Monday, April 11, 2011

In light of new FBI papers on UFOs

Who believe in the existence of UFOs has now some additional reason: in the forties also believed the FBI, as is clear beyond doubt from the papers as confidential, in-style X-Files, just published on the website Bureau. The documents give an account of at least two sightings, one in Utah and one in New Mexico (the famous Roswell incident).

Four Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli air raids

Israeli attack on Gaza:  four more Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip following the Israeli army airstrikes. The latest victims of raids amounted to 18 hours from start of the offensive game Thursday, in response to the attack claimed by Hamas, which was an anti-tank missile launched against a school bus, two injured.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said Friday: "Anyone who tries to attack and kill our children, puts his life at risk." Militants in Gaza, also on Thursday, fired at least 70 rockets and mortars into Israeli territory, making no victim. According to some analysts, Hamas has taken over the military action to reclaim its primacy over rivals Fatah and distract public attention from the Palestinian riots in the Arab world.

The UN Assad reminded that violence is "unacceptable"

United Nations. .- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, that violence against peaceful protesters is "unacceptable" and must investigate the events in that country on Friday, the international body said today. Ban, who spoke by telephone Saturday with Syrian President on the events yesterday in the Arab country, he stressed his "deep concern at reports of violence against demonstrators, as well as for the dead and injured" that day, said in a statement the UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky.

Twenty million Peruvians voted in the most contested elections in its history

The polls closed at 4 PM as stipulated. The elections were calm and serenity. Within minutes the polls will exit polls. Twenty million Peruvians out massively to vote in a peaceful day in which so far no incidents have been reported. Within that number are 750 thousand Peruvians abroad who will vote and representing 3.9% of the electorate.

Electoral population is greater than that of many Peruvian departments. The general election began on opening Perúcon 103,622 polling stations installed in 15,000 schools around the country who guard 77,000 policemen and 45,000 members of the Armed Forces. Starting at 08.00 local time (13.00 GMT) until 16.00 (21.00 GMT), voters go to polls to elect a president, two vice presidents, 130 members of Congress and 15 representatives to the Andean Parliament.

AFGHANISTAN - Afghan soldiers quiet for now

Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced March 22 that the foreign occupation forces would withdraw from four provinces and four cities. This transition will begin with the Kabul province (excluding the troubled district of Sarobi) and will expand to the provinces of Bamyan and Panjshir and several cities: Lashkar Gah, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Mehtarlam.

The transfer of responsibilities to the Army and Afghan National Police will be able to start within months, a process that must stretch through 2014. However, this is not a very big deal, since most of these areas are at peace, for the most part. In reality, the foreign forces present on site were not there out of necessity, but rather by inability to fight in real theaters.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor to testify quoted Mubarak and his two sons

Cairo. .- The Egyptian general prosecutor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud, ordered today that the president Hosni Mubarak questioned and two children from allegations that they are accused of alleged involvement in attacks on demonstrators and embezzlement. As reported by the official news agency MENA, these lawsuits accuse Mubarak and his sons Alaa and Gamal to be involved in the crime of attacking peaceful demonstrators during protests that erupted on 25 January.

The mighty king of Swaziland is afraid of losing all their privileges

The Almighty King of Swaziland, Mswati III, is afraid of the revolutions that lie ahead and has agreed to get off his high throne and ask the leaders of the revolt to stop the protests planned for next week. The influence of changes in Arab countries has caused a wave of protests in one of the last African kingdoms ruled with an iron fist.

"The king is afraid that there is a revolution and, therefore, has sent his advisers to ask us to stop the protests," said Muzi Mhalanga, one of the organizers of the marches. "We have responded that we will not stop until there is a real democracy with a multiparty system." Meanwhile, the king has instructed the police to control the streets and has established controls at all border posts with South Africa to prevent the demonstrations can succeed or at least that the Government's response has been made public (the press is very prosecuted).

CZECH REPUBLIC - Lots of noise and ... nothing

Even a child would be able to draw a map of noise pollution. Just on a city map, draw the grid of streets using a darker color for the trunk. All available data show that the noise in the Czech capital comes mainly from the urban transport network. But there is noise and noise. While, for example, the nightclubs are forced Prague, one after another, reducing their time slots (or even close altogether) for noise nuisance, the municipality informs us that reduce the traffic noise even on court injunction, is simply not possible.

Nigerian opposition gains strength after the first count of the election

Lagos. .- The first results of Saturday's legislative elections in Nigeria show a strong rise of the opposition parties in both houses, local media reported today. According to Nigerian newspapers, the main opposition party, the Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN), will lead the counts in the southwestern states, while in the north of Africa's most populous country is the Congress for Change which the leading political.

The Egyptian army denied that soldiers fired on protesters

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt denied that members of the army fired on demonstrators in Tahrir Square in the riot this morning, in which two people died and 71 were injured. In a news conference, Gen. Ismail Etman, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, said Army members who were in Tahrir when the incidents occurred were not armed.

The reasons for these confrontations are confusing, since some protesters denounced a direct attack on the soldiers, the military leadership led by Egypt accused some groups of inciting riots and violating curfew. The general also announced that they have arrested and are questioning 42 people who were in Tahrir during the curfew.

PERU - Humala rises in polls

Two weeks before the first round, the nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala left makes a surprising comeback in public opinion. According to a poll published by the newspaper, it would accelerate in the first round of April 10, Alejandro Toledo, Peru's president between 2001 and 2006, and Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former head of state.

For three months, Toledo was the favorite Net polls. Ollanta Humala had made headlines in 2006 by going to the second round of presidential elections.

Ill a plant operator from overwork Fukushima

Tokyo. .- An employee of TEPCO, the company that operates the nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan, was admitted to hospital today after being infected by "overwork" while assisting in the tasks of radioactive water extraction, the company said today. The worker, 30 years began to feel ill while extending a water hose to remove highly radioactive reactor 2, where it is believed that the nuclear fuel rods have melted partially as a result of damage caused by the earthquake measuring 9 on Richter scale and subsequent tsunami on 11 March affected the area of Japan.

Spanish residents in Ivory Coast begin their return to Spain

Spanish residents in the capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan, are being transferred to a French military base as a prelude to his arrival in Spain within two days, according to ELMUNDO. is, call one of those affected by the fighting in the country are fighting forces loyal to Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo and outgoing troops elected leader, Alassane Ouattara.

However, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to point out that has not implemented a plan for the disposal of the Spanish colony, which amounts to 150 people, and that will be when given the necessary security conditions. From the Spanish embassy in Ivory Coast is still giving the same slogan to the Spanish who take refuge in their homes.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Camp Gbagbo mobilized its supporters

The newspaper supported the former President Laurent Gbagbo and exults title: "The bet won Ble Goude. The event held on March 27 Place de la Republique, Abidjan, by the "Young Patriots", headed by the Minister of Youth, Charles Ble Goude, was an unexpected success. "Two million people" would come to "defend the constitutional legality", that support Gbagbo.

Ouattara in the camp, it is preferred to minimize the event and include the video message from Barack Obama: "The future with Gbagbo is violence and isolation."

Tokyo governor re-elected despite the tsunami disaster management

Tokyo. .- The governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, said today was re-elected for another term of four years in the first elections in Japan after the earthquake last month, in which the governors were chosen from 11 other provinces. According to initial projections Kyodo after polling stations closed at 20.00 local time (11.00 GMT), the conservative Ishihara (78 years) who had the support of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and New Komeito, beat their rivals to chain his fourth term.

The author of the shooting at a shopping center was licensed arms Dutch

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting that took place yesterday in a shopping center in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn was a 24 year old member of a shooting club and licensed weapons, as reported by local authorities today. The alleged perpetrator of the killing of seven persons, who committed suicide with a shot in the head after opening fire at the entrance of the mall, a young native named Tristan van der Vlis.

SYRIA - The system deploys its army

After the violent clashes on 26 March in Latakia, the regime sent military reinforcements in this coastal city, the newspaper reported. Popular protest was launched on 15 March in Deraa, where the army has also deployed several cities wins. The Assad regime tries to suppress this movement and promised reforms.

On 27 March, the authorities announced the repeal of emergency law in force since 1963, but without specifying the date of application of this decision.

Arab League will ask the Security Council a no-fly zone over Gaza

Cairo. .- The Arab League decided today to ask the Security Council to impose a UN no-fly zone "against the Israeli air force to protect civilians from the Gaza Strip." In a statement, the pan-Arab organization reported that this measure was agreed after an urgent meeting of permanent ambassadors in Cairo to discuss the escalation of tension in the Gaza Strip.

At the meeting, the representatives decided to instruct the Arab group at the UN request an urgent meeting of the Security Council "to discuss the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the lifting of the siege by Israel to impose an air exclusion zone against Israeli aircraft to protect civilians.

Peru is staking its future

Peru is staking its future on Sunday amid a climate between calm and expectation. The latest polls that leaked to the foreign press announce a final between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori, who was qualified to choose between "AIDS and Cancer" by Mario Vargas Llosa. General elections in Peru began with the opening of 103,622 polling stations installed in 15,000 schools around the country who guard 77,000 police and 45,000 members of the Armed Forces.

LIBYA - The rebel advance on Tripoli

"Onward to Tripoli," the London daily basis. "While forces based Qaddafi, the Libyan capital rebels in sight." The newspaper recalls the victories of the forces opposed to Gaddafi on March 27, supported by aircraft of the international coalition. Following the meeting of NATO member countries that day, the organization announced that it agreed to assume "the full command of military operations in Libya".

Mubarak denies having bank accounts out of Egypt

Cairo .- The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak today denied having bank accounts abroad, and denounced attempts to tarnish his image with news about his alleged fortune and your family. Mubarak made the comments in an audio recording released today that the chain UAE Al Arabiya television, made yesterday at Sharm el-Sheikh, where the Egyptian president is under house arrest since he ceded power on 11 February.

One third of Britons want to give way to Isabel II William and Kate

One third of Britons would like the Queen Elizabeth II abdicated in within two years and pass to take his place his grandson William, second in line of succession, and Kate Middleton, who will marry on April 29, according to A survey published Sunday. The survey, done by Panelbase for 'The Sunday Times' of 2,000 adults between Tuesday and Thursday of last week, also indicates that 59% of respondents preferred that William's successor to the sovereign, rather than his father Prince Charles, eldest son of Queen and heir to the throne.

FRANCE - The cantonal disinterested voters to the end

The National Front confirmed its entry on March 27 in the second round of district elections but the result in terms of elected officials. The Left has consolidated its majority in the presidencies of county executive while the right has managed to save threatened bastions like the Sarthe, the stronghold of Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

The Belgian newspaper notes that this second round was "once again marked by a high abstention rate. It was close to 55%, against 55.6% in the first round.

Demonstration in Tokyo against nuclear power

Tokyo. .- Some 17,500 people demonstrated on Sunday in two separate measures to protest against nuclear power Fukushima 1, caused the worst civil nuclear incident in the history of Japan. About 15,000 people gathered in a primary near Koenji station via the Internet called by local traders and ordinary people through Twitter, has informed the Japanese news agency Kyodo.

"I heard about this on Twitter. It is time to stop nuclear power," said Takashi Kamiyama, a parent who participated in the rally along with their 2 and 6 years. "I will do everything I can for these kids," he said. One of the organizers, Hajime Matsumoto, stressed the importance of an informal call via the Internet has gone ahead without the support of any large organization.

Peruvians living in Spain, the key to the outcome of elections

On the morning of Sunday, from 8.00 in the morning, the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid has been Peru. All immigrants living in the Andean country in the Spanish capital have been concentrated with the same goal: the election. In total, 123,931 Peruvians were eligible to vote at the 600 polling stations authorized in 16 Spanish cities, according to data released by the Embassy of Peru in Spain.

The majority voted in Madrid (67 836 where they were called), the IFEMA fairground and Barcelona (33 787 invited) at the Palau Sant Jordi. The high turnout marked the day, touching 64% in Barcelona and close to that figure in Madrid, where some voters have complained they could not exercise their right to vote.

ITALY - influx of migrants in Lampedusa

The entire press of the peninsula echoes the constant arrival and massive in recent hours, migrants from the North African coast. "Immigrants. Lampedusa to Hell", as the Rome newspaper. "They come by the thousands." "Two thousand boats in 24 hours," the newspaper announced on its website. These boats come mostly from Tunisia, but the first from Libya arrived March 27.

More than 18,000 people have landed on the island of Lampedusa since the beginning of the year.

Peru opens the polls for presidential and legislative elections

Follow the elections in Peru through the twitter of our special envoy, Robert Mur Lima. .- The general elections began today in Peru with the opening of 103,622 polling stations installed in 15,000 schools around the country who guard 77,000 policemen and 45,000 members of the Armed Forces. From 8:00 am local time (13:00 GMT) and 16:00 hours (21:00 GMT), 19.9 million voters go to polls to elect a president, two vice presidents, 130 delegates and 15 representatives to the Andean Parliament.

Some evacuees return to their homes despite the risk of radioactivity

Some people living in evacuation perimeter of 20 kilometers from the nuclear power Fukushimahan temporarily returned home after spending nearly a month in shelters and at the risk of radioactivity, reported Kyodo news agency. The testimonies of people who refused to leave their homes after the explosions and radiation leaks at the plant in Fukushima indicated that in recent days there has been an increase in traffic of vehicles and people in villages evacuated as Namie or Futaba.

GERMANY - Chancellor loses key elections in favor of the Greens

"Mappus grave - remains Beck - The Greens are ready," as the newspaper of Frankfurt after the regional elections in Baden-Württemberg (southwest) and Rhineland-Palatinate (west), marked by a large loss camp Conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel. In Baden-Württemberg Minister President Stefan Mappus (CDU) should be replaced by a leader of the Greens will form a coalition with the Social Democrats.

The attack of NATO forces troops to leave Ajdabiya Gaddafi

Benghazi. .- Gadafistas troops abandoned the city of Ajdabiya today that bombing since Saturday, after NATO aircraft heavily attacked their positions around the city, said the doctor Inasi Ahmed, one of the few that remain in the town siege. The NATO air strikes have destroyed 25 tanks of the regime of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi in Ajdabiya and Misrata, the two Libyan cities where civilians are "most endangered", as reported by the Alliance in a statement.

Israel and Hamas for a truce close positions

Both Israel and the Islamist group Hamas have claimed on Sunday that if the other party stops the attacks "would be prepared for a cease-fire." Palestinian sources in Gaza show that, through foreign diplomatic mediation would have already reached an unwritten agreement. Although this week the Palestinian militias have fired several rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel, the general feeling is that both sides want an end to the spiral of violence more serious in the last two years.

INDIA - Gesture encouraging Pakistani Prime Minister

"Gilani agreed to play with the prime minister," welcomes the daily. The Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announced that he accepted the invitation from India to attend the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup on March 30 that will oppose the selection of the country to Pakistan host. "The ice is about to break, but no word yet on formal talks," the newspaper said.

The peace process between the two countries, frozen since the attacks in Bombay in 2008, should resume in July.

Forces loyal to Gbagbo will not surrender and attack from his palace

Abidjan (Writing / AP) .- The forces loyal to the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, do not give up on Sunday and responded with artillery fire and the soldiers of the president Alassane Ouattara that plague Gbagbo in his palace presidential Abidjan. "The Hotel Golfha been attacked with mortar fire.

This came from the southern part of the hotel and the residence of President Gbagbo, located in the same neighborhood," he told France Press Hamadoun Toure, spokesman for the UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI). After the attack, which lasted about an hour, the UN blue helmets are now advocating the premises.

Syrian repression leaves 37 new victims

At least 37 people were killed Saturday by gunfire from the Syrian security forces in protests in various provinces, as denounced by the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria in the town of Dera city, south of the country, Police opened fire on a group demonstrating peacefully after holding funerals for other victims of the repression of the protests, ending withthe lives of 26 of them.

JAPAN - Radioactivity extreme

The levels of radioactivity, which exceeds 1 000 mSv per hour in the turbine room of reactor No. 2 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the daily worries. This situation does not allow the continuation of work under normal conditions and undermines attempts to restart the cooling system. The newspaper also looks for people who lived near the station and had to leave.

Some of them are not able to find relatives who vanished last March 11.