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ANALYSIS - A corruption problem before any

Bahrainis have a long tradition of political protest behind. In 1922, the population had rebelled against the tax system is discriminatory and against the right chore available to the ruling family. In 1938, activists demanded political reforms (with the promulgation of a constitution and free elections), which earned them to be imprisoned by the British on the island of St.

Helena - the very one who was the last residence of the prisoner Napoleon Bonaparte. As for the current uprising, it is still and always produce a social, political and constitutional. This has nothing to do with Sunni-Shiite tensions, as claimed by the Bahraini regime and as willing to believe the other Gulf regimes and a host of analysts and Western governments.

Who is the payer of Europe?

Who is the major payer of Europe in crisis? Certainly not the German taxpayer. But the misleading message is repeated over and over again, many media and politicians, German. The idea that "the Germans are the most pagan" is firmly anchored even in the European public. In Germany the complaint resurfaces in every discussion of bailout funds to countries in distress.

In Europe is a prime political issue, because it erodes the axis of the European Union and thins the environment. In no European country the theme of the national contribution is as important as in Germany. Its basis is that, as the eurozone's largest economy and its largest population, Germany is the one that brings in money fund totals as stabilization of the euro.

Lazarevo dwellers want their people bearing the name of Mladic

In Lazarevo, the town where Thursday was captured war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic, a group of residents wants to launch an initiative to take his place in the future the name of the detained Bosnian Serb general. As reported Friday serbia news agency 'Fonet', the villagers want to present in coming days such a request.

In this, ask Lazarevo, located about 85 kilometers north of Belgrade, bearing the name of Mladic or at least do the street who was arrested the former general. Asked about why they want their people bearing the name of a person accused of being responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, several people responded that this way they want revenge against Croatia.

TRUST - Nothing goes between Washington and Islamabad

The national security adviser of President Obama, Thomas E. Donilon, called Sunday, May 8 in Pakistan permission to interview the three wives of Osama bin Laden. This requirement should not improve the already tense relations between the two countries since it was discovered that the leader of Al Qaeda had hidden for years near Islamabad.

MM. Donilon and Obama remained cautious and did not accuse the Pakistani leaders have been aware of the residence of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, a garrison town situated about fifty kilometers from the Pakistani capital. They wished to recall that the United States still considered Pakistan, a nuclear fragile, as a key partner in the fight against Islamist terrorism.

Egypt reopens its border with Gaza permanently

Cairo. .- The Egyptian authorities have reopened today the border crossing with the Gaza Strip on a permanent basis, for the first time since June 2007 with the aim of strengthening the inter-Palestinian reconciliation, official sources confirmed to Efe. The passage opened at 09.00 local time (07.00 GMT) and will remain open until 18:00 (16:00 GMT) every day of the week except Fridays and holidays.

The G8 wants to promote democracy in Arab countries

"What a beautiful sunset!" Said Angela Merkel have to look through the glass how the sun was hiding behind the line of the sea. It was 20.00 hours in Deauville Ciro's restaurant and the eight presidents of the G8 dined quietly with his counterparts from Tunisia and Egypt, invited to the banquet to tell first hand the urgent needs of countries.

"It was a special moment that demonstrates the good atmosphere that has prevailed in this summit," Sarkozy said Friday in a press conference closing ceremony. He looked happy to head the French state. In their eyes, the G8 has come out beautifully. The incredible security measures (12,000 police and soldiers moved) managed to push the anti-demonstrators, who prepare a morning ceremony in the nearby town of Le Havre.

PAKISTAN - The key men

Kayani the army chief, General Pervez Kayani, has been accused of the U.S. operation only when the raid was launched in Abbottabad. The army then took an hour to arrive on the scene, while the Navy SEALs had already departed. Zardari In an article published by The Washington Post May 3, President Asif Ali Zardari said the Pakistani position after the death of the leader of Al Qaeda.

Pasha The ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha, was summoned to Washington to explain what he knew of the presence of bin Laden in Abbottabad. The United States also require the names of several Pakistani intelligence agents for questioning.

NATO bombed Tripoli for a fifth day

Tripoli. - The capital of Libya, Tripoli, was a witness today for the fifth consecutive night of air strikes by NATO, said Saturday the station Al Jazeera. The source said several explosions were heard in the city, where he also saw columns of smoke ascending. The information has not been clarified.

Yemeni rebels announced a truce after 100 killed in four days

The tribal leader Sadeq Abdullah al-Ahmar said Friday it agreed to a truce with security forces in Yemen after four days of clashes in Sanaa, the capital of Saudi Arabia. "Since last night, there is a cessation of hostilities between us and the forces of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It also conducts a mediation," said Sheikh, one of the main leaders of the forces opposing the regime.

But several analysts say the truce is more theoretical than practical. Militias loyal to Al Ahmar came to occupy several ministries and forced the closure of the airport of the capital. Friday claimed to have taken control of a military complex near Sanaa, while increasing fighting is plunging the country into a civil war in the last four days have recorded the deaths of at least 100 people.

At least 5 killed and 9 wounded in a suicide bombing at a market in Pakistan

Islamabad. .- At least five people were killed and nine wounded in a suicide attack recorded in a market in the Pakistani tribal area of Bajaur, bordering Afghanistan, official sources told Efe. The attack took place in the bazaar of Pasha, located in the district of Malik, the sources said authorities in Bajaur.

In this tribal area bordering Afghanistan have been several military offensives against the Taliban insurgency, especially one of 2009 after which the army claimed to have driven the fundamentalists in the region. The attacks are more common in the villages around Peshawar, the capital of the restive province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), which in Bajaur and other tribal regions.

For a minute, the speed of the aircraft data were contradictory

"For a minute, AF 447 pilots had conflicting evidence on the speed of the aircraft," said the statement released Friday by the Office of Research and Analysis (BEA) in relation to the data contained in the black box flight Air France which fell into the sea on June 1, 2009. That moment of confusion could be decisive and end up causing the death of its 228 crew and passengers, sank in the Atlantic 400 kilometers hopelessly Recife (Brazil).

The Chinese word - "Duoyuan" PLURALISM

Political pluralism is not yet a reality in China. But it is sometimes said that the process initiated by the reforms initiated in 1978 led the traditional society to a pluralistic society. According to this analysis, in the collective imagination, traditional society was a whole. In modern times, it becomes dual: tradition and modernity, China and West, capitalism and communism, proletariat and bourgeoisie, etc..

Germany expands its military intervention scenario

Germany does not rule out sending troops to countries like, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or Sudan. He says the defense minister, Thomas de Maiziere, explaining the reform of the army, whose central point is the "new role" of Germany in the world. Since the end of the Cold War, Germany wants to make your machine Bundeswehr effective intervention, rapid deployment of troops as the United States and France have since the eighties.

Two Italian peacekeepers were seriously wounded in an attack south of Beirut

Two 'blue helmets' Italians were seriously injured Friday in Lebanon in an attack on the armored UN in traveling with other soldiers. The explosion occurred near Sidon, 40 kilometers south of Beirut. Apparently, a device exploded as a convoy of trucks from the Italian contingent of UNIFIL. The bomb was detonated by remote control when the vehicle passed through the city stadium.

Four other Italian soldiers were wounded, reports the online edition of the Corriere della Sera. The first information, then denied, spoke of two deaths in the Italian contingent.

CHINA - In praise of tolerance by "The People's Daily"

The price of a thing can remain indifferent, as it can get a sense of oppression. A criminal case can raise the feverish expectation for justice, but also give rise to the search for procedural flaws. In evaluating the reforms, also, some clapping with both hands, while others are skeptical ... Chinese society is in a period marked by pluralism, diversity, divergence of thought and culture.

This is undoubtedly a historic change. We went from a time when one heard a single voice to that where "a hundred flowers bloom" [classic expression of diversity used by Mao in 1957 to launch the movement known as the Hundred Flowers quickly suppressed], an era of uniformity in a period marked by an abundance of different profiles.

Essential relationships

Winston Churchill, the politician who coined the term to describe a special relationship to the U.S. and the UK, could never imagine that one day that an American president would withdraw from the White House a bust of him. The decision took Barack Obama, who now, in his State visit to the UK, has described the relations between the two countries 'essential' to the world.

The UK is the most visited country (more than fifty times) by U.S. president since the mandate of Jimmy Carter (1977-1981). We are Canada (35), a neighbor, France (34), always the exception, and Mexico (29), another neighbor, and problematic. The relationship, therefore, seems particularly effective, although there have been around.

Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras to complete the constitutional process

Former President Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras on Saturday after almost 16 months of exile and two years after being overthrown by the same mentality and force by which the power went out: building a constituent assembly that would allow "refound" the country, but the challenge of holding together its diverse base of support.

Zelaya, Honduras ousted president in nearly 30 years since the return to constitutional order, you will find a country other than that left on 27 January 2010 when he left the Brazilian embassy and went to the Dominican Republic. Much of its popular base, which continued in power after overthrowing the June 28, 2009, left the former president for what they consider their radicalization, while others have abandoned them away from their comfortable exile from the Dominican Republic.

HAITI - On an air of "compas direct"

At age 27, became the lead singer Michel Martelly Compass Direct by chance. Unemployed, with no other string to his bow and because he had to feed his wife and son, he began by accepting to play the electric organ in a casino. His patter and his friends do the rest to turn in a business part-time job and a career political fate of twenty-two in the song.

The Compass Direct is the most popular dance music in Haiti. He was born in the mid-1950s, is a mix of indigenous rhythms and what the musicians play Cuban or Dominican pitches in Haiti. Languid. Most often, the text is a pretext, it is reduced to a few sentences. No message, no claim in a piece that lasts eight to ten minutes, even more when played at a ball, these appointments forced orchestras compass.

At least eight killed in protests Friday in Syria

Cairo / Deauville. .- At least eight people were killed when Syrian security forces returned fire to disperse demonstrations during the "day of wrath" demanding the departure of President Bashar al-Assad, sources with the activists. The police and secret services tried to break up the protests with gunfire and sticks across the country, after thousands of people to lean back to the streets.

The troops fired on demonstrators scheme meeting in Banias, on the coast and in Al Hasaka, in the east. In Deir al Zor, in the northeast, 40 protesters were arrested as they left the Al ORFI, sources with the activists. The police attacked demonstrators with batons in Lattakia and Aleppo, where he took to the streets over 3,500 people.

At least 400 North African illegal immigrants arrive in Italy in three boats

About 400 immigrants from North Africa on Friday reached the coast of Italy on three barges, two of which were headed towards the island of Lampedusa and the third to the town of Pantelleria southwest of Sicily. One boat, with 247 people on board and from Libya, was intercepted about 50 miles from Lampedusa when he was adrift and about to sink because it came plenty of water, the Guardia di Finanza reported.

ZOOM - The "Russian Obama" turns his back to Putin

This farmer in the Volgograd region, from Guinea-Bissau is the only Russian citizen with black skin who ever tried to get elected, by appearing on the party list of Vladimir Putin, United Russia, in local elections in late 2009. Krima Joachim, 38, best known in his village under the name Vasily Ivanovich, was not elected, but his progressive ideas and the color of his skin made him famous throughout the country.

The Chilean government confirmed that the exhumed body is that of Salvador Allende

Santiago de Chile. - The Chilean government confirmed today that the body exhumed from the cemetery on Monday for the former socialist president Salvador Allende, who died in a military coup in 1973. Ratification, provided by the Legal Medical Service, was made based on a comparison of dental allowed "watch features full correspondence ante and post mortem examined," it said.

The organization, mandated by the Justice to lead these skills, he added that the studies to validate the causes of death of Allende will be in three weeks. The surveys, commissioned by the family of former president also revealed that Allende's remains were intact, without loss of parts, despite the burials and exhumations of 1973 and 1990.

Indian President gives green light to executions for the first time in seven years

After seven years of de facto moratorium on capital punishment, the Indian President, Pratibha Patil, has denied clemency to two death row and has given free rein to his execution, amid criticism from advocacy groups for human rights. "The President considered that these two defendants did not deserve a review of his sentence and that his crimes made them worthy of the death sentence, so he decided to confirm it," a source said Friday the Indian government.

RUSSIA - A party for Medvedev, another one for Putin

In today's world, when one is weak, there is always someone to want to dictate your politics, "warned Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the Duma in presenting his report on government activity [20 April]. Informed observers have not failed to see a call to rally around the party plan [United Russia], since only the union would force.

But the power he intends to defend at all costs the monopoly of United Russia? This party is he able to defend itself positions of power, convene and expand what was formerly the "voting age" of Putin? It is not safe. With the approach of parliamentary elections in December, the country should see a new tandem, this time consisting of both political parties.

Serbia Justice confirms that Mladic be extradited to The Hague

Belgrade. - The Judicial Council of Serbia has confirmed Friday that the conditions for the war criminal Ratko Mladicsea extradited to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). According to a spokeswoman in Belgrade said the charges against former Bosnian Serb military leader of the jurisdiction of The Hague.

With this decision, has begun extradition proceedings which provide deadlines can be resolved in a week. Mladic's defense has the right to appeal within three days and the Judicial Council has the same length of time to make a final decision. Meanwhile, the war criminal will remain on the premises of the Court of Belgrade.

Serbia Justice confirms that Mladic be extradited to Hague Tribunal

Serbia Justice confirmed Friday that the conditions for the war criminal Ratko Mladic is extradited to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). According to a spokeswoman for the court in Belgrade dealing with this case, the charges against former Bosnian Serb military leader of the jurisdiction of The Hague.

With this decision, has begun extradition proceedings that could last a week. Mladic's defense has the right to appeal within three days and the Judicial Council has the same length of time to make a final decision. Meanwhile, the war criminal will remain on the premises of the Court of Belgrade.

IMMIGRATION - Sarkozy and Berlusconi, irresponsible arsonists

Inspector Barnabyest a famous British series aired on ITV, whose success can not be denied for fourteen seasons. The action is at the heart of the English countryside in a small fictional town of Causton, supposed to embody all the small villages of traditional England. Moreover, according to its producer, Brian True-May (real name), precisely because it is the stereotype of an English village that can accommodate any resident who is not white .

The Air France plane crashed into the Atlantic in 3 ½ minutes

Paris (Editor) .- The pilots tried to gain control of the aircraft of Air France flight AF447 for more than four minutes before the device fell to the Atlantic Ocean with the nose up, killing 228 people, said French researchers said on Friday. The crash of 2009 began with a warning of loss of control after two and a half hours flight from Rio to Paris, and shortly after the captain abandoned the car briefly to start a routine rest period, reports Reuters.

Mladic, Milosevic chose you, not me. So who's to blame?

Ratko Mladic refused on Friday to receive the indictment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). "You have chosen to Milosevic, not me." So who's to blame? "Said former Bosnian Serb military leader before the Court of Belgrade, according to a spokesman for the Supreme Court of Serbia.

Former Yugoslav President Milosevic Sloba, who died in 2003 in a cell in the ICTY in The Hague, had a role in the design of the wars that took place in the 90's with the aim to create a "Greater Serbia." Mladic then made a meteoric career in the Yugoslav People's Army, dominated by Serbs, and later became Bosnian Serb military commander during the civil war from 1992 to 1995.

Thousands of Syrians take to the streets in a new day of protests against Asad

Thousands of Syrians came Friday to the streets in several cities to participate in a new day of protests against the regime of Bashar Assad, according to opposition activists. The demonstrations are taking place in different neighborhoods of the capital, Damascus, and in the provinces and localities Altal, Homs, Alqureyah, Banias and Aleppo, according to information distributed by internet by opposition groups.


Mimei the word, translated here as "daybreak", means this particular moment of the night when we sense dimly arrival of dawn, without the black sky is so far clarified. It is in this moment, as the great poet and ethnologist folklore Orikuchi Shinobu (1987-1953), the young priestess in ancient times, were using their Asama, their "eyes in the morning," to read fate auspicious or harmful, reserved for new day ahead.

Mladic's neighbors deplore the arrest of a "defender of Serbs"

Sarajevo .- The villagers Bosnian Bozanovici, where Ratko Mladic was born in 1943, expressed their dismay over the arrest today of suspected war criminal. "I never expected it to be stopped. Their only crime was defending the Serbian people," he told Bosnian media Dusko, a retired military officer and close relative of Mladic.

"We heard the first news at noon. We were impressed," he told reporters several residents of this village, located some 70 kilometers east of Sarajevo. Local media reported that a group of parishioners went with disapproval about a radio press conference in which Serbian President Boris Tadic announced the arrest of Mladic.

Ratko Mladic, a war criminal "to workers in the service of the European Union?

The life of Ratko Mladic in the last 16 years as a fugitive remains a mystery. But the villagers of Vojvodina begin to relate details of who now believe that the general accused of genocide that is trying to lose the mass. His neighbors in the village of Lazarevo just have made statements and usually respond with aggression to the press.

Even yesterday blocked access to the house where Mladic was discovered while singing nationalist songs. But in the nearest city, Zrenjanin, and there are witnesses who claim to have shared with him to hours of hard work load. According to the Serbian tabloid newspaper 'Blic' Mladic worked as a laborer in an area full of buildings financed by the European Union.