Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The nuclear crisis sinks TEPCO by losses of 5,200 million

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which owns the plant in Fukushima, lost nearly 5,200 million euros between April and June by the nuclear crisis, only in victim compensation bill has passed at least 3,600 million euros. The company today announced results for the three months immediately following the devastating tsunami of March, which broke out in Fukushima's worst nuclear accident in the last 25 years and put on the ropes TEPCO, the largest electric utility in the country and the only one that provides energy to Tokyo.

Santiago: student-police clashes

In Santiago, Chile, student-police clashes Barricades - The new challenge for students in the ninth mobilization in three months, has resulted in sporadic clashes. The protesters had set up several barricades at intersections, removed by the police, intervened by using tear gas and jets of water.

A man of 26 years, first fatality of the riots in London

London. .- A man aged 26 died after being shot Monday during violent incidents in the suburb of Croydon in London, according to Scotland Yard. This is the first fatality of the riots that began in London on Saturday night and those who have been detained some 525 people, a hundred of them charged. The man was shot when he was in a car, but for now unknown details of the event.

Nearly 80 police officers were injured during the three nights, in which there have been riots in London and Scotland Yard stressed that the rioters directed their violence directed against them. Among civilians, injured 14 people yesterday, including a 60 year old man with serious head injuries.

A third corruption scandal again shakes the government Rousseff

The Brazilian Federal Police arrested 38 people linked to the Ministry of Tourism, including Vice Frederico Silva da Costa, as part of an investigation into misuse of public funds. This is the third scandal exploded in the Cabinet Rousseff since July, when the Transport Minister, Alfredo Nascimento, stepped down under pressure from allegations of corruption and led the president to begin a process of "cleansing" that resulted in the portfolio in the dismissal of more than twenty employees.

Cameron: We will try to restore order

Prime Minister David Cameron explained that they have suspended all permits to the police because "we need more, more agents" and "we will work to restore order." In all, 16,000 officers on the streets starting tonight, 10,000 more than in recent days. Cameron was speaking after meeting Interior Minister and police officials, in which images of violence described as "disgusting scenes." "It is outright criminal and must be confronted and defeated," he emphasized, reports Reuters.

Freedom for the 137 people arrested in recent protests in Bahrain

The commission of inquiry into violence in Bahrain on Tuesday confirmed the release of 137 detainees, including two Shiite MPs by the authorities in recent protests. The head of the commission, Cherif Bassiouni, the Egyptian Mahmoud, an international expert in criminal law, has confirmed the release and said in a statement that his team continues its investigation of torture, abuse and violence that have marked response in the country.