Saturday, March 5, 2011

TUNISIA - The Islamist Nahda party legalized

The current banned Tunisian Islamist Nahda was authorized by the provisional government, reveals the siteMaghreb emerge. "The receipt of legalization has been awarded by the Ministry of Interior to the Executive Office of the movement," confirmed the party led by Rached Ghannouchi. Ennahda had submitted a formal request in January following the legalization of its leader Ghannouchi return from exile in London.

China puts more restrictions on foreign journalists

Jasmine revolution in Arab countries has caused the crash of the Chinese authorities with accredited foreign media in China. Beijing has decided to regulate the more rigidly the free movement of journalists. More than a dozen reporters have been warned that they will withdraw their approval if they continue to cover the protests of jasmine, convened by the Internet every Sunday since Feb.

20. The Chinese government yesterday defended the application of more stringent restrictions for foreign journalists working in the country. This decision comes after several journalists were physically attacked on Sunday by police when they went to the central street of Peking Wanfujing to cover a possible protest called by the Internet.

Dozens killed in heavy fighting in Zawiyah

The Libyan insurgents have launched a frantic race to conquer Ras Lanuf, the relevant oil enclave. In the port there are already strong clashes between troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels, but they never cease to be adding fans to their ranks, to finally join forces and take control of Ras Lanuf, once 'conquered' the other major oil terminal: Brega.

At noon on Friday, there were no clashes between the two sides in the impoverished village of Egalia, epicenter yesterday dramatic moments and tension, like catch young Africans, accusing them, at gunpoint, of being mercenaries. The rebels have advanced in recent hours about 30 miles, heading towards Ras Lanuf.

Tunisia calls for constituent elections for July 24

Tunisia. .- The interim president of Tunisia, Fouad Mebaza, announced in a televised speech the call for elections to a Constituent Assembly on 24 July. The constituents draw up a new constitution and renew the two assemblies with the goal of "enshrine the aspirations of the Tunisian people and their revolution," said interim president in his speech.

The Tunisian president said that "it will announce a new interim government will work until it is operating the constitutional council, which will be" elected by the citizens in a free and fair elections for the first time in American history. " Mebaza added that "it will draft a new electoral law before the end of the month" and said that "the electoral process is being organized at the same time," but gave no details about it.

The telephone company sends SMS Libyan against foreigners

The Libyan public telephone company has been sending SMS to encourage those who receive them to attack foreigners in Libya, accused in the message of "wanting to sow chaos" and "destroy" the country, according to several witnesses, as has verified France Presse. The messages have been broadcast by Libyana, the state telephone company.

Several Egyptian refugees at the airport of Djerba (south of Tunis) who fled Libya showed these messages on their mobile phones. Posted on February 19 to 11 hours, one of those messages is very explicit: "The foreign infiltrators, Tunisians, Egyptians, Sudanese, with passports from the Gulf countries have foreign money and equipment and sophisticated communication networks.

JORDAN - Political reforms must perform more and more pressing

"Real political reform is possible," as one of the chroniclers of everyday life in Amman. While the new Prime Minister Maarouf Bakhit, who has just presented its program to Parliament, must be submitted to a vote of confidence, more and more voices are calling for the transition to a constitutional monarchy.

The tribes are divided on the issue, the newspaper said: within these clans, it is young people who want change. Calls were launched to protest on March 4.

UNESCO awards the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo for his work for peace

Buenos Aires. .- The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today awarded the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo with the Prize for the Promotion of Peace Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Argentine officials said. The Grandmothers, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice, have been awarded by UNESCO as the "persistent" search for their grandchildren "is an example in the world and reaffirmed the desire to build a future with memory, truth and justice, "said Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman.

Interpol issued a global alert against Muammar Gaddafi and 15 family members

Interpol has sent out a global alert against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and 15 senior officials in power, almost all family members, as several of his sons and daughter Aisha, according to a statement released by the body to its 188 member countries. The intention is to facilitate the implementation of UN sanctions and cooperate with the investigation that launched the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Qaddafi for crimes against humanity.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Newspapers are close to Ouattara strike info

March 1, the daily Abidjan, as well as papers close of Houphouetists Rally for Democracy and Peace (RHDP), Alassane Ouattara, has implemented its decision not to appear and no longer update its website. Together as a collective to safeguard the achievements of 28 November 2010 (date of election to the presidency of Ouattara, Gbagbo contested by the incumbent), journalists denounced the threats they are subjected and the penalties imposed on their newspapers .

Obiang's son is building a super luxury yacht

It is quite possible that the brazenness, stupidity, greed and arrogance of the son of an African despot would have gone unnoticed in South Africa today is not being heard anything that could become the straw that makes the glass overflow. It is also possible that the son of the despot who I mean, having already made their mark in this country, is a subject more interesting to the general public.

Start in Havana trial of U.S. contractor Alan Gross

Cuba celebrated on Friday the U.S. trial of Alan Gross, for whom the prosecutor requested 20 years in prison for crimes against the Cuban state and whose case has become a new episode of friction in the long confrontation maintaining Havana and Washington. Fifteen months after his arrest, the U.S. contractor will sit on the sidelines of the People's Provincial Tribunal of Havana, charged with "acts against the independence or territorial integrity" of the country by distributing technological equipment Jewish communities on the island.

GERMANY - The defense minister throws in the towel

"I reached the limits of my strength." Not long ago, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg - KT for his admirers - was still the darling of the polls. But the revelations of the Munich daily, in mid-February, have had the better of him. Accused of having plagiarized much of his doctoral thesis, the defense minister Angela Merkel has resigned March 1.

"I was not appointed to be the minister of my own defense," he said. The blow is hard for the German Chancellor, who, until the end, tried to keep him. His successor has not yet been appointed. In editorial, the newspaper is justified once again to have triggered this media storm: "Guttenberg is not only a leading politician, it is also what we call the U.S.

Obama: "Gadhafi is on the wrong side of history"

Washington. .- The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, is "on the wrong side of history," said U.S. president today. UU., Barack Obama. In a joint press conference with President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, Obama said his country is studying "a whole range of options" to apply in Libya, but downplayed the possibility of military intervention, saying that "what want is to have potentially the capacity to intervene quickly if the situation deteriorates.

Exchange of fire in Tripoli, hitherto the bastion of Gaddafi

Throughout the day have been heard several shots in the Libyan capital, the result of fighting between loyalist troops and rebels Qaddafi, who demonstrated in Tripoli, shouting: "Gaddafi is the enemy of God." Protesters have spread around the city from Adha Murat mosque in the district east of Tripoli, after Friday prayers.

Several hundred began to sing to end forty years of Gadhafi's government. "They have used tear gas. I heard shooting. People are scattered," said a Reuters reporter. Another journalist moved to the border with the district said Tajoura hearing heavy gunfire as a convoy of 14 Toyota SUV, with security forces on board, was going through a checkpoint to the protest site.

MALI - Escape from the author of the attack against the Embassy of France

February 28, the alleged attack on 5 January against the Embassy of France in Bamako, the Tunisian Bashir Simoun, escaped from prison. Simoun, who claimed affiliation with al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a bomb was detonated, injuring two people. He was detained in an undisclosed location by the authorities.

Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT said), was immediately sacked the director of security, Colonel Mamy Coulibaly, the newspaper said in Bamako.

Gaddafi's son rejects Chavez's mediation proposal

London. .- The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Said el Islam Gaddafi, today rejected the proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to establish an international mediation to help resolve the conflict in the country. In an interview with British broadcaster Sky News news, said Gadhafi was not aware of the Venezuelan proposal, but forcefully rejected a possible international mediation.

UK intercepted a boat with a Libyan money millionaire

A ship with Libyan bank notes worth 117 million euros to Libya was intercepted last Wednesday in British waters and escorted to a British port, it was announced on Friday the British Home Office. "The boat was escorted to the port of Harwich [southeast of England] by the ship HMS Vigilant," said a ministry spokesman said.

"Several containers were unloaded from the boat have been seized." "The spacecraft contained a significant amount of Libyan foreign exchange, which is under UN sanctions," the ministry said. Asked about various information miilones speaking of 117 euros, the spokesman said: "It is true." The boat was intercepted by the British authorities and taken to UK waters after failing in his attempt to enter the port of Tripoli during the weekend.

YEMEN - Confusion surrounding the resignation of five governors

Have they been fired for their inability to quell the demonstrations or have they resigned to protest the violence of repression? On 1 March, President Saleh has five governors sacked for incompetence. But according to the newspaper, one of them was at least resigned. To add to the confusion, three of the fired were appointed to the Upper House and the other two positions of Vice-Ministers of Industry and Agriculture.

Soldiers kill six opposition Gbagbo in Ivory Coast

Abidjan. .- At least six women were killed after the forces of Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, who clings to power despite losing the last election, opened fire on a group of protesters. Witnesses also spoke of more than 20 injured. Women protesters in the port city of Abidjan for the president-elect, Alassane Ouattara, Gbagbo who refuses to relinquish power.

"The women sang and had raised his hands to show they were not carrying weapons," he told a witness. The security forces "opened fire without warning and kept firing even when women were on the floor or tried to flee," he added. According to witnesses, the place did not get emergency vehicles.

Mass massive protests by Shahbaz Bhatti from Islamabad Christian

Pakistani police on Friday to extremes security measures in Islamabad, where a crowd attended the Mass for Minorities Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, killed two days ago, and where Christians held demonstrations in his favor. The ceremony in a church in Islamabad attended by senior government officials, including Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who said: "All minorities have lost a great leader.

PAKISTAN - Assassination of Minister of Religious Minorities

The websites of Pakistani newspapers were quickly passed on the news, whether in the form of short or mail. This March 2, Shahbaz Bhatti was murdered in Islamabad. Minister of Religious Minorities, was part of this Christian opponents of the blasphemy law, which provides for the death penalty for anyone who criticizes Islam or Muhammad.

January 4, Salman Taseer, Governor Punjab, had been murdered after being called for amendments to this controversial text.

Berlusconi says he can prove that Ruby was old

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has assured members of his party, the People of Freedom, "is evidence" that the young Moroccan Kharim Ruby The Mahroug, the young woman at the center of the process brought against the president for child prostitution and abuse of power, there was a minor when he met the president.

According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Il Cavaliere would have reminded his associates that "had sex" with Ruby, nor the girl was underage when he met, which would absolve him of the crime of child prostitution in the brought against the agent process, which will have its first hearing on April 6.

Exodus in Christchurch after the earthquake

A total of 70,000 people or one fifth of the population has left the New Zealand city of Christchurch, beaten by a strong earthquake on 22 February, local television reported. The mayor of the city in the South Island, Bob Park, said residents were evacuated or left for other locations due to the collapse of dozens of houses and cut electricity and water.

Authorities raised the death toll to 163, although they estimate that number to reach 220 when all the bodies recovered from the rubble in Chrischurch, the second largest city with nearly 400,000 inhabitants. Only 20 bodies, including two Israelis and a Thai, have been identified by the Police of the total of deaths from a dozen countries in the earthquake of 6.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.

UNITED KINGDOM - Eleven thousand soldiers threatened with dismissal

To the tabloid, the most widely read of all the British newspapers, it is a "farce military. On 1 March the government announced the elimination of 11,000 positions in the army, in order to reduce a record deficit. While London plans to intervene militarily in Libya, the paper storm: "It would be more logical to start by firing the generals incompetent employees at the Department of Defense.

Belgium, under the threat of a massive strike on Friday

Brussels. (EFE) .- The day of "National Action" in Belgium, organized by two major unions against the reform of the "agreement" threatens to cripple the country, as it provides considerable support in the private sector and public transport. The day of protest has been called by the socialist central (FGTB) and liberal (CGSLB) without the support of the Christian trade union (CSC).

Although there is a general strike but a protest in which each union branch decides how manifest-through strikes or simple staff meetings, it is expected that its impact is broad. The action takes place on the occasion of the trade agreement 2011-2012 (which governs labor relations in most of the private sector), and rejected by the unions that have organized demonstrations to consider a "social regression." It is expected that the greater monitoring of the protests taking place in the francophone region of Wallonia, where the main core professionals have called a general strike, while in Flanders and Brussels on the impact of the movement is likely to be minor.

Some videos of women being raped in Afghanistan caused the bombing of Frankfurt

He acted alone, motivated by Islamist revenge. That is the conclusion reached by the Prosecutor in Karlsruhe after the first prosecution in the case of Kosovo of 21 years on Wednesday killed two U.S. soldiers shot and seriously wounded two others in the Frankfurt airport. During interrogation, the perpetrator, Arid Uka said he had seen some videos on YouTube in which it is claimed that American soldiers raped Muslim women in Afghanistan and acted out of revenge.

ITALY - Libyan Refugee relief

On 1 March the Italian government decided to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees who flock to the Libyan border with Tunisia. The UN says 10,000 of them would flow each day. Council President Silvio Berlusconi telephoned his British counterpart, James Cameron, and sought a European collaboration.

The Milan daily said that, pending the establishment of a joint force, relief sent by Italy are expected to arrive on site within two days.

Spain sent a second plane to Benghazi

Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). .- Spain will begin this afternoon to evacuate refugees from Egypt to the border between Libya and Tunisia in the coming hours send another plane to help the Libyan city of Benghazi, which is controlled by opponents of Muammar Gaddafi, where an attempt open a humanitarian corridor.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, confirmed at the airbase of Torrejon de Ardoz the output of this plane to Benghazi, which is third with Spain sends humanitarian aid to the area. Early in the evening has come from the airbase of Torrejon de Ardoz the plane chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for an air corridor between the Tunisian island of Djerba near the Libyan border, and Cairo , which aims to evacuate about 4,000 refugees Egyptians.

Several police officers abused me

"I can not forget his tattoo. What was the man who abused me. I'm very bad. I can not even think about it. How could something like this happen?" I myself I can not believe it. Now I feel the pain I went through. At that I spent a lot of fear high ...". These are the statements of TDS, 32, who claims to have been raped by "men of state." The announcement was made Wednesday with a joint statement by public prosecutor Giovanni Ferrara and the provincial chief of the 'Carabinieri', Maurizio Mezzavilla, as reported by several Italian media on Friday.

TUNISIA - The Provisional Government lost two more ministers

"Fouad Mebazaa, President of the Republic acting, will speak March 3 at the Tunisian people," the newspaper ad. No doubt he will talk of turmoil in the transitional government, the scene of repeated resignations. After the Ministers of the Ben Ali era, two ministers from the opposition have made their portfolios, March 1: Ahmed Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Ahmed Najib Chebbi, Minister for Regional Development and local levels.

Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln together in Moscow

These two men together in a handshake at the entrance of the Russian State Archive were never found in reality. But the Tsar Alexander II and the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, had much in common. An exhibition pays tribute in Moscow this month and remember that 150 years ago, on March 3, 1861 (February 19, in the pre-revolutionary calendar), the Russian emperor signed the liberation of the serfs.

The dictator pays for forces to remain at his side

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, has offered money to his supporters in the fight against insurgents, say several opposition media. According to media, Mr Gaddafi sent mediators to the cities of Misrata, Nalut and Al Zawiya, in the west, where in days past, there were fierce clashes between rebels and troops of the regime, to offer its people a lot of money in exchange for loyalty.

Apparently, all inurgentes representatives rejected the offer. The website of the opposition "Al Manara 'also reported that" traitors "in cars moved through the streets of Misrata urging young people to join the" Islamic holy war against Gaddafi. " Those young people who responded to the call immediately to have been kidnapped by the henchmen of Gaddafi.

Arab revolutions - New Frontiers of Europe

Thirty years ago, nobody imagined the process would have led Warsaw Pact countries to join the EU. Now that the countries of North Africa are rising, the EU should offer them the same opportunity to strengthen democracy, offering them the prospect of membership, writes Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist, in La Stampa .

Yunus and his bank have recourse to justice dismissal Bangladeshi

New Delhi, .- The Nobel Peace Prize Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus and a group of managers of micro-credit bank founded today filed actions against the order of the Bangladesh Bank (central) to remove him from office the head of that institution. Yunus and the Grameen Bank nine directors (GB) each brought their cases before the High Court in Dhaka, which held a joint hearing to hear and reserved the issue of an answer to this for the next day 6, media reports said South Asian country.

Meets U.S. troops in their military base on the Greek island of Crete

United States has highlighted several military aircraft and military base in Suda, on the Greek island of Crete in the southeastern Mediterranean, within a preparedness plan for an eventual mission to Libya. This was explained today in Athens a Defense Ministry source who requested anonymity Greek. "Suda Currently there are six American C-130 aircraft, two C-160 Germans and two United States RC 135," the source said referring to news about movements of troops and materiel in Greece.

Libya: Tripoli fighting and shooting in

In Tripoli, supporters and opponents of President Gaddafi have clashed. Front of a mosque in the city of the Libyan capital after Friday prayers were over a thousand opponents of the regime and Qadhafi supporters with fists at each other. One side said: "The people want the overthrow of Colonel (Gaddafi)." Cried the other side ".

The people want Muammar, the Colonel," Gaddafi loyal militiamen, the green arm bands wore shot, according to eyewitnesses in the air to drive the opponents of the regime. The districts Tadschura and Souk al-Jumaa, in which there were also major anti-regime protests, according to eyewitnesses, now surrounded by Gadhafi troops with tanks.

Two killed in protests in Yemen

Yemen's army on Friday shot dead two protesters in the northwest of the country against the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and corruption in the country, according to the television network Al Arabiya. Shiite rebels Huthi tribe claimed that the demonstrators in Harf Sufian district were bombarded by the military.

In Sanaa, Yemen's capital, tens of thousands of opponents of President Saleh demonstrated outside the university shouting "Go away, go away!" According to news website 'News Yemen. "

The Libyan Revolution

After Tunisia and Egypt, Libya, the largest producer of oil and gas in Africa, came in turn boil. On 13 February 2011, riots against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi, in power since 1969, erupted in Benghazi the second largest city. Despite the repression and bloodshed that has claimed hundreds of victims, the demonstrations quickly spread to the rest of the country.

The international community is alarmed by the violence of repression, lobbied to demand the departure of the dictator. The UN and the

Appear Mubarak in Cairo by a corruption case

New York .- The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is believed still at his residence in Sharm el Sheikh, will be taken to Cairo next week for questioning in corruption, as indicated to CNN the former MP Mustafa Bakri. Bakri, who filed a complaint against Mubarak and other senior officials, has been informed of this filing by the attorney general's office Thursday.

The Egyptian general prosecutor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud, ordered on Monday to freeze the assets of Mubarak and his family and forbidden to leave the country. According to former deputy, the Mubarak family have secret accounts worth nearly $ 150 million. "I filed the documents for corruption on Sunday night and Monday morning I was asked the attorney general's office," said CNN.

The embarrassment of the dealings of the Libyan School of Economics

The London School of Economics is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. But that status has faltered in recent days by the institution's dealings with the Libyan regime, that have caused the public humiliation of some of its professors and triggered the hasty resignation of its director.

The outgoing is Howard Davies, an intellectual conceit that has served as head of financial watchdog and the Bank of England deputy governor and an influential figure in the circles of power in the UK. Davies has successfully piloted the global expansion of the LSE. But his reputation has not survived the riots in Benghazi, which the tabloids have helped to portray him as an unscrupulous manager decided to agree to any price with the dictator.