Monday, May 30, 2011

FRANCE - François Mitterrand, a disappointment African

Africa commemorates its way thirty years from the accession to power of François Mitterrand. Indeed, context is marked by intense elections on the continent. As he had recommended in his famous and now historic speech in La Baule in 1990, secured the support of democracy. But today, what else does it effect Mitterrand? Can we venture to say that the continent has advanced in terms of democracy? Without doubt the passage of Mitterrand he scored the world.

China detains 74 suspects in factories contaminated with lead batteries with the blood of hundreds of people

Beijing, May 30 .- The authorities of the eastern province of Zhejiang on Monday reported the arrest of 74 suspects and hundreds of factories closing in connection with the 172 affected blood lead environmental infractions battery producers. In a statement, the government Luqiao district, belonging to the jurisdiction of Taizhou City, reported the arrest of 74 suspects, after registering 148 complaints on environmental pollution and order cutting off water and electricity to 652 companies.

Mladic's capture is supported by your lack of money to pay for bodyguards

The lack of money to finance the long flight from war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic serboboniso was the crucial factor that led to his arrest last Thursday, according to Serbian media says. According to the newspaper 'Blic', in the last three years, the former general had been left without financial means to pay the salaries of his guards in the past allegedly protected him day and night.

"Money was not the only reason. Mladic knew she could not rely 100% on any of his men. With them at all times was in danger," said a source familiar with the background of the catch. "I had no money, and (Mladic) assumed that being alone would be safer if no one knew where he is," he said.

SPAIN - Small earthquake, major damage: ground fault

"Lorca, Murcia and Granada are located on lands composed of alluvial sediment and unfortunately this greatly facilitates the spread of certain seismic waves. In addition, the epicenter of the first earthquake (with a capacity of 4.5 on Richter scale) was 10 kilometers deep, and the second one (a power of 5.1), barely a mile, "said a geologist in Spanish El Pais.

"It explains that with the amount of energy after all the damage are not great as terrible." The Spanish newspaper said that the tremors were received into the upper floors of buildings in Madrid! The Murcia region is known for its seismic risk and its many previous earthquakes. In 2010, Grenada had experienced a power of 6.1 on the Richter scale with an epicenter happily over 600 kilometers in depth and very little damage, in 2002 to 50 km of Lorca, the City of Bullas had also suffered a magnitude 4.6.

Loud explosions in a military arsenal forced to evacuate again a Russian village

Moscow .- Several hundred people were evacuated again Monday in a village in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan, about 1,000 kilometers southeast of Moscow, resumed after explosions at a military arsenal artillery shells. "With the explosion of artillery shells have taken the decision to evacuate people," said a police source told Interfax Bashkiria.

He added that, initially, more than half Urman thousand residents will be moved to the outskirts of this small town, which was evacuated on Thursday for the same reason. "There have been several explosions and a fire is declared. The blasts are not very intense, like a week ago, but flying bullets and that is a threat to people," he said.

Sweden criticized the German decision to advance the nuclear outage to 2022

The Swedish Minister of Environment Andreas Carlgren centrist, has criticized the German decision to advance the nuclear blackout in that country in 2022, an initiative that believes the solution is not ideal. In his view, the Germanic decision will harm efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. "Focus on what year both nuclear energy should be eliminated makes you run the risk of losing the essential, that is, how can we solve the dual challenge of reducing nuclear energy and greenhouse gas emissions," said the station Carlgren Public Radio of Sweden.

UNITED STATES - The Galleon founder guilty of insider trading

May 12, Raj Rajaratnam, head of investment fund Galleon, was convicted of fourteen insider trading which he was charged. The verdict, after a sensational trial, made headlines of the daily Wall Street. "This sentence will serve in some quarters to prove that the U.S. financial system is rigged," he laments in an editorial.

The newspaper said the case shows foremost that existing laws make it possible to pinpoint the unscrupulous individuals responsible for illegal transactions.

Lack of money facilitated the capture of Mladic

Belgrade. .- The lack of money to finance the long flight from war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic serboboniso was the crucial factor that led to his arrest last Thursday, said today the Serbian press. According to the newspaper Blic, in the last three years, the former general had been left without financial means to pay the salaries of his guards in the past allegedly protected him day and night.

The Dalai Lama formally abandoned political power in Tibet

The Dalai Lama has transferred its "formal authority" policy to the elected Tibetan leadership in exile, although it remains the spiritual leader of Tibet, said on Monday India news agency IANS. "The changes that we (the Tibetan Parliament) made to the Constitution, were approved on Sunday by His Holiness," said a spokesman for the secretariat of the Parliament of Tibet, Tenzin Norbu told IANS.

SYRIA - Hunt bloody opponents in Homs and Banias

"The Syrian army has pursued, May 11, the repression of popular protest, bombing neighborhoods in Homs and Al-Harra, raking several other cities, including Banias and Deraa, and continuing arrests of opponents," tells the Lebanese daily. About twenty people were killed. "Meanwhile, several European and American officials have raised their voices against the Syrian president," the paper said.

Mladic's lawyer fears for the life of the accused and requested a medical examination

Belgrade. .- The defense of war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic asked today to create a team of independent doctors examine the health status of the accused, who according to his family is unable to follow the trial that awaits. "His state of health is alarming, and I do not expect to arrive alive at the start of the trial," he told reporters today before Mladic's lawyer, Milos Saljic.

The lawyer said doctors from the prison where Mladic since his capture last Thursday, can not provide relevant diagnosis, so he asked to be examined by a team of cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedists and gastroenterologists. Mladic's family insisted on several occasions in recent days that the defendant, who in recent years suffered a stroke and suffers from several chronic diseases can no longer awaits trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY ) in The Hague.

The Gaddafi's reign of terror is coming to an end, according to NATO

The military campaign in Libya NATO is achieving its objectives and purpose of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is close, as has assured the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. NATO planes have increased attacks complex of Bab al-Gaddafi Aziziyah located in the center of the city. Britain announced yesterday that his troops will start using bombs "bunker buster" in Libya, the Libyan leader to understand that it is time to say goodbye.

GERMANY - A Green to direct the Baden-Wurttemberg

In one, the newspaper of the Frankfurt adorned with a crown. Winfried Kretschmann, 62, will be May 11 the first Green elected Minister-President of Land, in this case Baden-Württemberg. On 27 March, his party ally the Social Democrats SPD delighted that bastion that voted for fifty-eight years straight.

"All of Germany is closely following this new experience," the newspaper said. The game will be difficult to Kretschmann, head of a Land where the large industrial groups automobiles reign supreme.

Police kills fourteen protesters in Yemen

The Taliban put at risk the Afghan city of Herat with two suicide bombings

The Taliban have since Monday in check the supposedly peaceful city of Herat in western Afghanistan, where prominent part of the Spanish and in theory from July will be under the responsibility of the Afghan security forces. Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in the center of the city in a few minutes interval.

Four people died and 33 more were injured. All were civilians, but an Afghan policeman. The first suicide bomber detonated the explosive charge into the quarter past eleven (two hours earlier in the Peninsula) at the very entrance to the military base called Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT, its acronym in English) located in the center of the city where Italian troops are deployed.

SPAIN - deadly earthquake in Murcia

One third of the inhabitants of the town of Lorca, southern Spain, spent a night away from home, sometimes outside, fearing aftershocks. May 11, late afternoon, two earthquakes of 4.4 and 5.1 on the Richter scale shook the region of Murcia. They left eight dead and more than a hundred wounded, including three in serious condition, the newspaper reported.

In Lorca, many buildings collapsed. This earthquake was the deadliest on record since 1956 in the country.

NATO apologizes for civilian deaths in Afghanistan

Kabul .- NATO today issued a statement in which he apologized for killing civilians in a bombing aéreoregistrado last Saturday in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. "On behalf of the coalition offer our sincere apologies to the families and friends of the dead," he said in the text John Toolan, commander of the NATO mission in Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) .

A tropical storm paralyzes part of operations in central Fukushima

Technicians at the Fukushima nuclear plant on Monday temporarily suspended part of its operations because of the tropical storm hits the area, public broadcaster NHK reported. The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), ordered to stop spraying chemicals around the damaged reactor, which takes place on a regular basis from late March to determine the radioactive particles and prevent their spread.

CHILE - Pablo Neruda would he have been murdered?

In an article published by the Mexican magazine Proceso, a former collaborator of the Chilean Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda said that the poet had been "assassinated" by order of the government of Augusto Pinochet. Manuel Araya, who was at the bedside of the poet few hours before his death, says that it was eliminated when he was hospitalized.

This version was contradicted by the Neruda Foundation, who recalled that the writer died September 23, 1973, following complications from cancer of the prostate.

At least 12 dead and 25 wounded by a bomb blast at a market in Nigeria

Bauchi. (Reuters) .- At least 12 people were killed and 25 wounded by exploding a bomb in a market town of Bauchi, northern Nigeria, as reported by sources of emergency services. The attack came hours after he was sworn in as President Goodluck Jonathan. "There was a strong and powerful explosion," said Shuaib Yushu, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), who has indicated that the injured have been taken to hospital and evacuated the bodies.

Pakistan ready to launch an operation against a sanctuary for al Qaeda

Pakistan has decided to launch a military operation in North Waziristan near the Afghan border, "a sanctuary for al Qaeda and the Taliban. United States had long been demanding Islamabad to act in this area to encircle the Haqqani network, one of the bloodiest Afghan factions against American troops in Afghanistan, according to a local newspaper.

After the initial reluctance of Pakistan, have decided to take the step to launch the offensive after discovering that Bin Laden was hiding in its territory and the pressures of Washington. According to the newspaper, which quoted "sources of all solvency Pakistani military aircraft targeted launch attacks from the air before it came to a terrestrial phase.

INDIA - Supreme Court refuses to reopen the case of Bhopal

"Too late and baseless: Supreme Court rejects the request of the CBI on Bhopal," as the daily. The Central Bureau of Investigation, the Indian equivalent of the FBI, failed in his attempt to increase penalties for perpetrators of the Bhopal disaster. In 1984, a toxic cloud from a U.S. plant had caused thousands of deaths in the central region.

In 2010, seven executives of the plant were sentenced to two years in prison for negligence, barely considered too weak by the IWC.

Despite the freedom, few dare to travel to Egypt and Tunisia

He had never seen advertising like that tourism is now in Cairo. There are signs with raised fists in the air and the phrase: "Come see Cairo." At the airport, images of young Tahrir Square in the heart of protest are displayed with the words of Barack Obama: "We have to raise our children to be as young Egyptians." On the Internet, circulating videos sponsored by Ministry of Tourism that seem anti-documentary.

Israel sees the opening of the Rafah border crossing with concern and some relief

As expected, the decision of Egypt to permanently reopen the border crossing of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, Israel is causing in many reactions, mostly critical. However, several leaders, officials and analysts point out the positive side either, they say, because "Egypt now at last assumes the responsibility for what happens in Gaza" or to claim "is further evidence that the planned fleet has no provocation and justification except that both products through Israel and Egypt people can enter and leave Gaza without problems.

EUROPEAN UNION - Denmark restores border controls

"It's against the spirit of Denmark", denounces the daily editorial Aarhus. On 11 May, Copenhagen has announced its decision to reinstate within two to three weeks, customs controls at its borders with the European Union. This measure is the result of an agreement sealed between the Liberal-Conservative government and the far right Danish People's Party.

Denmark takes the lead and when, on 12 May in Brussels, the European Commission must consider the temporary reintroduction of border controls within the Schengen area at the request of Rome and Paris. "Even if the Danish People's Party is trying to minimize the decision, made as an attempt to prevent beggars and criminals from entering the country, the posting again customs and police watch at our borders, symbolically, that we do not accept as Europeans, "the newspaper criticism.

More than 30,000 Greeks take the center of Athens

Athens. .- Some 30,000 people, police said, more as protesters have gone to the streets Sunday in Athens to protest the Greek political class. The demonstration has been called through social networks, as well as in Spain, and the participants cited the movement as a reference 15M. "We've had enough.

The politicians are laughing at us. If things continue like this, our future will be very hard," said one of demonstrators gathered outside the headquarters of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square, while his teammates chanted " Thieves, thieves! ". This is the fifth day of protests in Syntagma Square and this time they have been joined by a Spanish group who wanted to express solidarity with the merger.

Ollanta and Keiko, face to face

Before the dead heat in the light of recent surveys between Keiko and Ollanta Humala, Peru election debate live tonight becomes a 'round' instrumental in the fierce struggle that both candidates face to win the presidency. While Ipsos Apoyo polling places in a mock vote Keiko (41%) with a slight lead over Ollanta (39%), the company invests Imasen these results and gives the Nationalist 43.8% of the votes and daughter Former President Alberto Fujimori's 42.5%.

The Italian Coast Guard rescued a barge with 210 refugees from Libya

A boat was adrift in Maltese waters with 210 refugees from Libya, was assisted Sunday by Coast Guard patrols Italian despite being outside their jurisdiction, sources told Efe that institution. The barge, carrying both men, women and children, was in the Sicilian Channel 50 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has become the gateway for immigrants from North Africa to Europe .

Gibraltar - The oil spill silent

The wind brings the Straits to Punta Europa, in the extreme south of the rock of Gibraltar, the stench of rotten eggs. They come from boats anchored in Algeciras Bay and connected by large pipes. "It's the smell of gas that is released when the oil tankers transvasent in boats. It is penetrating and unpleasant, but they say it is not harmful," said one resident of the Rock.

With its refinery, chemical industry, power station and its base of British submarines, the Bay of Algeciras is an environmental time bomb. This is the place in Europe where there is greater risk of oil spills and the fourth world center of "bunkering", or bunkering (fuel transfer between vessels).

12 children die in a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan

Kabul. .- At least 18 civilians and 20 policemen were killed in a bombing by NATO forces in Afghanistan reported on Thursday during an operation in the east that killed more than 85 Taliban, Efe said an official source. "18 civilians were killed because the Taliban used villagers as human shields and fired on Afghan and international forces from their homes," he told Efe Jalaludin Badr, governor of Nuristan province, where the bombing occurred.

Amnesty celebrates 50 years with the challenge of changing the world

Amnesty International first candle lit in 1961, and his name has not been extinguished because they are still many who are still living without freedom. That candle lit 50 years ago British lawyer Peter Benenson continue burning for all those prisoners of conscience imprisoned for publicly expressing his opinion and those who were tortured, kidnapped or disappeared one day without.

Inspired by the thought of French philosopher Voltaire ("I hate your opinions, but I'm willing to die to defend your right to express them") and after learning that two Portuguese students were jailed for toasting freedom in the dictatorial regime of Salazar, Benenson decided it was time to move to action a May 28, 1961.

UNITED STATES - Newt Gingrich Republican nomination

After a suspense expertly maintained, Newt Gingrich would ultimately announce May 11 his intention to run in the race for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. The Washington Post reports that Gingrich would make the announcement official on Facebook and Twitter. It will continue its momentum in the evening with an appearance on the platform of the conservative news channel Fox News.

Catholics in Diaspora

The Catholic vote has never been monolithic in Italy, but Catholics have always felt keenly. In the nearly half century of existence of the former Christian Democrats, was very clear that this party, protected from birth by the Vatican, was the natural home of those who frequented the churches, although there have always been believers attracted by the egalitarian message of PCI , the most powerful communist party in the West.

General singer Obama

Probably in a European country would have ended the public career of anyone. But the sense of the ridiculous, or feast-on the side of the Atlantic and is different. But here's the next commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Army General Martin Dempsey, imitating Frank Sinatra for a year. It is not clear that Dempsey can win the two wars and a half in which the U.S.

is now involved (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya). But you can try to persuade the Taliban to put down their weapons based serenades. So, Barack Obama has finally chosen as the next Chief of Staff of United States General Martin Dempsey, who until now was the head of the Army. Dempsey's appointment comes after all the bureaucratic war that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and the current chief of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, the president himself have been convinced of the appropriateness of this general 59.

CHINA - Child trafficking in Hunan

Children have been trafficked in a poor prefecture in Hunan where family planning officials to forcibly removed from their parents and placed in an orphanage. This emerges from a survey of the very serious business magazine Xinshiji Zhoukan, following research by parents of these children. The incident took place between 2002 and 2005.

To put pressure on their families to collect fines, officials in charge of family planning in the prefecture of Longhui in Shaoyang in Hunan, forcibly took nearly two dozen children. Against the sum of 1,000 yuan each [approximately 100 euros], they have placed in the orphanage in Shaoyang, giving them all the surname "Shao".