Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gaddafi forces heavily bombarded the port of Misrata

Algiers (Reuters) The forces of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, are intensively bombing on Monday the port city of Misrata, the only under rebel control in the west of the country and besieged for weeks, as reported by a spokesman the rebels. "The port is also under heavy bombardment today, have fired about 100 rockets so far.

Misrata The bombing has not stopped in the last 36 hours," stressed the spokesman, who identified himself as Hassan al Misrati in a phone call to Reuters. "It seems that NATO has forgotten us and this has emboldened the forces of Gaddafi. The NATO forces have done nothing in the last 24 hours," the spokesman regretted.

This Sunday, another rebel spokesman had reported that clashes were taking place with Gaddafi forces for control of the city airport. "They are taking place heavy fighting for control of the airport. The revolutionaries (insurgents) are making progress. Soon they will get done with total control, if Allah wills," said a spokesman for the rebels, identified as Sami, speaking telephone Reuters.

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