Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bike Theft: The great fiasco

3.2 million kroner (429,000 euros) spent to find two bikes stolen: theft of the project the municipality of Copenhagen is not very conclusive. Some 18,000 bicycles are stolen each year in the Danish capital. To fight against this scourge, the city has distributed free to cyclists 5300 chips to fix their gear.

Objective: to contract, with readers of GPS to identify stolen bikes, the chip is activated after reporting the theft to the website of the municipality. The result? A fiasco. Nothing more simple that to wrest back reflector, which contains the chip. Besides the formula does not take account of organized theft.

Hamas detains two suspects in the murder of Italian activist

Gaza. .- The Ministry of Interior of the Hamas government in Gaza announced today the arrest of two new suspected of involvement in the murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, found dead early yesterday after being kidnapped the previous day by a group Salafi Jihadist. "Security forces arrested two suspects who are being interrogated and continue to pursue all members of the group that carried out the kidnapping and murder of Italian activist," said a statement released by the Ministry of Interior of Hamas.

An armed group attacked a military checkpoint in Algeria

Ten soldiers and an armed civilian were killed in an attack by suspected Islamist terrorists against a checkpoint of the Algerian army in the province of Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia, local sources said. The terrorist attack was perpetrated on Friday night against a checkpoint of the Algerian army in the mountain village of Azazga, in which the assailants used machine guns and explosives, triggering a shootout between two parties, according to the sources mentioned.

A cloud to $ 500 000

It's hot, hot summer trrrrrrrrès Qatar. The temperature can reach 50 ° C: no obvious chasing a ball. Yet in Doha will host the World 2022. To refresh its soccer stadiums and save and spectators, the emirate plans to develop an artificial cloud remote. This lightweight carbon structure filled with helium will fly at altitudes to protect the field of direct and indirect rays of the sun.

It will be powered by four engines, solar energy ... of course. The cost of this great cloud? 500 000 dollars. But the device could be used on beaches or parking lots, which could lower the bill, reported the Qatari newspaper The Peninsula. For now, Qatar did not accept the solution proposed by Fifa to postpone the World Cup in winter.

Thousands march in Deraa

Amman. .- Thousands of people have taken to the streets Saturday in Dera-one of the epicenters of Syria protests to demonstrate against President Bashar al Assad. Shouting "We want a regime change," the demonstrators set off from the Omari Mosque in the old part of town, to the square of Saraya, carrying placards with pictures of the many deaths in the pro-democracy protests in recent weeks, according to several witnesses.

Nigeria elects its next president

Nigeria is poised to vote this Saturday at its next president. This was stated on Friday the National Electoral Commission, a few weeks ago received a barrage of criticism for abruptly postponing the legislative elections, presidential and governor citing logistical problems. The postponement was a blow to the country's electoral process held throughout the month of April in an effort to turn the page on an era of takeovers by force and fraudulent elections.

The dogs help to read

Beeu, beuu, baa, baat ... BOAT! Your child has difficulty learning to read? You can not stand to listen to mumble for hours? Delegate this task to your dog. There's nothing quite like reading to a quadruped to perfect, says a study from the University of California at Davis. Faced with Fido, the child may stumble over every word without fear of being judged.

The UC Davis researchers compared two types of learning. Following a period of ten weeks, children practicing with a dog had increased by 12%, those reading with a human being 10%, reports the ABC.

Gaddafi's forces bombarded Misrata

Benghazi. - Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday launched at least 100 rockets against Misrata Grad said a rebel spokesman, on the third day of intense bombing of the besieged city controlled by insurgents. "This morning launched Grad missiles to an industrial area, was shot at least 100 rockets.

There are no reports of casualties," said Abu Mzereiq Abdelbaset. Hours later, fighter jets Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have carried out new raids today against the Libyan city of Sirte and near Tripoli. Sirte, the hometown of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, has been targeted by air strikes this morning, according to official Libyan news agency Jana.

Assad appointed a new government a second time to appease the opposition

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday appointed a new government to try the protests continue for second consecutive month, official sources said. These would be the second government-appointed Asad since they began the March 15 demonstrations in opposition to demand greater freedoms, and in some cases the resignation of the president.

The first attempt, after the previous government asked to submit his resignation, has been described by opponents of "government of criminals." Led by Prime Minister Adel Safar, former Minister of Agriculture, the new cabinet includes new owners of Interior, Finance and Information. However, the ministers in charge of key portfolios like foreign affairs and defense remain the same.

Three birds with one stone

Kim Jong-il made a recurring nightmare: the dictator is seen stoned, "first by Americans, followed by South Koreans, and finally by the North Koreans," said a member of North Korea on MBC-TV . Chung Mong-joon ensures keep these revelations of his father, the founder of Hyundai Group, now deceased. Chung Ju-yung, who headed the inter-Korean economic cooperation projects, has made several visits to Pyongyang.

The Egyptian judiciary Mubarak's party dissolved

Cairo. .- An Egyptian court on Saturday ordered the dissolution of the political party of former President Hosni Mubarak, one of the demands of the demonstrators ended their 30-year rule. The Supreme Administrative Court in Cairo also ordered the liquidation of the assets of the National Democratic Party (NDP), whose funds would go to the state.

The NDP dominated Egyptian politics since it was created by Mubarak's predecessor, Anwar Sadat, in 1978. The party headquarters was burned during protests that led to the resignation of Mubarak in February, and his followers were accused of several acts of vandalism during demonstrations

Jordan insists on accusing the Islamists of provoking violence in protests

Jordanian security forces have detained more than 60 Salafists (Muslim sticklers) in the last 12 hours for alleged involvement in clashes that erupted Friday during a demonstration in the Jordanian city of Zarqa. According to security sources, 90 people, 83 of them policemen, were injured in a collision between demonstrators and security forces.

The attorney general, Hussein Mayali accused Salafi groups, which did not identify, to launch "pre-meditated attacks" against the police who, according to his version, was protecting a march that started at the main mosque in this city located 30 kilometers east Amman. However, some Salafi activists have rejected this official version and have accused the agents guarding the demonstration of association with groups of loyalists to attack Jordanian participants in the protest.

Uneventful start the presidential elections in Nigeria

Lagos. .- Nigeria's presidential elections began today with no notable incidents, although less than expected participation in the early days, local media reported today. The process occurs normally, but voter turnout is less than that recorded last week in the legislative elections in much of the country, especially in the southern part (mostly Christian), home area of President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Five NATO soldiers killed after an insurgent attack in Afghanistan

Five NATO soldiers and four Afghan army have died in Afghanistan after a suicide attack east of the country, as reported by the ISAF said in a statement. It is the largest death toll of international forces in a single attack for several months and has been in the Gamberi base near Jalalabad, where there are about a hundred soldiers of the ISAF.

The statement did not give details about the location, nature of the attack or the nationalities of the deceased. Has stated only that "members of the international forces and Afghan army were gathered" at the time of the attack. Instead, a spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry, Mohamed Noman Atifi, has assured that it has attempted a suicide attack carried out by a person dressed in Afghan army uniform.

Bouteflika announced a revision of the Constitution and electoral law

Algiers. .- The Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, today announced a next revision of the Constitution and various amendments to the electoral law and the law on political parties "for best practice of democracy in Algeria." In a speech to the nation broadcast on public television, Bouteflika has not specified the date of the review, but has also promised to include parties which are not currently represented in parliament.

Gaddafi attacks civilians with cluster bombs manufactured in Spain

The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, have attacked with cluster bombs and Spanish-made surface-to-earth residential areas of Libya, according to testimony from witnesses and survivors gathered by the American newspaper "New York Times, which has also been witness evidence on the ground left by the heavy weaponry used by the regime.

According to the American newspaper, the remnants of cluster bombs, which has been examined and photographed, mortar shells correspond to MAT-120, consisting of 21 sub-munitions designed to destroy light armored vehicles and kill people. The components of the 120-mm ammunition, according to the marks contained in the remains, were manufactured in Spain in 2007, before this country from signing the International Convention against cluster bombs and destroy their stockpiles.

JAPAN - At best a month, the worst years

The imperial couple's visit to a center where live victims of the disaster of March 11, occupies a prominent place on the page of the daily Tokyo. Emperor Akihito and his wife met with their subjects with ease. But the issue of central Fukushima remains a central concern. Operations to control the situation will be spread over time: for the optimists, it should last a month, expect the worst in several years, the newspaper said.

Aznar criticized the action against Gaddafi in Libya "friend" of the West

International Writing. .- Former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar has criticized U.S. and some European countries to launch a military strike against the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi, despite the Libyan leader had become the last eight years " eccentric friend "of the West. Aznar also complained that these countries do not act the same way against the regimes in Iran or Syria.

In a lecture delivered at Columbia University in New York, Aznar also regretted that the West had turned their backs on the now-former presidents of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and Tunisia, Abidine Ben Ali, considered in the past "friends" West. In answer to a question on the situation in the Middle East, Aznar added that "Syria and Iran protesters appealed to the West to support them, but this country (USA) and European countries did nothing." "It's very difficult to understand a policy that lets friends and enemies fall to remain in power," he said at the conference, delivered in English, on Monday, and posted on the website of the American university.

The protests in Rabat just seven wounded in riots

Seven demonstrators were injured and five others were arrested in clashes that have occurred to the Moroccan Ministry of Education in Rabat. There, he had called a protest by unemployed university graduates was dissolved by the police, as reported by the organizers of the march. The National Association of unemployed graduates (ANDP), organizer of the protest, explained that the purpose of the demonstration was to vindicate the integration of these graduates in the civil service.

EGYPT - The legislative and presidential at the end of the year

The Egyptian army at the head of the country since the start of Hosni Mubarak in February, announced March 30 that presidential elections be held before the end of the year, the newspaper reported. Parliamentary elections will be held in September to elect both houses of Parliament, and presidential will "one or two months' later.

This new extension period of six months initially set by the military as a period of transition. The army will provide power to the elected authorities after the various elections.

A suicide bomber kills nine soldiers killed in Afghanistan

London. .- At least nine soldiers, five of the NATO-four Afghans were killed and eight wounded Saturday in a suicide attack on a military base in the town of Jalalabad (eastern Afghanistan), Afghan military officials said the Sky News. The Taliban have already taken responsibility for the attack, which occurred early in the morning local time by a suicide bomber dressed as Afghan soldier, who detonated the explosive charge he was carrying at the entrance to the base, said spokesman Afghan Defense Ministry, Gen.

Bouteflika is committed to reforming the Algerian Constitution and the Electoral Act

Revise the Constitution, amend the electoral law and political parties, and reform the law of association. These are some of the ads that are committed to working Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in a televised speech addressed to the nation on Friday night and also spoke of changes in regulations local governments to give them greater autonomy.

A year ago, the perennial Bouteflika rushing to reform the Constitution, but with the goal of being able to stand for a third election in his country, the results allowed him to continue attached to his staff of office. This is the first time that the head of state in Algeria leads his people since he came to this country the revolutionary wave sweeping the Arab world and calls for changes in the system and higher levels of democracy.

PERU - Yale University return the first batch of parts Inca

Some 400 archaeological pieces of Machu Picchu received March 30 an exceptional welcome to Peru, where they were returned by Yale University, a century after "borrowing" on the Inca site. After eight years of failed approaches from Yale Peruvian President Alan Garcia, led the last year of intense diplomatic and media campaign return these pieces.

In total, nearly 45,000 objects - mostly fragments - will return to Peru by the end of 2012.

Gaddafi's regime denies using cluster bombs

Tunisia. .- The regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been quick to deny the report of the New York Times which suggested that Libyan forces attacked with cluster bombs and Spanish-made surface-to-earth some residential areas. "I challenge you to prove it," said the Libyan government spokesman, Ibrahim Musa.

"By using these pumps, the evidence would remain for days and weeks, and we know that the international community will soon come in droves to our country and we can not do," he argues. The spokesman added that the regime has invited the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) to visit Misrata, scene of heavy bombing site and the rebel troops, which lasts six weeks.

Evo Morales, cornered by his former allies in the unions

Bolivian President Evo Morales, on Friday was cornered by his former allies after two weeks of protests by labor unions, which are constantly in order to start a pay rise of more than 10% that the president just decreed in February for four key areas: military, police, teachers and health workers. "This is a difficult time of President Morales for not listening to the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB).

SYRIA - For Assad, the Arab spring stops here

"While the Syrian protesters demanding freedom, Assad speaks to his people ...", said the British daily. On 30 March the head of state of Syria Bashar Al-Assad spoke publicly for the first time since March 15, beginning of the protest movement in the country, but without announcing the lifting of the state of urgency or the expected reforms.

According to him, "the country faces a conspiracy from abroad but also from within." Protesters have been deeply disappointed by Assad's speech and announced the continuation of their movement. The United States has declared that Assad's words were "not up to the reforms" demanded by the Syrian people.

Mubarak's wife will appear before the Department of illicit enrichment

Cairo. .- The wife of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Suzanne Thabet, will appear in the coming days with the department of embezzlement, according to today released the government Egyptian daily Al Ahram. Egyptian Justice Minister, Mohamed Abdelaziz el Gendi, quoted by the newspaper, said Suzanne Thabet be questioned for illegal enrichment using their influence as the wife of exmandatario.

The NGOs claim that the problem with this sale is not legal but moral

The organizations that have denounced the situation of arms sales worldwide have not been surprised by the news that Misrata bombed Qaddafi has made cluster bombs in Spain in 2007. "We've been reporting and we have asked the government to suspend arms transfers. Since the Foreign Ministry have replied that we will check all these sales," said Angel Gonzalez, a spokesman for Amnesty International.

Merkel admits to being an advocate of nuclear energy to Fukushima

Berlin. .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted having been an "advocate" of nuclear energy to Fukushima catastrophe and called for "new thinking" on national energy model to achieve quickly abandon atomic energy. These statements by the German head of government took place in his usual visual message on Saturday and just one day after being held in Berlin, a national energy summit, which unanimously advocated the "blackout" nuclear.

France wants a new UN resolution to achieve its objectives

French Defense Minister, Gerard Longuet, suggested in Paris that would require a new Security Council resolution for UN allies Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to achieve their targets in Libya. Longuet said on French television, as recorded by BBC. com, the leaders call for British, French and Americans to Muammar Gadafiabandone power exceeds the parameters of the current UN resolution, which makes no mention of regime change.

ITALY - Berlusconi "freed" Lampedusa

"Lampedusa released," looks forward to a daily owned by the brother of Silvio Berlusconi. The Chairman went on March 30 on the island of Lampedusa, where he pledged to evacuate - by "forty-eight to sixty hours" - the migrants who cram for weeks in squalid conditions. Nearly 6,000 refugees, mostly from Tunisia, are currently on the island, which usually has 5,000 inhabitants.

According to Berlusconi, 7 ships should transfer the migrant shelters in southern Italy.

The Accidental Autocrat

Eleven years ago, shortly before the death of President Hafez al-Assad, the Syrians were distracted by a joke in which God sent the angel of death so that the autocrat answer for their actions. But the angel returned to heaven beaten by the Syrian secret police. "Oh, no, God said terrified. Would not you've said who sent you? ".

Bashar al-Assad, Hafez's son, seems determined to leave little in terms of repression Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Tunisian president, who fled to Saudi Arabia, and Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President overthrown on 11 February. The son Asad probably never thought would happen to his father.

Protests in various parts of Jordan

Thousands of Jordanians have rallied Friday in the Jordanian capital Amman and other Jordanian cities after the noon prayer, demanding political reforms in the country. The main demonstration took place at the Great Mosque Hussein in the center of the Jordanian capital, where those present chanted slogans against the government and have called for the dissolution of Parliament as well as constitutional reforms and the fight against corruption .

LIBYA - Qadhafi abandoned by his Minister of Foreign Affairs

One of the main figures of the Libyan regime has resigned and joined London March 30. Musa Kusa, hitherto foreign minister, was a trusted man of Colonel Gaddafi. The former head of intelligence services had worked for the comeback of Libya among nations frequentable. In an official statement by the daily return, the United Kingdom "encourages those who are close to Gaddafi to give up and to take advantage of a better future for Libya."

Gadhafi has attacked civilians with cluster bombs Spanish manufacturing

New York .- The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, have attacked with cluster bombs and Spanish-made surface-to-earth residential areas of Libya, according to testimony from witnesses and survivors gathered by the U.S. newspaper New York Times, has also seen the evidence on the ground left by the heavy weaponry used by the regime.

According to the American newspaper, the remnants of cluster bombs, which has been examined and photographed, mortar shells correspond to MAT-120, consisting of 21 sub-munitions designed to destroy light armored vehicles and kill people. The components of the 120-mm ammunition, according to the marks contained in the remains, were manufactured in Spain in 2007, before this country from signing the International Convention against cluster bombs and destroy their stockpiles.

Six years in prison for castrating her daughter's boyfriend

A German court has sentenced to six years in prison for a father who admitted he castrated the boyfriend of his daughter, who was 41 years older than her. The convicted in November 2010 attacked the victim, 58, tied and cut off his testicles, as recognized. His lawyer, in a desperate attempt to save his client, spoke of "an extraordinary case of self defense." The Groom gelding had begun the relationship with the girl, aged 17, after leaving his wife, with whom he had married 36 years and had five children.