Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Egyptian Prime Minister reshape the Government to preserve the Revolution

The head of the Egyptian government, Esam Sharaf, announced Monday that within a week will undertake a remodeling of its Executive in response to the demands of the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, for "preserving the revolution" of January 25, which ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak. In a televised address to the nation, Sharaf said several of the claims have once again take to the streets to thousands of Egyptians since last Friday, but gave no details of what the ministries affected by the remodeling.

NATO rescues a sinking boat about o with 60 immigrants

Several aircraft and a warship of NATO have rescued a boat carrying at least 60 migrants on board was about to sink off the coast of Libya, as reported by official sources of the Alliance. Early reports indicate a tug Cypriot immigrants than among Libyans have eight children and 17 women, including four pregnant.

All would be as safe, after the crew of the Spanish ship 'Juan de Bourbon' has provided them food and water. Both the Spanish ship and the tug of Cyprus remain in place to help the boat, which could involve the transfer of migrants to the 'Juan de Bourbon' or to be taken back to shore. The boat was spotted in international waters between Libya and Tunisia, about 50 kilometers northwest of Tripoli, a U.S. NATO aircraft.

Seven killed in a plane crash in Siberia

In a spectacular emergency landing of a Russian passenger plane on a river in Siberia has killed at least 7 people and 25 were injured, Interfax news agency reported based on sources from official bodies. The captain decided to land on water in the river Ob, after the engine of the Antonov An-24 caught fire.

During the maneuver the machine was broken and a fire occurred. Rescuers flew to the crash site difficult to access. The device, used for short journeys, traveling at least 33 people on board and headed to the city of Tomsk in Surgut, western Siberia. In recent years there have been several fatal accidents and the An-24, a turboprop-powered aircraft that began flying for almost 50 years.

Red alert in Indonesia by the strong increase in activity of the volcano Lokon

The Indonesian authorities have declared a red alert on Monday, the highest degree, by volcanic activity Lokon in the Celebes, and announced the evacuation of hundreds of people living nearby. The National Disaster Management Indonesia has been an increase in volcanic activity since Saturday, when a column of smoke and ash up to 500 meters out of the crater.

The Government has ordered the evacuation of people within a radius of 3.5 kilometers around the mountain to prevent problems in case of a major eruption. Almost 30,000 people live in the vicinity of this volcano of 1,580 meters, located in northern Celebes and 20 kilometers from the regional capital, Manado.

About 2,300 people evacuated in Bulgaria by a cloud of toxic gas

At least 2,300 people were evacuated today from the Bulgarian town Debelets due to the toxic gas cloud formed after a dump truck this morning and five tons of oil pour styrene. Sources of Civil Protection reported that the accident occurred when a truck carrying 20 tons of the chemical went off the road and overturned near the town of 4325 inhabitants, located 320 kilometers from Sofia.

Washington calls the Syrian ambassador

Washington .- The U.S. government will convene the State Department to the Syrian ambassador in Washington to express his sentence on Wednesday after a crowd of supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad attacked the U.S. embassy in Damascus, as reported by a U.S. official. According to this source, no member of the embassy staff was injured in the incident, although there have been some damage.