Friday, August 5, 2011

Famine and drought in Africa demand global collaboration

Drought and famine are ravaging the Horn of Africa. In the last week, the UN has declared a state of famine in five regions of southern Somalia, where the number of people needing assistance has increased from 2.4 to 3.7 million in just six months. And the food crisis also affected parts of northern Kenya and southern parts of Uganda, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Sonia Gandhi made in the U.S. "It is a cancer center"

Sonia Gandhi has been successfully operated in the United States. This is what it said in a statement released by the spokesman of the Indian Congress party president. With the Italian-Indian leader 64enne are the son Rahul, daughter Priyanka and her husband of the latter, Robert Vadra.

Apart from the brief note, around the Gandhi hospital in America applies the strictest confidence. She would arrive on Thursday in a hospital in New York specializing in the treatment of cancer, as revealed by the weekly magazine Tehelka investigation. This is the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he is followed by the oncologist Dattatreyu Nori.

Japan dismisses three senior officials responsible for managing earthquake

The Government of Japan will cut three senior officials responsible for nuclear policy for his role in crisis management at the plant in Fukushima, said the Japanese Minister of Industry, Banri Kaieda. Those affected are the Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kazuo Matsunaga, the agency responsible for the Nuclear and Industrial Safety, Tetsuhiro Hosono, and the head of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Tetsuhiro Hosono.

At least 45 people are killed in another attack in the Syrian army in Hama

At least 45 people have died this evening after the assault tank of Syrian forces in the center of Hama, according to an activist quoted by Reuters and identified as Thaer. Up to 40 of the dead would come from the district of Al-Hader Orodes north of the river, while the remaining five have died while trying to leave the city by road to Dhahirya.

These would be family members and Fakhri Assaad, and between them have two children. The informant, who had escaped from the besieged city, explains that Syrian forces were used to fund with machine guns and tanks. The Syrian authorities did not allow entry of the vast majority of independent media, which is complicated complicate balances provided by officers and witnesses.

Obama celebrates 50 years raising funds and eating hamburgers

Washington ..- The last crisis in U.S.. UU. has not prevented Barack Obama as tradition celebrating its 50th birthday. Chicago has done in his city, with several fundraising events for the 2012 presidential campaign, calling it "in some ways more important than the past." "I'm speaking from Chicago. With a small celebration at my house" Obama said before talking in a videoconference with Democratic supporters.