Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dictator

Loyal and rebel groups clash in the streets of Tripoli

Tripoli .- Supporters and opponents of the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi met in Tripoli, where anti-government demonstrations today were convened. Thousands of supporters and opponents of Qaddafi today staged fights against a mosque in the center of the capital after Friday prayers. While one party shouting "The people want the fall of Colonel (Gadhafi)" the other replied: "The people quire Mu'ammar, Colonel." According to witnesses, supporters of Gaddafi, who wore green armbands, fired into the air to scare off opponents.

We know that there will be many martyrs, but we do not care

The fate, sometimes whimsical, you can have Sirte, the birthplace of Muammar Gaddafi, will become the final blow to an authoritarian regime that lasted for 42 years. Militants targeted opponents of the dictator firm to assault the enclave, where people are afraid to take place a bloody episode in the riots that for 20 days in the country, due to the large number of adherents to Gaddafi that focus on the city.

Mikheil Saakashvili President of Georgia

"All these revolutions in the Middle East have names of plants: the revolution in Tunisia jasmine, cedar in Lebanon, etc.. This 'label' has been created by Georgia with its Rose Revolution [in 2003]. "

UK intercepted a boat with Libyan currency board

London .- British officials today reported the interception of a ship-board currency Libya allegedly went to the North African country, in compliance with the UN-approved sanctions against the regime in Libya. The Ministry of Interior reported that the boat was intercepted by a Coast Guard, which escorted him to the port of Harwich (on the coast off northern English Channel).

"A ship bound for Libya returned to the UK on Wednesday morning. The boat was escorted to the port of Harwich and the Coast Guard Customs Agency HMS Vigilant," said a spokesman for the Home Office. "They landed the ship several containers, which are under the control of the Customs Agency in the UK and have been transferred to a safe place," the spokesman said.

The Pharaoh of Arab tyrants

She is the mother of all Arab tyrants, or rather his Pharaoh, if we look at styling Impossible boasting next 40 years. Gaddafi, the most folkloric of the satraps to the spring storm threatens to bury the dunes of the desert, has always understood that the international theater literally. And it has left the scene with all its tinsel artillery walk through summits, banquets and meetings of the UN.

Mohamed El-Yazghi, Moroccan Minister of State

The UN says it is now impossible for a humanitarian corridor Libya

Geneva .- The UN estimates that at the moment is impossible to think of a humanitarian corridor in Libya because aid agencies have only sporadic access to the country, according to a spokesman for the Humanitarian Aid Department of the organization, Elizabeth Byrs. "The problem is access to the interior of Libya.

For now are sporadic access to humanitarian organizations and the UN, and are largely confined to Benghazi (city liberated from the control scheme Muammar Gaddafi), but we can not go to Tripoli "he said. In these circumstances, "we can not talk of humanitarian corridors," said the spokesman, who said that "all UN agencies are ready to go (to Libya), but the problem is (lack of) security." It also revealed that a UN assessment mission that could move quickly to the east of the country has confirmed that "the supply line is cut off from Tripoli and concerned by the lack of fuel, food and medicine." "Our primary concern is the west" of Libya, emphasized in reference to the area that remains under government control and that neither humanitarian personnel and journalists have been reached.

The trial against former Egyptian Minister of Interior

Former Egyptian Minister of Interior Habib al Adli, leading figure in the repressive regime of Hosni Mubarak, who is in custody, has pleaded not guilty at the start of a trial against him for alleged money laundering and illicit enrichment. A judicial source explained that al-Adli has appeared in this first session, which lasted only half an hour, before a Cairo criminal court, presided over by Judge Qansua Mohamadi.

Michael Schumacher, German Formula 1 driver

The Egyptian prime minister attends a demonstration in Tahrir Square

Cairo. .- The new Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, promised on Friday to tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to do everything I can to "meet their demands." Sharaf was appointed yesterday by the Supreme Military Council after Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, appointed by former President Hosni Mubarak shortly before leaving office, submitted his resignation.

Conservative and Labour agreed to form a coalition government in Ireland

The center-right party Fine Gael (FG), who won the last elections in the country and the Labour Party have agreed to form a new coalition government, as confirmed by the future prime minister, Enda Kenny. "I'm happy to say we have reached an agreement in which the finer details are being worked out," Kenny told reporters.

The deal puts an end to a negotiation process which began on Feb. 26, when the Conservative Party in the elections did not achieve enough votes to govern alone. Polls harshly punished Fianna Fáil, the party that had dominated Irish politics for eight decades and who had ruled in the past 14 years.

A video on the Internet led the attack against U.S. troops

Frankfurt - The young Islamist who on Wednesday killed two American soldiers and wounded two others in a shooting at the Frankfurt International Airport, acted alone, motivated by a video on the Internet, reported the German general prosecutor, Rainer Griesbaum. Arid against Uka, Montenegro and Serbia from InGermany resident since 1991, issued an arrest warrant on Thursday night, said the same.

Rebels advance to Sirte, Gaddafi while stepping up the siege in Al Zauiya

In the day number 19 since the beginning of the revolt against Gaddafi, after 42 years in power, the death toll continues to rise. The battle for control of Al Zauiya, a key city in Libya, where there is an oil export platform and before the revolt was producing 120,000 barrels of oil a day, "has intensified after two days of heavy fighting and tanks the dictator have completely surrounded the city.

The police is chic

The police? Furiously trend in Rio de Janeiro. The uniforms of the security forces are approaching a cardboard carnival. It pulls the replica outfits of UPP, the units responsible for pacifying the favelas torn to drug traffickers. Police pacification takes control of the territory by moving to the slums after the assault troops of elite military police, the BOPE.

These battalions are not deemed incorruptible details. Their methods are often condemned by associations defending human rights. Still: the uniform, struck a skull, also a success. The film Tropa de Elite 2n'est no stranger to this craze. This blockbuster was seen by more than 10 million Brazilians.

The UN is investigating the sale of arms to Zimbabwe to Gbagbo

New York (Reuters) United Nations would be investigating a possible sale of arms to the interim president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, on the part of Zimbabwe, which would be a violation of sanctions on the purchase of equipment imposed by the Council Security Abidjan in 2004, according to a report consulted by Reuters.

The peace mission of the international organization in Côte d'Ivoire, UNOCI, documenting the arrival of "light weapons from Zimbabwe" and a shipment of ten wooden boxes contained "trucks and tanks." "This shipment has been at the Abidjan airport for six months. Aerial photographs have confirmed their presence," contains the text.

Thousands of Egyptian security headquarters to preserve evidence against Mubarak

About 2,500 protesters have broken into the main headquarters of the services of State Security, law enforcement is the regime of Hosni Mubarak, in the northeast of Cairo, according to official Egyptian news agency, Mena. The demonstrators entered the building, located in Madinat Nasr district, to find important documents before their perpetrators being burned or destroyed, the sources said.

Protests in Bahrain and confront radicalized Shiites and Sunnis

Hamad Town (Bahrain) - At least eight people were injured today in Bahrain to check hundreds of clashes between Shiites and Sunni Arabs in the city recently naturalized in Hamad Town, south of the capital. The demonstrators made use of stones, wooden sticks and knives in the street battle in which at least eight people were injured, one seriously.

A photographer who was working for an international agency was beaten numerous times by a mob. He took away the camera before he was rescued by police. At the moment it was unclear if they also were wounded members of the security forces to try to remove the sides. However, some of them had blood-stained uniform.

Marine Le Pen ahead of Sarkozy in the election polls

The president of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen, is ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French preference for the post of president, according to a survey showed Saturday. Marine, daughter of the founder and former president of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen, achieved 23% of likely voters, ahead of 21% to obtain both the current French president as the Socialist leader, Martine Aubry, according to a newspaper poll "Le Parisien." The president of FN achieves that intention to vote for a hypothetical first round if it were held "next Sunday," according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the newspaper, which published this Sunday, but Saturday and advanced it in place Internet.

Uruguay - a small country in which to live and do business

"By the end of the term of President José Mujica [former guerrilla in power for one year], the per capita income in Uruguay increased from 15 000 to 20 000 dollars [10 834-14 446 euros] and is closer to that Portugal. And the country will become one of the top five in the world with the largest renewable energy production per capita, "said Luis Almagro, Uruguayan Foreign Minister during a visit to Spain.

The struggle for power in Ivory Coast could end in civil war

Nairobi - In Ivory Coast there is imminent danger of a civil war because the struggle for power for more than three months faces President Laurent Gbagbo, who was defeated in elections last November, the winner of the opposition Alassane Quattro, warned a group of experts. "The international community must support the illegitimate president (Gbagbo) is determined to fight to the end, even when this means that Ivory Coast was plunged into lawlessness and economic disaster," writes the International Crisis Group in its most recent report on Africa, released today in Nairobi.

The business of the border

Today, dozens of Libyan-registered cars are crossing Ras Ajdir. They are men who travel alone and refuse to make any statement to reporters. They are smugglers who cross the border in cars with dual fuel tank. A few kilometers in the desert, they stop and meet with their counterparts. Suck a rubber gas tank and fill several cans hidden while the police turn a blind eye.

So make a living on either side of the border between Libya and Tunisia. "There is a point on the beach where it is very easy to cross on foot when the tide is low. Libyans and Tunisians exploit to smuggle goods. The police said that while they are not drugs and alcohol can do whatever they want.

ZIMBABWE - Harare police loop

Influenced by the role of social networks in the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, Internet Zimbabwean had launched via Facebook and Twitter-R a call to demonstrate on 1 March in the streets of Harare to demand the resignation of dictator Robert Mugabe. At the time of appointment, the streets of the capital were deserted with the exception of police and military armed to the teeth so that the capital grid no protester could not pass.

Gaddafi offers money to those who support the war

Tripoli / Istanbul .- Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, offered money to his supporters in the fight against insurgents, said today the opposition media. According to media, Mr Gaddafi sent mediators to the cities of Misrata, Nalut and Al Zawiya, in the west, where in days past, there were fierce clashes between rebels and troops of the regime, to offer its people a lot of money in exchange for loyalty.

Saudi Arabia will use force against those who go against the system

The Saudi Interior Ministry warned on Saturday that employ security forces against those who tamper with or break the system, according to a statement from spokesman General Mansur Turki. "Security forces are allowed legally to adopt the necessary measures against those who tamper with or break the system anyway," said Turki.

The Turki recalled that the rules in the kingdom completely prohibit all kinds of demonstrations, marches and sit-ins because they "run counter to the principles of Islamic law, values and traditions of Saudi society, and because they violate public order, and also damage public and private interests.

Argentina - Vargas Llosa he will inaugurate the Book Fair in Buenos Aires?

The Peruvian writer, Nobel laureate for literature in 2010, was slated to inaugurate the 37th edition of the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires to be held from April 20 to May 9 But this choice creates "a complex debate about the literary and political commitments," the Argentine newspaper Página 12.

It all started with a letter from the National Library stating that this choice was "extremely inappropriate," the newspaper reported. Many leftist intellectuals, while acknowledging the literary qualities "undeniable" of the work of Mario Vargas Llosa, then adds, in lambasting the liberal positions of Mario Vargas Llosa and recalling the many criticisms made by the author against Argentina .

Japan's prime minister rejects early elections

Tokyo (Reuters) .- Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has refused to hold elections in advance, despite the opposition and his own party are asked to take urgent measures to overcome the stalemate in the process of approving budgets state for the next year in Japan's Parliament. "I'm not thinking about dissolving the Lower House," Kan said at a session in the legislature, thus ruling out a call early elections.

The Sultan of Oman appoints three ministers after protest

The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said, ordered the dismissal of three ministers and the immediate appointment of their replacements in a remodeling that occurs after popular protests last week in the country. The Sultan issued three decrees to appoint new officers of the Royal Household, the Office and the Royal Court Affairs, according to state news agency ONA, which gave no details.

On day 28, the Omani Minister of Health, Ahmed al-Saidi, said the government was considering the requests of the protesters, but always "expressing them in a legitimate manner," referring to protests in the days before city of Sohar, the epicenter of popular revolts in Oman. This week, government representatives met with some protesters listen to their requests.

RUSSIA - Mikhail Gorbachev, the free man

Mikhail Gorbachev is one of the few personalities free from Russia. It is a right that he deserved. Him his freedom also comes from his great age. As the poet says [Iosif Brodsky] in another connection, it now has "no need to flatter nor to be afraid, nor to hurry." Gorbachev belongs only to himself, impossible to privatize the nationalized while, as we did with Boris Yeltsin (privatized by Vladimir Putin and nationalized by the current government as a whole).

China increases military spending in excess of 65,000 million euros

Beijing .- China will increase its annual military budget by 12.7 percent to 601,000 million yuan (65.553 million euros, U.S. $ 91.473 million), above the 7.5 percent rise last year announced today the official Xinhua news agency. The Chinese military budget is 67,600 million yuan and higher than 2010 (7.373 million euros, U.S.

$ 10.288 million) and will be a 6 per cent of the total budget of China. The defense budget also exceed, unlike last year, growth of gross domestic product (GDP) of the Asian giant, which in 2010 rose 10.3 percent, and this year is estimated to grow around 7 percent, as predicted last week the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao.

Algerian opposition leader, injured in a demonstration

The leader of the opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), Said Sadi, was wounded by a knife in Algiers, during a demonstration called by their training to seek regime change, he confirmed. Hundreds of people clashed with police during the course of the march. Sadi said he received a gash on his fingers by a counter-protester in the popular neighborhood of El Madania "under the eyes and in the presence of the police." The protest was just a dozen attendees at Madania, where police deployed its agents while some passersby showed their rejection of the concentrates.

Farewell to Granado

Alberto Granado is dead, Ernesto Che Guevara friend in his famous motorcycle trip to South America. Granado, 88, died Saturday, March 5 in his sleep at his home in the Miramar district of Havana, his ashes will be scattered between Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina, had written it as' his last wish.

" After the trip along with that for South America in 50 years, Granado, who was born in Argentina in 1922, he was in Venezuela, where he married the Venezuelan Delia, by whom he had three children. The mortuary was set up in the Vedado neighborhood in Havana, where hundreds of people have given him a final farewell, one of these Aleida Guevara, Che's widow.

RUSSIA - Railing against immigrants in Moscow

"The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has declared war on illegal immigrants", says Kommersant. On 1 March, it launched a campaign to conduct raids on abandoned buildings, attics and basements against the illegal aliens. Such attacks have already been made in railway stations and markets in the capital.

Moreover, Sobyanin orders that foreign workers in good standing receive medical coverage, housing and a minimum wage, without explaining precisely how. He also asked employers to hire a priority of Russian citizens. The authorities reduced the quota of foreign workers to Moscow, set at 200 000 persons in 2011, 50,000 fewer than the previous year.

Gaddafi faithful to retake control Zawiya

Benghazi (Writing and Agencies) .- Zawiya back under control of forces loyal to Qadhafi. Local television has confirmed that the city, close to Tripoli, is no longer in the hands of the opponents, according to Al Arabiya broadcast. "The popular masses and the leadership in Zawiya have managed to secure the city and wrest control terrorist elements," state television said, adding that during operation the government forces have seized tanks, armored vehicles and rocket launchers they were rebels.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Additional time for the panel

The panel of heads of state appointed by the African Union (AU) to try to find a solution to the Ivorian crisis was to make its copy on March 4 at the latest. It will receive an additional period of one month to make proposals. "This delay should give flexibility to the panel," said Le Temps, a daily close to Gbagbo, the outgoing president who is still challenging the victory of Alassane Ouatara.

Thirteen killed in an attack during an election rally in Nigeria

Nairobi - At least 13 people died in a bomb attack on Thursday night during an election rally in the city of Suleja, in central Nigeria, reports today in its online edition the newspaper The Sun. A suspect was arrested immediately after the explosion, which also left about 20 people seriously injured.

The explosive device was thrown from a moving bus on the crowd who attended the campaign rally of the ruling PDP. The attack came as thousands of people were gathered in the grounds of a school, the newspaper The Guardian. The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, condemned the "cowardly and vicious attack" and ordered to strengthen security measures during the current election campaign.

The night-shift ghost terrorizes a hospital

A spirit that appears at night has terrorized workers at St Barnabas in Libode, South Africa. Therefore, that hospital officials have opened an official investigation to the extent that you are taking the matter begins to be concerned that employees who refuse to work the night shift. Machines that are switched on and off alone, visions of a mysterious nurse who disappears and calls to the doors of some rooms of medical interns are part of the mysterious cocktail.

Libya: Heavy fighting around Al-Sawija

The Libyan Civil War, the bloody battle for the strategically important cities has been going well on Saturday. The troops of President Muammar al-Gaddafi started in the afternoon another attempt to take the insurgent-controlled city of Al-Sawija west of Tripoli. Meanwhile, moved in together the United States and other NATO countries strong units at the base of Souda Bay to the west of the Mediterranean island of Crete.

Winners and losers

Popular movements not only require a few tweaks of the system, but a real restructuring of the existing authority structure together with a more pluralistic orientation and socially just. Undoubtedly, there are winners and losers here. The winners are the people of the Middle East politically oppressed for decades.

Millions of Arabs and Muslims have private voice regained its voice. The current intifada, or revolution concerns not only the issues of livelihood or work, are at stake freedom and individual liberties. For the first time in the last forty years, the people of the Middle East trying to write their own history and decide their future.

Security forces dispersed thousands of Iraqis

Iraqi security forces used water cannons and batons to disperse protesters on Friday in the southern oil hub of Basra in the south, while thousands of Iraqis throughout the country protesting against corruption and poor basic services. Demonstrations against the lack of jobs, electricity, water and other services have increased since the Iraqi-inspired protests triggered in the Arab world, demanding reforms to a government formed after elections in December last year.