Sunday, June 5, 2011

The party said that President Saleh returns to Yemen "in days"

Sana'a. .- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, "will return within days" to the country from Saudi Arabia, where he is convalescing after being wounded on Friday in a bombing at his presidential palace, said an official from his party. For now, military leaders on which rests the power of the Yemeni president, including his sons and nephews are in the country, officials said, and have chosen not to follow the leader on his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Heavy fighting left five dead and several wounded in Yemen

Dubai. .- At least five people have died and several are injured in the course of the fighting taking place this Sunday in the city of Taiz, according to Al Arabiya. The pan-Arab network Al-Jazeera also is aware of numerous injuries in this city, Taiz - at the southern tip of the country - has been the scene of constant clashes last week between protesters and forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is now in Saudi Arabia for treatment of his injuries from the bombing of his palace on Friday.

Saleh withdraw the army and police of Taiz in which spreads chaos

The Yemeni army and police have withdrawn from the southern city of Taiz after a week of fighting against opponents of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which have left dozens dead. "The scenes of looting and chaos are spreading after the withdrawal of security forces and the army of the city", has secured an opposition leader who asked not to be identified.

Tareq al-Shami, spokesman of the ruling party has also confirmed the departure of troops loyal to Saleh of this city located 200 kilometers south of the capital. An activist in Taiz city indicated that its "peaceful demonstrations are becoming street fighting." However, other protesters remain hopeful about the future of the demonstrations.

The Pakistani media revealed a plot to assassinate President Zardari

Islamabad. .- The Pakistani security agencies foiled a Taliban plot to assassinate Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, in revenge for the death in this country of Osama Laden Bilan, various local media reported today. According to sources, the plot was discovered three weeks ago from monitoring the enforcement workers established on the outskirts of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad.

Nearly 9,000 civilians have died in the conflict in Afghanistan in the last four years

NATO has made known to Hamid Karzai that the bombing in Afghanistan will continue, despite complaints from Afghan President constant errors by international troops in China, causing civilian deaths. This Sunday, exactly, is expected to chief commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General David Petraeus, joins Karzai to address this issue, after about a week of NATO bombing provoked the death of 14 civilians in Helmand province, including 12 creatures.

Israel confirmed it fired at Palestinian demonstrators in the Golan Heights

At least twenty Syrian and Palestinian protesters were killed and another 325 were wounded by gunfire from Israeli soldiers trying to cross the border between Syria and Israel, Syrian state television said. The chain, which earlier spoke of thirteen killed and 225 wounded, adding that young Syrians and Palestinians have decided to start a strike at Quneitra on the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria, where thousands of people have come to participate in it and commemorate the Israeli occupation of the Highlands, which occurred in 1967.

NATO first used attack helicopters in its mission in Libya

NATO has been used in Libya for the first time, attack helicopters, military vehicles and equipment, and ground forces of the regime of Gaddafi. The use of these devices, Britain and France, marked a new phase of the mission in Libya, which until now had developed selective shelling and air strikes from coalition air forces.

"We will continue with the use of these assets when and where needed with the same accuracy in all our missions," said the chief commander of the operation 'Unified Protector', Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard. According to NATO, such attack helicopters provide "additional flexibility to track and locate a pro-Gaddafi forces deliberately using civilians and try to hide in populated areas." "A score of goals, including a half of military vehicles have been destroyed," said the spokesman of the General Staff, Colonel Thierry Burkhard.

At least two soldiers die in Sana'a by the explosion in a building of the opposition

Sana'a. .- At least two Yemeni soldiers were killed and 15 others were injured in an explosion in a building where militants were loyal to the opposition Sheikh Sadeq Abdullah al-Ahmar in Sana'a, according to police and military The building is located near the Plaza Al Tagir, where thousands of opponents of the Yemeni regime continue to shout slogans against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is in Saudi Arabia since yesterday for medical treatment of injuries sustained in an attack Friday in the Yemeni capital.

Abu Mazen accepted in principle the proposal for a peace summit in Paris

Following the visit this week to Ramallah and Jerusalem French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, the Palestinian president, Abu Mazen, said Saturday that it accepts "in principio2 the French initiative which includes an international peace summit in Paris. objective is clear, though complicated sumamemte: resume Israeli-Palestinian negotiations stalled for nine months.

According to Abu Mazen, the French plan is "an opportunity" and is based on the general lines laid out by President Barack Obama in his speech on 19 May. That is, the formula of 'two states' based on the 1967 borders with agreed exchange of territories. First you negotiate the borders and security, leaving the end (after one year) the thorniest issues, such as the status of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees.

The epidemic began to overwhelm hospitals in northern Germany

Berlin. .- The North German hospitals are beginning to have problems to address the epidemic unleashed by the dangerous bacteria E. coli, admits Health Minister Daniel Bahr, in remarks published today by the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag." "We have a complicated situation in terms of supply to patients," acknowledged the Liberal minister.

The solution will now compensate for problems in hospitals in Hamburg and Bremen, the cities hardest hit by vacancies in schools in the area, he added. The newspaper said on Wednesday Bahr maintain a crisis meeting with Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner, and with leaders of health and agriculture of all the states.

Five senior Yemeni, Saudi Arabia for medical treatment

Yemen's prime minister, Ali Mohamed al Muyawar, and four more officials have traveled to Saudi Arabia for treatment of injuries sustained in the attack on Friday against the presidential palace, according to an official source. Al Muyawar be flown to Saudi kingdom with the president of the Upper House of Parliament, Yehia to Rai, a source of senior Yemeni government, who requested anonymity.

Russia believes that NATO is "one step" of sending ground troops to Libya

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, said today that NATO is "one step" of sending ground troops to Libya to help the rebels to overthrow the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi. "The attack helicopters, in my opinion, are the final step before launching a ground operation," said Ivanov in Asian security conference held in Singapore, according to Channel News Asia television.

Horacio Brunt Acosta, the Mexican national hero in Spain eventually sold jalapeños

Rains, it pours for Horacio Brunt Acosta. The former Mexican federal agent, who fled to Spain 15 years ago after being accused of collaborating with the 'narcos', has just discovered that one of his sons was arrested in the Arizona border while driving a 'Jeep' loaded with arms. "He thought it was beer," says Brunt.

The life of former police changed in 1996. At the beginning, for good. The leading group of agents that managed to stop the almighty Juan Garcia Abrego, head of the Gulf Cartel. Brunt, then Director of Intelligence of the National Commissioner for Combating Drugs, became a hero and gained respect from U.S.

Unpromising campaign, under the shadow of the crisis and the forced austerity

Both the Socialist leader Jose Socrates, as the social Pedro Passos Coelho chose Lisbon finale. In the area of the EXPO98, symbol of the modernity of Lisbon, the Socialist asked undecided voters, arguing that Portugal is going through a "particularly serious moment" for what he believes abstinence may not be as high as in the elections of 2009, which exceeded 40%.

Faced with the possibility of a right-wing coalition government, Socrates said that what is at stake is the "social justice". Pedro Passos Coelho also closed the season in Lisbon, but in a much more historical, Largo do Carmo, where in April 1974 he experienced the Carnation Revolution that brought democracy to Portugal.

The EU prepares a first wave of evacuations of their citizens in Yemen

Oviedo / Sanaa. Spanish .- A dozen, mostly embassy workers in Yemen leave the country in the first phase of implementation escape the escalation of violence that has occurred in recent days. This has been reported the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, after inaugurating the XVI Forum Spain-United States held today in Oviedo.

According to the Foreign Minister, in a first phase would be willing to leave the country a score of Spanish, including embassy staff and aid workers, mainly. Jimenez has said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decided yesterday that it had to activate the pre-evacuation phase of Yemen in coordination with European partners and that gives them "peace of mind" that the EU has decided today to put in place the mechanisms to carry out this operation.

Mladic to the Hague Tribunal: I defended my people and my country

Former Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect, Ratko Mladic, appeared before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) after his recent arrest and extradition by Serbian authorities. The former soldier has entered the room dressed in a suit (and not in uniform as many had insured) and wearing tie and hat (although the latter has taken a few minutes), showing an aspect of aging but healthy enough .

DENMARK - The North Pole is ours!

Denmark will demand that the North Pole is recognized as belonging to Danish sovereignty, announces daily Information, which had access to a confidential government document. According to Copenhagen, the pole is located at the continental shelf - so in an area where sovereignty is exercised - and in the influence area of Denmark as it includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland, the pole is close the latter island.

A group of Afghan police kills an Italian tourist was in Kabul

Kabul. .- An Italian policeman killed by Afghan civilians while on a courtesy visit to the Panjshir province, near Kabul, after being involved in an incident with local villagers, Efe said the provincial governor. The deceased, said in Rome the Italian Foreign Ministry through a communique, was Lieutenant Colonel Cristiano Congiu, who served in the Italian embassy in Kabul as drug expert and went accompanied by an American woman in the Panjshir Valley , a traditional place of leisure.

The dissident Guillermo Farinas on hunger strike again

Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas told AFP on Friday began a hunger strike to protest against the government of Raul Castro, who considers "responsible" for the death in early May opponent Juan Soto. "I have started a hunger strike at 12:00 pm (1600 GMT) to demand the Government that the perpetrators be tried for the murder of John and stop attacking opponents," said Farina, 49, by telephone from Santa Clara, his hometown, 280 miles east of Havana.

Merkel calls for reform "urgent" Security Council UN

Dresden (Germany), June 4 - Chancellor Angela Merkel used his speech today at the conference of the German Evangelical Church in Dresden to demand urgent reform of the Security Council of the UN and reject a "blackout" nuclear faster than expected by government. The Security Council "reflects the order that emerged after World War II, but not the current after the end of the Cold War," he told thousands gathered for the traditional biennial conference, known as "Kirchentag." Merkel, whose country currently holds a permanent seat on the council, considered that it needed "urgent reform" of the organ.

The former Minister of Finance of Egypt, sentenced in absentia to 30 years in prison

Cairo. .- The Egyptian former Minister of Finance Youssef Boutros Ghali was sentenced in absentia to thirty years in prison for influence peddling, abuse of authority and illicit enrichment, state media reported. The criminal court in northern Cairo, chaired by Judge Goneim Mahdi, provided further that the penalty must be fulfilled in full, without the possibility of a reduction, and Gali have to return funds that are appropriated.

Called a demonstration in Rabat against the heavy hand of the riot

The youth of February 20 are not alone. Is the message he wants to pitch tomorrow his support committee made up of more than a hundred human rights associations and other entities. To condemn the increasing repression in recent weeks against the group of opponents of the system, have organized demonstrations in several cities of the Alawite kingdom.

In the capital, Rabat, is expected to leave the march at eleven o'clock from the square in Bab El Had, which already ripped the first three levels of the Movement, February 20 and March, and April 24. The event will be tomorrow, "sadly," a protagonist "indisputable" ELMUNDO account. Maruf Salma is young, a member of the Movement of February 20.