Wednesday, May 4, 2011

U.S. Pakistan not informed of the operation against bin Laden because he did not trust

Washington. .- The United States did not inform Pakistan of the operation against the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, because it could jeopardize the mission, said the CIA director, Leon Panetta said in an interview with Time magazine published today. Americans feared that Pakistan "could alert the goals," Panetta said in the first interview after the operation that killed the leader of Al Qaeda.

Find the second black box flight AF447

The second black box of the Air France plane that crashed in June 2009 when he was traveling between Rio de Janeiro and Paris was found tonight "in good condition," the Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA). The device records the information booth, which is essential to clarify the causes of the accident, was "located and identified" by investigators at 21.50 GMT this evening and was retrieved by the robotic submarine Remora 6,000, which he did get "the ship France Ile de Sein at 02.40 GMT on Tuesday, May 3, "the BEA said in a statement.

The FN at his home in Hénin-Beaumont

Now led by Marine Le Pen, the Front National (FN) shook the French political world while begin large-scale maneuvers for the 2012 presidential election. Marine Le Pen, telegenic personality more openly and less provocative than his father, Jean-Marie, is credited by some 20% in the polls, which the hoisted at about the same level as the big bands of right and left.

The National Front's strength rests on the rejection by the public representatives of conventional politics. But the FN also feeds the discontent felt by people in poor cities and industrial past, like this, near Lille, in northern Iraq. Jobs are scarce, many immigrants and France seems lost in an ever wider faces competition from China, India, Brazil and even new states of the European Union.

Netanyahu insists Abbas to cancel its agreement for reconciliation with Hamas

Jerusalem. .- The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cancel the reconciliation agreement that is expected to sign Wednesday with the radical group Hamas islmista in Cairo. "I call on Abu Mazen to cancel the agreement with Hamas immediately and choose the path of peace with Israel," Netanyahu said at the end of a meeting with the head of the Middle East Quartet, Tony Blair.

Erdogan invited Qaddafi to abandon Libya

Loud and clear, finally. After a month of ambiguities, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has positioned unambiguously. "We invite the Libyan leader to relinquish command to prevent more blood be shed," he said Tuesday at noon at the Turkish media during a press conference. As if it was not clear: "Our advice for Gaddafi is to consider that your choice has unfortunately brought blood, tears and oppression.

RUSSIA - All gagas Gagarin

In ancient Gjatsk [Smolensk region, 26 000], which is since 1968 the name of the first cosmonauts, Yuri Gagarin, is everywhere. Banks and mobile operators use of his image in their advertisements. It appears on a vast canvas that covers half of a building downtown, and his smile displayed in the windows of apartments.

If you come by train, his bust will greet you at the station, where his giant portrait throne above the counters. On site, everyone will tell you: "Be aware! The first landowner to have flown in space! How can you not be proud?" Is there an event as sensational as his past 108 minutes aboard Vostok-1? For the people of Gagarin, no doubt, there has never been anything remotely like it and the world will know more intense emotion.

The CIA did with bin Laden after identifying the person who conveyed his instructions

Washington (AP) .- When one of the trusted men of bin Laden picked up the phone last year, did not know who was driving the U.S. forces to the door of his boss, the world's most wanted terrorist. That phone call intercepted, according to an official said Monday the U.S.. UU., Ending a year long search for bin Laden's personal messenger.

The tracking of the messenger was U.S. intelligence. UU. a walled in northeast Pakistan, where a team of Navy SEALs killed bin Laden. The end of the world's most wanted terrorist was the culmination of years of work by U.S. intelligence. The CIA always thought that one of the vulnerabilities of Bin Laden was his network of couriers.

The UN encourages the Muslim world revolutions

The UN deputy secretary general of the Egyptian Muhammad Shaban, assured on Tuesday that the United Nations Salamanca "encouraged by the revolutions in the interests of democracy" are taking place in Muslim countries and has asserted that such movements "are not riots ". Shaban, who preferred not to comment on the death of Bin Laden because of their status of "international civil servant", as apostille, it has meant that the United Nations "encouraged by the revolutions, not stirred", which are occurring in countries Arabs "for the sake of democracy." This was highlighted in remarks to reporters before attending the First Meeting of Signatories Universities Memorandum of Understanding with United Nations in the eighteen participating academic institutions in the world, as well as regional and international organizations.

JAPAN - The disaster raised the level 7 Fukushima

The Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency said the accident at the plant in Fukushima was now assessed at 7, is the highest level on the scale of nuclear and radiological events, and the same as the Chernobyl accident . This reassessment is due to the amount of cesium and iodine released into the environment, "but the level of radiation is only 10% of which was issued in 1986 and is 10,000 times smaller than what had be rejected at the peak, "she said.

The Taliban doubt that Bin Laden is dead

Barcelona. .- The Taliban have expressed doubts today about the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden is true. The Afghan Islamist group says will not hold true this information until they see the evidence or received confirmation from sources close to the former leader of Al Qaeda. Although U.S.

officials. UU. have said that Bin Laden's identity has been confirmed both with facial recognition tests and DNA, the lack of photographs of the body and burial at sea have raised concerns in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the assassination of the man who eluded detection Americans for so long.

The situation remains critical Misrata

NATO has acknowledged Tuesday that the situation in Misrata "remains critical" despite the "continuous" air support that the allies are providing the rebels in this and other cities, but has confirmed that there is "clear access to the port of the city despite the regime's forces have laid mines in Tripoli harbor waters to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid.

"There is clear access to the port of Misrata. Thanks to ongoing military operations (NATO) that are taking place in the port and the city of Misrata, the port is still quite safe and the forces have managed to expand anti-Gaddafi the perimeter of your control, "said at a news conference at the Italian admiral, Rinaldo Vieri, who heads the operation to implement the arms embargo on Libya by the UN authorized.

EUROPEAN UNION - Europe divided over the issue of refugees

"The dispute about refugees divides the European Union, as the Berlin daily. "The European Ministers of Interior expressed a clear rejection to the Italian government on Monday in Luxembourg," the newspaper reported. Italy, which has seen an influx on its soil more than 20,000 Tunisians since the beginning of the year, wanted his European neighbors agree to receive these immigrants on their territory.

'Time' gives bin Laden the cover of 'bad'

Time magazine published in its next issue cover in a graph that displays the image of Bin Laden died crossed in red. This edition emulates the already published on May 7, 1945 with the image of Adolph Hitler. It is not the first time the magazine cover copy that historical fact, this would be the third time.

Time and crossed in 2003 when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and in 2006 the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This historical edition, designed by illustrator Tim O'Brien, will go on sale next Thursday. The U.S. went from yesterday its special farewell to his public enemy number one.

Nothing to celebrate

I do not hold. I do not like people are murdered. And Bin Laden would be a murderer but also-however wrong that was, one person. And do not approve of the crime is committed by a gunman and, not an army that takes orders from a president-elect. And all seems to stem from the most basic democratic sense that States exercise a supposedly legitimate to kill people, terrorists or not, either in its own territory, let alone in other countries.

FRANCE - Act on the veil: a form of Islamophobia?

"The first day of application of the law banning the veil has not gone unnoticed," notes the paper in Dubai, which publishes a photo of the heavy-handed arrest in Paris of a woman wearing a niqab. For the newspaper, France's decision to ban Islamic headscarves in public places full challenges the freedoms that this country is European.

"The entry into force of this law when the ruling party has launched a debate on the place of Islam in French society makes the ban even more problematic."

The White House study released a photograph of the corpse of Bin Laden

Washington, May 3 .- The White House has finally decided to broadcast at least one picture of the corpse of the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, killed Sunday in an operation by U.S. special forces in Pakistan, reports the online journal "Drudge Report". President Barack Obama made the decision at a meeting at the presidential mansion to discuss the desirability of disseminating the images, according to that environment.

Members of Fatah and Hamas reach Cairo

A delegation of 10 officials from Fatah, the Palestinian party that governs the West Bank, arrived Tuesday to Cairo for reconciliation agreement signed Wednesday with his rival, the radical Islamist group Hamas, whose members began to arrive also to Egyptian capital. A delegation of Fatah members who came from the West Bank city of Ramallah joined Hamas officials living in exile in Damascus, the Mufti of Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Foreign intervention, unfortunate but necessary

Laurent Gbagbo must drop its insistence on its own, the daily analysis of Burkina Faso. The "impartial forces" that are the French contingent and UNOCI have merely take note of the excesses of Gbagbo deem necessary to assist the troops of Alassane Ouattara. If the paper regrets that "Western interference", he welcomed it allows the issuance of millions of Ivorians held hostage in this post-election conflict.

The operation against Bin Laden tests the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S.

Islamabad. .- The operation of U.S. special forces killed Osama Bin Laden has once again highlight the difficulty of relations between Washington and Islamabad, whose alliance is key to stability in the region. There is growing controversy over the extent to which Pakistan participated in the preparation and conduct of the operation, incomplete versions and sometimes contradictory by the Pakistani authorities.

Protection for Obama's grandmother

The Kenya Police has increased the staff to protect the home of "Mama" Sarah Obama, the Kenyan grandmother of U.S. President, Barack Obama, to prevent possible terrorist attacks in revenge for the death of yet leader of the Islamist terrorist Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. Africa Review digital media reported that Stephen Chetek, local police chief of the Kenyan town of Siaya, where Kogelo, a hamlet in which Obama's grandmother lives, "decided to strengthen the security of Obama's relatives after Terrorist threats have received three days ago.

YEMEN - Saleh accepts a proposal to withdraw the opposition refuses

The Yemeni opposition rejected, April 11, the withdrawal plan submitted by President Saleh of the Gulf States, announces the Kuwaiti daily. The Head of State had previously agreed that the negotiation would allow him to leave power without fear of prosecution. "We would be crazy to offer guarantees of a government that is killing peaceful demonstrators," said the spokesman of the opposition to justify its refusal.

Arrested in Madrid the new leader of a group of Russian mafia

Madrid .- La Guardia Civil in Madrid have arrested a Russian citizen Dmitry Konstantinovich Belkin, considered the leader of a Russian mafia group and he is accused of murder of the principal investigator for the Office of Odintsovo. The arrested, according to the Guardia Civil, is supposedly the leader of criminal organization Medvekovskaya-Orekovskaya, a position he held since 2003, when agents arrested in Marbella this body Andrey Pyleva, which weighed on an international arrest warrant for the crimes of murder, banditry and criminal group creation.

All Palestinian factions unite to deal

11 Palestinian factions united Tuesday in Cairo to document Palestinian national reconciliation and agreement reached by the groups Fatah and Hamas on 27 April, Palestinian officials said. In the presence of Egyptian officials, other factions signed this document, a day before the ceremony of signing the agreement to be held in Cairo.

An official of the leftist People's Party, Walid al-Awad, told reporters that the eleven factions separately initialed the agreement on reconciliation. "Today, all factions, including Fatah and Hamas have signed the agreement," said Al Awad, who noted that tomorrow will take place "the official celebration to announce the agreement." The preparation of this document back to the beginning of negotiations for reconciliation, which were interrupted in 2009 when Fatah signed the agreement prepared by Egypt and Hamas rejected it saying that arrangements had been made at the last minute without your consent.

SPAIN - Baltasar Garzon indicted in the case Gürtel

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon was indicted April 11 by the Supreme Court for placing illegally wiretapped detainees and their lawyers in the scandal Gürtel a corruption case that affects the Popular Party (right). Already suspended from office in 2010 as part of another procedure launched against him, faces a long exclusion Garzón of the Spanish judiciary.

For everyday, it's "justice upside down" because Garzón will be judged before the corrupt in this case.

The reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas factions unite all Palestinian

Cairo. .- Eleven Palestinian factions were united today in Cairo to document Palestinian national reconciliation and agreement reached by the groups Fatah and Hamas on 27 April, Palestinian officials said. In the presence of Egyptian officials, other factions signed this document, a day before the ceremony of signing the agreement to be held in Cairo.

An official of the leftist People's Party, Walid al-Awad, told reporters that the eleven factions separately initialed the agreement on reconciliation. "Today, all factions, including Fatah and Hamas have signed the agreement," said Al Awad, who noted that tomorrow will take place "the official celebration to announce the agreement." The preparation of this document back to the beginning of negotiations for reconciliation, which were interrupted in 2009 when Fatah signed the agreement prepared by Egypt and Hamas rejected it saying that arrangements had been made at the last minute without your consent.

Several dead in the Afghan border with Pakistan

At least 25 suspected Taliban were killed in a joint operation conducted by Afghan troops and NATO in Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan, an official source. The provincial governor, Badar Jamaludin said that the offensive of the security forces has been developed from Monday Olagon Area, located in the district of Bargmatal, considered the stronghold of the fundamentalists in the region.

PERU - Keiko Fujimori in the second round of presidential

According to a statement drawn from nearly 90% of the ballots, the member Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), sentenced to heavy prison sentences for violations of human rights and corruption, ranked second in the first round of presidential elections. She is just ahead of former Prime Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynscki and will face the candidate of the left nationalist Ollanta Humala on June 5 in the second round.

Humanitarian organizations are asked to investigate the death of Bin Laden

Bangkok .- The human rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) today questioned the operation that killed the leader of Al Qaida, Osama bin Laden, who was shot by American soldiers on Monday and buried at sea. "If it was shot dead by soldiers, his death should be investigated," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, based in New York.

"Right now we do not see where he was Osama bin Laden is an area of armed conflict, we need an investigation," Adams said in Bangkok to present a report by Human Rights Watch on antigovernment protests last year in Thailand . "People say that justice has been done, but justice has been done.

Five arrested near a British nuclear

British police have arrested five men near the nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield in northwest England, under anti-terrorism laws. The county of Cumbria Police said the men were arrested Monday after a vehicle stop agents at a checkpoint near the plant. The registration was carried out by civil nuclear police, dedicated to patrol the vicinity of the plant.

All men have about 20 years and were in London, police said. They are being questioned at a police station in Manchester, while the investigation continues.

BELARUS - Scores killed in the subway in Minsk

A violent explosion occurred April 11 at the Oktyabrskaya metro station in central Minsk, says the news site. Twelve people died, while 149 were injured. The attack took place shortly before 18 pm, a busy time. Conducted for sixteen years by the iron hand of Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus had not undergone major attack in recent years.

Lukashenko said he did not rule out that this "gift we come from abroad," reports the site.

Bin Laden's death hits record on social networking

MADRID (Portaltic / EP) .- The death of Osama Bin Laden to American hands has been one of the biggest phenomena experienced in the recent history of social networking. Twitter posted a major peak messages per second and many were those who heard the news on social networks. Also jerked or Instagram FourSquare business.

According to research conducted by Mashable among 20,000 of its readers, Twitter (31%) and Facebook (20%) accounted for more than half of the channels of information from which nurtured its users to learn the death of terrorist. The speed with which news and comments were issued and the volume of these involved the death of Bin Laden became one of the most followed on Twitter history.

The response of Al Qaeda is in the West

The news of the decade surprised the Syrian cleric Omar Bakri Mohamed, leader for 20 years the radical better known in Europe and devoted admirer of Osama bin Laden, at his residence in Abu Samra district of Tripoli, where he resides since he escaped from Britain by his alleged links with the 7-J. The conversation with elmundo.

it occurred yesterday morning, just two hours after the world knew the death of Bin Laden, and tremor in the voice of the founder of the extremist group Al-charged Muhajirun attract potential Muslim jihadists in the most disadvantaged areas London, dissolved a few years ago, betrayed his state of shock.

INDIA - The disputed method of activist Anna Hazare corruption

Anna Hazare, the Gandhian activist on hunger strike since April 5, broke his fast policy Saturday, April 9, to the great relief of his thousands of supporters. The New Delhi government has accepted the two main demands of this man of 73 years: the development of a strict anti-corruption law and the creation of a committee made up half of members of civil society, responsible for drafting the text will be tabled in Parliament before June 30 A bill against corruption had already been developed in 1966 and it has been over forty years as successive governments push the vote on this text.

Beatus Joannes Paulus II

The coffin containing the remains of John Paul II was taken from the Altar of the Confession of St. Peter's Basilica at the chapel of San Sebastian Vatican temple, once the celebrations for the beatification of the Polish pope. According to Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, around 19.15 local time (17.30 GMT) on John Paul II's coffin was carried in procession from the altar of confession, where he was placed at 13.00 local time (11.00 GMT) , to the Chapel of San Sebastian, where the burial took place.

GUATEMALA - The first lady may be in the presidential

Justice of Guatemala has pronounced the divorce of head of state Alvaro Colom and his wife, Sandra Torres, thus removing the constitutional obstacle to the first lady's candidacy for president in September. It thus rejected the appeals filed by citizens or lawyers who denounced a maneuver to circumvent a constitutional prohibition.

The newspaper is interested in the campaign Torres, who chose not to dress in white. "To prepare for her wedding with the people?" asks the paper.

Bin Laden was accompanied by 18 people in the assault

London .- The leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, was accompanied by 18 people at the time that the assault was U.S. special group, one wife was injured in the attack and one of his daughters has "confirmed" international terrorist's death, as reported on Tuesday Pakistani intelligence sources. Sources of the Pakistani intelligence services (ISI), reported the BBC on Tuesday that "between 17 and 18 people" were in the residence of bin Laden in Abbottabad, 60 miles from Islamabad, where the assault took special command .

14 killed in Sudan

A military convoy of the Sudanese regular army, heavily armed, had entered the province of Abyei, leading to several clashes with local police. The clashes have caused 14 deaths according to several officials of the district and the UN. Fighting erupted on Sunday when a northern army commander entered by force in the territory of Abyei ignoring several attempts by local police stop convoy of more than 200 soldiers and six armored vehicles with machine guns, Deng explained Arop Kuol a witness.