as the 'SEAL'. Soldiers recovered the body, boarded a helicopter and evacuated to Afghanistan. But it can be in a U.S. military hospital in Germany or even the U.S. itself. According to an official source said the Pentagon told CNN, "has been treated with dignity, according to Islamic rites." And according to U.S.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called on U.S. to withdraw from Afghanistan

Cairo (Reuters) The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have considered on Monday that U.S. troops should withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq after the death of Osama bin Laden, who orchestrated the attacks of 11-S which led to two US-led wars . "With the death of Bin Laden, one of the reasons that has been practicing violence in the world has been eliminated," he stressed Essam al Erian, a member of the governing board of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Reuters.

Celebration and shouts of "Yes We Can at Ground Zero

There is no sadder sound than the Irish bagpipes at Ground Zero, but today, May 2, 2011, sounded like heaven. There to celebrate the death of Bin Laden, demon guard who egged the American imagination for 10 years. Under the spotlight, including television cameras and still cameras fired in a game of mirrors, anointed stars and stripes, thousands of New Yorkers, most veintañeros chanted patriotic cries near the epicenter of which was the most brutal terrorist attack in history.

CHINA - The Times rewritten as a tribute to Dylan Ai Weiwei

Columnist Joe Joseph gives his own version in The Times of Subterranean Homesick Blues, a tribute to Ai Weiwei. Bob Dylan, which first occurred in China on 6 and April 8 in Beijing and Shanghai, has avoided most of the protesters sing songs at a time when China is experiencing a strong wave of repression.

And despite the recent arrest of dissidents suspected of trying to foment a "jasmine revolution" in China, which the artist Ai Weiwei, the official Chinese media gave wide coverage to the coming of Dylan, as evidenced by this edition of the magazine Sanlian Shenghuo Zhoukan.

Gaddafi forces heavily bombarded the port of Misrata

Algiers (Reuters) The forces of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, are intensively bombing on Monday the port city of Misrata, the only under rebel control in the west of the country and besieged for weeks, as reported by a spokesman the rebels. "The port is also under heavy bombardment today, have fired about 100 rockets so far.

Misrata The bombing has not stopped in the last 36 hours," stressed the spokesman, who identified himself as Hassan al Misrati in a phone call to Reuters. "It seems that NATO has forgotten us and this has emboldened the forces of Gaddafi. The NATO forces have done nothing in the last 24 hours," the spokesman regretted.