Saturday, May 7, 2011

ISRAEL - Minister Lieberman accused of fraud

The Attorney General of the State of Israel, Yehuda Weinstein, April 13 informed the foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, he was accused of money laundering, fraud and witness tampering, which could force him to resign. Yehuda Weinstein allow Lieberman, who has protested his innocence, to explain themselves before deciding to charge him or not.

The Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has supported Lieberman, saying he hoped would prove his innocence.

40 people arrested in Abbottabad linked to Bin Laden

New York .- The Pakistani security forces have arrested since Thursday in Abbottabad 40 people suspected of links with the late leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, killed by U.S. forces in the operation conducted on Monday in this Pakistani village, reports the official U.S. intelligence center, Open Source.

Pakistani sources consulted by the center reported that these arrests are part of the "second phase" of the operation 'Geronimo', which killed the leader of Al Qaeda.

An attack on a Christian village in northern Nigeria kills 16

Sixteen people have been killed on Friday during an attack on a Christian village in northern Nigeria, a region prey to the violence between Christians and Muslim communities, as reported by the police. Unidentified gunmen attacked at night the town of Kurume, in the state of Bauchi, one of the most affected by the violence that occurred in the country after last month's elections.

"According to my information, 16 people have been killed and 20 homes have been burned in the attack," said Amama Abakasanga commissioner of police in Bauchi. The police have deployed in the area to avoid an escalation of violence. The states of Kaduna and Bauchi have been the epicenter of the riots that erupted after the presidential elections of April 16, who won the Head of State, Goodluck Jonathan.

Internet - Europe, Facebook, tug of war on privacy

"Leaving Facebook? It is the Kafkaesque nightmare!" Exclaimed Sean McTiernan, Dublin journalist of some twenty years trying to get out of the famous social network, has discovered how Facebook does not want to see him go . It is rare for a young person today not to succumb to the appeal of Facebook, let alone when he worked in an area where social media has become so dominant.

But now, McTiernan had simply had enough of "hyper-sharing" with friends online. He knew he would not be easy to get out (and what was to happen to her social life?) But he decided to go ahead and break the chains of the virtual community. "Ultimately, he says, I finally found a program to delete one by one, all comments, all photos and all the entries that I could upload.

Allende's remains be exhumed next May 23

Santiago de Chile .- The remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende be exhumed next day 23 in a measure considered key to clarify the circumstances of his death, which according to the accepted version was a suicide, according to judicial sources confirmed to Efe. The judge of the Court of Appeals of Santiago Mario Carrozza, manager of research, today set the date for this expertise, to be held at the General Cemetery of Santiago.

Ouattara is sworn in as president of Ivory Coast

Alassane Ouattara has had for the first time on Friday as president of the Ivory Coast after five months of crisis in the country's government. His predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo was arrested on 11 April. Ouattara, 69, has vowed to play his role as president to the president of the Constitutional Council, Paul Yao N'Dré, cabinet members, diplomats and representatives of the armed forces in the Palace of the Presidents.

Kazakhstan - power, father-in-law

President Nursultan Nazarbayev re-elected for a fourth term on April 3 with 95.5% of votes decided who will succeed him, as the online newspaper Respublika Kazakhstan. His son, the billionaire Timur Koulibaev, 428 Forbes 2010 richest people in the world, has just been appointed to head the holding company Samrouk Kazyna, which covers all major public enterprises in the country.

The market capitalization of Samrouk Kazyna is estimated at 80 billion. "From there the chair of President of the Republic, there is only one step," the paper notes, adding: "Now, the Nazarbaev family holds all the power and the Kazakh economy."

Cambodia and Thailand meet this weekend to close their territorial dispute

Jakarta .- The border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand and Burma's request to chair the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2014, today's meeting focused pre-summit ministerial that the regional group held this coming weekend. "Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to Indonesian observers moving into the area of conflict", said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Marty Natalegawa, after meeting with his counterparts from ASEAN in Jakarta.

Defectors to power

Beyond the prestige that comes with office, to be undersecretary of state in Italy involves a number of privileges and perks: a juicy bonus of 3,112 euros per month (added to the monthly salary of 11,703 euros received by Members), official car, possible use of state aircraft, and assistant secretary in charge of public funds a bargain.

Well, yesterday named Silvio Berlusconi finger ten new secretaries of state (one of them, in fact, has been appointed personal adviser to the prime minister). What is surprising and interesting is that nine of the ten new appointments have gone to members until five months ago sat on the benches of the opposition and, suddenly, one day they changed their party as one who changed his shirt and move to the ranks of 'Il Cavaliere'.

United Kingdom - Moussa Koussa return there in Britain?

The families of victims of the Lockerbie bombing have been furious to learn that the British government had authorized Musa Kusa, a former Libyan foreign minister, to leave the territory to get to Qatar, where a peak occurs on the future of Libya. This ancient figure of Gaddafi regime is suspected of masterminding the attack against a U.S.

airliner Pan Am which had killed 270 people in 1988. Musa Kusa has also been heard by the Scottish courts last week as part of the investigation into the explosion of this plane. His arrival in London two weeks ago, has generated much hope in the people who hoped to learn more about the circumstances of the attack.

Japan nuclear plant paralyzed by the high seismic risk

Japan Tokyo .- The Government today called for a stay of Hamaoka nuclear power plant, considered one of the most dangerous in Japan, before the need for extreme security in a country still locked in a nuclear crisis. The decision was taken to the seismic risk in the area where the plant is located on the edge of the sea and about 190 miles southwest of Tokyo, which fears it could cause a "great" earthquake by the confluence of three tectonic plates .

Tsvangirai Party receives more than 90 cases of aggression by followers of Mugabe

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the prime minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai has said Friday it has documented more than 90 illegal detentions, intimidation and attacks against its members and supporters in so far this year. In a report provided indicates that these attacks have been carried out by police and members of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party of President Robert Mugabe, who remain unpunished.

The absolute majority of Scottish Nationalists opens way for independence referendum

London (Special to Europa Press, Eva Martínez Millán) .- The historic absolute majority obtained by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP, its acronym in English) in parliamentary elections held last weekend opened the way for the convening of the coveted referendum on the independence of the territory for the United Kingdom.

After starting the election campaign Labour behind in the polls, the SNP, which opened in the last legislative power with a minority government, has been awarded the 65 seats in the assembly hegemony of Holyrood, the threshold allows the training necessary to adopt the law convening a referendum at some point in the five years that will last the next term.

The EU sanctioned thirteen members of the Syrian regime, but not the president

The countries of the European Union reached political agreement on Friday to punish the Syrian regime figures 13 in response to the violent suppression of protests in the country, has said a diplomatic source. In that list does not appear Syrian President Bashar Assad, despite several Member States pressed for it included.

The sanctions were formally adopted early next week and will involve European travel ban and assets freeze on EU territory of those affected, according to the same source. The approval will take place through the so-called "silence procedure", whereby a text is taken on a certain date if no country is against.

United Kingdom - Justice lax? No thank you!

83% of Britons believe the sentences for convicted too lenient, according to a poll conducted for The Times newspaper. These figures are an embarrassment to the Justice Minister, Kenneth Clarke, when he must propose next month, a bill to revise the system of penalties and to reduce the number of inmates.

More than 3,000 mourn Salafi Bin Laden in Cairo

Cairo .- More than 3,000 Salafis today launched a demonstration in Cairo to protest the death of the leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and target the U.S. embassy in the Egyptian capital, security sources said . The sources told Efe that Salafist groups left after the noon prayer in the mosque of al-Nur, one of the largest in Cairo and other members of this current will join the march, which targets the U.S.

Bin Laden's death sparks protests against U.S.

Friday is the holy day for Muslims. This was the first since the death of Osama Bin Laden. Taking advantage of the concentration of the faithful in the mosques, extremist organizations have called for protests in the leading nations of the Islamic faith. Around 1,500 Pakistani manifest this Friday against the death of Osama Bin Laden.

They claim that many figures as he will to continue the holy war against America. Pakistan, a clear majority Muslim country, is undergoing the greatest reaction after the U.S. space forces kill Bin Laden on Monday near the capital of China. His death has angered Islamists with an important political weight in the country, asking the Pakistan government to stop supporting the U.S.

WORK - Mexicans working the longest

Among OECD countries, Mexico is where the population carries the longest day of work, dedicating 10 hours a day to paid work and unpaid (to clean or prepare meals, for example). The average in the OECD is 8 hours. These figures come from the report "Society at a Glance 2011 - OECD Social Indicators", released April 12.

"The report shows that Mexicans are the ones who spend more than 3 hours per day on household chores," said the Mexican daily El Informador, stating that the kitchen takes up a large part of that time.

Al Qaeda confirms death of Bin Laden

Barcelona. (Writing / AP) .- The terrorist network Al Qaeda has confirmed the death of its leader Osama Bin Laden to a statement released through Islamist forums, according to the SITE monitoring service, reports Reuters. "Al Qaeda issued a statement on jihadist forums on May 6, 2011, confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden," said SITE.

In its statement, Al Qaeda vows to continue attacks and says the death of Bin Laden is a "curse" for the United States also calls for an uprising in Pakistan. A special group of U.S. Marines struck at dawn on Monday was the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.

Japanese Prime Minister calls halt other nuclear plant safety

Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has asked the company operating the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, southwest of Tokyo, to halt all operations by security, according to local agency Kyodo. The Hamaoka plant, operated by Chubu Electric, located on the Pacific coast of Tokai, an area where three tectonic plates converge and where it is feared that an earthquake may occur up to 8 magnitude on the Richter scale.

Collateral Damage

Deprive Armenia of the Internet? It is the achievement of a Georgian than 75 years, which has cut off access to the Internet on the evening of March 28. The retiree faces prison: she admitted damaged fiber optic cables by trying to steal copper. These cables owned by the Georgian Railway Telecom operator, serving the east of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, says BBC News.

The Syrian regime continues to massacre and kill 21 protesters

Amán/Barcelona.- The Syrian regime has caused at least 21 people today to quell protests in Damascus and other cities. Security forces and police under the command of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not hesitate now, as have been doing over the past two months, to open fire to quell demonstrations have been called today Friday, a day of prayer in Arab and Muslim world.

In the city of Homs, north of Damascus, killing between five and ten people, while in Hama, also north of the capital, killed at least two, according Qurabi, head of the Syrian National Organization for Human Rights (ONSDH). Qurabi, located in Cairo, whose organization collects information through witnesses and other Syrian activists, explained that several people were injured in the city of Al Tel, near Damascus.

UN demands to the U.S. all the details of the death of Bin Laden

A UN independent investigator working on issues related to extrajudicial executions has called on the United States reveal more details about the operation against Osama Bin Laden in Abottabad, Pakistan. This will allow experts to assess the legality of his murder. According to the information known so far, the operation is performed in about 45 minutes with the help of four helicopters.

The operation was conducted in the highest secrecy, without them being alerted Pakistani authorities beforehand. Apparently, Bin Laden was shot in the head and chest while he was unarmed, as confirmed by official sources. Special Forces was given the option to surrender before killing him.

There's wooden legs

Troufion life? Exhausting. Fortunately we can carry his gear for his little maid. This photo of a soldier stationed in Singapore on Facebook has been around social networks, reports The Straits Times, which in turn took possession of the subject. On the Web, comments ranged from outrage to concern about the health of the armed forces, through attempts at explanation.

"Parents should show more discretion in what they expect from their home, said Yu Ming Loke on Facebook. Seemingly innocuous things like wearing the binder children, what is done here, may lead to the development of undesirable behavior without their knowledge. "After a" deafening silence "in the words of the Straits Times, the Army 's is split by a message on the forum of the newspaper: "The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have investigated the case of a soldier who was recently photographed with his housekeeper, to whom he was wearing his pack .

The suspected bomber was arrested Marrakesh before in Portugal and Libya

Rabat. .- The alleged perpetrator of the attack on the cafe in Marrakech Argana had been previously arrested and Portugal, Syria and Libya to try to join Islamic terrorist groups, reported the Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherkaoui. In a press conference, Cherkaoui also said the two alleged collaborators had also been previously arrested in Libya and said the three are residents of Safi (about 150 kilometers east of Marrakech), without specifying their identities.

Reach Lampedusa three boats with 565 immigrants from Africa

Three boats from North Africa with 565 illegal immigrants on board arrived this evening at the Italian island of Lampedusa, where in the last 24 hours have landed 831 immigrants, mostly, had left the coast of Libya. The last landing took place last Thursday night with the arrival of a barge with 65 immigrants on board, including a woman, and that the authorities believe came from Tunisia, as reported by Italian media.


Running red lights, crossing without warning, throwing his papers fatty ground, park anywhere, in short behave like savages, it starts to do well. The authorities of the prefecture of Wuhan, China, now publish in newspapers the list of bad citizens, says Shanghaiist. Each week, 40 offenders (10 for each type of crime) are chosen at random.

Time and place of the crime, name, age, license number, sanction imposed shall be published prominently. The lucky ones have the same right to their photo.

Assad announces anti-corruption measures but forces to march on his behalf in Deraa

Madrid .. The Syrian Army is forcing the inhabitants of Deraa, in the south, to demonstrate in favor of the regime of Bashar al-Assad on Friday reported a journalist from Al Jazeera television. "The people of Deraa says the Army has asked them to protest in support of President al-Assad if you want to recover the bodies of their relatives," the journalist reported by Abdurahman Warsame Twitter from Doha, Qatar.

The nationalist sweeps Scotland Salmond and relive your query secessionist

Polls announcing a victory by the minimum of the independence movement. But the Scots have given the party a landslide victory for Alex Salmond and paved the way for the holding of a plebiscite on independence. The query so far no date. But Salmond environment places it in the second part of the term, which ends in May 2015.

The final results will not be known until this afternoon. But the scrutiny points to win uncontested SNP nationalists, who have managed to contain the labor and feed the collapse of the Liberal Democrats. The success can be attributed to the charisma of Prime Minister Salmond, who started the campaign in the polls and fought back with a moderate speech and presidential.

Did you use U.S. a dog in the attack on Bin Laden?

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The identity of the 80 members of the Navy SEALs who participated in the operation against Osama bin Laden remains a secret Abbottabad. The media no longer speculate about that, just on a day when the U.S. president, Barack Obama, is scheduled to visit Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the military base from which the now famous "Team 6" .

Of these 80 members of the command, known now only a detail of one of them walks on all fours. And is that the members of the command that killed the leader of Al Qaeda could have a dog. The news, according to the journal Slate, first appeared in the British tabloid The Sun, although of great prestige newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post also echoed this in its pages.

Two dead and six trapped trapped in a mine in southern Poland

A gas explosion in a coal mine in southern Poland on Friday has killed two miners and six others, four miners and two rescuers are trapped inside, according to the head of the center. The methane explosion caused a fire in the mine Krupinski, belonging to the largest mining company in Europe, JSW, near Pszczyna in the region of Silesia.

The accident occurred 900 meters deep in a gallery in which 32 miners were working. In early attempts managed to evacuate most, although it lost contact with two rescue workers and four workers, who were trapped in the mine by a subsequent explosion. "We just voice resume contact with the four and the two trapped miners rescued, but do not know what state they are," said Jaroslaw Zagorowski, head of the mine.

No horse? Ride a cow

His parents refused to offer him a horse. Regina Mayer has fallen back on a calf, she has patiently trained for two years. Today, reports Spiegel, Luna trots, gallops, clears obstacles without flinching as he built the German girl. She regularly walks his rider. "She believes she is a horse," says the teenager.

In fact, Luna spent his time listening to the horses "but they do not seem interested." The cows, they, do not like this dissent, to whom they décochent a helping hoof from time to time. Regina had initially tried to make another calf, Lilly. Too stubborn. Luna has proved much more cooperative.

Nick Clegg harsh punishment in the British regional elections

London. .- Heavy losses of the Liberal Party, minority coalition with the conservatives in the British regional elections and the progress of Scottish nationalists are the dominant notes of the election day on Thursday, according to preliminary results. All also points to a clear defeat of the Liberal proposal to change its electoral system of simple majority vote by the so-called alternative, which would allow voters to vote for several candidates in order of preference.

The Mona Lisa from her sleep

Leonardo da Vinci is rolling over in his grave: the Mona Lisa will be exhumed, said the agency ADN-Kronos Italian. The hunt will begin April 27 skeleton in Florence, in a former convent. Objective: to find the remains of Lisa Gherardini, the woman alleged to have inspired the painting of the Renaissance genius, and whether it was indeed the model of Leonardo.

Some 1,000 square meters will be passed to the GPR to locate the remains of a woman of 63 years - Mona Lisa, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. According to historian Vasari, a contemporary of Leonardo, the husband of Lisa Gherardini had commissioned the portrait painter of his wife. The death and burial of the Mona Lisa was discovered some years ago.

The allies want to give the rebels the blocked funds to Gaddafi

Tripoli. .- The Deputy Foreign Minister of Libya, Khaled Kaim, has warned that the U.S. intention to unlock frozen funds to the Libyan government to hand them the rebels would be an act of piracy. "Any use of frozen funds is like piracy on the seas. This is illegal and if we remain silent, I think we will end up living in a jungle," said Kaim to the international press.

In this sense he argued that the rebels "are not a legal entity, not a country" as a territory can only be divided by a referendum or a United Nations resolution, which in the case of Libya does not have occurred. This is the answer to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who yesterday announced that the U.S.

Cambodia rejects Thailand's request to leave the temple of Preah Vihear

The Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong, rejected the request of Thailand to withdraw its troops from Preah Vihear temple because he believes that Bangkok is not honest in its intentions for peace. "I never withdraw the troops from our territory, it must be very clear," Namhong said in Jakarta after meeting with his Indonesian counterpart, Marty Natalegawa.

Cambodia and Thailand share a stretch of border that was never clearly defined what caused many battles, in recent weeks have killed 18 people and about 60,000 have been displaced. The current conflict began in 2008, when UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and included Preah Vihear in Cambodian territory, an eleventh-century Hindu temple.