Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soldiers and militiamen sow civil war in Yemen

Sanaa (Reuters) Security forces loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and tribal militia leader Sadiq al Ahmar, a supporter of the opposition staged new clashes on Tuesday in Sana'a for a second day, local sources said . "There are armed men and soldiers scattered everywhere and from time to time he heard shots," said a witness told Reuters news agency.

Yesterday's clashes killed at least 18 people, seven soldiers, six militants and two bystanders Somalis, "according to local newspaper 'Yemen Post.

The situation in the border town of Abyei is complicated after looting

The situation in Abyei, border town between the North and South Sudan whose ownership is disputed both regions, worsened on Monday with the burning and looting by unidentified assailants who might be linked to the Northern troops, the Last weekend took control of the city. The considered "invasion" by the Government of Southern Sudan came just days after 22 soldiers were killed north of the South after an ambush on a UN convoy allegedly carried out by armed groups supported by Juba.

Andrzej Stasiuk, Polish writer - Fascinated

"I like his theatrical side," he says about Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Law and Justice which would in its view, a politician "obsessive". "It would have burned Poland as Nero burned Rome, just to release a new pun."

The victims bleeding does not stop in Afghanistan: A bomb kills 11 workers

Kabul .- Eleven workers were killed and 27 were wounded when a bomb exploded today over the truck traveled in the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, hospital sources told Efe. The victims were going to work as cleaners Panjwayeem district road when the blast occurred, told EFE the director of the provincial hospital, Qayoum Pakhla, contacted by telephone from Kabul.

Several hours after the event no organization had claimed responsibility for the blast. The blast occurred shortly after three children died when a bomb accidentally detonated in the town of Kart-e-Noor Khuda, in the northern province of Bulkhead, said the provincial police spokesman, Sher Mohammad Durani.

Obama arrives in London one day ahead of schedule because the Icelandic volcano

The U.S. president, Barack Obama has come this Tuesday night in London with his wife Michelle in the framework of a European tour. The presidential aircraft "Air Force One 'landed at midnight at Stansted airport, north of London. Obama, who arrived from Ireland, was received by a military delegation.

The president had to pass about ten hours journey to London from Dublin to avoid being affected by a possible flight ban because of the ash cloud Grímsvötn Icelandic volcano. That precipitation in the busy schedule of Obama has caused the president and his wife have to spend this first night in London (Monday to Tuesday) at the residence of U.S.

One dead after explosion at a refinery in Iran during the visit of Ahmadinejad

Tehran .- At least one person died and six others were injured in an explosion at the refinery in Abadan, in southwestern Iran during a visit of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was unhurt, according to local media. According to the local agency Mehr, the explosion was accidental and caused a huge fire, and the expulsion of a large volume of toxic gases, which formed a thick column of smoke that swept much of the town of Abadan.

Delays and cancellations in UK

British airports have woken up Tuesday with delays and cancellations due to the impact of Icelandic volcanic cloud that has grounded hundreds of flights in Scotland and in Ulster and now threatens the airspace of the five London airports. British Transport Minister, Philip Hammond has warned that it is impossible to predict the position of the cloud in the coming hours and pointed out that airlines are not the government make the decision to cancel or flight.

John McCain, a senator from Arizona (USA) - Filled

"This is the happiest day of my life," said the veteran upon his arrival in Benghazi, the Libyan stronghold of the insurgents, which he visited to provide support to the "real heroes". In the past, he criticized the administration of Barack Obama for his belated intervention in Libya.

Two people die after a car explosion in Kazakhstan

Moscow .- Two people died at the outbreak of explosives in a car in the Kazakh capital, Astana, reported the Interfax news agency. The authorities ruled out the possibility of terrorism and initiated an attack or cause "damage to property of others" as a result of "negligence in the use of fire." The "explosion was not caused by an explosive device without shrapnel" occurred this morning in a field in the Kazakh capital, the source added.

The Palestinians do not proclaim independence unilaterally

The Palestinians will not declare independence unilaterally, as declared by an official of Fatah, on the other hand ensuring that Moscow looked favorably upon his initiative at the UN recognized Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. "We do not intend to proclaim independence unilaterally," said an official of the movement of Palestinian President Abu Mazen, during a press conference in Moscow.

FRANCE - In the land of Carmagnola, Kate and William are kings

For a country so proud of its fiber Republican, France has a history of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The ceremony - the first celebration since the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 - has once again remind their stormy relations with French royalty, he still remains in this state became secular.

Since the banns were published in November, the press has widely reported the event. Magazine Viewpoint has barely interested in anything else. While his weekly broadcast usually around 200 000 copies, its editor, Colombe Pringle, sell 750,000 account for the special issue dedicated to the ceremony.

The Maoist guerrillas kept his pulse against the police in India

New Delhi .- Nine policemen were killed in an ambush by Maoist guerrillas in a wooded area of eastern India, official spokesmen reported today. Cited by the official news agency PTI, the sources said the incident occurred yesterday, when a detachment of ten policemen went to the border between the states of Orissa Chatisgarh and, after receiving reports that an insurgent group operating in the area.

Are confirmed DSK DNA on the shirt of the waitress at the hotel

DNA samples of Dominique Strauss-Kahn match the remains found in the jacket of the camera of the Sofitel New York denounced him for attempted rape. As he advanced NBC, citing sources close to the case, the forensic examination he was subjected to the former director of the IMF has "positive" and can be used as conclusive evidence by the prosecution.

DSK faces a sentence of up to 74 years in prison on seven counts of sexual assault. Police spokesman in New York, Paul J. Browne has not confirmed when the results of forensic examination, although it is expected that the announcement was made public in the coming hours, when the analysis is complete.

United Kingdom - The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, 29 April in London, will be followed throughout the world, including through the sharing site YouTube that offer live images. In a world where nuclear scares, where a wave of revolution swept the Arab world, where European countries are drowning in debt, the event raised an incredible media hype.

It can also question the role of the British monarchy and outdated traditions.

Netanyahu comes to Washington after Obama's support for the peace process with Palestinians

Washington .- The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, now offers a speech before both houses of Congress, in a moment of clear disagreement with Washington over the conditions for reviving the peace process in the Middle East. Netanyahu will go before the U.S. Congress. UU. after last week rejected the vision of President Barack Obama to reopen negotiations for the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip based on the 1967 borders.

Eleven civilians killed by the explosion of a bomb on a road in Afghanistan

Eleven workers were killed and 27 wounded when a bomb exploded on Tuesday to pass the truck they were riding in the province of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, hospital officials said. The victims worked in the construction of roads and headed to their place of work, said Sher Shah Yusifzai, a police officer of high rank in the province.

"So far we have received 11 bodies and 27 wounded," said Abdul Qayum meanwhile Pukhla, head of the provincial health department. "Some of the wounded are in critical condition." No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but the pump bears the mark of the Taliban insurgency. The blast occurred shortly after three children died when a bomb accidentally detonated in the town of Kart-e-Noor Khuda, in the northern province of Bulkhead, said the provincial police spokesman, Sher Mohammad Durani.

NEW ZEALAND - Deficit of the Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup [September 9 to October 23, 2011] will cost, according to organizers, at least 275 million euros to New Zealand. The competition is expected to cost 660 million to the host country and never return as 385, reports The New Zealand Herald. Biggest expense: the expansion and improvement stages, amounted to over 300 million.

Some economists believe the deficit even underestimated, because they fear the revenue even lower. For their part, organizers of this event and the authorities will ensure that this is an investment in New Zealand may well be put forward on the international stage.

TEPCO recognizes the meltdown in other two reactors at Fukushima

Tokyo. .- Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima, damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, there were probably partial core melt in two other reactors, said Tuesday the operating company TEPCO. It is estimated that also in reactors 2 and 3 partially melted fuel rods. Thus, in the three reactors at the Fukushima plant that were operating at the time of the earthquake on 11 March meltdown occurred.

First death in Germany by the outbreak of an intestinal bacteria out of control

A woman of 83 years is the first of the three victims of an epidemic outbreak of intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli and strain "O157: H7, which stretches from north to south Germany and has made ordering the alert health. The images straight out of a science fiction movie, but belong to the German television news and correspond to the situation last night ordered a health alert due to a disease outbreak caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli ', with more than 300 people affected across the country.

YEMEN - Bloody Day demonstration in Sanaa

"Security forces kill 12 people and injured 190", as the Yemeni news website. On 27 April, a mass demonstration degenerated into clashes in the capital, Sanaa. The army and police opened fire to disperse the procession, attended by tens of thousands of protesters. Clashes also occurred in Aden in the south.

Protesters denounced the proposed transition plan for the Gulf monarchies and demanded the immediate departure of President Saleh.

Intense NATO bombardment against Gaddafi in Tripoli effective

Tripoli (Editorial / Agencies) .- fighter jets Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held on Monday night of a series of air strikes on the Libyan capital, Tripoli, media reported. BBC radio images showed strong explosions in the city, with thick black smoke rising into the sky. The BBC described the air strikes as the most intense against the Libyan capital.

There were about 20 explosions, also near the residence of the leader Muammar al-Gaddafi at the base of Bab al Asisiya. At least three people died and 150 were injured, media reported quoting a spokesman for the Libyan government. NATO confirmed the military operation at night. The target was a fleet of Gaddafi's regime in the Bab al Asisiya military base.

At least six dead and 28 wounded in clashes in Sana'a

At least six people were killed and 28 wounded in clashes that erupted on Monday in Sana'a between security forces and armed men guarding the house of tribal leader Sadeq bin Abdullah al-Ahmar, medics said. The sources explained that the fatalities were five gunmen and a civilian. For his part, sources of the security services noted that among the injured several policemen, but did not specify the number.

SYRIA - 233 members of the Baath party slamming the door

On 27 April, more than 230 members of the Baath party to power in Syria, have resigned to protest the violent repression of demonstrations, the daily listing of Dubai. The majority of them are from the province of Deera in the south, where tanks were deployed to counter the opponents of the regime of Bashar Assad.

Since the beginning of the movement in mid-March, more than 450 people were killed. The Security Council UN has not managed to agree on a resolution to condemn the violence, China and Russia have vetoed any statement critical of Damascus.

DNA traces found Strauss-Kahn on the clothes of women assaulted

New York. .- Forensic investigation services in New York have found DNA traces of former managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn on the shirt worn by the woman who accused him of sexual abuse and attempted rape, reported NBC television network. The media, quoting investigative sources said they were positive DNA tests were contrasted and continue analyzing other evidence at the scene of the alleged offense occurred on May 14 in a room of a luxurious and central Manhattan hotel.

The Palestinian prime minister suffers a heart attack during a visit to U.S.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad, is on Tuesday in "good condition" after suffering a heart attack during a visit to the United States, said Tuesday the medical center in Houston (Texas) where he has been treated. A spokeswoman for Seton Medical Center, Adrienne Lallo, told reporters that "the condition of Mr.

Fayad is good," the diplomat after suffering a heart attack Sunday while attending the graduation of his son in college in Austin. Medical authorities had indicated earlier that Fayyad could be discharged in a couple of days. The Palestinian prime minister underwent a cardiac catheterization, a procedure that involves passing a thin flexible tube into the right or left heart.

JAPAN - Emperor at the scene of the disaster

"The imperial couple visited the devastated city," as the daily. The Emperor and Empress went to Minami-Sanriku, one of the cities most affected by the tsunami on 11 March. The town of 20,000 inhabitants has lost 3800 of its homes. Nearly 1000 people are dead or missing and 6,000 homeless. The couple had already gone into shelters, but this is the first time since the disaster that was moving at the heart of the area most severely hit.

The pilot of Air France plane was not in the car at the time of accident

Berlin .- The pilot of Air France A330 that fell to Atlánticohace nearly two years was not in the cabin at the time of the accident, according to a report Monday in the German weekly Der Spiegel. According to this information, the first analysis of the register from the cockpit conversations point to a technical failure, since in minutes after they were found reading errors of the device driver, Marc Dubois, hastily returned to the cockpit.

Damascus denounces European Union sanctions against Asad

Damascus denounced on Monday the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Syrian President Bashar Assad, believing that it is an interference in the internal affairs and an attempt to "destabilize" Syria. "Syria denounces European Union sanctions against his people when he tries to preserve its security and establish a national dialogue in the context of reforms," reported the official news agency Sana.

OPERATIONS - The age of the webcam

In early April, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, a police raid on a house of more mundane Consolación City, north of the island of Cebu, has led to the arrest of a Dutch and four Filipinos forced girls - usually young - to feed the fantasies of sexual voyeurs posted behind their computer screens to thousands of miles away.

Men are also taking obscene poses, were strip-tease, or involved in real sex for pay extremely low: about ten or twenty euros every fortnight. This police action is not a first, far from it. The Philippines, known for prostitution widespread, affecting mostly young children have very early been a perfect place for those networks that use Internet: endemic poverty and a population experiencing a few bits of English.

The Supreme Court requires California to reduce the prison population 40,000 prisoners

Washington. .- The United States Supreme Court today ordered California officials to reduce the 40,000 prisoners in state's prison population, estimated at about 147,000, to avoid overcrowding and improve health services. The court, which approved the measure by 5 votes to 4, established a period of two years to reduce the number of inmates in order to avoid the "violation of constitutional rights" of prisoners.

PHILIPPINES - What the TV degrades the image of childhood

It is a story of show-business and hunger for fame, conflict between permissiveness and conservative society, but also exploitation of children. In short, a very Filipino scandal. Willie Revillame, the personality of the highest paid Philippine media landscape, is being investigated for child abuse after being prompted, in March, a boy of 6 years to jiggle like a stripper before a Hilarious audience and millions of viewers during Willing Willie, his show.

Syria accuses the EU of trying to destabilize the country with sanctions

Cairo .- Syria has condemned the sanctions imposed today by the European Union (EU) against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and has described as "an attempt to destabilize" the country, according to an official source cited by State agency SANA. "The decisions of the European Union, as well as those taken by the U.S.

aim to flagrantly interfere in the internal affairs of Syria and is an attempt to destabilize its security and control their decisions," the agency said, citing a official who does not identify and who speaks "on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic." Foreign ministers of the EU have agreed today to suspend cooperation programs kept in Syria and ask the European Investment Bank (EIB) to do the same with their operations.

Obama, the elements in Dublin

A convoy of limousines President Barack Obama today got stuck on a ramp at the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, but Secret Service agents could move to forward or backward. The cameras stationed outside the Embassy captured how the vehicle he was unable to climb the ramp and blocked the exit of the rest of the convoy in which they were traveling Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Secret Service agents failed to move the vehicle despite several attempts. Finally opted for redistribution to the occupants of the car at the rest of the convoy and leave the embassy next door. The U.S. president arrived in Dublin for a visit where he met his Irish counterpart, Mary McAleese and Prime Minister Enda Kenny, before moving to Moneygall, the village center to Ireland a century and a half left an ancestor, Falmouth Kearney, seeking a better life in America.

The Circassian genocide claim their own

The Jewish Holocaust, the Armenian genocide hotly contested ... This blacklist of humanity is adding another crime, much older than the other two, and most neglected: the extermination of 500,000 Circassians (or cherkesos) by the army of the Tsarist Empire in 1864 and the expulsion of 1.2 million, largely welcomed by the Ottoman Empire and now spread throughout the Middle East, Jordan to Bulgaria.