Friday, March 4, 2011

EUROPEAN UNION - Deaf and blind to the cries of the Arab world

I belong to a generation that has had the privilege to witness live in four major waves of democratization in southern Europe (Greece, Portugal and Spain) in Eastern Europe, subject to such schemes Soviet in many Latin American countries, long after the fall of military dictatorships, and finally today in the Arab world, unless things do go wrong.

Revolts in North Africa coincide with the 30th anniversary of "23-F" [failed coup of February 23, 1981 in Spain]. This commemoration should remind us that everything would have happened otherwise and that democratic transitions are always unpredictable and difficult. Spain should know how to transmit his experience to countries embedded in such processes, which require a sure sense of the objectives, timing and power relations.

Jimenez said that what happened in Libya is "unacceptable"

Madrid's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, said Thursday that the response of the Libyan regime Moammar Gadhafi antigovernment demonstrations had been "absolutely unacceptable" but believed that the answer to the crisis by the international community has been coordinated and "very forcefully." "What is happening now in Libya is absolutely unacceptable," the minister said in remarks to Tele Cinco.

Gaddafi attacks aviation enclave in Brega oil and a base in Ajdabiya

Aviation loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has become a bomb today for the third consecutive day Brega oil enclave in the east of the country in rebel hands, by channel Al Arabiya. The target of the attack, according to the television channel, was one of the oil installations of Brega, 200 miles west of Benghazi, and whose control is key to the power of the country in rebel hands, well be the path to the very Benghazi.

AFRICA - The head of the sacred figure disputed

Africa throws its leaders, heads of state, its leaders or its traditional kings. Maghreb Sahel. Cape Horn. The secular cult of personality that has historically characterized relations between African rulers and their subjects leaves give way to indifference when it is not just defiance. The fault in this burgeoning democratic system who wants to make every man the equal of another.

The leader, the servant of his subjects. The image of the leader in Africa was previously associated with prestige, a certain nobility. She was responsible for the grace itself. This vision is due to our history, that of our royalty and the ascendancy as the kings, autocrats and nobles could have on their peoples.

Protests continue in Bahrain against Sunni dynasty

Madrid .- Two massive demonstrations on Wednesday toured the Bahraini capital, Manama, to, in one case, demand the release of dissidents who remain imprisoned, and in another, advocating for a country without social differences between Shiites and Sunnis, in the framework of democratic revolt that plague the Arab world.

One of the demonstrations in Bahrain started from the Place de La Perla, where for weeks the developers focus of popular protest in this country, to the Ministry of Interior, popularly known as 'The Fort', to apply for release of dissidents . Last week, Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa ordered the release of 308 political prisoners, including 23 who were arrested in August on charges of conspiring to commit a coup.

The faces of drug addiction

Within months, the faces 'normal' spectra become monstrous and deformed. The teeth are lost, the gums shrink, sink the forehead, eyes deform. The skin becomes a sponge, is full of pimples, pustules and cysts ... The dramatic metamorphosis of crystal meth addicts hit retina awareness and Police Officer Bret King.

Convinced that a picture is worth a million words, King decided to put his two decades of experience on the street in two documentaries: "Faces of Meth" and "From Drugs to Mugs'. The protagonists of his latest film is now 'fronted' of addiction. The shocking photos of 'before and after' have joined the campaign against drugs in Multnomah County, Oregon, hoping to discourage thousands of teenagers in schools and institutes.

INDONESIA - A new gas drilling dispute

The drilling company Lapindo Brantas gas is about to make a new drilling at a site located only a few kilometers northeast of the Sidoarjo, where there was a volcanic eruption in 2006, reports the Kompas daily. The company belongs to the family of Aburizal Bakrie, former Social Affairs Minister and current leader of the Golkar political party.

Activists rally against the new drilling and eventually require Lapindo to pay compensation to the tune of 82 million euros, 42 000 victims whose houses had been engulfed by mud. According to international experts, the eruptions of mud at a rate of 180,000 cubic meters per day, will continue for 26 years.

200 demonstrators calling for democracy and freedom in Oman

Madrid .- Some 200 protesters plan to continue camping on the Globe Plaza Sohar city, located in northeastern Oman, although in the last hours the authorities have raised from orange to red level warning to leave place, as recorded by the regional agency Gulf News. This group of protesters, mostly young, refuses to leave the square after six days of occupation to demand a democratic opening, but knows the risks, because the deadline to clear the area expired at 18.00 pm on Wednesday (21.00 pm in mainland Spain).

Obama: Gaddafi is on the wrong side of history and should leave and

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, first mentioned by name the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, to assert that it is "on the wrong side of history" and must "give up power and leave now." Obama made his strongest appeal so far against Gaddafi, which claimed its place directly on three occasions in less than ten minutes during a joint press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

The U.S. president warned against "a stalemate that eventually can become something bloody" in Libya. He insisted that his Government is sending "a wide range of options," not ruled out the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, but gave no indication of bending by military means. "What we want is to have potentially the capacity to intervene quickly if the situation deteriorates," said the president.

TURKMENISTAN - The change will come one day

Hail, president! How are you? Not too nervous? You sleep well? No visions of mobs that would disturb your dreams? Looks like you do not fully trust in your intelligence. You're right. Certainly, since the time of Niyazov [former president died in 2006], they have worked to discredit the opposition leaders, infiltrate opponents' organizations based abroad in order to divide them, persecute citizens suspects, but, like your counterparts in several Arab countries have been able to notice it, times have changed.

Egyptian Prime Minister resigns

Cairo, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has accepted the resignation of Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, and has appointed former Minister of Transport Essam Sharaf to form a new government, as reported Thursday the military said in a statement posted in their Facebook profile and confirmed by a military spokesman.

Shafiq Ahmed was Minister of Civil Aviation and tried from January 29 to form a government to Egypt after Mubarak's departure. Shafiq an aide said the appointment of Esam Sharaf as Prime Minister took place in time to defuse calls to more mass demonstrations by protesters on Friday after a first change Shafiq modest and failed to appease protesters who want a clear break with the Mubarak era.

SPAIN - Gaddafi developer

The resin, a latifondo of 7000 hectares, west of Marbella on the Costa del Sol was hosting Eurodisney. Finally, the property fell into the hands of the Lybian Foreign Bank, owned by the Libyan Central Bank. Gaddafi's visit to Malaga in December 2007, was surprised, but the discovery of a construction project has confirmed the nature of the achievement, says the Spanish daily El Mundo.

Indeed, on 7000 hectares were planned construction of 1900 houses, a golf course, a hotel and a convention center. After an initial refusal, the men of Colonel Gaddafi turned to the regional government has referred the project to the municipality. The latter must decide within the next 2 months.

Spain and South Korea held military training aircraft

Seoul .- Spain and South Korea have signed a letter of intent to discuss future cooperation between the armies of both countries Air pilot training, today announced the Defense Attaché, Embassy of Spain in Seoul. The agreement was signed yesterday between representatives of the South Korean Defense Ministry and the Spanish Air Force, coinciding with the visit to South Korea Secretary of State for Defence, Constantino Mendez.

The attack against Americans in Frankfurt had an Islamic background

The youth of Kosovo on Wednesday killed two American soldiers and wounded two others in a shooting at Frankfurt International Airport could be an Islamist, he announced today the German Federal Prosecutor in charge of the case. After making its first investigations, prosecutors in Karlsruhe, assumes that the attack "had an Islamic background" and that the assailant acted alone.

At least not detected any terrorist network behind it, reported their spokesmen. In the interviews conducted today, the gunman, a 21 year old man from Kosovo resident in Germany, confessed his guilt, said in Wiesbaden Boris Rhein, interior minister of Hesse state, where Frankfurt. The radio station of Hesse had indicated early in the morning prior to the attack, the assailant had contacted Islamist Internet.

Eight killed and 30 wounded in an attack against a police station in Pakistan

Islamabad .- At least eight people were killed and thirty wounded in a reported attack against a checkpoint security forces in northwestern Pakistan, told Reuters a police source. Three of the dead were policemen and five civilians, according to the source could not confirm whether the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber.

The attack took place at an entrance road to the northwestern town of Hangu, in the volatile, mountainous Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. In Hangu, where there is a strong sectarian tension due to the presence of Shiites, and other strategic towns of this province who are close to the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan were frequent attacks.

China 12.7% increase military budget for 2011

The Chinese army will have this year with 12.7% over budget to undertake the modernization of equipment and troops, was announced today by China's communist government. The defensive line will thus 58,100 million euros last year to 65,570 million in 2011, although other neighboring governments, and the Pentagon have said in the past to Beijing to publish only a fraction of its military budget.

BOLIVIA - Landslides kill thousands of disaster victims

During the weekend of 26 and 27 February, heavy rains caused landslides that destroyed or rendered uninhabitable 800 homes in La Paz. The population was evacuated in time, no victim is to be deplored, but more than 5,000 people made homeless in the Bolivian capital, situated 3,700 meters above sea level.

According to municipal authorities, landslides occurred on a fault-known, long inactive, had already caused landslides before 1930.

Rebels advance to Tripoli to stop the counterattack Gaddafi

Brega (Libya) (editorial / Agencies) - The Army faced Libyan Muammar Gaddafi on Thursday rebel forces increasingly organized and confident, who are appealing for international support and seek to expand their military successes to the west, heading to Tripoli . In fact, the rebels who control cities of Benghazi, the second largest in the country, are already popular and democratic organizing committees to avoid chaos and control their daily lives.

The rebels in Libya: The only thing we have to negotiate is the output of Gaddafi

The parallel government Qaddafi of Libya in the east is only willing to negotiate if the Libyan dictator resigns and goes into exile to avoid bloodshed and repression in the country. It is the position which has transmitted an aide Mustafa Abdel Jalil, former justice minister who resigned to join the revolution that wants to overthrow the dictator.

The employee is Ahmed Jabreel, which is also present at the Council installed in the city of Benghazi. For the National Council of Libya is necessary to enact a no-fly zone to prevent attacks by aircraft and give 'space' to rebeledes in their struggle for control of the country. The conditions of the rebels are clear: "The only negotiations will be about one thing: How Gaddafi leave the country or resign so that we can save lives.

IVORY COAST - UN denounces the sale of helicopters to the camp Gbagbo

February 28, speaking through his spokesman, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced the delivery Belarus three attack helicopters and support material for Defence Forces and security Côte d'Ivoire (FDS-CI), loyal to incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo. "This is a serious violation of the embargo in force since 2004," he said, adding that measures would be taken against those violating the embargo.

6,000 dead in the riots, according to Libya's human rights league

Tripoli / Barcelona (Editorial) .- The numbers of casualties in the fighting between rebel militia and troops loyal to Muanmar Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi is confusing in terms of the non-governmental and international organization that provides. The latest unofficial data since the Libyan regime does not count the victims and the repression or direct skirmishes between opponents and army forces Gaddafi has known this morning.

TUNISIA - The era of the late ministers resign Ben Ali

"Following the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi and the appointment of Beji Caid Essebsi to replace him, the political situation remains unclear," said the webzine of Tunis. He announced the departure of the government, February 28, the last two ministers who served the office of President Ben Ali was overthrown on January 14.

It is the Minister of Industry and Technology, Afif Chelbi, and that of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed Nouri Jouini.

Spain evacuated today to 4,000 Egyptians at the border between Libya and Tunisia

Madrid .- Spain will begin on Thursday to repatriate some 4,000 Egyptian immigrants who have fled from Libya to the border with Tunisia and not have their own resources to return to their country of origin, according to diplomatic sources announced. The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECI) is planning to hire about three flights a day for at least a week in response to the request made Egypt to facilitate the return of these citizens who have left Libya to escape the fighting between Muammar Gaddafi's regime and the insurgent population.

Assange's lawyers appealing his extradition to Sweden

Lawyers for the founder of the website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, have appealed to the High Court in London the decision of a court to authorize his extradition to Sweden, which he claims for alleged sexual offenses. On Thursday, a lower court in London approved the release of the director of portal to the Swedish authorities to argue that Assange have a fair trial in the Scandinavian country.

EGYPT - Mubarak allowed to leave the country

February 28, Egyptian authorities have proceeded to freeze all assets of the ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, as well as those of his family. He and his family have also been banned from traveling abroad. Since his resignation on February 11, Mubarak and his family took refuge in the seaside resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

According to legal experts quoted by the newspaper, it is likely that the rais should serve a prison sentence, at least to have captured public funds.

The International Criminal Court will investigate the violence in Libya

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo, will open an investigation into the violent events in Libya. "After conducting a preliminary review of available information, the prosecutor has concluded that an investigation is warranted," said the Prosecutor of the ICC in a statement.

The note said that Moreno-Ocampo formally make the announcement tomorrow, Thursday at a press conference in The Hague and points out that Council Resolution 1970 of UN Security, adopted last Saturday, "grants jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court the situation is in Libya since the February 15, 2011.

Coup against journalists in Turkey

"On one hand we talk about press freedom, the other journalists were arrested. Do not understand." He said in February the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador Francis Ricciardone ... and sparked a mini-crisis between Washington and Ankara, where Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused him of being a "rookie" who was not aware of reality.

Neither understands Terkoglu Özge's wife Terkoglu Baris, one of three journalists arrested on 14 February, which meant Ricciardone. The other two are Pehlivan Soner Yalcin and Baris, all investigative reporters Odatv digital diary. "Being an intellectual in Turkey is becoming increasingly difficult.

U.S. boy marks the winning basket and dies

High School Fennville, Michigan. The Blackhawks, the basketball team at home, beat the Bridgman Bees 57-55. The basket of victory marks the sixteen year old Wes Leonard. He celebrates the joy of friends and sink it. But then the boy breaks down. Died shortly after in hospital. Deb Patterson, spokesman for the 'Holland Hospital, the facility where the sixteen year old was transferred immediately after the illness, said Leonard died in the night and will do an autopsy to find out what were the causes of death.

The return of Rachida Dati "With Sarkozy explained everything"

Rachida Dati is back. The woman who was spokesman for the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 and later Minister of Justice - and then fall from grace after Sarkozy's divorce from Cécilia Ciganer Albanez - was drawn in the direction of the UMP party.

ARGENTINA - The trial of the thieves babies

A historic trial opened on 28 February in Buenos Aires, to judge a crime that resulted from stealing their identity to several hundred children. During the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983), some 500 babies had been stolen in several clandestine detention centers and torture, where their mothers - Objectors arrested by the regime - gave birth.

Two former dictators Jorge Videla (85 years) and Reynaldo Bignone (83 years) are on the dock alongside six other soldiers.

U.S. introduced new charges against the soldier accused of being the source of WikiLeaks

Washington. .- The U.S. Department of Defense. UU. today announced 22 additional charges against Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of being the main source leaks WikiLeaks diplomatic cables, according to NBC. The most serious of those charges of "aiding the enemy" under the U.S. military uniform, as a sentence carries the death penalty, but the Army's legal team has stated that such punishment shall not recommend the military judge overseeing the case.

Clinton: Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are exceptions to democracy in Latin America

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Wednesday at a Senate hearing that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are "exceptions" to the current "sustainable democracy" and economic growth in Latin America. During a hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, Clinton praised the American continent, with the "notable exceptions" of these three nations, "have entered an era of sustainable democracy and economic growth." "A lot of what America is very proud and grateful," Clinton said, reiterating Washington's support of the Government to free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama, pending ratification.

PAKISTAN - Prime Minister invited the leaders of Balochistan in the dialogue

"Reacting to the kidnapping considered intolerable by two other judges and many lawyers in Balochistan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, reiterated its Feb. 28 offer of dialogue with leaders of Balochistan, to help stop the insurgency raging in the province, "wrote the daily. "The tribal rivalries undermine the rule of law in Balochistan," said Gilani.

Several lawyers have been abducted in recent weeks in the province, presumably to obstruct justice.

Wikileaks reveals a violent dispute between the sons of Gaddafi in Libya for the distribution of Coca-Cola

Shots were fired. Deployment of troops and military vehicles. And Cain struggle to illuminate the inner workings of a family kleptocracy now cornered. "Do you know the movie The Godfather? We have experienced the same in recent months, "said a businessman a U.S. diplomat in Tripoli, referring to the saga of Francis Ford Coppola mafia.

The quote and the story of the clash between two sons of Muammar Gaddafi between 2005 and 2006, appears in a report from the State Department diplomat who has won the organization Wikileaks and yesterday revealed Reuters. Libyan version of the movie-a-mix version very real feuding brothers, a country run like a family farm and a flagship company of the American way of life, the Coca-Cola.

Guttenberg gives up his seat as a deputy, and the immunity conferred

Former German Defense Minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who resigned after being involved in a plagiarism scandal last Wednesday, has also resigned as a Member of the Bundestag. The resignation, confirmed by the Lower House of German Parliament, former Minister leaves no immunity. Hours before the news was confirmed, the Attorney General's Hof announced the opening of a formal investigation against Guttenberg by accusations of plagiarism.

Iran: Protests and arrests in Tehran

Despite a massive presence of security forces to go in the Iranian capital Tehran, the protests continue the outnumbered opponents of the government. This set the security forces and tear gas. Clashes are reported from all around the University of Tehran, Azadi Blvd.

On Tuesday alone, said to have been arrested in Tehran 200 demonstrators, 40 in Isfahan Also on Wednesday and Thursday, there were arrests. The demonstrators shouting "Death to the dictator" and "Khamenei is a murderer." The authorities had, however, denied that there had been protests.

Yemen: President Saleh makes concessions

Will on demonstrators "to go": Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Salih face of massive protests, wants the President of Yemen, according to a consultant to approach the demonstrators. Ali Abdullah Saleh will on a plan of opposition to the regime of his resignation and the introduction of reforms to respond "positively" the adviser said on Thursday the news agency Reuters.

The details are currently being discussed and announced at a later date, he added, without naming an exact date. Opposition and religious leaders suggested Salih's resignation by the end of the year. The parliamentary opposition had created a timetable for the solution to the current crisis, which provides for the resignation of the heads of state later this year, opposition spokesman Mohammad el Sabri said on Thursday.

Libya, Qaddafi bomb Brega

The Libyan crisis is not an outlet or political or military and the president of the United States Barack Obama returns to voice the his voice. "Gaddafi has to go. The message is clear, the violence must stop, are disgusted, Gaddafi has lost its legitimacy and has to go, "said Obama.

Gaddafi Chavez mediation poses a Peace Commission

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has proposed to Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi the possibility of creating a Peace Commission to Libya, as reported by the Venezuelan government. The Arab League is considering the proposal. The Minister of Communication and Information Andres Izarra, said the telephone conversation was held on Tuesday, but did not elaborate on the dialogue.

"We confirm that there was a conversation between the commander Chavez and Gaddafi on a proposed peace commission to Libya," said Izarra through your twitter account. Chavez made the proposal last Monday, when he said he would argue that a commission of friendly governments of Libya trip to the North African country to inquire about the situation and propose a peaceful solution to the crisis caused by the riots against the government of Tripoli.